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Saturday, June 21, 2008

You cant fix stupid

Where oh where do I start?

I got most of the last of my list done today before my dad got here. The kids didnt want to finish out VBS today cause they wanted to be here when he got here. But I talked them into it. Bow was NO help in the cleaning department. Mean little brat. He was into EVERYTHING.

Once my dad got here I sent the kids out to finish cleaning up the yard, actually I sent them otu BEFORE he got here. and as they were going out he drove up. They came home wiht SACKS full of crap from this week. I JUST got it ALL cleaned up here and they brought in tons more stuff. GGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRR

But anyway, after they visited for a few minutes they went back out. I cooked lunch and next thing we know the door opens and Matt comes in screaming and holding his hand. My first thought was "oh hell, he done bit a snake and the hospital bill is going to be AWFUL!" But luckily he had just stung a wasp. He had been out playing with Brett and jumping on an old tree that had fallen. Apparently it was the home to a few wasps and they were NOT happy with the carbon based earthquake that was disturbing them.

Only one got him. We got some ice on it, and it swole up pretty good. Once he settled down we put some tabacco in a bandaid and off he went. But before he went back out Brett came running back in. He had went to see if he could find the actual nest. ANd said they attacked him. Idiot.

So they head back out and a little while later I see them out there chunkin rocks. It dawned on me. They were chunkin rocks at the wasp nest. You just cant fix stupid.

We had to go to the church tonight for their program. Rayley was ... well Rayley.

She danced and sang. and then the second song came. It was a little slower, not quite her speed. so the whole time she was yawning and looking around. And the boy behind her was doing something she didnt like. She kept turning around and giving him a peice of her mind. I was starting to get scared. I am not sure what the punishment is for fighting in church, but I am pretty sure its not a light sentence.

Once that song was over she left the stage. She came to the pew we were sitting in and walked right up to my cousins wife who was holding Bow. She reached over and hugged and kissed him. This got her alot of 'awwwww's from the crowd. People wernt even looking at the singers, they were watching her. Then she came all the way down the pew to me at the other end. He had pulled the barret out of her hair. So I fixed it and told her to go back and sing. She headed back that way and decided she needed one more hug from Bow.

Then she went back up and sang some more. I got more compliments on my kids tonight that I imagined possible. Everyone kept telling me they were the nicest kids. How sweet they were, and how cute. They told me that everytime they would pass in the halls Brett and Matt would hug Rayley and pick her up. they would hold up the entire class to listen to her, or to love on her.

I was tempted to round up my kids and make sure these were the children they were talking about. But in all honesty I didnt want to. I let them belive what they wanted to.

After it was over Tommy (my dad) and I went to walmart to get Rayley a birthday present. And a carseat for Bow's present. All of my kids get a little something on the others birthday. My grandmother started this when the boys were little and its carried on.

Actually she started this when my cousin and I were little. But did it for my kids too.

Bow is SOO going to love his new seat. I think my dad thought I was kidding when I told him Bow could escape from his carseat. He was a very good child the entire time we were in the store. SOOO good in fact that I was scared someone had switched babies on me.

I did buy 25lbs of sugar, 20 lbs of flour and 15lbs of cornmeal. I dont really have room for it, but like Aunt Jean, I think its all fixing to go sky high. Between the crop land being flooeded and deisel prices raising everyday it cant get any cheaper. I also bought some ziploc size large big bags to put it in. The large bags fit in them perfectly, and you can zip them up and feel safe in knowing that your staples will stay fresh and dry.

When we got home Bow ate a little and fell smooth out. He hadnt taken a real nap all day. he has been going strong. And during the singing he kept squealing and never sat still. He stood up in my cousins wifes lap the entire time. The rest of the family was mad cause she never would pass him down. And Rayley kept waving at him.
The boys also went right to sleep. They hadnt been in there 5 minutes before they were out like a light.

Tommy and I searched all over that store for a good present. The boys were the hardest to buy for. They are getting a thingy to hang up their caps on. They will liek that.

And I talked to my sister in law today. She is going to come over on Tuesday and help me paint the room. I need someone to come over to make me do it. I know that with out her coming over I will just put it off.

I cant wait to put up the before cleaning, after cleaning and PAINTED pictures up.

Oh and my mother in law dropped of Rayley's new walkie talkies tonight while I was gone. I told her to just buy the plain ole black ones and to get me some cell phone bling (rhinestones that stick to the cell phones) I spent over an hour and a half blinging the damn things. Then I took them in my room and plugged them in. The base that charges the walkie talkies does one just fine. but the other side has a contact messed up. It doesnt stand up tall enough, its wonky. So it doesnt work. Wont charge.
it was already after midnight. I called and spoke with a CSM at walmart, told him what happened and he told me to bring it all back and he would write a note and get it exchanged. I am just PRAYING that they have another. I walked by the isle tonight and there was ONE empty peg. 5 differnt ones and ONE empty peg. It will be JUST my luck that she bought the last one they have of THAT model. I am keeping my fingers crossed that is NOT the case. the bad part is, I am NOT going into walmart tomorrow. But my MIL is. Now I have to explain it to her to get her to take care of it.

I have been trying to write up a letter to the editor of the paper about the new dress code. Unfortunatly I havent came up with one that I dont use the words "moron, idiotic, asnine, socialistic, wimps, sheep, or stupid yet. I am still working on it.

Friday, June 20, 2008

consequences and repercussions

If you are reading along and I stop midsentence dont worry. I just fell asleep.

I got a late start this morning. I didnt make it to town till 11am. But I did get a shower with out Bow. I got him to sleep and put him in the bed with BR and then took a shower, did my hair and relaxed for a few minutes.

I had to pay bills today and had to get out at 5 differnt places. I had to go and order Rayleys cake too. This isnt that big of a deal, except when you have an infant. You have to unlatch them, fight the carseat, get them out, tote them in, deal with doing the one small thing that I had to do and then going back out to the 97* heat and putting him BACK in the carseat, fighting that stupid harness again, holding him down iwht one hand and latching him iwth the other since he HATES the car seat and listening to him scream for 4 of the 5 minutes it takes to get to the next place. I went and got Rayley's paint too. It sure is bright.

OH and I used my phone to keep track of EVERYTHING. I had written a list of everwhere I had to go, what I needed when I got there, and never lost it, since it was IN my phone. I am SOOO loving this thing!! I made 'tasks' of where I had to go. When I got them done I could put a check mark beside them. And then if I got somewhere where I was shoppin I found my list and got things off it, as I did, I would delete them. That way I still have the ice cream listed in the grocery list, since I didnt get it today. And the stuff they were out of.

Before I would try to keep up with the paper list till I got back home and write it on the next list. VERY seldom did this happen.

And I was able to take notes while I was shopping. I could write down how much something was at walgreens to check against something at walmart. Another note I wont loose!!

And BOY will it come in handy when I mystery shop!

I didnt make it to the feed store, to pick up some pictures for the yearbook, didnt get to meet with the order person at walmart for the prepacked school supplies I need to order for the PTA, and didnt get by the jewerly store to pick up the ring I broke the other day. And I still didnt get home till 5:45.

I picked up the kids and told them we had alot of work to do and gave them each a job. Brett was to come in and start the laundry back up. Matt was to unload. Actually I gave them a list and that is what THEY picked.

They just insisted on playing. I kept telling them that they were not going to go to bed until all the stuff I needed done got done. They didnt belive me. I have less than 20 hours before my dad gets here and although Rayley's room wasnt going to interfear with him being here I wanted it DONE. That means the living room, kitchen and 23 loads of laundry had to be done too.

I came in and sat down to nurse Bow, Brett imediatly 'forgot' something outside and Matt had never came in. They think since I am tied to this kid they can just ignore me and I will forget what I told them to do. I swear, if I said "BOYS! do what I asked you to" once, I said it a hundred times.

I kept having to put them back on task. And I kept on telling them that the more they screwed around, the longer they would be up tonight.

I got in Rayley's room and within 30 minutes had 2 of the large black bags filled. She was a PITA while I was working in there.

THrew a fit over 1/2 the crap I put in the bags. And begged me the whole time to NOT throw away her stuffed animals. Heck, I had no intetions of it. But it did get her to hang them up on the chain. She really didnt have near as much trash. 1/2 a kitchen bag full. But I got 3 black bags out of there. And its still full.

One time I was putting a little backpack in the get rid of bag.
She threw a freakin fit. It was so special to her, she couldnt live with out it. It was her first ever backpack, it said love on it, it was pink, she used it ALL the time, she went on and on.

So I told her, "rayley if you will put it up and promise I wont find it in the floor ever again I will let you keep it. "
"I promise mom.. I will put i tup and you will never see it again."

"fine, now put it up and leave."

I got busy again. And when I turned around there on the ONE part of the floor that was clean I saw the backpack. Into the bag it went.

We got about 3 loads of laundry done, and then a load of T-shirts never would dry. I kept sending the kids in to check on them. and then I went in. The lint thingy was full to the brim. Every time they put on a load I tell them:
Did you run water in there? (sometimes this sends them back in)
Did you get soap in there? (a little more often they forget this)
DId you turn ON the dryer? (8 times out of 10, this results in them running back into the laundry room)
Be sure to clean out the lint filter. (They swear they did)

I usually go and check every few loads. But I was just so busy tonight I didnt.

once I got it cleaned out it took about 9 minutes and the shirts were dry.

They started to ask when they would be done about 9. By 9:30 they started to whine. At 10 they were in full fledged crying mode. everypart of their body's hurt. They couldnt remember what they were doing, they were snapping at each other. and Rayley had fallen asleep.
11 was just about their undoing. Matt was limping around, one leg was hurting so bad he thought it would fall off. Brett kept running into things and hurting himself. They would be talking and forget what they were saying midsentence.
at 11:30 I was ready to call it a night. I made them empty out the trash cans and let them go to bed.
They were asleep within 3 minutes.

What got me was I could ask them "what did I tell you when we got home?"
"that we had to get our parts done or we wouldnt go to bed"
"and what did you do?"

yep. consequences and repercussions.

when they were putting up the same shirts for the 3rd time (I found them once on the couch, and then on their dresser) I heard Matt tell Brett "ya know, I think she might not give in. We might need to learn to do the work when she tells us to"
and Brett said "It might be easier, she doenst seem to like the strikin we do"
"yep, I reckon she aint union"

Where in the hell did a 9 and 8 year old hear about the union?

And if anyone is going to strike around here it will be me!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I now know why some animals eat their young.

Its to keep them from screwing up the nice living area. And to keep their sanity.

Let me back up to last night. After I blogged. I had cleaned the kitchen. Well when BR got home at 2:45am Duke went balistic. He never barks at BR. heck, he is so old that half the time I have to wake him up and TELL him to bark at anyone. Well this woke up Bow. And he was just happy as a lark. wanting to play. I was SOOO ready for bed.
Anyway, BR went into the kitchen. and asked me what the hell had happened. I really didnt want to investigate it. But I did. It all goes back to me getting on to Matt a few weeks ago. I told him that in every aspect of life he needed to show some inititive. When he passes by something that needs throwing away, THROW it away. When he see's something that needs to be done. DO it. dont make someone ask you. Well he had seen that the sink had some dishes that needed put in the dishwasher, so he put them in. He let me know he was taking the 'inititive' and doing it. Then he turned it on. Since I KNEW that he hadnt cleaned off the table prior to starting the dishwasher I told him to turn it off.
THen I got up and cleaned the kitchen. Sure enough he had found a 1/2 a sink of dishes and wanted to run the dishwasher, there was enough on the table and counters to fill 'er up. So I did.

Then I went to put one of those brick things in. And there already was one. it was already melting. surrounded by water. But that was okay. it all has to melt anyway, right?

Well when BR got home and walked into the kitchen he found sudsy water from the dishwasher to the freezer. a good 15 feet. my whole kitchen was full of water. So I cleaned it up.

Then we went on to bed. But I had to potty first. I turned on the one light that is working. The other went out day before yesterday and its a 12 foot ceiling. well maybe 10. But it still requires a chair, time, and energy. None of which were close at hand. So when I walked in I flipped both switches out of habit. I hear a hummin and popping. not loud, but definate. I fiqure its what those fancy flourecent bulbs do when they burn out. So I make a mental note to change it tomorrow. Then as I am walking out and go to turn off the light I see an ant on the switch. I look closer.

Yep, they are all around the switch. So I go and get my poison and a screwdriver. I took off the cover and they were just teaming out. So I put in some poison gel. It didnt take them long and they were getting into it.

The light is not out. the contacts are not contacting, cause of the ant corpses. That is the popping sound. them being electicuted. HA! Boy that feels good.

So I went on to bed. Bow was still wound up tighter than an 8 day clock. but eventually I got him to sleep. BR was already snoring. must be nice.

I had to get up and get the kids off to VBS. But I did manage to remmeber to send their offerin money that they had earned the day before doing a few extra things for me. And their can of veggies for what ever they wanted it for. AND their bibles. ANd I had woke up 20 minutes before they were to be picked up! Not bad for someone half asleep and cranky. Of course we had a few incidences. Bow found a penny on Rayley's floor and tried to choke to death. We had no more than got that back up and out and had him breathin normal again that I put him down on the floor to curl Rayley's hair with the hot iron and I hear one of the boys say "BOW! you aint supposed to be eatin dirt!" He was in here eatin mud off BR's boots that he had knocked onto the floor and not picked up. Big ole clods of mud. I need a roomba. I cant keep up with vaccuming.

Since I had only gotten 2 and a half hours of sleep I decided to try and go back to sleep. Finally Bow let me.

When had a pretty good nap. aside from him waking me up snoring. a 7 month old baby and he snores like a bear.

Once the kids got home I decided to run on over to my grandfathers. I had to brave the minefield that my eldest two call a room and get Bow some clothes. He has an armour (sp) in there. Nothin fancy, but its his. well I opened it up and it was FULL of fire ants. I found him some clothes, shut the doors and headed to my grandfathers.

We had a decent little visit and then I came home to tackle the closet of Bow's and that room. But first I made lunch and cleaned the kitchen.

I ended up doing 6 loads of laundry out of Bow's clothes. And found another 6 loads at least in the boys room.

I cleaned that sucker from top to bottom. I had some of those big industrial garbage bags and I filled up 3 of them with toys, and one over flowing plus 2 kitchen bags with trash. I tried to get the kids to watch the baby for me. But he spent most of the 4 hours screaming.

They have VERY little left. Books, some, NOT all, of their matchbox cars, their imaginex dinosaurs, and paper and pens and colors. Thats IT. oh, and their sports stuff.
I found toys that I have NEVEr seen before. Found out why I had to buy Brett 3 sets of map pencils this year. Found my missing kitchen sheers. a bowl, 1/2 my clothes (sometimes I make them fold and put up clothes) 1/2 the socks in the house, and 13,837 lego's.

I made the kids fold up all the laundry as I was cleaning the room. They played instead. or faught. or picked on Rayley. Or lost Bow.
The kicker was the backpacks. Apparently the last time I had told them to clean their room they got the bright idea to stuff it all in their school backpacks, and their 2 batbags. I found those towards the end.
In just one backpack I found: (and keep in mind, my kids are NOT given Soda's and are NOT allowed to eat in their rooms)

a empty Dr Pepper bottle
7 socks (mismatched)
enough paper for a copy of Harry Potter
23 pencils, pens, map pencils and 12 full crayons and at least 23 broken peices
87 lego peices
2 shirts (that were clean)and theirs
1 of Rayley's skirts
1 of Bow's toys (he isnt allowed in there, all his toys are in here)
4 breakfast bar wrappers
3 matchbox cars
4 boxcar children kids books.
2 pair of childrens sissors (they are not allowed these either, I dont want things cut up...)
3 broken hangers (I only use plastic hangers, I will go mommy dearest on someone using a wire hanger in my house)
and 4 misc. toys

There were 4 like this.

THEN I made one of them come in and get UNDER the beds. that was another hour of cleaning up trash and picking up lego's.

If anyone ever brings another lego into my house I will string them up in a tree by their toes and give them said lego's and tell them to build a freakin ladder to save themselves.

And the ENTIRE time I am cleaning this room I am listening to Rayley tell me she is hungry. every 3 minutes.

89% of the 'trash' was work books and papers they brought home from school on the last few weeks. It was sent home through out that time so I didnt see it all in its entirerty. Till now.
And since Bretts teacher retired, she unloaded EVEYRTHIN she had in her class to the kids. pens, pencils, workbooks from 10 years ago, sticky pads, erasers, paints, markers, extra map pencils, crayons. It was awful.

Now before you think I never clean my house ( and I dont), we really did just have this room SPOTLESS in April. before my dad came. And they had JUST gotten their toys back in December. they had NO toys for months. No nothing for months. just furniture and bare walls. and the rooms were SPOTLESS at those times.

I did finally get mostly done. I stacked everything I had gathered up on the beds and told Brett to vacumm.
Then I walked out. and into my kitchen I was starving. I hadnt eated ALL day.
You couldnt see the table. there were water bottles EVERYWHERE. and cups and raman noodles, and toast, and just general junk. While I was cleaning their room they were messing up my clean kitchen.

It was already 9. I made them all a sandwich. Got me cookies and milk and then sat there while they cleaned the kitchen.
Then they decided they were tired. And since each had already taken a bath headed off to bed. I was on the phone with BR and when I got off 10 minutes later I went and got them.

There was 6 loads of laundry that I had told them to fold. I had reminded them the whole time I was cleaning their room. With them in tears they folded most of it. I didnt make them hang it all up yet. and one big basket was socks. plus a basket and a half of Bow's blankets.
Since the 7 foot by 2 foot by 2 foot (yes I did measure it) pile in the laundry room is out of their room, and since I am having to wash all of Bow's clothes due to ants in THEIR room they are GOING to help me. Come hell or highwater.

I made them get out what needed hanging up RIGHT then, and to seperate the rest. They were just SOOO tired. well I could have cared less.
I still havent gotten to Rayley's room and have to really clean my kitchen AND living room. plus all this damn laundry. And all before noon Friday, when my dad gets here. And I still have to go into town tomorrow and grocery shop. And pay bills. thats going to take at least 5 hours. PLUS, I have about 10 hours worth of computer work to do on thier yearbook before Monday. With Rayley's party on Saturday, my dad coming in and all the extra work I will be pushing it.

Oh and I did ask Matt about the dishwasher. Come to find out, he fiqured that if he put in some Ivory liqued they would get cleaner, faster. So he filled up the litle cup thingy with it. He promises to never do that again. But did point out that the tea they had spilled the day before was now gone and the floor under the table wasnt sticky anymore. I didnt know they had spilled tea yesterday. They werent even suppsed to be drinking tea yesterday. they were on a tap water only day. Since I had found tea and water bottles all over the kitchen.

On a slightly more personal note. YOu have read my rambalings on 102 blogs. I dont know if its sad that I have managed to find that much to bitch about, or if its sad that you are still willing to listen to me bitch. Either way. THANK YOU!! And please keep those emails coming. They really mean alot to me. chellebyerly sittinat excite dot com. (you fiqure it out. I am trying to avoid the spammers.. :) )

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Organization is the key to happiness. RIGHT?

Do you know how hard it is to wait ALL day on a package?
I checked the DHL website this morning and it said my phone was in the Fortworth Hub at like 4:45am. So I fiqured that I would get it tomorrow. It was after all sent 2 day. Then a little while later I was going back through and clicked to refresh the page. Seeing how far away from little ole Jasper, Texas it was. It was ON the truck, with the couriour. OMG.

I know that in the past DHL comes before one to my house. Unless its a Saturday, then its around 3 or 4. Well, I just couldnt wait. ALL day. I kept checking the website. why I dont know. They dont update that they have just driven past FM 1747, or FM 777 ( the FM means Farm to Market road). But they should. Seriously. They should have a tracker avalible to us. LIke a GPS thingy. You know THEY know where the drivers are. They just dont want US to know. It just seems like it would be a great marketing tool. "where is your package?, look at our tracker for up to the second updates!"

I got so impatiant that at 2 I called DHL, just to make sure the website wasnt lying to me. She said no, it was on the truck and if he had enough time he would drop it off today. ENOUGH TIME??? OMG! what if on his way back to beaumont he is car jacked? or his van catches on fire? I cant wait another week for my damn phone!

Then I remembered a mystery shop I had done a week or so ago, and that I needed to send in the paperwork. It was DHL too. I decided to use my time wisely. I got it all together, signed everything and stuck it in the envolope. Then sat back down to wait.

Then I decided I better call just to make sure he could pick it up. It was a prepaid lable but you never know. So I called. She told me that he would come and get it.

Then 10 minutes later a differnt woman calls back, this is a number out of Beaumont. She tells me that the driver wasnt going to come today, but since I had a package he would. if I didnt mind it going out in the morning, he wouldnt be back to the hub in time to get it on tonights slow boat to China. I told her not a problem. I didnt mind a bit.

She was sure to point out that she knew I had a package on the truck and that I would be getting it too, since I was making him stop.

Poor baby.

So at 5:35 I called DHL back, asked them if the rural carriers were out late. SHe assured me they were, and that since they had promised to pick up the package they would be here. and low and behold right then he drove up. Blackberry Curve in hand. I am so happy!!
I have already put my grocery list in there, put lots of stuff in the calender, called and activated it. And that only took 2 hours. KID YOU NOT! I was accepting the contract and the automated voice tells me "we seem to be having techinical difficulties, let me connect you with a coustomer service rep"
I hold for 14 minutes. Then a guy comes on. Asks all the identifying questions, then decides I have to go to a differnt department. SO he transfers me. I hold for another 8 minutes. This guy tells me that I HAVE to go through the automated thingy. That he will stay on the line with me. So I get to hear little mrs chipper again. After the first 6 questions that moron hung up on me.

SO I had to call BACK.
I get a girl and I ask her if she can set up phones bought through the call center.
NOPE, ut she can get me to someone who can. I told her that I didnt want to be hung up on again. She promised to stay, and THEN got my phone number to call me back. Incase she did hang up on me.

SO we are on hold for about 11 minutes. She kept coming back to me and telling me she was sorry, it was an awful long hold time. I assured her that no, this so far was NOT my record.

FInally the new rep answers, gets all the info except my blood type and weight, and then takes over 45 minutes to get everything all set. We checked all the minutes, online packages, text packages. (the text package I ordered cause I knew I would need it to trasfer things was NOT added when I requested it... ) and she credited me the 20.00 in texting that I had done.

I am set. Now if someone could just call me on it and I would get to hear a ring. But alas, I cant even call me. since I have no freakin service here at home!

Then BR calls me, he wants to know how to do an answer tone. Hell, I dont know. He says "well you have one". DUH. I also have a computer, and a camera. Doesnt mean I remember how to work them....
He thinks he bought it. but its not working. So I have spent the last 2 hours trying to fiqure out how to find the place to manage answer tones in the website.

The kids had a blast at VBS today. They came home and I asked the boys to make their room presentable. That was at 1. at 8:30 I sent them to bed with the decision that I was getting large trash bags tomorrow and emptying out their rooms. They all went to bed in tears. But this is ridiculous. They dont even play with half their crap. ANd its not feasable to keep their room clean.

They thought they did good. till I went in and tried to open the closet door to put in some clean clothes.

everything was stacked in front of the closet door.

I will get the bags tomorrow and on THursday I will clean out their rooms while they are at VBS. I see no other way around it.

I have everyone convinced to buy Rayley stuff for her room for her birthday too. Well except my mother. She wont. She thinks I am being mean to not want her to have toys. She cant walk in her room now. Seriously. why waste more money that noone has to get her more toys that will do nothing but get thrown in the floor and steped on and broken? If you buy her something for her room she can enjoy it for years to come.

She needs shelves, she needs coat hooks, maybe a cute clock. Or rugs. OH cute flowered rugs!! that would be so neat.

she even will tell you if you ask her that she wants her room painted for her birthday. Plus, And dont get me wrong, I am NOT trying to take away their childhood, but I would rather they learn to enjoy the more practical and useful, then the money wasters that they beg for each time we go to walmart. There really is no toy she needs. Heck, I am fixing to get rid of hundreds of dollars worth that she doesnt play with now. And that is heartbreaking to me.

Maybe a nice toybox to put stuff in. or something to put all her dolls in. Or more chains to hang stuffed animals on!! that would be a great present. And the excuse "well she will be disapointed to open that at her party". Well at least she will USE it in a week.

The only extravigant thing I have told anyone is real walkie talkies. She would die for some real ones. We tried to get her pink ones, but couldnt find any. I guess I will bling the old black ones that are bought.. :(

Excuse me for a minute while I put all these idea's into my blackberry, so I can remember them when someone asks... (see, I told you this thing would come in handy. and for a BUCK too!! :) )

oh wow. that was fun :)

Now I have a list of what she needs for her room. what I need to buy for her party (put on my grocery list that I also put an astriks beside those things I have coupons for!!) , and what I need to make sure is brought to her party!

Heck, with this thing I might be so organized I can change my outgoing voice mail message.
Right now it says "hey this is michelle, I cant awnser my phone right now, I dont know where I am at, but obviously neither do you, so if you leave me a message, and I find me, I will call you back, have a nice day. Bye bye!" and of course when you call you get to hear "God Bless Texas" as my answer tone.

I can just hear the new one now. "I know where I am, but I am playing with my blackberry. I will call you when I get home. " LOL

Oh, back to my bitch. Is it so awful of me to not want money wasted on toys? They really DONT play with them. Movies, yes, they like movies. and they DO play, but with very few of the toys. They are more likely to MAKE things to play with. bring in sticks and such.
I plan to get rid of everything except the matchbox cars ( not cause they play with them, but cause I think they are neat) and the dinosaurs they have.

Rayley; most of the dolls, they are GONE. Not all of them, but no child needs 37 dolls. I will keep the barbies. And the barbie clothes. maybe a few my little ponies.
I guess the play food that goes with the kitchen. She doesnt play with the kitchen, but it was so expensive. I didnt buy it, but it was a gift. half the food has been torn up, or broken, or steped on.... and one day she might start to play with it.

well crap. Thats all she has. LOL But the rooms are so small. I dont know what to do. But I do know that I will just have to buck up and dispose of some stuff.

I just feel so guilty getting rid of stuff. I know who bought it, know they didnt have the money to waste and hate to get rid of it.

THats why I really wish everyone would just help me decorate Rayley's room. I cant afford to do it all on my own. So if everyone pitched in 15.00 we could make it a real little girls paradise.

Oh well. I am not going to worry about it. I have requested that everyone get something that she can use and that will be used for years to come. If they choose to think I am just being a bitch and trying to make her love something/someone better then so be it. As long as they dont bitch when they come over and cant find the present they bought.

I just really hate the messes. There is NO oganization. its all thrown everywhere. there are barbies with play food, princess crowns with my little ponies. a blender in her dress up drawer.

And the boys room is just as bad. all their little plastic animals are thrown in with the matchbox cars, dinosaurs, and other misc. crap. I will explain to them time and again, if they put all of the cars in one box, all the farm animals in one box, the legos in one box, its just so much easier. you can FIND what you want to play with, you have ALL the peices, and there is NO reason to dump out 9347 legos to find the ONE plastic soldier that you KNOW you have that is holding the M-16.

Dave Balter's new book,

I had the opportunity to read this book in PDF format. Its free to Download and not a bad read.
You can Download it here,
or buy it for 45.00 from amazon.

I do disagree with a few of his statements, (crocs are NOT ugly, they are an aquired taste, like Lobster. But he was right. I sold countless pairs, just by having strangers walk up and ask me why in the hell I would wear such an ugly shoe and taking it off for them to try on.) And I am a little disapointed by his lack of disucst at the tickle me elmo craze... Cabbage patch kids were more my era....
I wont ruin the rest of the book for you, but will tell you he touches on the differnt word of mouth types.

Its a no brainer for people like me, I do it naturally. Its just the way I am. Let me get good service or a great product and I tell lots of people. Let me get shoddy service or a bad product and I tell EVERYONE who will stand still. Loudly.

But in general anyone wanting to utilize word of mouth for their product would benifit from Dave's expertise. He did after all get millions to work for free, me included, in his company 'bzzagent'.

He has turned the simple word of mouth into a multi million dollar company..
Could you do the same?

Monday, June 16, 2008

Absence makes the heart grow fonder?

Let me start by saying I got the BEST email today. Someone missed me. And I do appologize for not writing more often. I am not sure why I havent been. Believe me, the kids have done some stupid crap. I just have been goofin off and not blogging. But I was thrilled to be told I was missed. And I promise, I will take it to heart and make myself do this more often. :) This one is going to be a little long. So sorry in advance. I had a latte, or 'spechellety' today. So I am still a little wired. Gosh I love those things..

It has been over a week. And I have been trying to get a revolution about the uniforms going. But alas, everyone seems to think they should just bow down and accept that whats done is done. I really hate to see this, To just give up and allow yourself to be hearded into submission is just unamerican to me. There is supposed to be a school board meeting tommorow night. Its not being published. And its to prove that noone cares about the uniforms. I will be going if at all possible.

I got an email the other day. I get them weekly or bi-monthly on what I should be expecting for Bow to be doing.

Your Baby Is 29 Weeks Old! OH NO!! already?? well crap. He is not a baby baby anymore.. But I guess I knew that...

Dear Michelle,
By this week, your baby may be ready to try standing -- with your support, of course.

Seriously? He is 7 months and he has been standing for WEEKS. you cant keep him DOWN. he stands, he falls, he bitches, he gets back up and tries again. But I think we are way out of the 'trying to stand' stage.

She likely won't pull herself up until about 9 months or so, but she'll love being on her feet while holding your hands now.
WOW. not till 9 months? I guess the 'model' kid doesnt have brothers and sisters that she is trying to follow. Or really neat things to try and climb up and get.. Cause Bow can pull himself up and then starts cruising. heck he doestn even crawl that much. He'd rather be up and going.

This also strengthens baby's leg muscles to ready her for cruising around on her own.
Okay, his legs were plenty strong when he was kicking me while I was pregnant, and they have ONLY gotten stronger. He can CLIMB into baskets, back out of baskets, up on chairs, on the couch, jump up and down, and black an eye (just ask Rayley).

Your baby will probably love this position (especially if you help her bounce!) and may be fascinated by her new view of the world.
I will agree with this. He LOVES to be standing up. and holds on and walks all over. He thinks he is just so smart when he does this. He will just look at you and smile. But he does his own bouncing. Usually till he pulls over what ever he is holding onto to stand up. I dont as much think he is trying to learn to walk, as he is trying to see what he can destroy.

But at the same time, this also gives baby visibility to off-limits stuff she couldn't reach before, so do another babyproofing sweep to those higher-up places.

ahhh yep. and when he see's it, he does everything he can to climb to get it. I expect anyday now to turn around and he is doing a spiderman up the wall. (of course it would be better than a few months ago, when he would know I left the room, go to the closest wall and use his head as a battering ram, trying to fight his way in...).

I am really amazed at this kid. He is nothing if not tenacious. If you leave a very important piece of paper in the recliner, or on the couch, he will CLIMB up on them to get it. And eat it. it has been suggested that since we call Matt Hoover for his obsession with eating everything off the floor, we need to call Bow "dyson" cause he REALLY eats it. And she is right!

A few days ago I kicked the kids out of the house, and they went. Rayley wasnt here. SHe was with my sister in law. After about an hour and a half and they wernt coming in and getting drinks or to pee (dont ask me why they come BACK in the house to pee) I decided to make them check in. I set off the car alarm. After waiting 7 minutes and they hadnt showed up yet I took off looking for them. I walked down to the back of our property hollerin for them and totin Bow. (dang this kid is HEAVY!) A little while later I hear one of them hollerin to the other that they heard somethin. I hollered that yes they heard somethin. it was ME. and to come on!

They both came a runnin. Now they went out barefoot, one in sleep pants and the other in jeans. no shirts. and one had on socks.

They came back SOAKIN wet. They had done been down to the creek. Its a decent peice to the creek back there. But they said they started back when they heard the truck alarm. They hadnt taken their walkie talkies, they hadnt said they were leaving the yard. I was sorta mad.

A few hours later BR woke up. HE had came in sick from work. I told him about where they went and expected him to tell them not to do that again, that it wasnt safe, that they could get lost again. Anything. instead he asked if they saw any deer sign, and if they had fun.

They had been tryin to catch enough crawfish for dinner is what they said. Then they got distracted by a toad frog.

I give up.

THey did start bible school this week. They were real excited about that. And I got a report on Rayley today. I was told she was so good and so sweet. Hmmmmm. maybe its the hallowed walls of a church house that do it. If so I might try hanging some crosses around here.

Oh and last week I decided that it was time to get a new cell phone. Mine has just about bit the dust. and its still all crooked from when I ran over it Christmas eve.
I called AT&T. I ordered me a blackberry Curve for a buck. I was on the phone with the guy for over an hour. And he talked me into an air card. Now just a week before I had called to see about getting one and was told it would cost me 99.99. There was no way around it. So this time I called back to get the blackjack. it was 49.99 and that was still a little less than the deductable on the broken phone.

I wasnt hard to convince when he told me that since VErizon and Sprint actually work here at the house the air card will too. Even if my cell phones dont. I had to rush him off the phone when Brett cut his foot on something outside and was convinced he was going to die because he was bleeding like a stuck hog.

Then it dawned on me that I had not specified the RED blackberry curve. So I called back.

I got a lady, she changed it to the blackberry curve in Red. And threw in a free car charger and case. And I decided to keep the titanium one that I had previously ordered for BR. His contract is up too and he has been wanting a new phone. his has a short. Plus it was only a buck. If we claimed them on insurance we would have to pay 50.00 for the same phones we already had.

That was on Thursday. Friday came and went. BR was off and we put up squash. OH LORD did we put up squash. My uncle brought me 2 and a half bushels. It took over 6 hours because I have one of those glass top stoves. This is the WORST thing in the world.
You cant cook in BIG pots, it takes forever for the water to boil and then you end up having to cook it forever to get the squash blanched. We got 44 quarts. I honestly dont care if I ever see another squash again. I sure dont want to smell any for a while.

Then Saturday was the homecoming for all the original families of our little community. We had alot of fun and BR had made ribs and I made rice dressing. We got up early that morning to start cooking. While we were there my uncle told me that there should be a few more bushels by Sunday. I told him I was NOT interested. I already have nigh on 100 quarts myself. if not more. It takes up half my freezer space. If we killed a deer I wouldnt have anywhere to put it!

I did tell him I would help him pick peas though. I hate pickin peas. But I sure do love to eat them!!

And my mom brought me over about 35 tomatoes. I have to blanch and put those up too.

When I got home my phones were sitting on the porch! I had called DSL that morning because the website said the couriour had them, but they said it would be monday before I got them. SO I grabbed them up and ran over to my mother in laws to get them set up. I dont have service here.

I got there and unwrapped them. I was SOOOO freakin excited. I have wanted one of these forever. No more trying to keep up with my calender, my grocery list, my todo list, forgetting who has to be where and not remembering birthdays!!

I had a titanium curve and a red pearl. They had sent the RIGHT phone to BR, and the WRONG phone to me. I spent a few hours playing with his, but since he wasnt sure he wanted it yet I didnt activate it. I called them about me getting the wrong phone and they said to take it back to a local shop and exchange it. Well the local shops were already closed. Of course the kids enjoyed the visit. They played all over and got filthy. Oh and since Brett and Matt had found the creek at Aunt Jeans when we were at her house and were soaked from the waist down, Brett changed clothes. Matt was not going to. Since all Martha had was few pairs of shorts. But Brett did. And he promptly fell headfirst into a bullnettle. With in 5 minutes he was covered in welps. BIG ones. from the bottom of his feet, to the side of his face, on his arms, his legs, his side. It looked like huge water blisters.

Some were so close to each other they just made one HUGE water blister. I gave him some bennadryl. And Matt offered to pee on him. But he decided to suffer in silence. I know he hurt. and was itching something feirce. Not long ago I compared them to jelly fish. And they really are lands equivalent. I almost felt sorry for him. BUT they were told to stay out of the horse pasture. Told to quit rough housing. And KNEW it was there. Matter of fact, he fell in cause they were daring each other to jump over the patch. it was a fairly large patch. He didnt make the jump.

I drove out to where he was unloading and let him have the phones. So he could play with it and see if he wanted it.

He called and told me that he couldnt imagine anyone wanting one, it was a waste of space, he didnt see how anyone would want a mini computer on their hip, that it was too much there and how stupid it was. I want it for the calender, the qwerty keyboard and thats about it. I dont plan on getting on the net. But I told him I would sell that one and get him what ever he wanted. he decided he would keep the curve.

I activated it on Sunday and played with it for a while. None of the local shops were open and so I couldnt trade in and activate mine. I spent the day bluetoothing everything he wanted to keep from his old phone to my old phone and then standing on my head in the yard to text them to the new blackberry cause my bluetooth will accept but not send. I really have NO service. Sometimes you can stand with one leg extended strait out, on top of a tree stump, with the phone pointed to the ground at a 47* angle and get a bar or two.

Well today I had to go to town, so I loaded up everything and called the local AT&T shops. They laughed at me. said they wouldnt trade in the phones. That was NOT how they made their money. So I called AT&T. 2 hours 23 minutes later I had a new curve coming to me ( they were out of red ones) and a return lable for the pearl and the air card. (come to find out it DOESNT work with no service. I tried to tell that guy that, but he insisted).

Then I worked on the yearbook all day. And I do mean ALL day. I have been inputting the pages into the computer for the last few weeks. its very agervating when you are on dial up.

When I finally got home, after running a dozen erronds I had 2 boxes sittin on the couch. So I opened them. They were the bluetooths that I had turned down during the conversation with one of the agents I talked to on Thursday. one for 147.95 the other 135.97. I looked them up on amazon. 67.99 and 55.99. I called AT&T back to get them returned.

I have now spent 3 hours plus on the phone with them. I couldnt get the return lable for the air card, the link in email was dead, so I got bounced around because someone was SURE that I could get service here, tech support just needed to tweak it. It took me over 2 hours and way too much listening to that really freakin perky woman talk about more bars in more places to have someone tell me I am screwed.

And it took FOREVER to find out that indeed they DID send out the wrong phone. THe only upside was, I got ALL americans. Seriously, no bangladesh, no ripoffastan, just plain on USofA people. that doesnt make up for the blackberry, bluetooth, curve, aircard fiasco. Its more of a Jam, cavity, hot air, circle of screwups situation. And I am betting it takes a clam less time to MAKE a pearl than it is taking me to GET RID of one.

OH and for my 6 plus hours on with them today I got a 25.00 credit and a 19.99 case for the blackberry that I am hoping comes soon. Not a red one, but one nonetheless. I think they could have done better. I have been a customer with them for over 8 years. And this is NOT how I feel I should be treated. I will be emailing them. But not tonight.

I am mentally exhausted. And would love to get a hold of that cheery little wench who never shuts up the WHOLE time you are on hold.

Oh and the ants had found my truck. I had to spray it today with poison. There is nothing worse than driving along and all of the sudden your feet get attacked by fire ants!