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Friday, April 4, 2008

Kids are so easy to trick.

Rayley helped me cook today. Oh, it was sooooo much fun...

she was just starving so I got lunch in the oven and she asked me when it would be ready. I told her 30 minutes.

She got a plate, got a fork and sat down at the table.
Then she said "one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine , ten, eleven, twelve, thriteen, fourteen, thirty"

there I said it, get it out of the stove please. I tried to explain to her that just cause SHE counted to thirty doesnt mean 30 minutes is up. Plus she missed 15-29.

She informed me " I didnt miss them, they are just not important and were taking to long. I said 30 so lets eat."

When I did get it out 30 minutes later she took ONE look at it and said "I dont like that"
I explained that it was the exact same thing she was so excited for me to make, and that she LOVES everything in it. Its cornbread cassarole and has hamburger meat, tomatoe soup, chili powder, corn and a top of cornbread with corn in it.

I went through the list, "you like hamburgers, you like corn bread, you LOVE corn, you like ketchup."

she said " I dont like it all stuck together."

But thats okay. I like it and ate about 1/2.

BR didnt go in to work till late tonight. He only had enough time left to pull one load. Right after he left his brother called. He had called me yesterday and asked if he could have Rayley tomorrow and he was calling tonight to ask if he could get her a day early. I said he was more than welcome to come and get her.

I got her some clothes together. I knew a man would be in charge of clothing and such tomorrow as my SIL has a function to attend, so I made it idiot proof. Wranglers, purple fat babies, purple shirt. and in case he ends up taking her somwhere. a blue jean skirt with red ruffles, and a red shirt. flip flops to wear. How much y'all wana bet she comes home in the red skirt, purple shirt and fat babies?

When she was getting ready to leave she said "what about my boys?" She has always called them HER boys.
"they have baseball tomorrow and cant come tonight"
"oh good, that means I dont have to take turns on the 4 wheeler."

The kids had bounced off the walls all day. OR at least since the boys got home. And Rayley has learned a new ... something..

She sticks her hand strait out at you and hollers "BAM!" "the dirts gone"
She does this when you are least expecting it. I told y'all I was living with Billy Mays.
BEtween her doing that and Brett hollering out "Applebees" and Matt saying "Get it together bay-bee" I feel like I am living in a commercial writers world.

When the boys got home today I asked Matt where the ring was that he got out of a gumball machine the other day. I couldnt help but screw with him about it. I had overheard Brett saying something about him giving it to a girl. He went in the other room and said
"I lost it"
"Lost it? Where?"
"at school"
"so does Laney like it?" ( a girl in his class that he has liked for years, matter of fact, her mom is a friend of mine and after meeting her he decided he wanted a baby sister. I told him to ask Santa. HE did. 3 weeks later I was peein' on a stick and wondering why the hell I felt so bad!)
"I didnt give it to Laney"
"who'd you give it to?"
"ahhh does Britney like it?"
"I dont know"
"she didnt tell you she liked it when you gave it to her?"
"I dropped it and she picked it up"
"are you sure you didnt give it to her?"
"no!, why would I do that?"
"cause you like her."
"no I dont, she just took it"
"is she pretty?"
"YEAH mom, I wouldnt like her if she wasnt! I mean.... as a friend"
"so did she give you a kiss for it"
"who told you that?"
"its not true"
"thats not what I heard"
"stupid Dillon and Dalton, they dont know when to keep their mouths shut!"
"So you did give it to her"
"I thought you knew?"
"well, yeah, I know"
"who told you?"
"you did silly"
"oh -- Hey! you tricked me!"

It was rainy today, so I didnt let the kids outside. I just didnt want to deal with the mud. Instead they tried to drive me crazy in here. Throwing balls, fighting, arguing, the whole nine yards.

About the 4th time I got onto them for something, either roughhousing or throwing a ball back and forth BR told them "I keep tellin y'all to shut your door and she wont see you do stuff"

OH great. teach them things it would take them months to fiqure out on their own!

One time they came in here, We were in the kitchen and somehow Rayley and Brett started play fighting. He had his hands outstretched and was holding her arms at the biceps. She was trying to hit and kick him.
Then she just calmly reached up and locked arms with him. She had him by the biceps and was telling him to quit, and to leave her alone. He was still picking at her. He is twice her size, a foot and a half taller at least and outweighs her by a good 25 pounds. I mean he is 9 and she is almost 4.
Next thing we know she has tightened her grip and is pinching the inside of his bicep. He hit his knees. She said "I told you to leave me alone you mo-ron!"

Then she started in on him. They were still playing- she was laughing during her screaming at him and once the shock of being brought down by a toddler wore off he started laughing too. BUT this had the opposit effect on her. She doesnt like to be laughed at all the time. She went to wailing on him. It was really funny.. When she was pulled off he was in a ball on the floor. still laughing, but smarting in a few places too.

When we stoped laughing at him we asked if he was okay "yea, but man she is tougher than she looks."
She said "and smarter to. Guess I tricked you didnt I?"

BR played poker with them for a little while tonight. Matt still doesnt grasp the conecpt of 'poker face' if he gets any sort of a pair or 3 cards that are in a possible strait in the first deal he gets excited and throws in all kinds of chips. usually he gets bluffed right out of his money. But tonight he was either drawing lucky cards or bluffing pretty good. Cause he won. I dont think Rayley faired as well. She has to still ask if she has a good hand.

One time I wanted them to come in here and I said "hey dumb, dumber and dumbest, come here for a second"

Brett was the first one up and through the door, he was feeling all proud of himself and a little cocky. "she said come on dumb and dumber!"

Yep. He did. Oh well, I still have hope for Bow.

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