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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Why encouragement is frowned upon in my house

As I was unpacking groceries today, Rayley was in there. She was watching me put them up. Then she opened her mouth.

"mom, you shouldnt encourage a four year old to eat chili"
"come again?"
"I am really just a kid, a baby really, and adults shouldnt encourage children to eat things that are not good"
"I didnt say you had to eat the chili"
"well, you bought it didnt you?"
"yea. But not for you."
"well thats just mean"
"beg pardon?"
"to bring food in here and flaunt it in our faces, then not let us have it"
"Rayley, please leave the room"
"why? I thought you liked spending time with me"
"Dont think honey, its not good for you"
"ohhhh like chocolate?"
"yep. go play please"

Now, when 'encourage' came out of her mouth I was a little flabergasted. Then 'flaunt' ? She is FOUR. I dread conversations in a few years.

I have been sorta busy lately. We have finished the hog pen, chicken coop and built a brooder. The hogs are fun to watch, and have become a little more socialble. I encouraged BR on the hog pen..

Plus, I have been spending time doing this Fundraiser for Bridge City. Its Friday and we have 1,000 links to sell. My need to be involoved in everything encouraged this. No, not really, well, yeah... But it really is a good thing.

We started baseball and its already tiring. Again, I encourage them to play, it doesnt take much, but I still allow it... Brett and Matt seem to really be enjoying their coaches this year. I am thrilled with that. And I think that 4-H shooting sports will be starting soon. And something else I encouraged..

Matt told me a story about school the other day. Their school is surrounded by woods. Their playground has no fence, it just is a cleared off spot behind the school with a wooded area behind it. Well he told me that him and 2 of this friends decided to check them out. One of them chickened out pretty quickly, the other one was not too thrilled with it, but went into the woods with him anyway. He said he didnt go far, but did see the back side of a house and it had a fire in the chimney. He said it was really cool and he would love to play back there more. It would be more like being at home. I dont encourage this. But I guess giving them free rein here at home sorta does...

I told him NOT to go back in the woods. I meant to mention it to the principal today. But forgot. I went in for a regular PTA meeting, to be followed by a District meeting, and then off to walmart for shopping, the feed store for wormer, and to pay some bills.

before my first meeting even got started my mother called, Bow was even more cranky than he had been. And she couldnt get his fever to go down. While I was on the phone with her, the Post office called me.

I had ordered chicks and they were shipping today. Wend. I even called yesterday morning and added a poster to the order, and they confirmed Wend as my shipping day. Well the chicks were in. They had hatched early so they were ready to be picked up. BR encouraged me to get chickens.

I left that meeting, went and got the chicks, got the wormer, came back for the second meeting and then ran by the Dr office. I needed an appt for Bow. He had been running the fever at night for about 3 days. But not during the day. Although he was VERY clingy. More so than usual. THey told me to be back by 1. with him. Oh great. It was 11:30.

So I ran to walmart, with these cute little chirping birds in the truck. I wasnt worried about them, cause it was in the low 70's today, and they need to be 95-100
*. I got my few things, jumped back in the truck and hauled butt BACK home, a 20 mile trip, to get Bow. Halfway there I realized I had forgotten Rayley at Daycare. Now, she was with my mother in law, and, usually she doesnt go to daycare, its just a special treat. Any other time she would have been with my mother and Bow. I dropped the chicks off with mother, ran back to town, and on the way there happened to look in the rear view mirror. Bow was standing up, looking out the back glass. His carseat was still latched, he just wiggled out. Having 4 kids, numerous projects running through my mind and enough animals to start a freakin zoo encourages memory loss.

So I got him back in, went to the daycare and got Bertha Sue, and to the Drs we went. His throat is very red, and his ears are getting red. Not an ear infection yet, but close. So off we went to get his meds. Murphy encouraged this. because he knew I was going to be running all over hells half acre this week. Tomorrow I was supposed to hook up the trailer and drive to town to pick up all the sausages, bread and enough bottled water to fill a swimming pool. But not I cant.. WHo will?? Volunteers are not just running out our ears. Especially ones who can hook up, pull and back up a trailer...

Then I got home, slopped the hogs, toted water the 150 feet to their pen and started fixing the chicks up with a new spot.

I have a hurt chick that is 3 weeks old. But I was hoping I could put it back in with the others, cause she was in the new bannies cage. That was a no go. So I brought her back over. The new chicks LOVED it. They think she is their mom. She is only a few weeks older than them, but since she is a standard breed and they are bantams there is a size differnce. They just pile up under her and go to sleep. I ended up putting them in a differnt cage, and giving the larger birds more room in the brooder. We had built it to divide. But I couldnt get it hot enough. The older birds are down to 85*, so its well over warm enough for them.

I thought I had done good. Till I walked over there for a look. They could get OUT. well CRAP.

So I had to put chicken wire over the outside. They are SOOO cute. and sooo tiny.

I dont have any cute antidotes, or anything from the kids. so instead you get pics of the chicks.

I havent slept in days, Bow is NOT a good sick baby. And its already late. :)

Yes, I know her neck looks bad. Its cause she got pecked on. If chicks or chickens see a scab or blood they just peck at it till they end up killing the animal with it.

This is two of the chicks I got today. The bigger one is a standard breed. A Black Jersey Giant. He is gona be my rooster.
The second one that is 'talking' to him is a bantam cochin. They are the same age. Cute huh? I wish I had something to compare the size with. The bantams head is about the size of a decent size marble I reckon.

Here are the babies all under the 3 week old hen.

How many do you count here?

Count again. I can see 5. and I know there is another behind her. the other Jersey Giant. It has her wing picked up.


Here they all are trying to get under her.
I am worried some will end up smooshed by morning. Baby chicks are bad about that.