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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Luckily its been a slow week

Well, its hard to get back in habit of blogging.

THis week wasnt a real busy one, we were supposed to have 4-H Monday, unfortunatly it was cancled, but noone knew about it so I drove in anyway. I wasnt real happy about that.

I went and got another rabbit. This one is from the show last year, so I know its a full blood. Its a buck, but I have a line on one more doe. Just have to wait a few weeks to get her.

We have gotten lots of rain this week, and another cool front. OH and the kids FINALLY decided what they want to be for halloween. THank GOD! I had asked them before, and they decided they wanted to be something scary. Of which after little discusion they decided on democrats. Yes, Democrats. I asked which ones. Well, Matt would be Biden, because he is always saying goofy stuff. That makes sense.

They were torn on Rayley, between Hillary and David Kusentich (sp). Finally they decided on Kusentich; their reason? She is small, has a funny haircut and whines alot.

Bow was to be Barney Franks. Cause he is fat and talks funny. I have never said my kids were politically correct, just that they had opinions.

Brett opted for Obama, cause he sees himself as the leader. And fiqures he reads the best, therefor making the teleprompter easier for him to handle.

Well, I told them that they couldnt do any of those. For one, it wouldnt be very cute, for two it would creep me out being around a bunch of democrats all night, and for 3, it might get me on the FBI's no fly list...

Instead they opted for normal halloween stuff. Dracula for Matt, Frakenstien for Brett, a witch for Rayley and Bow will be a skeleton. these I can handle.

Of course since the last two years Brett and Matt have managed to get into trouble and not be able to trick or treat, I dont know if I should waste my time.

I did have a 'blow up' moment this week. I was up until around 3:30 one night Bow wouldnt go to sleep. He didnt feel well. When my alarm went off at 5:20 (I set it a little early so I can snooze it)- I NEVER heard it. PERIOD. BR's went off too, but he turned his off. I never heard mine, next thing I know its 7:23 and BR is waking me up. Since the kids have to catch the bus at 6:15- my first thought was just let them stay home. But Rayley LOVES school so much, I hated to do that to her. And Brett had just came home talking about trying to make the whole year with perfect attendance. They have done it once before, and at his school they get a dog tag for every 6 wks that they dont miss a day.

So we jumped up, trying to get everyone up and dressed. BR was off that day, so he rode with me.

The kids didnt even have time to get breakfast, since Brett has to be at school by 7:55.

I got Matt to school on time, his school is closest. Brett was next, he was about 3 minutes late. Well, I walked him in, asking about detention. He would have to serve an hour. So I wanted to know if they would let him serve it during his lunch period. No they would NOT. it had to be before or after school. No lunch detention was avalible.

The principal DID offer to let him just skip first period and go to second.
there by not getting detention, But thats not the point. Once he skipped first he was no longer perfect attendance. We opted for them to just loose the money for his butt not being in the seat, because I wasnt driving back.

On the 21st BR and I celebrated 17 years of being together. It was the anniversary of our first date. ANd before you think "wow, she remembers the day of their first date" I am only able to remember it because its the day before our wedding anniversary. We have been married for 15 years. Thats a long time to not have killed someone.

We didnt do anything to celebrate, except watch TV. He was off that day, and we planned to build rabbit pens, clean up around the yard, and various other things, unfortunatly, it rained about 3 inches, so there was no outside work.

The kids and I spent a few evenings pulling the dried corn for the hogs. There wasnt much left after all the extended family went and got what they wanted to eat and put up, but we got some.

Then on Friday, my cousin took the oldest boys to the football game, I honestly just dont have the energy to take all of them to one. I wish I could, my nephew plays, but... Anyway, I had picked them up from school because I had gotten to town to get groceries and feed late, I took them with me to walmart and we barely got home by 5:30. they had to feed and water the rabbits, chickens, and hogs, and eat supper plus get ready for their suprise. they didnt know where they were going, just that they were. I kept telling them to get their jackets, a cold front had blown in and it was getting colder by the second. They kept ignoring me. Finally I just threw a fit, in the middle of trying to get everyone fed, deal with Bow and get some stuff together for my sister in law who was coming over and getting Rayley since she wasnt going to the game and I had to go to BR's deer stand and get the camera card out to check the times they were feeding and throw out some corn since the automatic feeder stopped working and put out some deercane (its some crap that attracts deer...) . they were leaving a little after 6. Finally after tearing apart their room I asked again where their carhartts were. Matt finally admited he had left them at school. He left one, then wore Bretts the next day and since its hot by the time school is out, he left it too. It was 5:50 on a friday, noway to get them - So I sent Brett off in my carhartt and Matt in a fleece zipup. I had told them about 5 times to wear a long sleeve shirt with an undershirt too.
They just ignored me. I had no sympothy when they got home and told me they were cold.

Finally she got there and told them where they were going. they were so excited, I shouldnt have let Matt go, after him loosing 2 65.00 jackets. BUT, at that point, I needed him GONE. My boys have been wanting to go to a game for years, We watch Football on TV every weekend, and they watch it too. But we only watch the Cowboys (yes I bleed blue and silver) and the University of Texas. Sometimes A&M. Anyway, they were sooo excited. Our team has been on a winning streak for the season, and are doing great in district play. Till my bad luck charms show up. Much to EVERYONES chargin our boys only got 3 points and let the other team score 27!

The next day my mother in law went to see her mom and told her that the kids had went to see the game. She told her to tell them to NEVER go again! they were bad luck! LOL She had gotten so discusted that she turned off the game on the radio and watched something on TV!! I've had to promise to not send them to another one to more than one person!

Saturday BR took the Brett to the deerstand before he went to work, he took Matt this morning. and Saturday night we went to a get together for a friend of ours daughters birthday. It was nice to catch up, we very seldom ever see them, and less often do we go out. But on the way home I stopped off by his job yard (where they park all the 18 wheelers) and instead of backing out and turning around, because I DO know to do that, I decided to be lazy and just turn. I dont know why it agervates me so much to back up, and go forward again, it just does. I guess I feel there are times its such a waste of time. BUT, I ran right off into a mud pit, it was PURE gumbo. (thats just THICK sticky mud that SUCKS itsself to your tires), well about 2 feet into it I realized what I had done, and threw it over into 4 wheel drive, but I tried to just ease through, and I only got it in 4 HIgh. to put it in 4 low you have to put it in nuetral and step on the brake, I made it about 15 feet, with about 5 feet to go till my front tires made solidish ground. But it wouldnt go. I spun, I burned, I turned the wheel, I threw it from forward to reverse, I punched it, I turned the tires, everything. I was laughing so hard that I thought Brett was going to just walk home. He couldnt belive I thought it was that funny. But seriously, what are you going to do? Crap happens. usually to me. you can laugh or you can scream and throw things. Either way, people are going to think your crazy, but if you laugh, you have less of a mess to clean up later!

BR was on his way back to the yard, I had dropped him off at his 18 wheeler after the party so he could unload his last load while I went to get Bow. So when he got there he tried to get it out. By then my front end was burried to about 8 inches between the bumper and the ground. I have a pretty tall truck, you have to use the running boards to get in. you dont just step into it.

He finally just told me to go and get his truck, and NOT get it stuck, he had parked IT in another mud hole. And boy he wasnt kidding, I walked over to it, in the dark (it was midnight by now) and literly fell ankle deep in the gooey life sucking mud. I managed to get his truck to mine, with out getting stuck, and we tied onto it with a chain. Which we BOTH carry in our trucks, but its usually for the poor sap we come up on or get called in the middle of the night to go fetch out of a hole their truck wont come out of.

We tied on and got it right out, less than 5 minutes. And its sad that I even got stuck, but its really easy to do in my truck. BR's would have came out, but he drives a Toyota. Light and compact. My engine weighs more than his entire truck, and there is NOTHING on my backend to even give me any weight. I just fall into what ever I am driving over. Even with a half a ton of feed in the back I wasnt getting out. I was honestly still laughing all the way home. With Brett just sitting there telling me I was crazy. Matt had fallen asleep on the way home and never even knew it. When he saw my truck this morning he asked what had happened!

Matt started on his 'verb project' He is supposed to make a something or other out of play doh or such, that shows you burrying (burying- ... whatever) overused verbs or somesuch. I dont get it. But, there is like 23 words that each year the 4th grade teachers 'bury' to get the kids to use differnt words.

well, Matt had wanted it to be out of playdoh. No problem. Then he heard one of the cakemakers on TV say that using gumpaste was like using playdoh. He decided he wanted to make a cake for his class. I told him to ask, and he got permission.

Now he are making a cake graveyard. I am trying to be good and let him make it himself. but its hard. I know that a 9 year old isnt as capable of making perfect tombstones. I never claim to be an excelent sculputer myself, I know I'm not- but its really hard to just let it look like a kid did it.

we managed to get most of the stones done, but are going to finish them tonight, I had to buy more gumpaste. His teacher emailed me, she is looking forward to the cake. I will cook it later this week, and he can put it together.

He will be hardpressed to get it done.
Next week is kinda busy, nothing unusual, We are supposed to have Archery Monday, but instead, they are going to skip it, which is a good thing, I have to be in town early tomorrow, to put red ribbons on cars at Matts school as they drop off their kids for Red Ribbon week, and then have a PTA meeting at 10. I sure didnt want to stay in town til 6.

But, instead the kids are going to take their hunter safety course. A friend of mine is having to take hers, and she offered to take the boys. Its from 6 to 10 on monday night, they skip tuesday and go again on Wend and Thursday.

This is going to play havoc on the cake making, its due Friday, and he will be gone all week except Tuesday, I plan on baking the cake on Tuesday, which is too early to actually decorate it. THEN, In a perfect world, we would decorate some Wend and finish on Thursday. But he wont be home Thursday.

I might actually have to let him skip school just to do the project. LOL

The other problem is; Brett, and to an extent Rayley. they want to do some of it too. This doenst work out well, for one, its MATTs project, if I cant do it, neither can they- and for two; they aint better artists than he is- no matter what they think.

when Brett was or is doing projects he wont allow ANYONE to help, but he just inserted himself into Matts projects, and cant understand why Matt doesnt want him to help. Matt is usually too nice to say anything, or too used to being bossed around. But I'm not, and I just finally have to get rude with him. And tell him, its NOT his and to step back.

I got my hair done a few days ago, My cousin does it, and I got it highlighted for the first time inmy life. I have that weird kind of hair that highlights itself, and is already black underneath by my neck. But once winter gets here, or I dont get out in the sun very often, it does darken up as it grows out. The roots start to look like I havent died it in months. So she offered to do a little something to it. She cuts it anyway, and I always like it.

Actually looking at it, it doesnt look 'done' it actually looks less 'salon done' now than it did when it was natural. LOL

This was taken this morning, its not very good, but Matt took it on the way to church.

The kids asked if a friend could come home with them, I told them yes, but we DID have work to do before they did any playing.

I have never let any of them have friends over, partly because I dont deal well with other peoples kids, and cause I saw no point, its just more opertunities to fight with the other sibling, or be mean to them. but this is a son of one of my friends, and he is a VERY good kid. He is a few years older than Brett but they all get along good.

Anyway, first we had to go to walmart. I am used to dealing with 4 kids in walmart, so counting to 5 was not a hard stretch. EXCEPT when he asked to go to the bathroom, I said yes, and then finished getting milk and started to walk off. I counted to 4. saw all 4 and thought I was good.

I just had to get in "BR is shopping with us mode" cause I do count to 5 when he is with us.

Then when we came home we had to prepare for the possible rain thats coming. I had put all the corn we pulled in the bucket of the tractor, so we had to get it out, shuck it and throw the cobs in the freezer that I have at the barn for that. It doesnt work, its just a box that we keep feed in. Everyone pitched in and we got it done pretty quick, Then we had to put the new feed in the automatic hog feeder that we built. WEll we built it big, to hold lots of feed- I was putting about 400 pounds in there but, I am nowhere near tall enough to put it in the 4ft tall feeder that sits about 8 inches the other side of a 4 foot fence. So this is how I did it.

I drove the tractor right up to the fence, lifted the bucket and then climbed in and emptied the bags one at a time into the feeder.

Here is the kids riding on the bucket, down to the barn.

Bow was 'helping' me drive. these are not good pics of me, but I promised Rayley I would put pictures she 'took' on the internet. If I remember I will take them down after she sees I put them up! LOL

I started blogging shortly after I got in from doing the feed, but have been interupted through out the day or had other things I had to get done, including making the tombstones, supper, relocating horses, dealing with the kids, talking on the phone and trying to watch the cowboys play. So I sent the kids to bed early, they were at each others throats, and sat down to finish with just Bow agervating me.
then I heard this awful sound from the kitchen, at first it sounded like a fire, then like water spraying- hard and fast. So I jumped up and ran in there. Sure enough, there is water flooding out from under my new fridge. (our old one went out about a month ago and we had to get another one. thats a weekend I SHOULD have blogged about, it was one thing after another.... ) So I ran to the water cut off for the house. cut it off and went back into the kitchen. The water had stopped spraying, but it was coming out by the gallonful. I pulled and pulled, the fridge wouldnt budge. its a HEAVY one anyway, The doors alone are so heavy I can barely pick them up (we had to take them off to get it through the front door)- and its full. so I had to holler for the kids. They jumped up and grabbed towells then Brett and I got on the floor and put our hands under it, grabbed the frame and put our leg up against the cabinets and pushed with our legs to pull it out. We got it started and I finally was able to pull it all the way out to shut off the water in the back so I could go ahead and turn back on the water to the house.

As I sit here typing the fridge is in the middle of the floor and every towell in the house is soaking up water. Even the two or three we didnt need down there because Bow got a bit overzealous.

We were so proud to have water and ice in our fridge again, about a year after we got the old one the ice maker broke, then was fixed then broke again. we never tried to use it after that, we just turned the water off to it.

Now I have to see if we can get this fixed. I am already spoilt to water comin out the door.

I reckon I should get up and fix it, clean up the mess and see what I need to buy tomorrow, plus get BR's supper ready. But I just dont want to.

Plus, my house is a MESS, eventhough I just had it SPOTLESS on saturday and we havent even been IN here all day today! I dont know how the kids can manage to destroy a house in the time it takes me to go pee, but they can. My kitchen literly looked like I hadnt cleaned it in a week, and all they did was have cereal this morning.