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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Organization is the key to happiness. RIGHT?

Do you know how hard it is to wait ALL day on a package?
I checked the DHL website this morning and it said my phone was in the Fortworth Hub at like 4:45am. So I fiqured that I would get it tomorrow. It was after all sent 2 day. Then a little while later I was going back through and clicked to refresh the page. Seeing how far away from little ole Jasper, Texas it was. It was ON the truck, with the couriour. OMG.

I know that in the past DHL comes before one to my house. Unless its a Saturday, then its around 3 or 4. Well, I just couldnt wait. ALL day. I kept checking the website. why I dont know. They dont update that they have just driven past FM 1747, or FM 777 ( the FM means Farm to Market road). But they should. Seriously. They should have a tracker avalible to us. LIke a GPS thingy. You know THEY know where the drivers are. They just dont want US to know. It just seems like it would be a great marketing tool. "where is your package?, look at our tracker for up to the second updates!"

I got so impatiant that at 2 I called DHL, just to make sure the website wasnt lying to me. She said no, it was on the truck and if he had enough time he would drop it off today. ENOUGH TIME??? OMG! what if on his way back to beaumont he is car jacked? or his van catches on fire? I cant wait another week for my damn phone!

Then I remembered a mystery shop I had done a week or so ago, and that I needed to send in the paperwork. It was DHL too. I decided to use my time wisely. I got it all together, signed everything and stuck it in the envolope. Then sat back down to wait.

Then I decided I better call just to make sure he could pick it up. It was a prepaid lable but you never know. So I called. She told me that he would come and get it.

Then 10 minutes later a differnt woman calls back, this is a number out of Beaumont. She tells me that the driver wasnt going to come today, but since I had a package he would. if I didnt mind it going out in the morning, he wouldnt be back to the hub in time to get it on tonights slow boat to China. I told her not a problem. I didnt mind a bit.

She was sure to point out that she knew I had a package on the truck and that I would be getting it too, since I was making him stop.

Poor baby.

So at 5:35 I called DHL back, asked them if the rural carriers were out late. SHe assured me they were, and that since they had promised to pick up the package they would be here. and low and behold right then he drove up. Blackberry Curve in hand. I am so happy!!
I have already put my grocery list in there, put lots of stuff in the calender, called and activated it. And that only took 2 hours. KID YOU NOT! I was accepting the contract and the automated voice tells me "we seem to be having techinical difficulties, let me connect you with a coustomer service rep"
I hold for 14 minutes. Then a guy comes on. Asks all the identifying questions, then decides I have to go to a differnt department. SO he transfers me. I hold for another 8 minutes. This guy tells me that I HAVE to go through the automated thingy. That he will stay on the line with me. So I get to hear little mrs chipper again. After the first 6 questions that moron hung up on me.

SO I had to call BACK.
I get a girl and I ask her if she can set up phones bought through the call center.
NOPE, ut she can get me to someone who can. I told her that I didnt want to be hung up on again. She promised to stay, and THEN got my phone number to call me back. Incase she did hang up on me.

SO we are on hold for about 11 minutes. She kept coming back to me and telling me she was sorry, it was an awful long hold time. I assured her that no, this so far was NOT my record.

FInally the new rep answers, gets all the info except my blood type and weight, and then takes over 45 minutes to get everything all set. We checked all the minutes, online packages, text packages. (the text package I ordered cause I knew I would need it to trasfer things was NOT added when I requested it... ) and she credited me the 20.00 in texting that I had done.

I am set. Now if someone could just call me on it and I would get to hear a ring. But alas, I cant even call me. since I have no freakin service here at home!

Then BR calls me, he wants to know how to do an answer tone. Hell, I dont know. He says "well you have one". DUH. I also have a computer, and a camera. Doesnt mean I remember how to work them....
He thinks he bought it. but its not working. So I have spent the last 2 hours trying to fiqure out how to find the place to manage answer tones in the website.

The kids had a blast at VBS today. They came home and I asked the boys to make their room presentable. That was at 1. at 8:30 I sent them to bed with the decision that I was getting large trash bags tomorrow and emptying out their rooms. They all went to bed in tears. But this is ridiculous. They dont even play with half their crap. ANd its not feasable to keep their room clean.

They thought they did good. till I went in and tried to open the closet door to put in some clean clothes.

everything was stacked in front of the closet door.

I will get the bags tomorrow and on THursday I will clean out their rooms while they are at VBS. I see no other way around it.

I have everyone convinced to buy Rayley stuff for her room for her birthday too. Well except my mother. She wont. She thinks I am being mean to not want her to have toys. She cant walk in her room now. Seriously. why waste more money that noone has to get her more toys that will do nothing but get thrown in the floor and steped on and broken? If you buy her something for her room she can enjoy it for years to come.

She needs shelves, she needs coat hooks, maybe a cute clock. Or rugs. OH cute flowered rugs!! that would be so neat.

she even will tell you if you ask her that she wants her room painted for her birthday. Plus, And dont get me wrong, I am NOT trying to take away their childhood, but I would rather they learn to enjoy the more practical and useful, then the money wasters that they beg for each time we go to walmart. There really is no toy she needs. Heck, I am fixing to get rid of hundreds of dollars worth that she doesnt play with now. And that is heartbreaking to me.

Maybe a nice toybox to put stuff in. or something to put all her dolls in. Or more chains to hang stuffed animals on!! that would be a great present. And the excuse "well she will be disapointed to open that at her party". Well at least she will USE it in a week.

The only extravigant thing I have told anyone is real walkie talkies. She would die for some real ones. We tried to get her pink ones, but couldnt find any. I guess I will bling the old black ones that are bought.. :(

Excuse me for a minute while I put all these idea's into my blackberry, so I can remember them when someone asks... (see, I told you this thing would come in handy. and for a BUCK too!! :) )

oh wow. that was fun :)

Now I have a list of what she needs for her room. what I need to buy for her party (put on my grocery list that I also put an astriks beside those things I have coupons for!!) , and what I need to make sure is brought to her party!

Heck, with this thing I might be so organized I can change my outgoing voice mail message.
Right now it says "hey this is michelle, I cant awnser my phone right now, I dont know where I am at, but obviously neither do you, so if you leave me a message, and I find me, I will call you back, have a nice day. Bye bye!" and of course when you call you get to hear "God Bless Texas" as my answer tone.

I can just hear the new one now. "I know where I am, but I am playing with my blackberry. I will call you when I get home. " LOL

Oh, back to my bitch. Is it so awful of me to not want money wasted on toys? They really DONT play with them. Movies, yes, they like movies. and they DO play, but with very few of the toys. They are more likely to MAKE things to play with. bring in sticks and such.
I plan to get rid of everything except the matchbox cars ( not cause they play with them, but cause I think they are neat) and the dinosaurs they have.

Rayley; most of the dolls, they are GONE. Not all of them, but no child needs 37 dolls. I will keep the barbies. And the barbie clothes. maybe a few my little ponies.
I guess the play food that goes with the kitchen. She doesnt play with the kitchen, but it was so expensive. I didnt buy it, but it was a gift. half the food has been torn up, or broken, or steped on.... and one day she might start to play with it.

well crap. Thats all she has. LOL But the rooms are so small. I dont know what to do. But I do know that I will just have to buck up and dispose of some stuff.

I just feel so guilty getting rid of stuff. I know who bought it, know they didnt have the money to waste and hate to get rid of it.

THats why I really wish everyone would just help me decorate Rayley's room. I cant afford to do it all on my own. So if everyone pitched in 15.00 we could make it a real little girls paradise.

Oh well. I am not going to worry about it. I have requested that everyone get something that she can use and that will be used for years to come. If they choose to think I am just being a bitch and trying to make her love something/someone better then so be it. As long as they dont bitch when they come over and cant find the present they bought.

I just really hate the messes. There is NO oganization. its all thrown everywhere. there are barbies with play food, princess crowns with my little ponies. a blender in her dress up drawer.

And the boys room is just as bad. all their little plastic animals are thrown in with the matchbox cars, dinosaurs, and other misc. crap. I will explain to them time and again, if they put all of the cars in one box, all the farm animals in one box, the legos in one box, its just so much easier. you can FIND what you want to play with, you have ALL the peices, and there is NO reason to dump out 9347 legos to find the ONE plastic soldier that you KNOW you have that is holding the M-16.

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