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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Just another lazy saturday

well not really. Bow is still here. I am not sure why everyone is so afraid of him. I mean he is just a teeny, tiny, little 15 pound bundle of joy. One that you have to hold. ALL THE TIME!

He was SO good today at the ballpark. Honestly, he stayed in his stroller and watched us the entire time. I kid you not. He was wonderful.

I woke up late today. The dog woke me up wanting out. It was 9:40. We had to leave here at 10:30. I came into the livingroom and the boys were up and watching cartoons. I asked them why the dog wasnt outside. "what dog?"
"the one that was wanting out..."
"oh, we just thought she wanted to play with us."
"Yeah, I am sure she would have. BUT she wanted OUT to do it!"
"oh, well I'll let her out now"
"its too late NOW, I am already up!"
"oh, well in that case can you make us breakfast?"

I told them to eat cereal, we had to get ready and go. About that time BR got up. He decided to make pancakes. Much as I appriciate this I wasnt looking forward to it. He wanted the mixing bowl with a spout. I had used it last night and forgot to turn on the dishwasher. He wanted the 2 cup measureing cup. Same thing. for both of them. Then the pancake mix I bought wasnt the right one. I told him it was just as easy to make them from scratch. but he wanted to gripe cause I got the one you had to add egg and oil and milk to. Not just water.

I went to get ready. Then he came and got me and told me he had made me some too. I dont have time to eat. Bow still needs a bath, the kids are not dressed, and it was alredy 10:15. But instead of hurting his feelings I ate and then tried to get everyone ready. Brett couldnt find his uniform. This is NOT my fault. I tell them to put them in a pillow case that I have JUST for their uniforms and I wash whats in that pillow case. His wasnt there. I am not gonna beg him to find the stuff for me to wash. He didnt even need to wear it today. Matt was the one taking pictures. He was convinced he wouldnt be able to practice good if he wasnt in uniform. He cant even spell supersticious ( and neither can I) but he is already holding true to the baseball tradition.

Since BR was with us and driving we ended up 5 minutes late. But it was okay, they wernt waiting on us or anything. Of course he ran down to the field and was first in line to get his single picture taken. By the time I got Bow out and down there he was done. I took one look at him and could have screamed. He had his pants legs pulled down over his calves instead of bunched up at his knees, his belt had missed a loop and he had one sock inside out.

I had been trying to dress Bow when he walked out of his room, putting on my shoes when he got in the truck and putting the baby in the stroller when he ran to the field. I usually do an inspection before I let the kids out of my sight but sometimes I miss them. I HAD looked into the back seat on the way to town and noticed he had the yellow shirt on that he had slept in UNDER his jersey shirt.

I have to get on him daily about this. You have to be specific when you tell him to put on a shirt. You have to tell him to TAKE OFF his previous shirt before telling him to put on another.

The photographer was more than willing to retake his pics when I explained what was wrong. She just laughed and said "I am sorry I didnt notice". She has a boy, so she understands. Luckily they didnt do the group shot yet. That in itself was a circus. I know how hard it is to get my 4 to look at the camera and smile for a pic. But dealing with 11 kids is beyond comprehension on the difficulty and logistics of making them sit still, smile, hold the position, not give each other rabbit ears, not stick out their tounges, balance on one knee, hold a bat with out hitting everyone else, look up, smile, open their eyes, quit squirming, quit laughing at the one making funny noises, and stop trying to make each other fall over.

I was so glad when it was done. I think next year I am going to suggest we make them run the feild at least 3 times before lining them up to take the pic. Get them a little tired.

Once they were done BR took our two and started to practice. I had wanted Matts team to practice today. But most of the moms were just not thinking they needed it. And the coach agree'd, See'ins how they won last week and all. Guess they never heard that every once in a while a blind hog will find an acorn too. Honestly, I was kinda glad. After the picture taking debacle I couldnt have stood being around most of them for much longer anyway.

The boys have improved SO much. Brett was catching everything. He missed a few, but most of them were EASY catches. Concidering last game NONE were hit to him I think he is doing wonderful. his throwing is still a little off. But all in all I think he is doing real well. Matt played the infield and we have to really work on him getting down and catching the ball. Oh, he stops it. He will stop it with his foot and then pick it up. Its just not good form.
The boys are really having fun now that they are doing so much better. Lord the trash talk. Brett hollerin at Matt that he throws like a girl. THen Matt hollering back that he cries like a girl when he gets grass burn while diving for a ball.

And BOTH of them hollering at me cause I catch like a girl. I told them I catch like an old, fat woman. And I am the best training tool they have. They shouldnt take for granted that I will try to catch the ball. They have to throw it TO me, for me to catch it. I catch out of defence, not offence. I catch the ball if its gona hit me.

We used the tennis ball to practice short hops. till they realized it didnt hurt. Then it became a dodge ball. I dont dodge real well.

We took them out to eat after the practice and they ate like grown men. I really hate going to Golden Corral. I end up working harder there than if I cook at home.
And I said as much. Brett said "well, if you cooked at home more we'd know and feel sorry for you". Sometimes I could just squeeze that kid till he pops. I end up having to take each one to the buffet and getting them what they want, following them around, getting the 'right' peice of what ever, identifing everything on the line, going back and doing it all over again. The only thing I dont have to do it wash up the dishes. And I actually hardly ever get full. I just get tired of serving food. And all the walking I do uses up what little I do get to eat.

Once they had finished their 3rd plates I let them have desert. They got to get ice cream and put what ever toppings on it they wanted. Matt got the swirl. It was vanilla and orange sherbert. THEN he put crap on top of it. Brett got M&M's and gummybears and red hots. Matt got jelly beans, M&M's, and something else. ON TOP of orange sherbert. They actually ate it. GROSS.

I called my brother in law as we were leaving and told them they could have the kids, we were done with them for the day. I fiqure someone else putting up with the sugar induced activity the icecream and candy will activate is a wonderful end to a great day.

I talked to my dad today. He is going to come and visit for Matts birthday. Thats next weekend. I swear, everytime I get over one birthday, another rolls around. I dont know what we are going to do yet. Just ice cream and cake I know. But I dont know where. The last year each kid got to have their party at my great aunts. I know there is a reason for it. I am pretty sure its because my grandfathers wife doesnt like coming to my house cause of my dogs, and cause I let people smoke here. But noone will admit it. They prefer to be nonconfrentational. They think just offering up having a party for them makes it all okay and saves hurt feelings. Not MY feelings, they dont get hurt that easy. But other folks' might.

I went along with it on Matts, then Rayley wanted hers there cause Matt had gotten to, and then of course Brett didnt want to be left out. I am not sure what I am going to do this year. Matt is already asking about it. I wouldnt mind doing some BBQ and just enjoying the day. I really dont know what I am going to get them. I thought about good gloves. But thats real expensive. And my grandmother started something years ago that we have not stopped yet. She actually started it with my cousin and I. but there were 2 of us, and our birthdays were 6 months apart. When the boys were little it wasnt that big of a deal. You just buy something for the other kid not having a birthday. Since around here you have to buy 2 of everything anyway its fine. But as they get older it gets harder.
I will more than likely go with clothes. Its easy. Or new walkie talkies. I think we need new ones. I know we are going to start takeing them to the baseball games. That way I can keep up with everyone :)

I dont do 'kid parties' I have no need. I dont want to one-up anyone, we already have ponies, and honestly, I dont like kids. I hate going to kid birthday parties. Its just a bunch of screaming, running kids and absolute chaos. I gave birth 4 times so my kids had other kids at their parties. Same with sleep overs. I am just not into that.

Plus the money I save on putting out a HUGE spread gives me more to spend later.

The kids have started calling each other Hi-YA. Apparently its making a word out of the acronym of HIA.

Today Matt was eating and then started to stare into space. The waitress walked up and asked if everything was okay, refilled our glasses and asked Matt if he was done with his plate. He just kinda looked at her dumbfounded. She said "you okay? did the heat get to you?" and Brett said " oh dont mind him, he has Hiya syndrome."

she just looked dumbfounded. Luckily it was a girl I have known for years and I was able to explain it to her. She laughed adn said "oh.. that must be what affects my kids too."

Brett wants to know if it will get him out of some of the tests at school. He swears that kids with other syndromes get out of them. I told him no, the only thing it will get him is MORE work.

Amanda called after she got them to her house and asked if they had ate lately. I told her yes. She said "well, thats what the kids said, but I wanted to make sure"
I told her that yes, they had ate around 3:00.
"well, I guess thats why Brett wont eat his hamburger"
I told her that no, he probebly wont, to just save it for later, they will get hungry.
Then I asked her what made her not belive them if they both told her they had eaten and wernt hungry.
"matt ate all his, and both of them swore they had eaten"
I asked her if she had said there was a desert.
"yea, but Brett said he didnt want any of that either, he was just too full."
THat explains it. Matt will eat if he thinks he will get desert. everytime!

She said Rayley had a good time with Uncle Luke today. He took her to visit his and BR's Grandmother, rode 4 wheelers with her and they went to town. I hope he didnt go to any stores. Cause all she has to do is look at something and he buys it for her.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Kids are so easy to trick.

Rayley helped me cook today. Oh, it was sooooo much fun...

she was just starving so I got lunch in the oven and she asked me when it would be ready. I told her 30 minutes.

She got a plate, got a fork and sat down at the table.
Then she said "one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine , ten, eleven, twelve, thriteen, fourteen, thirty"

there I said it, get it out of the stove please. I tried to explain to her that just cause SHE counted to thirty doesnt mean 30 minutes is up. Plus she missed 15-29.

She informed me " I didnt miss them, they are just not important and were taking to long. I said 30 so lets eat."

When I did get it out 30 minutes later she took ONE look at it and said "I dont like that"
I explained that it was the exact same thing she was so excited for me to make, and that she LOVES everything in it. Its cornbread cassarole and has hamburger meat, tomatoe soup, chili powder, corn and a top of cornbread with corn in it.

I went through the list, "you like hamburgers, you like corn bread, you LOVE corn, you like ketchup."

she said " I dont like it all stuck together."

But thats okay. I like it and ate about 1/2.

BR didnt go in to work till late tonight. He only had enough time left to pull one load. Right after he left his brother called. He had called me yesterday and asked if he could have Rayley tomorrow and he was calling tonight to ask if he could get her a day early. I said he was more than welcome to come and get her.

I got her some clothes together. I knew a man would be in charge of clothing and such tomorrow as my SIL has a function to attend, so I made it idiot proof. Wranglers, purple fat babies, purple shirt. and in case he ends up taking her somwhere. a blue jean skirt with red ruffles, and a red shirt. flip flops to wear. How much y'all wana bet she comes home in the red skirt, purple shirt and fat babies?

When she was getting ready to leave she said "what about my boys?" She has always called them HER boys.
"they have baseball tomorrow and cant come tonight"
"oh good, that means I dont have to take turns on the 4 wheeler."

The kids had bounced off the walls all day. OR at least since the boys got home. And Rayley has learned a new ... something..

She sticks her hand strait out at you and hollers "BAM!" "the dirts gone"
She does this when you are least expecting it. I told y'all I was living with Billy Mays.
BEtween her doing that and Brett hollering out "Applebees" and Matt saying "Get it together bay-bee" I feel like I am living in a commercial writers world.

When the boys got home today I asked Matt where the ring was that he got out of a gumball machine the other day. I couldnt help but screw with him about it. I had overheard Brett saying something about him giving it to a girl. He went in the other room and said
"I lost it"
"Lost it? Where?"
"at school"
"so does Laney like it?" ( a girl in his class that he has liked for years, matter of fact, her mom is a friend of mine and after meeting her he decided he wanted a baby sister. I told him to ask Santa. HE did. 3 weeks later I was peein' on a stick and wondering why the hell I felt so bad!)
"I didnt give it to Laney"
"who'd you give it to?"
"ahhh does Britney like it?"
"I dont know"
"she didnt tell you she liked it when you gave it to her?"
"I dropped it and she picked it up"
"are you sure you didnt give it to her?"
"no!, why would I do that?"
"cause you like her."
"no I dont, she just took it"
"is she pretty?"
"YEAH mom, I wouldnt like her if she wasnt! I mean.... as a friend"
"so did she give you a kiss for it"
"who told you that?"
"its not true"
"thats not what I heard"
"stupid Dillon and Dalton, they dont know when to keep their mouths shut!"
"So you did give it to her"
"I thought you knew?"
"well, yeah, I know"
"who told you?"
"you did silly"
"oh -- Hey! you tricked me!"

It was rainy today, so I didnt let the kids outside. I just didnt want to deal with the mud. Instead they tried to drive me crazy in here. Throwing balls, fighting, arguing, the whole nine yards.

About the 4th time I got onto them for something, either roughhousing or throwing a ball back and forth BR told them "I keep tellin y'all to shut your door and she wont see you do stuff"

OH great. teach them things it would take them months to fiqure out on their own!

One time they came in here, We were in the kitchen and somehow Rayley and Brett started play fighting. He had his hands outstretched and was holding her arms at the biceps. She was trying to hit and kick him.
Then she just calmly reached up and locked arms with him. She had him by the biceps and was telling him to quit, and to leave her alone. He was still picking at her. He is twice her size, a foot and a half taller at least and outweighs her by a good 25 pounds. I mean he is 9 and she is almost 4.
Next thing we know she has tightened her grip and is pinching the inside of his bicep. He hit his knees. She said "I told you to leave me alone you mo-ron!"

Then she started in on him. They were still playing- she was laughing during her screaming at him and once the shock of being brought down by a toddler wore off he started laughing too. BUT this had the opposit effect on her. She doesnt like to be laughed at all the time. She went to wailing on him. It was really funny.. When she was pulled off he was in a ball on the floor. still laughing, but smarting in a few places too.

When we stoped laughing at him we asked if he was okay "yea, but man she is tougher than she looks."
She said "and smarter to. Guess I tricked you didnt I?"

BR played poker with them for a little while tonight. Matt still doesnt grasp the conecpt of 'poker face' if he gets any sort of a pair or 3 cards that are in a possible strait in the first deal he gets excited and throws in all kinds of chips. usually he gets bluffed right out of his money. But tonight he was either drawing lucky cards or bluffing pretty good. Cause he won. I dont think Rayley faired as well. She has to still ask if she has a good hand.

One time I wanted them to come in here and I said "hey dumb, dumber and dumbest, come here for a second"

Brett was the first one up and through the door, he was feeling all proud of himself and a little cocky. "she said come on dumb and dumber!"

Yep. He did. Oh well, I still have hope for Bow.

A whole new meaning to the spit ball.


I can honestly say I am SOOO glad today is over!
After waking back up at 3 am to finish the blog I fell back asleep around 3:30. Or a little after.
Boy did the alarm piss me off this morning. LOL

I got up, got the kids up and was glad to see them leave. I went back to sleep, but since I had to be up and going soon I kept hitting snooze. I 'snoozed' for about an hour.

I did make it to the school at the right time. Rayley went to my moms today. I knew it would take WAY too much out of both of us for her to be in town for that long.

We worked on the yearbook all day. I wont get back on my soap box about mothers too lazy to help at the schools. But I will tell you, DONT EVER gripe because you feel its not being done right. Get up and HELP! We are down to 3 doing 3 schools, Its NOT looking fun.

anyway. I spent the day there and then went to get my children from Daycare. I let them go there because I didnt want to sit in the lines at Matt's school to pick him up. I knew SOMEONE would walk up to me and ask why the PTA was doing this, or wasnt.. Today was NOT the day to ask.

I visited with my mother in law for a few minutes at Daycare and got some relief from holding Bow. Actually, the minute I walked into the school this morning I hadnt made it 10 feet in the door before I was kidless. I LOVE this school! LOL They kept him down in the PE room for a few hours. One time a kid came in to the room we were working in and said he was sent after a binkie. The three of us scrambled to find it!

Once he was brought back he slept for a little while and then woke up happy as a clam. He was squeeking and laughing and moving all over. He is SUCH a good baby. I am blessed. I know that. But he is a laplander. His philosophy is that he will entertain himself for a short period of time, BUT you had better not expect it too much!

Anyway, I took him to see my mother in law. I had called her earlier in the day and asked her if she would take him home tonight so I could go to the ballpark.
Now my MIL and I get along great, and she has never turned me down when I needed a babysitter. Actually there are times when she and my mom both call just to ask for the kids (always at the same time though...) But in this instance she went plumb off the deep end.
I cant repeat the conversation here. It would require too many astriks and stars. Even though I was just kidding I thought it was funny. I dont know what the deal is. Rayley was the same way with her. We always thought it was cause Rayley was so tiny and she was so scared of her, and Rayley felt that. But Bow aint tiny..
I do notice that folks who try to hold him like a baby and treat him like one dont get a real good reception. He wants to stand, and jump and talk.

The kids and I left around 3:30. I was on a count down. 3 and a half hours to go!
I went and paid a few bills, unfortunatly it didnt take long. So we went to walmart. I found a few more things on MASSIVE clearence. Easter items. I got Rayley an easter basket with a Disney Princess dress up dress, shoes, crown, wand and candy that was priced at 15.00 for 3.74.

I hid it at my moms when I went to pick her up. I forgot to tell my mom, so I will need to call first thing in the morning. So she doesnt give it to her! I am going to save it for Matts birthday. I plan on taking it OUT of the basket, eating the candy and wrapping up the dress up clothes. This is the same outfit you can buy on the shelf in the toy section for 14.00. I know. I have priced it :(

I did get some stuff for next year. I got 4 of each thing. I know Brett will be too old, and maybe Matt too, but I will continue to make them baskets. You never get too old to get something from mom. Even if you wont admit it.

OH and when Matts van showed up at Daycare the driver came running in with them. (she goes back to Bretts school after picking up and dropping off Matts) She said that matt had gotten in and said he kissed his girlfriend today. So she told him "Ohhhh I cant wait to tell your mom!" he said "you never see my mom, you cant tell her" and she informed him I was waiting at Daycare! He changed his story. said he was kidding.

I doubt it. Matt has never felt that girls have cooties. He has always loved the ladies. And isnt really shy in telling you. Brett barely will admit he likes a girl. I didnt press Matt on the kissing thing. I will later. But today he was still embarressed.

Anyway, at walmart we killed about an hour and a half. I really didnt buy much. But I did get me an iced tea maker. I LOVE tea. BUT I cant make it. I can cook everything else from scratch. But cant make tea to save my life. Maybe this will help. I spent 23.00 on the maker and a box of tea. Since I drink 3-4 gallons of tea a week at 2.00 a pop it wont take long to pay for it!

We decided to leave when Bow had worn out his welcome in the cart. He decided that he needed to be held instead.

Brett had to get dressed in the truck, I had brought his uniform with me and he managed to get ready before we made it to the park. We had to wait on the other teams to finish playing and took the feild. Brett got to bat twice. he fouled one off and then ended up drawing a walk. He didnt just sit and wait on it either. he got ahead in the count and then luckly didnt swing at the ones that hit the dirt or were aimed at low flying birds.

He got to steal a base while out there, and got to run home. He doesnt run fast, and stealing bases scares me to death. he aint real swuft.

The next time he went up was about the same. He foulded one off and then got a full count. He was walked and the coach used him as a ploy between 2nd and 3rd to try and get the ball thrown away while someone else scored. He did manage to get out, but the run scored. We are gona have to work on his avoidence of rundowns..

He didnt have much action in the outfield, Thank GOD! BUT I did hear from other people out there that they had heard about his wonderful catch earlier this week. Apparently his coach has been bragging!

Bow didnt want to sit in the stroller. He wanted to be held and swung and bounced. He wasnt fussy, he was just entergetic. He has a fun new position to be played with in. you grab his hands and feet and he throws his head backwards and wants to be gently swung that way. or walked around. He looks like a drunk monkey. And he is a kisser.. actually I think he is trying to bite. If you get him anywhere near your face he opens wide and starts to gum you. slobber is flying like a dog with its head out the window. Once I was paying attention to the game and realized he was trying to chewing on the metal pole that holds up the bleachers. YUCK!
I dread teeth, but the poor thing is sure tryin to cut them! If he ever gets your hand in his its slobbered on. and bit. OR your checkbook, or your notebook, your Dr pepper bottle, your leg, it really doesnt matter.

Matt came through once and gave Bow a baseball. He was really giving me his glove to watch, but used Bow as an excuse. 5 minutes later he came back for it. He wanted to play catch with someone. He took it away from Bow. I promise you, there was slobber DRIPPING from it.

He opted to NOT play catch.

Bretts team managed to win 9-0. Matt spent the whole time playing on the dirt pile and playing with other kids. I think he had more fun than Brett.

Once we headed home I had to go and get Rayley. While I was getting out her basket Brett ran in to get her ( I didnt even see him get out.. why cant he run the bases like that?) , She started crying. something about Matt not being with us. I told her he was in the truck.. She didnt belive me. I put her in the truck and drove home. It takes 3 minutes. She was dead to the world when we got here. I brought her in, put her in bed and she NEVER even woke up. Matt fell asleep on the floor playing peekaboo with Bow. I am guessing this means that Bow won. He got to slobber and chew on his prize.

I got everyone in bed. and it was only 10. Noone made lunches, and baths were out of the question. I hate that. But sometimes we have to prioritize. and quiet is my main priority tonight!

Mom made Rayley a new dress. I cant wait to put it on her. But it reminds me I have to set up that website to sell them. I guess I need to get on that. But so far everything she had made has been so cute I want it for Rayley! LOL

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I dont suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it

Thats what my T shirt today says. and I lived up to it.

I did NOTHIN today. AT ALL.

IT was sooo nice.

When the kids came home they didnt even come inside. Rayley met them at the door and they threw down their packbacks on the porch and were GONE. Of course she was wearing a brand new skirt and shirt. And Red Cowboy boots.

I let them play for a few hours and then called them up with the truck alarm.

I dont know why I felt the need to torture myself with daylight still left in the day. But I did. I was in the laundry room when Brett came through and he asked me what I wanted. I was telling him that I didnt want anything, I just thought they should come in and eat and stuff. Then I looked down at his feet. I have never bought black socks. They only have black leggins for baseball. And I was washing them. He saw me looking and said "oh, dont worry its not that bad"

"whats not that bad?"
"uhhhhh, nothin"

I still have not seen his tennis shoes. And I dont want to. I will wash them tomorrow. Maybe. Rayley and Matt had on cowboy boots. Both of them are wet.

They found a mud hole somewhere. I knew they would. I have faith in my children.

When I did get them back in I asked Brett and Matt how school went.
They both said "good"
Then Brett said "I got sent to the principals office"
"for WHAT?"
"the lunch teacher saw my lunch and asked if that was all I brought, when I said yes, she packed it up and sent me to the principals office"
"well, it wasnt a very good lunch. and you were trying to poisen me"
"the chips were expired, I pointed that out to the principal"
"what do you mean?, I just bought that bag of chips"
"yep, well they expired yesterday"
"okay so?? your chips were a day old.. and thats a sell by date, its not like milk and a 'drink it and you will die' situation, its a suggested date to not eat it after a year of it being past that date"
"oh..., well they tasted bad anyway"
"what did the principal say?"
"about what?"
"your lunch goofball"
"oh. that it wasnt very nutrisious"
"all I had was a koolaide thing, a peice of candy and a bag of expired chips"
"and WHY is that?"
"oh I told her it was cause I forgot to bring my sandwhich"
"she just said something about it spiking my blood sugar and not being good for me"
"So you forgot your sandwhich, And I look like a bad mom...way to go. I hope you know, when CPS shows up here I am packing your bag and sending you off with them"
"CPS is gona come?"
"More than likey, I tell you every day. DONT forget your sandwhich, then I tell you AGAIN, to go and get it."
"I dont think it was the sandwhich that upset them."
"then what was it?"
"the bad chips.. those could have killed me"
"not nearly as quick as I can...."
Then Rayley says "I wana go sleep over!"
"sleep over where?"
"at Cee-Pee's house"
"you said Brett was gona get to go to Cee-pee's house and sleep over. I wana go."
"ahhhh... I tell y'all what, if you keep it up, I will call them myself and send you off."
Now tomorrow I have to go and talk to the principal and explain I am not neglecting my kids. That I am just raisin mo-rons.

And I am actually the mom that refuses to allow them to take a soda to school in their lunch. Or lots of candy.

I tell them to sit down and eat. THen Matt says "My sandwhich was moldy"
"there was mold on my sandwhich"
"how much, where at and what kind?"
"not alot, on the outsides and in the middle"
"what do you mean, MOLDY?"
I went and got the bread, opened it up ( this one was bought on saturday and doesnt go bad till next week) there was NO mold. it was even still soft. I am confused.
"I dont think I got it out of that bag.. where is the other bag? "
"the one that had scraps in it for me to throw out?'
"hmmmm yea, I think there was some tortillas in there too."
"You used that bread?"
"I dont remember.. I remember getting it"
Brett says " and I told you not to use it, I thought you put it back over there" (on the counter on the OPPOSITE side of the kitchen, no where near where we keep the bread)
"yea, I remember that" matt says
"so did you use it? or the other one?"
"I dont know...."
"was it green or black?"
"the mold?"
"uhhhhhh.. I dont know. it was just a little."
"could it have been the koolaide you spilled on the table while you were supposed to be making your lunch? The grape koolaide?"
"I didnt spill it on my bread though.."
"could you have sat your bread in it?"
"ohhhhhh, maybe so...."
I will have to call his teacher too.

OMG! All I did was leave them alone while I went to pee while they were making their lunches. THATS ALL I DID!
ANd I laid the bread for them to use ON THE TABLE. And I went down the checklist of what to put in there. I do it EVERY TIME!

If I make their lunches I dont do it right. too much this, not enough of that. I dont pack it right.. what ever.

ANd I will be honest. I get blamed for enough crap around here. I get tired of the constant whining cause I dont squeeze the toothpaste from the right end, or make sure there is extra toilet paper BESIDE the toilet. So I make them make their own lunches.

The good news is Brett DID manage to pass his Taks test. there were 36 questions, he got 35 right.

This was for reading. Math is next month.

After about 5 minutes after calling them in from outside I came to the conclusion that I had screwed up. The did nothing but fight all night.
I guess they dont fight when they are outside as much cause they fiqure they need each other in case of an emergancy or if they get lost again. But once they are here its a no holds barred type of situation.
I tried everything to seperate them. nothing worked. So I would send one to take a bath, one to fold laundry (there is ALWAYS laundry here) and one would help me, or when baths were over I added play with Bow and some other minute tasks. The rest of the evening would be peaceful till they walked past one another again.

And dingbat Rayley, while in the bath, her second of the day mind you, got ANOTHER comb stuck in her hair. Dont ask me why or how. BUT she did. Luckily I was able to get it out.

I was so glad when 8:30 got here. Matt was too. Brett kept trying to stay awake. One time he came in to tell me he couldnt sleep. and while explaining it to me he would kind of go into a stouper and stutter and mix up his words. Rayley was the same way. I had to read alladin to her twice.

And since I have fallen asleep twice while typing this I too am going to bed. Tomorrow I have to be at the school at 8:30 to do yearbooks and then Bretts game starts at 7. I dont know what I am going to do till 7 with 4 kids that costs me NO money, but I reckon we will find out.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Anything less would be uncivilized

I woke up this morning at 5:52. The boys have to be out of here at 6. I had been hearing the alarm go off for an hour and it didnt dawn on me what it was. I just heard it in my sleep. I guess its between daylight savings time, and this 30 minutes early crap thats killing me.
If you put them together its an hour and a half earlier than it was 2 weeks ago.

I did get them dressed and ready to go before she got here.

Then I went ot get me a refil of tea. There sat Bretts sandwhich. So all he had was chips and a drink. ggggggggRRRRRRRRRRR

Rayley woke up this morning and when she came in here she sat down in my lap. I am used to hearing "I want that" when a cereal commercial or toy comes on TV. heck I am even used to hearing "you need that" when relicore, or slimfast comes one.
But today she comes in and there is a commercial for the new messless benadryl. Its a dose ready apperatus that you can take with you. She decided she needed that. RIGHT THEN.

So now they are marketing meds to kids? Making it cool to take benadryl. Oh well. at least its a small bit helpful for her to think its cool. I have to buy her pink or purple medicane as it is. We call it 'princess medicane' and its the only way she will take it.

She was real good all day. I have enjoyed her the last few days. She has been a pretty good kid.

And she will play with Bow for short periods of time. Speaking of Bow, he loves to get on the floor and play, he will chase his 'cat toy' all around the living room. And now he has found the wipe box, he gets over on it and kinda climbs it. He wants to be UP.

Rayley found out we were going to the ballpark at around 11 and got dressed RIGHT THEN! She wanted to know when we were going. She put on her Jasper Bulldogs Cheerleading uniform and wasnt to be detered.

I honestly used to look at the kids that picked out there own clothes and think "never my kid. I couldnt go to town and be that embarressed" and I never let the boys wear boots and shorts or anything like that. But its not even embarrising. I guess cause I know there are too many of them to care. as long as she is clean, fed and with in 10 feet of me I am content.

I still dont let the boys wear stupid crap. But when they got home I told Matt to get ready. Brett didnt have practice or a game. But he put on his uniform anyway. I asked him why. "cause I dont want folks to think I am just out there for no reason, I want them to know I am a real player"


thats just something else for me to wash.

Ball practice was not bad. A friend got out a blanket and we laid Bow on it. He had a blast! And Rayley played with her little friend the whole time. Brett either helped or agervated. I dont know. None of the coaches hit him the head with a bat, so I reckon he wasnt too much of a hindrence.

Of course when we left there we had to go to walmart. I was out of bread and milk. We drove into the parking lot and Rayley asked "why do we have to go to town?"

Rayley has a skewered take on things. For her when we go to town its "Jasper". When we go to walmart its "town". I have a feeling that its my own fault. I will say "we have to go to town" and the only place we end up is walmart. LOL

As we were getting back in the truck after shopping Rayley said "Is Lowes part of town too?"

Sure. why not.

While we were shopping the kids were in high spirits. ALL of them. Rayley sat in the buggy, but Bow decided he needed to be held. I had to tote him the entire time. You would think that toting 15 pounds isnt alot. It will KILL you. I promise.

And Brett and Matt were arguing over who would push. It wasnt long before Rayley was burried in groceries. Literly.

Of course I got to hear every pitch line for all the products ( I am taking away all TV) , hear the jingles for everything and alot of the nutritional information on items I could have cared less about.

"milk, it does a body good"
"There's 20 fewer calories in this milk than that milk"
"Pork, the other white meat"
"beef, its whats for dinner"
"dont get spray and wash, get spray and wash max, it has foaming action"
"yea, you can dry it with a hair dryer"
"get this peanut butter, more moms prefer it"
"thats the stronger picker upper"
"a nose in need, deserves a puffs indeed"
"that aint good english"
"Roll that beautiful bean footage"
"so, its what they say!"
"theyre great!"
"this is good to the last drop"
"once you pop, you cant stop"
"betcha cant eat just one"
"This has 25 calories per serving"
"you disenfect to protect with this one"
"yep it kills up to 99.9 % of germs."

"will you buy some eggos?"
"yea, so I can say 'leggo my eggo!'
"NO, I wana say it!"
"I DO!!"
"it was my idea!"
Matt Sneezed and I hear "you need nasonex."
"no, flosenex would be better"
"you should get this toothpaste, it fights cavaties and gingevitis"
"can we have some rediwhip?"
"yea to put on our cereal?"
"its only 15 calories"
"mom, dont forget bandaids"
"Im stuck on bandaids cause bandaids wont stick on me!"

I wont even repeat the ones I had to shush as I went to the rest of the hair care/bath/personal care isles..

I swear, it was like having Billy Mays trying to sell me something the whole time I was shopping. I think after about 30 minutes my brain blocked otu the rest of it.

BUT I swear when we were in line there was someone beside us singing the oscar myer song. And I know where he got it!

When we got home I had to get them to help me unload. Bow was NOT having any of the 'floor time' and wanted to nurse. It was almost nine and they still had to get baths and eat.
Rayley kept on wanting a 'bednight' story. I told her to put in a movie and when it was over I would tell her one.
Luckily she fell asleep before then. I couldnt come up with a good one tonight to save my life. I have finally succumb to the headache that has been nagging at me all day long somewhere between the macaroni and cheese ("its the cheeseiest") and the V-8 Juice ("Coulda had a V-8, 'THUNK!'")(yes, they insisted on hitting each other). And she told me the other night that she was tired of hearing about girls who dont clean their room and it didnt make a good bednight story, cause it wasnt nice and soothing. It was mean and aggervating.

There is nothing like a 3 year old telling you that you are agervating them. It sure makes you feel good. But at least I got it honest. It came from them. I was a nice easy going person before I had kids. I swear I was.

Monday, March 31, 2008

The boys of Summer

Well I sure didnt want to get up this morning. AT ALL.

Rayley woke up while I was getting the boys dressed. I fiqured this was best. I could get her dressed and fed and we could leave by 7:30. I got them up and dressed and it was 5:40 when they got done. I asked them to please watch Bow, I had to have a shower. They did. I came out of the shower right as my mother in law was pulling up. So I took over Bow duties. I went looking for Rayley. She had went back to her room and crawled in bed. Poor thing was snoring. I woke her up again and told her to get dressed.

She wasnt happy but complied. We left here with not quite enough time for me to fill up with deisel and when I got there I had to wait on two little piddily cars to get out of my way. There are 4 pumps, 2 of them sell deisel and gas. these are the only two that are ever used. I kid you not. I didnt think these idiots would ever leave. I even went in the store to ask if they had abandoned their cars. they were chatting with some other folks and getting coffee and such. I might have pissed them off. I sure hope so. I was trying.

We left about 10 minutes late. thats 10 minutes ontop of the 10 I was already late.

But we did get to the dentist at 8:31. Not bad. It took an hour to be seen and then 10 minutes for him to look and say "come back in about 6 months, we will clean them then, she doesnt need to be tramatized." No, but its okay to traumatize me everytime I go to the gas pump for that kind of stupid crap. Last year we had to have a few thousand dollars worth of dental work done on her. Her teeth wernt rotten, they were just breaking off. or eating away. So we had them all capped. So I want to stay on top of it. But not pay him to look and do nothing.

We got back home by 10:30 and Rayley went immediatly and brushed her teeth with her new toothbrush. She got toothpaste on her shirt and got it wet.
So she had to take it off. God Forbid the queen of mud be wet.
She went and found a new clean shirt.
15 minutes later she had a pudding. Then came back in here with a NEW shirt. seems she got a spot of puddin on the last one and it was in the laundry room.

I told her that she was NOT to put on any more shirts. Not until we were headed to the ballpark. To run around with out one on. She didnt like that idea. So she waited about 10 minutes. Till she thought I had forgotten. This time she came in wanting me to button the back of the shirt and I offered her two choices. Go hang it back up. or get her butt busted and then go hang it back up.

She opted for the first choice and I didnt see her again. LITERLY. She went in her room, shut the door and got real quiet.
BR woke up around 1:30, I was trying to fix lunch and Bow was NOT happy about it. His bellyachin woke up BR. (durn)
He asked me where the mini monster was. And it dawned on me, I hadnt seen her in a while. It had been so quiet. and so peaceful.
I didnt dare open her door. I just cant bring myself to sleep a waking baby.

She slept plumb through till after the kids got home. I had to go in and wake her up to get redressed to go to the ballpark. She told me she "just couldnt open her eyes"
I asked "why"
"cause then I wont be asleep and I need my sleep"
"why do you need your sleep?"
"so I dont get old like you"
gee thanks. I used to sleep just great till I had kids.

She did get up. I fiqured she was 'in a mood' so I just grabbed a skirt and a t shirt and told her to put that on. she LOVED the outfit.

Of course she did. She looked like a ragamuffn. I had to rewet her hair to comb it. and we had to look for her shoes.
We were JUST about to walk out the door and she wanted to take her cape and her stuffed cat.

I told her to knock herself out. I didnt feel like arguing. She looked a site. With a white slip turned into a cape. a dirty stuffed kitten, and 3 differnt shades of pink (shirt, skirt and shoes).

she is the first one I have just laid back on sometimes. When she was little and especially when the boys were small I NEVER let them go to town with out a full suit of clothes on ( no onsies for me unless they were with shorts or pants), socks and shoes. Or socks or shoes. Once they started walking shoes were always a must. And Rayley always had a bow taped in her hair and was dressed perfectly.

Granted I dont let her dress herself very often. But there are times when I think its okay to just let her be her. plus it blends in nicely with my lazy demeanor.

Both boys had a game at 5:30 tonight. I asked BR to go with us, but he said he needed to go to work. Luckily he changed his mind and called me to tell me he would go and then go to work after the games.

In the meantime ( once we were on the road) I got a phone call that Matts team would be playing at 6:30. Not 5:30.

So we started out at Bretts game. He didnt have any balls hit to him the first few innings and when he went up to bat, he got a foul ball then he was walked. There was a man on third so they wanted him to run to first and round it to go to second. But had never taught him that. He didnt understand the whole concept of it. Heck the walk confused him. He is used to pitching machine. You get 5 balls, you either hit, strike out on 3 or sit on 5. thats all there is to it. We have mentioned walking, but its never been "shown" to him. Poor thing. I felt so sorry for him.

Then it came time for Matts team to start and BR walked him down there. He took Rayley too. He told me that I needed to stay and watch Brett and someone else could take care of the score keeping for the night. Come to find out one of the moms did step up and do it. I was glad too. I hate that I am torn between the two games. But I really dont have a choice.

BR hadnt been gone but a few minutes and Bretts team was on the field. He had waited just long enough for Brett to bat and steal second on a walk (he got out) to score a run. its not an RBI for Brett, but he still helped it be done.

Anyway, they had 2 on base and a kid hit a LONG, HIGH fly ball. RIGHT to centerish left field.
All of a sudden this kid comes running towards it throws his arm out and catches it. Not Willie Mays basket catch, but a sure enough, glove turned up, kid stretched out, catch. It was Brett. I was screaming and hollering and so was everyone else in the stands. It was what you dream of seeing.
When the inning was over the coach came to the fence and asked some of the bystanders "how do you like my centerfeilder?" Everyone was impressed. Then he looked over and saw me. He had thought I had went to Matts game. He asked how I liked him. I told him I reckon'd I'd keep him. He said he KNEW he would!

Not only was it a potential triple for the kid (hell an in the park homerun has been made on lesser hit balls in this league) it was the 3rd out and saved us at least 2 runs!!

He went back up to bat a 2nd time and fouled one off, but ended up walking again. I am just happy with contact. But walking is an added bonus. :)

I finally called BR to tell him that Brett had hit that ball when I saw that we were going to be running well into Matts game and I might not make it over there. He told me that Matt had hit a triple and then was knocked home by the next kid who got an in the park homerun. He also said he had gotten a handle on a few balls that were hit to him.

Oh and Rayley had done a face plant into the concrete. Matts team was taking the feild again so he was coming to watch the end of Bretts game. They ended up loosing by 3 runs, but afterwards the coach singled him out as a wonderful player and four or five of the other players parents walked up and told him how good he did! He was beaming!

As I was leaving that field pushing Bow I got a phone call that Matt was going up to bat for the second time. I made it to the outfield where I could see right as he was swinging for his second strike. He ended up striking out. But they won by about 5 runs. I was proud to see it! I didnt get to see much of the game. they took the outfield and it was 3 up and 3 down.

The mom that had said she would watch Rayley told me that right after BR left she had hit her forehead again. She told me she felt bad cause she had told BR she would watch her. Then let her get hurt. I just laughed. You dont let Rayley get hurt, you just wait for it to happen and hope you dont have to get stitches.

The boys were bundles of energy when we left. They had both done great and were so happy.
Once we got home at a quarter of nine they had to eat and do homework. I couldnt keep them on task. We did get most of it done. I think. Matt has practice tomorrow. But there are no more games till Bretts on Thursday. Its at 7 adn he has a program (singing) at 6:30. I told him it was up to him which he chose. He definatly decided on baseball. I am glad. those singing programs SUCK.

I didnt get them in bed till after 10. And Bow was wide awake too. He was not fussing or anything, but wide awake. Not even a minute after I got the boys and Rayley out of here and in their own beds (where he couldnt see them) he was GONE. conked out. and I have moved him about 8 times and changed his diaper. He never even grunted. The boys were asleep within 5 minutes and Rayley was back to the land of nod before them.

The good news is I got the new schedules. AGAIN. Matts games have been cut down to 13.
Brett has 14.

There are 5 nights when both boys play. Both games start within 30 minutes of each other.
8 nights I go in just for Brett
8 nights I go in just for Matt ( one for pictures, and one for practice)

6 weeks I go in twice a week
2 weeks I go in 3 times.
I dont know when we are going to practice in addition to the games.
But I am sure we will. Rodeo falls in the middle of all this. And our entire town shuts down for Rodeo. heck they even get out of school early on one of the days.

This isnt really too awful bad. I just wish I could find a solution to the shared nights.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

crankiness is catching.

Well I slept in a little today. Bow woke up a few times, but he feels so bad he would just nurse and go right back to sleep. Poor thing, he is a little stuffy and is teething.

Then at 10 my sister in law drove up. She dropped off 3 very pissed off kids. They had woke up and came strait home. She had some stuff she had to go and do. Heck, she picked them up at 9 last night. After a day of them being at the ballpark in the sun all day. They were so tired they couldnt have identified themselves in a picture line up. I reckon if they even made it the 3 miles to her house they were lucky.

They never really got over the attititude. Rayley was close to falling apart all day, Brett was jumping on everyone and Matt was close to tears if you looked at him wrong.

On top of all that is was raining out there. a 30% chance. well we got all 30%.

I went out and got the stroller and the chairs out of the back of the truck last night in anticipation of the coming rain.

I managed to get my fingers caught in the stroller, it was folded up, but not quite all the way and my fingers got in there, then it folded up te rest of the way. I couldnt open it with one hand. It was awful. moving the stroller hurt, I couldnt pull my fingers out and couldnt open it back up.

THen I got it off and stood on the tire to reach into the back to get the chairs. Its those fold up chairs in a bag and I had 3 of them out and 2 more to go. Since I drive a four wheel drive I cant just lean over the side ( I am five foot two inches). And its a doulley which means I have an extra foot between me and the inside of the bed. Well the last chair's drawstring was stuck between the cooler and the black box I keep in the back as a 'trunk'. Its the only concession I will make to not having enough room in the front of the truck.
There is LITELRY no room for anyone else to ride when BR and I both go somewhere with the kids. It seats six. we are six.
anyway, I pulled and tugged. I was trying to avoid having to climb into the back of teh truck. I am too old for that. I tugged and I pulled. next thing I know I am lying on the ground with both chairs on top of me. I wasnt hurt, but even though I live in the country, cant be seen from the road, and noone was home but Bow I still jumped up and looked around, making sure noone saw me.

The kids begged me to go outside today. I didnt want them to. I just wasnt in the mood for mud. I havent really felt good today. Alergies I reckon. I didnt want to do anything except sleep. I was really looking forward to a kid free day. I am not sure why folks tease me like they do. Once the kids got home Bow wouldnt sleep. He would try. I would get him to sleep and they would make a noise and he would wake up again. Most times they have to get pretty rowdy to wake him up. But today he was just not feeling well. They did go out once. It had been a good hour in the making. them begging, me saying no, it was gona rain again, them telling me they would COME right back in the minute it started. and they promised to stay out of the mud. Me saying no, cause I didnt belive them. ( seriously, would you?) Finally about the 8th time I got Bow asleep and they woke him up less than 3 minutes later I ordered them out. They wernt to the back end of the trucks and it started to rain.

Bow tried to be a good baby and to play, but wasnt up to it. I ended up having to hold him ALL day. Literly. and I fried hamburgers and french fries for lunch. You cant hold a baby and do that. He just sat in the kitchen floor in his bouncy and cried. Rayley came through once and said "why cant you turn him off?" I asked what she meant. "give him some benadryl or something. He is getting on my nerves."

Ahhhh to have more than one nerve again. I can only dream and reminice.
The boys did play with him off and on. Rayley tries to play, but she ends up wanting to 'love' on him. and doesnt realize he doesnt like being smushed.

I was lazy today, I only did 2 loads of laundry. one was baseball uniforms. Thats something I didnt factor in to the 'pain in the ass' list of baseball. the added load of laundry after every game. and with sometimes 3 a week thats 3 extra loads.

The kids tried to find a movie today. They wanted to watch sme of BR's movies. I told them they would have to make sure they were appropriate when their daddy woke up.
The minute he walked out of the bedroom they pounced.
"can we watch 'the enforcer?'
or 'Cool hand Luke?'
'magnum force'

He looked at me all perplexed. I told him I couldnt remember if there were some scenes they shouldnt see. He started thining.
then Matt said "we wouldnt have this problem if we had our own movies"
BR really looked confused then. "what happened to all your movies? I know your mom doesnt let you leave here with them."
"she threw them away"
He looked at me like I was an absolute idiot.
"I 'threw ' them away because I was tired of stepping on them. they were scattered all over the house and I had gotted tired of them being grounded for a week from movies every time I found one, they dont watch them enough for it to work"

"OH! So y'all screwed up, lost all your movies and now you want to borrow MINE?"
"why not??"
"cause if you leave one of mine on the floor and she throws it away I will have to kill you, then her, and I dont like prison"
they got mad and went to tear up something. He asked me if I had really thrown them all away. NO, I didnt. I have just hidden them. Then he walked over to the rack. There were about 6 cases there for cartoons. "what was wrong with these?"
"their empty. At first I was picking up movies and finding the case, then it dawned on me, coming in here, setting your heart on a movie and then opening it and finding an empty case will be MUCH worse"

"ahhhh, your devious"
"Thank you"

"so where are all my 7/16 wrenches?"
I swear I DID NOT throw these away. honest. cause the kids I can take movies away from. Him, I have to buy toys for.

Tomorrow I have to drive Rayley an hour away to the dentist. We have to be there by 8:30. Why in the hell do I set these appointments so freakin early? I am glad its early, we have to be back at the ballpark for BOTH boys at 5:30 But DAMN. that is way early.. I hope Bow feels better. If not it could get interesting.

About 7 I gave Matt some benadryl. by 8 he was a walking zombie. He kept trying to go to bed. and I would make him get back up to make his lunch or find his socks. then he had to get back up and find his backpack. I finally relented and Brett was n here. ALl of a sudden we heard a thump.
I hollered out "Matt did you fall out of bed?"
"I dont think so"
"What does that mean?"
"I cant remember if I fell asleep in the bed or on the floor."

Brett was just the opposit, I couldnt get him to go to sleep for anything. He kept coming back in here to see if I needed anything, to hug me goodnght for the 12th time, to find out why Bow was fussin. Anything to find an excuse. Finally I walked into his room and told him that as long as he was awake to hang up those clothes, clean off the other bed and get the dresser strait. He decided he was exhausted and went right to sleep.

Rayley has done WONDERFUL on sleeping in her own bed. She acts like she has done it for years. Its been real nice. She was getting too big to share the couch with. Me and Bow dont fit on it as it is.

Speaking of which. I HAVE to have a new couch. and a new chair. BR's lazy boy has been kinda broken for a while. It finally gave up the ghost about a week ago. The thingy that you use to push out the footrest just twisted off. It was old when we got it so I cant complain. I need to really start looking. I just dont know where to start. I wont buy a new one. couch or chair. For one, I cant imagine the thought of letting the kids near a new peice of furniture, and second, OMG have you seen the prices for new furniture? I aint bringin NOTHIN in this house that costs that much for my kids to puke, pee or put their muddy shoes on. I'll wait till they are grown.

Take me out to the Ball game!

I set the alarm for 7 this morning. We had to be in town by 9:45. At 8 BR hit me and said "Its 8, why didnt you get up at 7 when I told you to?" and rolled over and went back to sleep.

I tried to move my leg, I had him at my back, Bow was glued to my front and something was holding down BOTH legs. I consedered closing my eyes and going back to sleep. Hoping the dead weight that had became my legs would go away once I got at least 6 hours of shut eye.
it was Rayley.
I didnt want to deal with any crankyness till I had to, so I tried to extract myself as ginergly as possible. I managed to do pretty good.

I came in and woke up the boys. Then I went and got me a Dr Pepper. I went back and woke up the boys. Then I went and tried to find me something to wear. I came out a few minutes later and Matt was dressing.

I went BACK in and woke up Brett. I told him we had to hurry. He didnt even move.
I went to get some water to throw on him. When I got back he was up and looking around like he had been kidnapped in the middle of the night and thrown into a room he had never seen.
I told him to hurry up and get dressed, but to go and eat first.

I tried again to go and get my clothes on. Once I was dressed I walked back out. Both boys were dressed and sitting on the couch. I told them to take off their jersey shirts then eat and brush their teeth. They looked at me like I was crazy.
I explained I didnt want them to get their shirts dirty.

THey complied. I went and woke up Rayley. I sent her out and told her to eat. She was crankey but went. I decided I could take the 5 minutes to flat iron my hair.
After that I came back out. Matt didnt have on his belt and was whispering to Brett. The conversation was about the lack of a belt. I knew where it was, but since I had told both boysat least 4 times a day for a week to hang their belts and hats on the cup hooks I put up in their room I was letting him sweat it out.

I told Matt to "be sure and get your belt off the hook where your hat was."
HE got the deer in the headlights look.
I went back to my bathroom with a smile on my face. It was 8:45 and we had 30 minutes. Bow was awake when I walked back through. I got him out of bed and changed his diaper and took him into the bathroom with me. He sat in his bouncy seat while I put on my make up. HE was happy and chatting and squeeling. BR woke up in the meantime ( I swear, I really didnt mean to wake him up..... ) He came in to take a shower.

Brett came in with a sharpie and said he was gona write his name on his belt. I asked why ( I always do this, I just wanted to hear his answer) "incase someone looses theirs they wont steal mine"
"who would loose theirs?"
"I dont know!, but anyone could"
"what if you loose yours and we can only find Matts?"
"If you dont write his name in it you will never know"

ahhhh the beginings of a male brain.

I gathered up Bow and came back out. it had been about 10 minutes. Matt was still belt free. I wasnt spilling the beans.

I told Rayley that I had her clothes in her pink chair and to go and get dressed.
"but I wana wear...."
"I am sorry baby, you cant wear a dress"
"WHY NOT????"
"Rayley, are you going to the ballpark?"
"yes ma'am"
"are you going to play in the dirt?"
"yes ma'am"
"then you need to wear your fat babies and wranglers"
"okay we can leave you here,"
"does the shirt at least match the boots?"
"of course"

That went MUCH easier than I thought!!

I turned around and Matt says "mom, guess what I found?"
"the beef?"
"never mind, what did you find gallalio?"
"my belt"
"was it missing?"
"ahhhhh... nope"
"okay, well put it on, and zip your pants."

I got Bow dressed, Rayley came out and was dressed and BR came in. Both boys were sitting on the couch and I did a quick count.
black leggins
grey pants
black belts
Jersey shirts

WOW!! And they had done it all alone!

And on top of that Matts shoes were on the right feet!
"Matt, did you know you got your shoes on the right feet?"
"oh man, and I just got them tied!"
he started to take them off
"what are you doing?"
"putting them on the right feet"
"they ARE on the right feet! I was pointing out that you had done it this time!!"
"oh. wow. wonder how I did that?"
"I reckon it was luck"
"yep, like dad always says, 'even a blind hog finds an acorn everyonce in a while'"

I got everyone loaded, made sure we had a few snacks, drinks, my camera ( which I NEVER got to use), Bow, sunglasses,

We had to stop and get some ice and we were ready to go. When we left the store it was 9:43. We had to be there at 9:45. and BR was driving. There was no way we would make it. Not that I could have made it in 2 minutes. BUT I would have came closer.
We did get there at 9:59. I know, Brett was freaking out, checking the clock every 2 minutes. And on the way we started seeing the signs for a tool sale, they do these like twice a year, and they are always at the lions club. Where we were going its the lions club complex. and there is barely enough room for 1/2 the teams there. Plus there was a few high school games today. I could just see this being FUBAR'd.

when we drove up the road to the park we were telling Brett we would throw him out, at his field and then once we parked one of us would come back and see him. The other would go to Matts. As we drove in all the fields were empty.
Last night I was told that we would be doing seperate cerimonies. and that we would be on the kids own fields doing them, since the HS had games. I was told this by 3 differnt people. All in differnt leagues. They had heard it from the top of the chain of command.

Everyone was walking around lost. The 10 or so people I talked to had been told the same as me.

Come to find out, it was on the HS field. SO I told the boys to jump out and RUN to the field and find their teams.
They disapeared. BR and I unloaded the other two. Then we headed off. we only missed a few of the teams being announced. It was just a parade of kids, teams and sponsers being called out, and then some patting them selves on the back by the board.

Once we were done Brett had pictures, I had forgotten his order form, but had the blank check. She told me to just go over to her tent later in the day and fill out a form. NO problem!! :)

Brett decided to go back to his feild with his team, but was hungry, so I told him I would bring back his bat bag with a breakfast bar and a juice. And off we went to gather up batbags and such. All the way ACROSS the park. but over by Bretts field, so we wernt moving the truck. Plus it was conviently parked right beside the tool sale.

Matt was already with his team. They had about 45 minutes before their game started so I fiqured they would be taking fielding or batting or something. Instead they were all playing grab ass and running in the woods. trying to see who could go to the ER first.
This was explained to me as "they will get all that nervous energy out and be settled once the game starts"

Uhhhhh NO.
They did each hit 5 balls. or the 6 kids I watched all were afforded the oppertunity to hit 5 and managed to miss them. Matt did hit the 3rd one. it was not looking good, but so far he is batting .500 so I aint gona gripe.

I went and got my score book, exchanged names and sat down to await the game. BR was trying to keep Bow happy. He wanted to nap. BR finally gave him to me. I was keeping score. I laid him across my knees and laid my pad on his back. a little bouncing and he was semi happy. Finally one of the other moms took him. She loves to hold him. ANd she had him to sleep in less than 3 minutes.

And I was right, Matt's game schedule has changed. I dont have it yet. But its differnt.

His game finally started and the other team batted first. Not bad. but not great. a few hits, but our fielding was a little bad. But they managed to eventually strike out 3. (remember this is pitching machine, you get 5 balls, thats it, so you hit or strike out)
We were up! we had 3 up and 3 down.
they came up again. some decent hits, nothing great. but we pretty much decided it was funner to chase the ball than to catch it. FInally they got out of the inning by striking out 3 more.
Okay. numbers 4 5 and 6. solid hitters. Matt is 5th in the line up. 3 Up and 3 DOWN.
Their kids got some pretty good hits this time. nothing spectacular. But when you are playing against kids that react once the ball stops moving its not hard to round the bases. they never even got three outs. after you get like 5 runs in one inning its a mercy rule and you have to let the other team come up to bat.

There was actually not enough room in the score book to write what happened to allow the runs. you have only so much space and its impossible to write FC 4-3-1-5-1-2 ER
which is Feilders Choice 2nd base, thrown to first, missed, thrown to pitcher, missed, thrown to 3rd, missed, thrown to pitcher, missed, thrown to catcher, missed. and I am not allowed to write FUBAR in there.
I asked.

so its 7 8 and 9. Nope, Nope and Nope.

I was keeping score. I knew this game was over. 10 run rule. but we had 2 more kids that hadnt batted. they had went through their line up twice and started over again.
I went and told the coach about this and he asked the other team if we could let them bat. Just so they could get to.
They said yes.
first one up, first one down.
Then comes the smallest kid on our team. he hasnt hit the ball yet. he was a late sign up. he is NOT likeing the pitching machine at ALL. he got a hit! and ON BASE!
Talk about HAPPY! whew!
the next batter got us out. but still, we did get ONE hit. 11 kids up and 10 kids down. one hit.

We gathered up Matt, found Rayley and I told BR I needed to go and pay for the pics. It was on the way to Brett feild. He said there was a long line. we would do it after Bretts game.
Okay, no problem.

Bretts game HAD to go better than Matts had.

and it did. Brett struck out both times. I dont know what is up with this kid. but he showed some promise on the field. I think we lost like 5-3

We gathered up the kids ( Rayley and Matt had been playing on the dirt pile again) took all their gear to the truck and locked it in, I told BR I was gona go and pay for Bretts pictures. He said we had plenty of time and he wanted me to see some things inside so we headed for the tool sale, ( you didnt think we would skip this did you?) They had alot of nuthin. I did pick up an electric engraver for like 6.00. And Brett talked his dad into some binoculars. For the 3 of them of course. And a set of snap ring pliers. 4 differnt angles for 9.99. Now if you have never had the need for snap ring pliers this might not seem like a big deal to you. But if you have ever needed snap ring pliers and couldnt find any, you are smiling and saying "GOOD FIND!"

Oh and a set of allan wrenches. because we have 7 sets, but are missing the two or three of them that we actually have a use for. Somehow this is my fault, although I have NEVER used the ones that fit our bows. I dont adjust my bow. it works. I pull it back and it shoots. I usually hit the target. Thats enough for me. I aint gona hunt with it anyway. I can not imagine how pissed I would be if I went out hunting with a bow that I was proficiant with at 40 yards and a 12 point buck walked out at 50. I would more than likely throw myself to the ground out of the stand due to sheer anger and disapointment. or at least throw the bow.

About 2 minutes after we walked in I asked Matt where his hat was. "uhhhhhh"
" GO FIND YOUR HAT NOW!" and off he went.
we looked all over the sale. Twice. We talked to 27 people that we know. We took a potty break, we never saw Matt again. So BR sent Brett to find him. He came back about 3 minutes later and Matt had his glove on it hand and was tossing a ball in it but no hat.
I asked him why he had his glove.
"I dont know"
"did you find your hat?"
"what hat?"
"the one I sent you to look for 30 minutes ago"
"oh, I looked in the truck"
"you mean you opened the door, forgot why you were there, saw your bat bag, had a light bulb go off, decided you were at the ballpark and got your glove cause you thought you could..... what? run around with it and your hat would magicaly appear in it?"
"where the hell is your hat?"
"let me go look"
"did you lock the truck back?"
Matt is the only one in the family that knows the combination to the truck other than me. He is the only one willing to learn it. He overheard me tell it to BR once and has never forgotten. The thing is, I keep a key in the ignition. and my truck in all its infinate wisdom, wont allow you to lock your keys in it. If you leave the keys in the ignition you cant hit the button and lock the door. when you close it the lock pops back open.
I spent 45 minutes one day locking and shutting the door only to have it pop back up. I couldnt fiqure out what I was doing wrong. I KNOW you can lock it with the key fob, but couldnt understand why it wouldnt work with just pushing the button. That is 45 minutes of my life I will never get back.

We were about 20 feet away from the truck so we started that way. The passenger door was wide open. I am guessing it had been that way for a good 30 minutes. Since we first sent Matt out to check the dirt pile for his hat. Luckily his hat was in the truck. It was in Rayleys seat. I dont know how it got there. but it was NOT cause Matt had meant to put it there.

We left and BR took me to eat. I deserved a fried cheesecake so we went to the mexican place. It was a very pleasent meal. We went over the errors the boys made, what they needed to work on. And everyone ate real well.

Once we got home I knew I needed to clean out the truck. It is a jumbled mess. I started to, then I found the order form for Bretts pictures. After that I just didnt have the energy. BR sat around for a little while and then went on to work. They boys played with Bow. Rayley had fallen asleep on the way home and never even woke up when I got her out, brought her inside and laid her on her bed.

I got Bow a plastic ball the other day that has another smaller jingle ball in it. its really just a larger version of a cat toy. He chased that thing all over the living room floor tonight. He wanted to be held, he wanted to sleep, but he also wanted to play. luckily the boys were willing to play with him.

About 7:30 Rayley woke up. She was hungry, she was thristy, she wanted to lay in my lap. THen she really woke up and started picking fights with the boys.

about 8 the boys asked if they could have those whoppers their grandma had bought them a week ago. I told them yes. I planned on them going to bed before the chocolate kicked in.
At 8:23 I told them to get changed into their sleep clothes and get ready for bed.
At 8:27 my sister in law called. Could she have the kids for the night?

I looked at the kids, the boys eating the last of their whoppers, Rayley trying to rope the play cow here in the living room and the clock which now read 8:28. I told her

10 minutes later she was here and their bag was packed.
As she was walking out the door I told her about the whoppers.
I might have forgotten to mention Rayleys evening nap.