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Saturday, April 19, 2008

catching, catchers, and caught. From laundry to balls, fish to family

WOW, Seems like I have been gone forever.

My dad did regain his sanity and left yesterday morning. I thought we had sucked him in. He stayed with us for 2 extra days! It was nice to have him here. He even took the boys to walmart and they got some plants and planters and put some window boxes on my porch. VERY pretty. This morning I even saw some hummingbirds out there with the flowers. I reckon that means I need to break out the feeders!

THe kids picked all kinds of flowers to plant. and one planter has like 5, the other has 12. LOL

We also repotted all the ivys'. THey really needed it. (did I already talk about this? oh well...)

Matt had 3 ball games this last week. He is doing okay I guess. But has struck out quite a bit.

Brett had 2 games. He is not doing as well as he could. HE walks alot. But he did manage to get a homerun. An IN THE PARK home run. I would actually be VERY proud, but it was on a walk.

How do you get an in the park homerun on a walk you ask? ( I know you didnt, and most of you are ladies so you really have no clue what I am talking about anyway, or could careless, but I will tell you. just cause, NOT very many people can say they got an in the park homerun on a walk.)

He went up to bat. 2 outs. Full count. NOONE on base. He ended up with a walk, on a very wild pitch. He took off running to first. saw that the 2nd baseman was nowhere near the bag and the catcher was still getting the ball. so the infuriating child RAN to second. He just rounded first and took off to second like he had good sense. Now sometimes where there is someone on third, you will pull this move, to draw the ball to second while the kid on 3rd scores. Its a sacrifice. BUT you dont do it with 2 outs. ANd NOONE on base. Anyway, he took off for second. the catcher got the ball and threw it to the second baseman, who was at the time in the middle between first and second. The ball got to the second baseman about the same time Brett was passing him (did I mention this child is slow as molasses?) Well the second baseman, either from shock of a walk running at him, or the ball being thrown to him when noone had hit it, missed the ball. WE are all screaming at Brett NO, and then when he got close to second we started hollering to SLIDE. His coach is hollering NOOOOOO! the whole time he is running.
He gets to second and never checks up. He just kept on coming. The ball was by now confusing the outfielders. It was rolling to the fence and they were scrambiling for it.

Bretts coach started waving him on, looking like a windmill. Then see's the ball is not even feilded yet, he sends him HOME. I promise you, this kid is so slow you can time him with a sundial. Brett did stop for a second on 3rd. He had to catch his breath. Finally he started home. Now the ball is fielded and they are trying to decide what to do. Throw it home, get him out? Throw it to the pitcher. Hold it so noone else misses it? ( remember Brett is the ONLY kid on base.) So Brett kicks it in high gear and comes running home. The ball is still out there somewhere, not even close to the infield. So he is running his little heart out, and then SLIDES home. The ball doesnt even get back to the pitcher before he is up on his feet and walking back to the dugout. and he SLID into home. Why on earth that he slid home I will never know. It wasnt a close play. He just wanted to slide I reckon.

Now I am glad he scored, dont get me wrong, but it was a 'WTF' moment. belive me. I am not really even sure too many people realized what he did.

Of course the time before he had walked, and got batted around the bases, then when he was sent home he slid. It was close, but NOT close enough for a slide. and slid about 3 feet from the base. The catcher by then had the ball and he jumped up, ran behind him and stomped on the plate. He wasnt out, and it wasnt even a judgement call, cause the kid catching wasnt paying attention to him. But it was funny. TO see him slide and stop 3 feet from the base.

Yesterday the kids went out and were playing in the field. They ended up picking dewberries. THey came in all smeared and sticky. I have NO idea how many they ate. But they didnt want supper. And then the boys realized they had left those that they picked outside, so they started back out. I had already put Rayley in the tub. When she got out she realized that they were outside with out her. THey had sworn they were coming right back in, but didnt. So she tried to go out. I told her NOT to let the dogs out. Just in case they had went back down in the field, I didnt want the dogs to follow and get in the highway. Well she fought the dogs, and fought the dogs, all the while trying to get the door open, keep the dogs back and get out the screen door. She whined and complained for a good 10 minutes. Trying everything. She got them treats, she tried to lock them in the bathroom, she tried to trick them. NOthing worked.

Finally she was standing on the threshhold, with the wood door almost closed behind her trying to open the other door with her other hand and Duke the older blue heeler was sticking his head through the door trying to get it open. She hollered to me "MOM, WILL YOU PLEASE sell these dogs and get us some differnt ones?"

She finally made it outside. Pissed at the dogs, and at me cause I wouldnt help her ( I really didnt want her back out there, she was fresh out of the tub after all). And about that time the boys came walking up. this made her even madder. She had worked so hard to get out and go with them and they were coming back in.

They wanted me to make a cobbler with the dewberries. And they had about 8 cups of them. I told them to set them on the counter and I would make a cobbler. And to go and take showers. I was feeding Bow and Rayley was in her room playing. I thought.

The boys came back out and asked if I had made the cobbler yet. Uhhh NO. I hadnt planned on it tonight.
So they went in the kitchen to get that 'last drink' and found Rayley. SHe had ate all but about 2 1/2 cups of the berries.

Boy were they mad! I told them we would get more later. Not to worry about it. They made me make her quit eating them. I was more than happy to. THey kept screaming at her for eating them all. And she kept screamin at them for leaving her in the house.

They got mad and left the room. She looked at me and said "well, that'll teach 'em. They ought not sneak off and leave me like that"

I went to bed last night about 11:30. I am fighting a headcold and was miserable. The kids had all been quiet for 2 hours. I sent them to bed around 8:30 and let them watch a movie.
BR woke me up at 3 when he came in. He and Brett were talking. And Rayley was sitting in his lap. Matt was still awake too.

I dont know what had them so wired. But it seems they decided to stay up all night. ANd I guess they were pretty good. No fights or hurt feelins, cause noone woke me up. Of course they were NOT happy when I woke them up this morning to go to the ballpark.
THey were awful out there. THey looked like idiots with hangovers. I swear, they drug ass so bad that we just quit and came home.

We are going to go back tomorrow and I fixed their late night escapades. at 7 tonight I gave each one a healthy dose of benadryl. They were out like lights before 8:30. THats what I like to see!!

We did stop and get some fish. Thats what the boys wanted to spend their birthday money on, so we did. I have a few tanks that have been up and running for a few years, but empty for a while. Between the kids spraying febreeze one day and then me getting some bad fish food we kinda had a major die off.

Anyway, I had a few fish left in my planted tank, and so I kept with smallish fish in there. BR likes BIG fish and thats what we put in the other tanks.

We ended up with neons, otto cats, a pleco ( I hate common plecos, but BR thinks you have to have one..), angel fish, some guppies and bala sharks.

THe kids begged BR for a hamster. or a guinnia pig, when he said no, they asked for a snake, or a lizard. He is pretty good about not bitching about the animals we bring home. Heck I had a pig in the house for years. (He told me when we first started dating that he would NEVER allow a dog in the house. I had grown up with one. So I asked if I could have a pig in the house. He thought I was being a smart ass and said yes. 2 weeks later I bought a pot bellied pig. He slept with us for about 6 months. Then BR drew the line. BUT, he never told me again no dogs in the house. And when his bull mastiff came along we had BOTH in the house. Till they both got to be 200 pounds! LOL ) He has also never taken for granted that I was kidding again either.

ANYWAY, BR draws the line at what he calls 'rodents' and snakes. He hates snakes. and isnt too fond of any type of rat. So he WILL NOT even let you say how cute a hamster is.

I am with him on the snakes, lizards, frogs and such. I am not scared of them, but just not real sure I am fond of them. And I KNOW one would get loose, I would be laying here on the couch minding my own buisness and it would crawl across me and scare me to death.

I know my kids, they wouldnt deal with it just being in a cage. They would have to get it out and play with it.

Now I DID secretly admire the ferretts. I just love those little buggers. But I dont think it would fit in to the house. Duke would kill it. quick. he doesnt let anything live outside. at all. And I think he would NOT like something like that INSIDE.

There was slight problem on the guppies. The kids each picked one out. and its almost IMPOSSIBLE to get a certain guppy out of a tank of 80. The girl really tried, but finaly I took the kids over to the salt water fish and BR told her to just get 3. They'd forget what they picked by the time they were home.

And the saltwater fish are BEAUTIFUL. I want a SW tank so bad. but I dont have the gumption to do it. I cant imagine flushing a 50.00 fish.

Anyway, I came home, threw the bags of fish in the seperate tanks and got started. I wanted to empty out some of the existing water, fill with new, fresh water and let them aclimate a little. This took me 2 hours. I hadnt realized how bad the algea was on one of the tanks. But I got them all clean and everyone is in their places. Its actually nice to have fishes swimming in the tanks again.

He is gona order me a dragon fish ( I wanted a rope fish, but BR says it looks too much like a snake, so a dragon fish it is), and some new frogs. The underwater kind. not the front yard kind.

I was tempted to get a red eared slider, they are so cute. BUT I dont want another tank. and I dont think it would do well with my crabs.

I did end up putting the guppies in my large community tank, so that leaves a 3 gallon still empty. BUT the filter on it is broken, ( didnt know this till I plugged it in) so to save money I am gona buy a betta and put in there. That way I am not spending money on a new filter. :)

One of the angles is PURE black. well navy blue. BUT honestly, its so black its blue. in the right light. Rayley hates it. she says it looks 'evil'. It does have little white stripes on its lips. and she says they look like fangs. She wants me to sell it too. I reckon to the same person that I sell the dogs to.

Anyway, As I was turning out the lights and debating on traping all the Malasian trumpet snails that survived NOTHING being in the tanks or being FED in the tanks for months, I saw that one of BR's angel fish had its mouth open. I looked closer. it had a MTS STUCK in its mouth, The snail was strait up and down, and holding its mouth open like a stick. These are long cornacopia shaped snails. This one was tiny. But so is an angels mouth. And it was the angel that was UNLIKE any of the others in the fish store. BR picked it out special, so no tricking him if it dies. I watched it for a while, it didnt seem to be able to dislodge it. It wasnt stressing yet. BUT couldnt even eat. So I went and got the net. I could just imagine doing a snail removal on a flopping fish, Not fun.

I got it caught and then didnt know what to do. I had the tweezers. Like I was going to be able to hold down a fish and extract the offending object.

I pulled the net out of the water and it went to flailing around like a .... well. you get the point. I put it back down a little. just to calm it down. then I tried to fiqure out how to stick the tweezers in its mouth and get the stupid snail, it would just turn around. I couldnt get near its mouth. and fish dont listen. You can talk in a soothing voice all you want. They could care less.

Finaly I decided it would just be best to pull it out and do it on dry land. It started flailing again. I resisted the urge to dunk it again. Then everytime I would touch it and it would flop it would startle me. I would jump back. Then miracles of miracles. it managed to dislodge the freakin snail.

The whole episode only took about 2 minutes. But I can just see me explaining to BR how I killed a fish, the first night it was home.

Bow is really advancing. He is crawling all over. and is starting to pick things up really well. And is trying to fiqure out how to put a binkie in his mouth. Then he chews on it and it pops back out! He chased one for 45 minutes today. He would put it in , bite it and it would fly about 2 foot. He would go get it and start over. He also is taking to a bottle well. He will even hold it. sometimes.

And he found his feet. Not 'ohhh look toes'. but 'yummy, toes!' and will get them in his mouth. then get pissed when he bites them. go fiqure. I been tellin the little brat that it hurts when he bites. I swear this baby has been teething for 3 months and it doesnt look like it will let up any time soon. He just wants to bite EVERYTHING. and DOES! And he is IN LOVE with food. I started feeding him mashed taters and carrots. ( we had a stew and I smushed up the left overs and froze them in ice trays... WHOO-HOO!) Talk about a kid going nuts! He loves it!

Then one day I just gave BR some rice cereal to give him. BR said it was too bland. and added a little syrup. OMG, you would have thought we hadnt let this kid eat in weeks. He was taking the spoon AWAY from BR. he LOVED it.

And BR told me to buy him some applesauce. I did. and gave it to him one night when my dad was still here. He loved it too. and apparently, got a sugar rush. cause he was a live wire for HOURS. and it was WELL past his bedtime. I learned my lesson. No applesauce after 4 pm. EVER.

One night while my dad was in a friend of his came through on buisness. He was staying in Jasper so we all met out at the lake and went to a restuarant for supper. We didnt take the older 3 hoodlems, just Bow. Well he was a hit from the get go. Total strangers were walking up and talking to him. and then he got passed around the resturant. Customers, waitress's, the owners, even the fisherman, all were holding him. He LOVED it. There was never a fuss out of him. Even when it passed his bedtime by an hour!

I think thats about it. Rayley has gotten some WONDERFUL comments on her new shoes. Another mom wants me to make her daughter some. Its been a slow week around here. I havent done anything but visit with my dad and sit on my rear. :)

I should get back to posting regularly now. thanks for continuing to check back, and I hope I didnt loose anyone. :)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Lost, Found and the Reality of Idiots.

I am sorry I havent written in a while. I have just been running so far behind that I am about to pass myself.

LEts see. Wednesday I cleaned house. I busted my ass. My mom came over to help. Bow is so spoiled that he cant be put down. He will play for a while on the floor, but in all honesty, you just cant get up and wash dishes. 1/2 way through he starts throwing a wall-eyed fit. I stayed up extra late trying to glue rhinestones on those shoes. You wouldnt think this was hard. IT IS. the dang things would stick to me and I would have hell getting them off. Then my hands were so sticky I couldnt even type. heck, I couldnt even drink. and you cant wash the glue OFF your hands! I was able to get 2 pair done and had to quit. I was starting to resemble a really bad nudy suit. I had rhinestones stuck all over me.

Thursday was much of the same. And then of course we had baseball. It was raining all day, but they decided to play. I cleaned house that morning and then we had to go to baseball at 7pm. We got there and low and behold there was no umps. They had pulled folks out of the stands ( apparently for Bretts leauge we HAVE to have an official ump) This made the first game start late, and then of course that threw us running an hour behind. Yep, thats right, 22 3rd, 4th and 5th graders were starting a game at 8pm. On a Thursday night. And lots of folks are like me, with more than one kid out there. Plus, My kids bedtime is 8:30. We got home and in the bed by 10:40. I still had 2 pair of shoes to glam up and wasnt looking forward to it, but I did. I am starting to HATE rhinestones. OH and I found some cute ones to match the new green and pink dress of Rayleys that my mom made. so I put them on a pair of plain pink tennis shoes and wound contrastin ribbon in the shoes as laces. The dress is lime green with pink polka dots, and the buttons are hot pink 2 inch flowers. The shoes have 2 inch green flowers and hot pink ribbon with green polka dots. VERY cute.

The kids were just pitiful when I woke them up at 5:25 the next morning, to the point that you thought someone had killed their kitty. (on a side note, anyone want a half simease, half manx? she is a sweetheart, but NOT good for the dynamics of this house. and I dont need the added stress. Ever had an unhappy cat?? BELIEVE me, its NOT a good thing..)

Anyway, I sent them back to bed. My dad was coming in later this evening and I didnt need 2 sick kids. And belive me, they were headed to being sick. I dont know that its all the late nights, I think its a combination of them, the extra 30 minutes in the morning and the feeling that if its still light outside you shouldnt be asleep.

The day before, they fell asleep before we even made it out of the driveway to go to town. So I kept them home. I fiqured also that in light of Bretts antics at school lately (did I tell you that his teacher actually BROUGHT him to me while I was doing a PTA meeting? cause he was being the north end of a south bound mule?....) he shouldnt go in when he is so tired that having to get up and brush his teeth sends him into a crying jag. He usually only does this when he is getting sick.

My dad came in that evening, and we had to go to town and buy birthday presents. Matts birthday is on Sunday, but his party will be on Saturday.

We got to walmart and they were having a HUGE clearence sale. I had been instructed by my great aunt to pick up some new tennis shoes for Brett for the birthday party. I found some on clearence for 5.00. Since this kid will wear out a pair of shoes in a week this is a great deal. They had 2 pair. both black, and one was a 4 1/2-- talk about LUCK! We also got Ms Priss 7 differt colors of tights for a buck a peice, and I found her some glitter hair gel to put in with her new shoes.

Saturday we were supposed to go to the ballpark, but my sister in law had called and needed a garden busted up. Its a little late to be bustin up anything. You cant even burn off the grass this late. Its green. BR went over there and did it anyway. But first he was going to go by my uncles and borrow his disk. Its on the way to his moms house where the garden was being busted up. I still had my uncles trailer from where my grandfather had borrowed it and needed BR to weld something and then for me to take it back, so I decided it was a good day to take it back, plus my dad wanted to see him.

It dawned on us that my reciver hitch had never been put back in my truck. My sister in law had borrowed it the last time she borrowed my low boy and when my mother in law brought it back she just brought it in the house. Didnt stop by the end of the truck and stick it in there.

THe hitch was easy to find. its a foot long, weighs 8 pounds and has been sitting in my living room floor for 2 months. The pin and the keeper were not in it though. Now most normal folks, when they take off a reciver hitch will stick the pin back in, and then push in the keeper. cause aint none of the peices workable wiht out the other two. well the keeper, that you can improvise on. but thats IT.

Come to find out, when I moved around the living room I hadnt picked up the pin. The keeper was on the window sill right above where the hitch had been for 2 months. But I never even looked at the hitch. I just told Brett to set it on the porch. Since it hadnt been put on the truck yet I fiqured at least this way it would be 4 feet closer. And I hadnt even looked at the durn thing the whole time it was here in the house. Since I would have put the 3 peices together upon taking it out of another truck ( to avoid loosin the smaller peices) I never thought someone else wouldnt.

The pin, which BR swore was on the floor beside it was missing and the keeper was right there. So we started a search. Now I have 2 other trucks sitting in my driveway with hitches. Both of them use a pin and a keeper. BUT, this was never a thought in BR's mind. He was just mad cause I had lost a 3 inch peice of bent metal. Bite a nail in two mad.

He is lucky I am able to keep up with 4 kids, 2 dogs, a cat ( damn, why cant I loose this cat?), most of the bills, supper occasionally, and 90% of the laundry. Not to mention, dishes, vacumming, groceries, checking the mail and the kids. (did I mention them already?, I try to count them at least 8 times a day, they are quick and you never know... ) Plus get the occasional bath.

BR started asking why I had never picked it up and put it back in the truck, on one of the MANY trips to town I make. Before I left one day I should have went out and put the hitch back in. And maybe I should have. BUT the awnser to why I didnt is simple. I NEVER walk out of the house without something in my hands. A baby, a toddler, bat bags, uniforms, diaper bags. I just dont worry about the hitch. And to be honest, I am GLAD its not on there. I HATE the damn thing. It sticks out a good 8 inches. And its RIGHT at shin level. well upper shin, lower knee. And when you are walking behind a truck, totin a kid, the last thing you want to do is knock the hell out of yourself while tripping over a piece of square tubing with a huge metal knot on the end. Its painful, and unattractive. plus if you do it in public its illegal to scream and cuss and threaten to burn the truck to the ground.

Brett swears that I picked it up the night of the 'big move around' and sat it on the TV stand when I was cleaning. And I might have but I dont think so. Then he says I picked it up and took it towards the bank of junk drawers in the kitchen. This I swear I didnt do. I would have recognized it for what it was, wondered what idiot didnt put it BACK in the hitch to start with and stuck it in there. The drawers were all pilfered through, dumped, and deemed worthless and empty of the prize. ( did I also mention I had just spent 3 days cleaning the house??). Then BR goes back outside. A few minutes later my dad comes in, I asked him if BR had just broken down and removed the hitch from his truck. "he left about 5 minutes ago"
"yep, jumped on the tractor and left"

Alright, I KNOW why he didnt try to get the hitch out of my black truck. It took him 30 minutes with a 8 pound sledge hammer to get it in there 8 years ago. There is no need for a pin, keeper or anything else. It wont come out. We have tried. and I didnt even need the hitch. I had mine. I just couldnt make it STAY in. I just needed the pin. BUT since the hitch was pounded in, it went in a little too far and the pin was pounded in too.

I just couldnt understand why he wouldnt take the pin and keeper out of his truck for 5 minutes while I pulled the trailer to my uncles house. BUT I knew how. I got the hammer and the screwdriver and went to work. My dad decided to do it for me. It was rusted in there. we had to beat the pin out. and tore UP the keeper. This hitch has NOT been used in YEARS. I think its only been used once. He drives an older Toyota 4x4. from back before they had names like Tacoma and Tundra. It cant pull crap. Not enough get up and go. so we dont use it. thats why I have the truck I have. And this thing was rusted in, and caked with years of mud and dirt. BUT it did come out.

Anyhow, we used the pin, my keeper and put the hitch on my truck. It took 4 minutes to back up, hook up, and leave- 5 to drive over and we were home in less than a half hour. I immediatly took out the hitch, put his pin back and used my keeper to hold it in there.

Then we just sat around and waited on the time for the party. Since my mom had Rayley I had to take her Rayleys dress for the party. When we started over we drove past her house and I realized I had forgotten the dress. We had to go back to the house. Its only 1/8 of a mile, but its a PITA. I took it to her and then we went on to the party.

I had "happy birthday Hoover" put on the cake, and when I got there I remembered I had forgotten the candles. I had to drive back to the house and get the damn candles. I had actually forgotten to buy any. But I did find 9 in the drawer from a previous party. I only needed 8. The rest of the party went well. No major mishaps and everyone got nice things. My mom got them bug houses. I had picked them up at walmart and the kids went out and immediatly loaded them up with lizards. I was sending the kids home with my mother in law so we could go on to town. There was a slight fight about the lizards havin to ride in the back of the truck. She is scared to death of the things. And although the kids swore the boxes locked she didnt trust them not to let them loose in the truck. And for good reason. I know my kids. They will. Rayley especially.

Oh and speaking of the wench, when Rayley opened her shoes she was NOT impressed. She said "they are NOT Lelli Kelly's."
"how does she know?" BR mouthed to me.
"I dont know.." I mouthed back, but I was so disapointed. I had worked really hard, and she really wanted those shoes. I thought I had done pretty good. She will NEVER get the real thing, but these are cute. Everyone else LOVED them. And the boys even thought they looked good. They were impressed. They thought I was so talented.

Then after all the presents were opened and Rayley wasnt playing with her hair gel it dawned on me. I asked her if she had found the glitter gel in her new shoes.
"no" she pouted
"well look again"
So my mother in law found the shoes again ( all the presents had been packed up) and dug out the boxes. She opened them and found the hair glitter gel.
and she proceeded to try on each and every pair and parade around in them. She showed them to everyone. She was like a preening peacock. Naming off the colors of her 'diamonds', and telling everyone that they were soooooo beautiful.

In all honesty, the ones I found on the net didnt even mention having the glitter hair gel crap included in the 73.00 CLEARENCE price tag. But it was the one thing that really stuck in her head from the commercials. And they did push it in the commercials. "get mom and dad to buy you these over priced, cheaply made shoes and we will throw in a .25 cent thing of lip gloss and glitter hair paint shaped like an icecream cone"

Once the party was over we took BR's grandmother home and had to run to walmart. I had forgotten bread and milk. And My dad wanted to look for a lilly they had seen at My Aunts house. Since we had gotten such a great deal on the tights and shoes yesterday we decided to check out the sidewalk sale again. This time they had some wal-mart brand under armour. for 3 bucks! I got 4 of them. And a few T shirts. I got the boys one that said "I should have my own reality show" (I guess they kinda do, huh?).

They also had some push brooms for 4 bucks. I wanted one, But BR said that we didnt have anything to sweep, since we dont have a carport or porch. I told him that we would one day. He said I would loose the broom before then. I hate to pass up a good deal, but he did have a point. My dad bought one though. And BR told me that if I bought one I would have to sweep the driveway. SInce its sand I wasnt going to see if he was kidding or not.

And they had about 8 100.00 black and decker compound miter saws. for 50.00. My dad got him a buggy. quick. BR put him one in the buggy too. We have a $200 table saw that we bought about 7 years ago. we have used it once. I am betting this one stays in the box for at least 4 years.

Anyway, we went in and started looking for more deals. We found some other stuff, nothing major. and nothing like those saws. They were a good deal, and when we were loading them BR saw that they were manufactered Nov, of 07. They cant even be last years models.

I did get a new pin and keeper. $2.27. I know we will find the other one soon. But the keeper did get screwed up and honestly, I wont find the other one if I dont buy this one. thats just murphys law.
Oh and BR bought a ball for his tractor. So he can haul a trailer with it.

Aunt Jean had mentioned that she had wanted an Ivy forever. She has hundreds of plants, beautiful flowers, shrubs, all kinds of stuff. But doesnt have an ivy and wants one. I told her I could hook her up with an Ivy. No problem. So we got her a pot and some soil and then my dad wanted to go to Lowes and see if he could find that lilly. we went, and there wasnt any, we looked and looked. THen BR saw them. About 20 of them. with enough blooms to choke a mule, they just wernt bloomin yet. Since his grandma had fallen in love with it too he wanted to get her one. They were 22.00 a peice. As we were leaving I saw some hens and chicks in a strawberry pot. they were marked down to 3.97. from 16.00. I got one of them too. I think they are so cute. And I havent killed anything in a long time. I also got an aloe vera. I have really missed the ones I used to have in the yard at my old place.

The kids came home and my dad gave Rayley about 8 barbies and some clothes he had picked up at home. She was in hog heaven. I enjoyed looking at the clothes. It was clothes from when I was a little girl. Definatly dated... Everything from polyester pants to punk rock. It was hillarious. The boys couldnt belive anyone would wear that. I didnt say a word.

This morning when we got up we did my Aunts Ivy. and got to looking at mine. They needed some TLC. my infrequent watering and lack of pruning has really made them look the worse for wear. you have to remember Bretts has been transplanted once. and its 9 years old. Matts once. and its 8. Rayley's never. So we started taking them down and were just going to prune and stir up the dirt.

Instead we decided to transplant Rayleys into a bigger pot and the others needed some heavy duty reworking, so off we went again. My dad also bought the boys some flowers and some window boxes to put on the sides of my little porch. They went nuts. Talk about a jumble of plants... but they are pretty. for now.

It took a few hours. and the 30 foot runners on the ivy's were all cut into smaller foot long peices to be put in the newly potted plants. All dead leaves were trimmed and more soil put in.

I remember now why I dont do this often. But we got it done. And even my corn plant got reworked. It really needed it. It was frozen down to nubs a few years ago when I had asked someone to take care of it while I was living in the travel trailer. I have it outside for the summer so we shall see if it will flourish.

I even fixed the rotten step on the steps. And put up a handrail. I also put BR's new ball on his dresser. It was just sitting on the counter. There are two things that can happen. He has already forgotten about it and it would sit there for weeks or months. in the way. OR he will get pissed cause I moved it. He wont put it on the tractor any time soon. I am betting we buy 2 more before he puts one on there. Simply cause I put this one up and loose it. I am sure first thing in the morning he will realize its gone and wake me up to find out why. Get mad cause I moved it. and then not put it on the tractor. I did it while I was cleaning the kitchen for the 3rd time today.

Once we came back inside I turned on the new Alvin and the Chipmunks. I was not impressed. I reckon it was cute. But not like the original cartoon. The kids love it though. Brett decided to put the CD in their CD player and brought me back one of mine. He started looking for my CD case. I have no idea where it is since I moved around the furniture and put everything up.

While he was looking he opened a door on the end table between the couch and chair. He says " I found your L shaped pin thingy!"
"right here, where I put it the night we cleaned the living room up!"
"oh, thats what the big deal was, I put that on the TV stand that night" Matt said.
I looked back at Brett, "I thought you swore to your daddy that I had lost it!"
"well, I couldnt remember where it was, and didnt want him mad at me."

The little chicken.