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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Thank God for small favors

well we are 3 days into the new school year. And I aint with it yet. I am so unorganized its pathetic.

Tuesday was a hectic day, I had planned
Bow getting his shots at 1:00
Picking up the kids at 3:00
Baseball at 6:00
and had to run quite a few erronds in between.

I did a few things on the computer before I really started the day. well first I went back to sleep after the bus picked up the kids at 6:20. I drive them down the driveway. Cause you cant send my two heathens down to the road for any length of time to wait on the bus or anything else, and expect them to not do something stupid, lifethreating, or crazy. They aint smart enough to stand there quietly. They will get bored, start chunking rocks at each other, at shadows, or fighting, or horsing around. I know I used to walk to the bus stop, and aside from having to do it in the dark and being a little scared, I just stood there. They wouldnt.

Then I got woke up at 8. I was chatting online and a friend down around Beaumont told me about Huricanne Gustav. great... a huricanne, headed right for us, and I dont know a soul who can afford to evacuate. I know we cant.

At 10:00 I went in the bathroom to kinda get ready, and start a load or two of clothes. The stupid faucet in the tub had leaked all night, not a drip, but a decent stream. and the bad part was about 5 shirts had fallen back down in the tub (remember, it was full of ant clothes, plus a few good ones that we just threw over there after wearing them, and then Bow turned on the water, making me HAVE to wash them all NOW!)

Well, the shirts that had fallen down there were from the red pile. and they were now white and pink. Seems that something happened with the water and they added quite a bit of clorine. just peachy. just freakin peachy. One of them was a really nice shirt that I wear when I have to look nice but not dress up. the others were nice shirts too.

Well I tried to turn off the water and it wouldnt. It was hot water, and it was just a runnin. I took the cover off the bathtub to get to the pipes and low and behold, there was no shut off valve. What moron doesnt put a shut off valve at every possible location?
So, much as I didnt want to, I went and woke up BR. asking him where I could cut off the water. I knew I could do it outside, down the hill, but I really needed to wash some clothes. Wanted a shower and had to bathe Bow.
He told me to go adn look in the laundry room. So I did, I didnt see anything except the shut offs for the washer. So I said screw it and went back into the bathroom. I didnt want to cut off the whole house anyway. I decided to get ready and then cut it off. He could turn it back on, take a shower and turn it off. Till I got the washer and spring needed to fix the knob. He was still in bed, but looked up and asked me if I cut it off, I said no. I couldnt find where to do it. So he got up adn went in and came back out, gripin cause I had clothes hanging infront of the cut off valve. Its a laundry room for Heavens sakes. Of course I have clothes hanging in there. He smarted something off as he walked back through to go back to bed.

I gave up on getting a shower, washing clothes and getting Bow clean. Not to mention, cooking lunch, washing the dishes, and anything else that requires much water.

I got my make up on, and decided to come in here and sit till time to go.
About 20 minutes later he came in here. He was awake. I hate that. I really do, I know he doesnt get home till early in the morning. and belive me, waking him up is the LAST thing I want to do. So he sat here and flipped through the channels, obviously ticked off.

He eventually got up and decided to do the faucet and clean out the filters from the AC. I asked him to do it about 3 days ago. during one of his 2 days off. he had forgotten then, and decided today was as good a day as any I reckon. He griped that it had been too long, that it was full of dust and nasty.

He had taken the faucet apart in the bathroom already, and got it to stop pouring and it was just dripping. I had to buy a new washer for it in town. (oh good, another stop). But a 3.00 washer set is MUCH cheaper than a 300.00 water bill, or having to replace MORE clothes.

I was looking forward to going on to town. Not cause I wanted to,but cause I fiqured it was best. SO I started lunch. Then for some reason I walked outside, he was coming in. He told me to come and look at something. There was water pouring out from under the house, and the black liner under the house was sagging. We decided it was RIGHT under our closet. And THATS where the hot water heater sets. So we decided to cut it and let it drain, I had to clean out the closet, there were about 8 HUGE Ziploc Big Bags full of clothes in the floor, and lots of other stuff that I am storing. I moved one thing and the water was all over the closet floor. we finally found a nut driver and got the wall panel out. there was water POURING from the top of the water heater. There was no hole, it was just coming out where the top meets the sides. And guess what, there is NO cut off valve there either! I reckon they were out of stock when they threw together this peice o crap.

Oh and while I was outside examining our redneck version of Niagra Falls, I saw the neatest, most perfect line of fire ants, going INTO my electrical box for the AC unit. Just what I need, more burned up contacts. I dont know WHAT that would cost, but DONT want to have to find out. So I got all the ant dope I had and gave them a little of each! It felt good to kill something.

So we had two choices, go and buy a hot water heater, or go and buy a hot water heater. BR decided to go and get the water heater while I went about my rat killin. Oh joy. thats every girls dream. send their hubby to the hardware store with a blank check. Plus he had to call into work. In the mean time I got a phone call, asking if I had heard about the PTA meeting at 4. Nope. But since I would already be in town....

I was NOT happy about this. We just had to put brand new tires all around on his truck. last weekend. that was over 800.00. Not to mention school just started, Electric is running double what it usually does and everything else that have been "MUST HAVES" this month.

So, I got ready and left. Bow and I went to the Dr. I like this Dr office, but they are notorious for you sitting for HOURS and not being seen. I got to town and realized that I had forgotten Bows sippy cup. Since I was a little early, I decided to go ahead and stop at walmart to get one. I also needed some graham crackers, water (cause we cant drink that clorine crap that I pay 50.00 a month for) and bread.

The parking lot was suprisingly empty. I thought I had lucked out. So I whipped in, got out Bow and started in. Then a guy hollered at me and told me the lights were out. Noone could shop. Since walmart and Lowes are next door to each other I knew that BR needed to know before he drove all the way in.

I tried to text BR, since I had forwarded the phone to my cell. He didnt call me back all the way to the Dr's office. So I started calling around, luckily it was only at walmart and I wrote him back that all was okay. Then I went and sat down. Bow was bouncy and promising to be a handful for our 3 or 4 hour wait. I just hoped that I could convince the staff to let me leave at 3 to go and get the kids and come right back, and not loose my place. well 15 minutes later they called me back. He weighs 19 pounds. and has surpassed almost all of the 'norms' for a child his age. No kidding, they should try to keep up with him...

While we were waiting on the Dr and talking to the nurse BR called. I got off the phone, then he started sending me text messages.

40 gal 270.
thats the price, want it?
do I have a choice?
do you wana bathe?
whats a tankless?
270 sounds great!
they also have a 50 gal for the same price
okay what?
get the 50 gallon

I would have thought that was a no brainer... But....

By now Bow was getting his shots, and I am trying to fiqure out the bank balance. Last time we bought a water heater it was 140. I remember how bad it hurt too. That was 5 years ago. DOUBLE the price in 5 freakin years. Pitiful.

then I get
sure you dont want the tankless?
Uhhhh YEAH.

Bow hollered at the first shot. And teared up. Then just looked at us on the second. I am not even sure he shed a tear. I am tellin you, this kid is tough as nails.

BR text'd me a few more times, he had to get a drip pan (there wasnt one with the new house... guess they had a shortage of those too, )
the pipes had to be extended, aparently a trailer house water heater plumbs from the bottom, a real one, the top. and lots of other stuff.

As I was leaving I told him I was done. He asked me to come over to Lowes, so I could 'write the check'... sure... let ME be the one to go to jail if something goes wrong...

I got there and put back the two 5 foot lengths of pipe at 3.78 a peice, and got a 10 foot for 4.25. he told me I had to tote the dang thing.
and I put back the 5 foot peice of one inch (cause he only needed about 3 inches, and yes, I asked for just a small peice, they ddint have it...) that he was going to pay 3.59 for and got a 10 ft for 3.89. Again, he told me I had to tote it.

So I was pushing a buggy with Bow in it. Have I told y'all that you couldnt tie this kid down with Duct Tape and chains? cause you cant. its like trying to put a jack in the box back in the bow with the latch broke. He will drive a saint to drink. and I aint a saint.

So I was going through the store, with 2 10 foot poles, a mexican jumping bean and a cell phone that couldnt stop ringing. And BR kept telling me "dont hit something, be careful, watch where you are going, you might hit me"

We finally got done, and went through the check out line. Not a pretty site. I am not sure how a 270.00 hot water heater turned into a almost 400.00 check, but it did. And honestly, he didnt sneak a single tool in there. not even a hacksaw. (he NEVER can find his hacksaw.. I bet there are 83 of them hiding somewhere on this hill.) the good news is, by buying 12 and a half more pipe than I needed I actually took over a few bucks OFF the bill.

So I left to go and sit in the line for the school. It was 20 minutes till the bell rang, but I didnt have time for anything else. When it finally came my turn to get up close enough for the lady with the bullhorn I heard her call "Matt Byerly, Brett Byerly sign 2." they have cones with a sign on them. 3 of them. they put the kids at those, so its easier to get more than one at a time. pretty smart.
then she looked, and says "Brett Byerly!, Matt Byerly! sign 2!

still Sign 2 is all alone.

they both jumped up and stood at attention.
I pulled up and I swear, you'd think they were rock stars. At least 20 kids were hollering bye to them, and see you tomorrow, and call me. I know its cause its the first week of school, they are all excited to see each other, and the boys never get to go out with the car riders. But it was still funny.

we were off to pay the house insurance, Gustav was bearing down on us and this trailer aint gona last through it. I can assure you. NOT with a brand new hot water heater in it.

They had moved. And so I knew the street, but not the number, So since its not a big town I took a chance and turned right. NOPE. So, I turned around and started back. Then I went and got the kids some McDonalds, (see I am SOOO not organized yet.. I should have brought snacks from home!) I didnt have time to run and get the few things I needed from walmart. we went on to the PTA meeting.

Nothing special happened. Its getting better,and I think that maybe it might be a pretty good year. Brett and Matt kept Bow busy and I am very proud of them. They were great. I was impressed with them. Rayley was with my sister in law. SHe had came by this morning and got her. before the water heater episode.

But it did run a little long. I had exactly 8 minutes to get Matt to ball practice. So I ran him over there. The boys had been telling me all about their day, they both seem pretty happy so far. and neither has gotten in trouble. (knock on wood)
My grandfather called me as I was pulling up. He wanted to tell me that the generator that I have at his house is not working. He tried to start his and mine, they wouldnt. and it cost 70.00 to get it fixed when he took his in. I KNOW that if gustav hits here we will be with out electric for a month, so I will need it. So I text'd BR and asked him to check on the one we have here at the house.

Matt enjoyed the practice, and caught a ball or two. He had to be reminded of a few things, then they went to bat. He laced a few of them right up the 3rd baseline. Got a few hits into the outfield and truthfully shocked the hell out of me.

BRett wiggled his way into catching for them. And was running his head as usual. Then a ball came off the bat the wrong way and ended up being a line drive right into his gut. he doubled over, we all laughed and he was rolling on the ground. Not 3 minutes before I told him to shut his mouth before that ball shut it for him. Finally one of the dads said "He is laughing. He is actually laughing. I cant belive it." heck, that didnt hurt him. oh it might have knocked the wind out of him, it was hit pretty hard, but hurt? naw. OH did I mention that they were hitting tennis balls? they were.

Then when practice was over they started pegging each other with the tennis balls. These kids are mostly scared of the ball, but here they are throwing and TRYING to hit one another. Of course they KNOW a tennis ball doesnt hurt.

I got them home, BR was weedeating. I asked him if he had gotten the Text. No. so he went to try and start it. After using the 8 gallons of gas we had here (thats purt neat 30.00 in gas) he got it going.

I got the kids in and tried to get them bathed, fed and in bed. Not an easy task. They were excited about school, baseball and daddy being home.

I got to thinking about the days problems. And realized that God works in mysterious ways. If BR had cleaned out my air filters 3 days ago he wouldnt have seen that water pouring out for God only knows how long. we never go behind the house. It just so happens thats where the air compressor is. I wouldnt have found the ants in the AC and the hot water heater would stil be pouring water. Although I am NOT happy about the whole situation, it couldnt have been better. well, it could have came at a better time financially, but sooner is better than later. cause the 300.00 bill that would have resulted from the small leak in the tub is NOTHING compared to what would have happened with the sieve that had became my water heater.

Today was a nothing day. I did NOTHING. a little laundry, cooked a dozen pork chops, and tried to keep Rayley and Bow happy. The kids got home after 4:30. They walked home for the first time in their lives. We have a somewhat long driveway. Nothing near what I had to walk as a kid (honest.) but the highway isnt visable from the house. I did spend 42 minuets on the phoen with dishnetwork, trying to convince them my remote was broken. They made me turn off the TV, reboot it, then unplug it, change remote address', check settings, change batteries, you name it. Then they said "well Mrs. Byerly, I think your remote is bad, we will have to send you a new one". Funny, when they awnsered the phone I said "My remote is broken, I need a new one. And yes, I already changed the batteries"

Matt had homework, which threw him into a why me crying jag. But he got it done. Then at 8 I told them to get their teeth brushed, go pee and get in bed.

During this, somehow a tussle started. then a full fledged fight. They exchanged some good punches, a few kicks and were laughing so hard they couldnt stop.

It wasnt long before Matt got his lip hurt. He got mad, and started hollering. He called Brett a few names. Bow and I jsut sat here and tried not to laugh.
Speaking of Bow, he said 'sugar' today. I was askign him to give me some sugar and he repeated it!

Once Matt got mad he lit into Brett. Rayley kept getting in the middle of it and then got hurt. Not bad hurt, just crying hurt. the boys were kicking at each other. Matt sitting on the end of the couch and Brett standing infront of him. They were trading kicks, not doing much. Then Brett bailed off ontop of Matt. Matt was getting the better of him. And Brett started hollering for me to help me. I was NOT in this. I was just watching. Then Rayley saw her chance at revenge. Matt had Brett held down, and so Rayley who was sitting beside me jumped up and got into it. She was hitting Brett or at least trying to. Matt was wailing on him pretty good.

I know that I should stop them. BUT to be honest, they are laughing the whole time. Even when it hurts. And if I stop it, they just go into another room and start again.
So Rayley decided she wasnt being very effective. So she stood up and started kinda dancing/running on Bretts head. that really did hurt. He finally got loose and kept dancing close, but not close enough to get caught again. When Matt gets him down he wraps his legs around him and thats where Brett looses ground. Brett wants to box, Matt wants to wrassle.

Brett kept telling Matt to get up and fight like a man. Matt kept telling him that he was just fine sitting there, to bring it. Finnaly at 8:20 I told them to stop. Made them brush their teeth, hug and make up and get everything together for bed. They were alseep by 8:37. I kid you not. I walked by their room and they were GONE.

This 5:30 in the morning wake up time is getting to them. And to me. I got NOTHING done today. except putting the clean dishes up and the dirty dishes in the dishwasher. AND I have to start cooking more per meal. There isnt enough left overs for lunch tomorrow. truthfully, there isnt ANY leftovers. at all.

I also have to move all the stuff I moved yesterday back to the closet. And finnish up the laundry, including the 2 yes 2 overflowing baskets that Brett brought out of their room tonight when I asked him to bring me the stuff they had gotten dirty.

Tomorrow school gets out at 1:30. and its a long weekend. SO I think I will save those loads. One day they will learn to rehang, refold and reuse. Till then, they can learn to seperate, wash, dry, fold, hang, and put up.

Oh, but there is a silver lining. Not that I caused it, but it looks like Gustav is gona hook to the right a little. If thats the case he wont hit us!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

getting in the groove of things. or falling into a rut....

Where do I start?

Well first of all. YYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWw school is back in session! I took the ungrateful heathens back today and had I not needed to go in and sell pre packaged school supplies I would have barely slowed down at the curb to kick them out while speeding off!

I just wish I could find a way to sneak Bow into their backpacks and Rayley into their class.

I spent all day Sunday pealing their heads, washing their ears and cleaning under fingernails.

I was in there cleaning Bretts ears and he said "watch where you put that thing, you could poke an eye out!" I assured him (once I stopped snorting and laughing) that I wouldnt poke out his eye, but I might damage the other eardrum..

BR took off Friday and Saturday to spend time wiht the kids. Actually he took off to put new tires on his truck. Spending time messing up the house, and taking the kids in the woods (with new tires of course) was just a bonus.

Bow is really getting big. He is stuck on patty cake. He can be doing something and if you say "patty cake" he starts clapping his hands. he also starts it and smiles real big if you get onto him for doing things he isnt supposed to. He got 3 new teeth last week. 2 on one side came in first, they are on the top. and then one on the other side came in. He is getting more and more mobil, and can crawl out of anything. he cant even be tied down in a high chair. and dont even think about the swing. So far he hasnt fiqured out how to get out of the play pen. But I fiqure this is just a matter of time. He spent all day saturday crawling out of his walker at my mother in laws. very few things will keep him busy, happy or still. Although he did sit in my lap for 75% of the Cowboys game the other night. I actually got worried about him and checked his temp.

A few friends and I have spent the evening online trying to explain to another friend (who is in New York) what a Big Red tastes like. cream soda, with red... LOL Actually I said cream soda with a hint of bubble gum. I cant imagine having spent allmy life and never having drank a big red. A good cold big red, with all its fizz and that wonderful sweet smell, is the only flavored soda water I would drink for years and years. Now I will venture into a sunkist, occasionaly a grape nehi. But nothing compares to a Big Red.

Although today was the 'first day of school' I have been working on it starting for a few weeks now. Just working with the PTA, getting things together and hopeing to get a jump on things. Today I decided to take the kids in and drop them off, come home and relax till they got here.

well not really relax, Unfortunatly I had another fire ant incident, all the clothes that I cant fit in anymore were thrown into the garden tub, and there they sat for a few weeks. I was NOT up to washing them again. well Bow went missing a few days ago. I went lookin. The little brat had turned on the water in said bathtub and it had soaked all those clothes. So I have been washing them. I swear, The Laundry Gods have it in for me.
But I was going to finish up that laundry and deal with Rayleys room. The boys were going to have to clean theirs when they got home. We got so busy last night gettin all spiffy that time got away from us. I told the boys to get their clothes together, asked Matt 3 times if he had his belt, and he even brought it out in flustration once. Then today he couldnt find it. Come to find out he didnt have it, he brought out Bretts belt. So he didnt wear a belt today. But since their room was such a mess I told them they had to clean it the minute they got off the bus. And Rayley was supposed to start cleaning on hers the minute we got home from school. I couldnt find a single pair of shoes, that matched each other. her room wasnt really messy, but she had played dress up yesterday, with every skirt, shorts, shirt and pair of shoes she could get her hands on. I was NOT a happy camper at 6 this morning.

Well, once I walked in and sat down I got Bow to sleep and my sister in law called. My brother in law had an awful toothache. Could I drive him a little over an hour away and take him to the dentist? of course. There is NOTHIN worse than a toothache. So, I spent 30 minutes gatherin kids, finding my mom, so she could keep them, and getting out the door. I had less than an hour to get him there. I was able to do alot of work on the phone on the way up there and back, for the PTA, plus I got to gossip quite a bit.

When I got there BR called, told me he needed to leave his 18 wheeler at the shop, it was broken, so, could I bring his truck, which we had kept even though it wasnt fixed yet, to the shop and leave it. Its only 8 miles from home. He asked me if I had a key. I told him yes. I did have a key. So we left Livingston once my BIL's tooth was pulled and headed home. I had called my mother in law and the school and had the boys bus changed to have them dropped off at her house. I am sure the teachers LOVED me switching this up on the first day of school!

I asked her to follow me in my truck to take BR's truck to the yard. She wasnt happy about driving my truck. She is not what we would call a confident driver. She parks on either isle 10 or 5 at walmart at the very end of the lot. Not cause she is scared she will get hit. But because she cant back up. So even though she drives a 1/2 ton, cab and a half 4 x4 she was apprehensive about getting in my one ton, doulley, 4 door 4x4. I assured her it would be fine. So off we went. I got to BR's truck and stuck my key in it. it really didnt want to open. This didnt bode well. I pushed the key in. No workie. I kicked, I pushed, I twisted. it didnt budge.

I ended up going back and getting in my truck, going to my moms, where Bow was SOOOO glad to see me ( I had planned to leave him there, while I ran this one simple errand.) He wasnt giving up. He was stuck on me like a leach. So I tried to call BR. No go. we live in the only place where the phone signal hides I reckon... I'd love to see that mo-ron that works for AT&T doing their commercials find the internet here.

So I called my other brother in law. He said he had just passed BR on the road, but didnt know where he was going. I thought I rememebered where he said, but Luke couldnt tell me where that well was. Ithought I knew, so I headed off. As luck would have it, I was right. I got the key, headed back and Bow showed my mother in law his houdini trick. She liked to have died when he came over the back of the seat. We were on the dirt road so I straped him back in. We went and got the truck, and Martha (the MIL) was scared to death that the wiggle worm would get BACK out of the seat. I handed her some crackers and told her to keep shoving them at him. They'd keep him busy. I will be SOOO glad when I can put him in a forward facing seat. I have one he cant get out of. But this backwards facing one is boring for him. He was all alone back there, and I reckon he hasnt lost the ability to scrunch up since birth. He can twist his shoulders, or leverage himself out somehow. No matter how tight I make the straps.

And after driving BR's truck the 8 miles I agree, rebuilt engine aint doin so well. 60 MPH was top speed. TOP freakin speed.

I did get that done, and then had to go to my great aunts because she had bought a new TV and had called while I was gone to ask me to please come hook it up. So I picked up the kids, and headed over there. They sat down and ate, then Uncle Gerald made them ice cream. Then I didnt see tem again. Bow was still excited to see me. and insisted on using me as a jungle gym the whole time I was trying to decifer the new TV, the wires from it to the DVD player, VCR and satalite box. It was pretty easy, but then I had to write instuctions on how to use it. and I visited with her for a few minutes.

When I went out to go home the boys were no where to be seen, so I had to set off the truck alarm. They came running. it was already 7:35. They go to bed at 8:30. I got them home, listened to their stories, talked to 2 sister in laws on the phone, 2 other moms, and BR.

I also started my liteny of "did you's"
Did you brush your teeth?
Did you make your lunch?
Did you put your shoes and socks where you can find them?
Did you pick out your clothes?
Did you take your alergy meds?
Did you eat?
Did you get your baseball stuff Matt?
Do you have a bat?
Do you have a helmet?
Where are your cleats?
Did you get baseball pants?
Did I sign your folders?
what did you put IN yoru lunch?

I had to convince Brett that we didnt have time to do his homework tonight, we would get it done before it was due.
I had to go through both boys bags, fill out more paperwork, (if the nurse, principals, and counceler would just share information we could save 9,000 trees a year per grade.

I was asked today for Matt to be on a fall ball team. I asked him when I saw him if he was interested. Boy was he. To get to be on somthing that Brett isnt. To get to shine, and nt have Brett breathing down his neck, and to get to play ball again. He is all for it. Brett wasnt quite as happy. He kept asking me if he could do it. But I am now understanding the Brady's and realize that the "marsha, marsha, marsha" episode was true. the middle kid is kinda just left unseen. I think this will be good for Matt. and Brett.

Tomorrow I have to be out at the road by 6:15 to get the kids on the bus. I will be picking them up. Bow has an appointment for shots, I have a PTA meeting and then Matt has his first practice. I also have a list of 9 people I need to call. Everyone from the yearbook company for the school, to the local grocery store chains advertising department to see why they dont double or triple here in my town but do in all the neighboring towns. I have called both of them at least twice a week for quite a few weeks, and never got a phone call back. Plus I still have about 3 loads of ant laundry, and the real laundry is piling up.

But it sure does feel good to be getting back in the swing of things!