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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Just another lazy saturday

well not really. Bow is still here. I am not sure why everyone is so afraid of him. I mean he is just a teeny, tiny, little 15 pound bundle of joy. One that you have to hold. ALL THE TIME!

He was SO good today at the ballpark. Honestly, he stayed in his stroller and watched us the entire time. I kid you not. He was wonderful.

I woke up late today. The dog woke me up wanting out. It was 9:40. We had to leave here at 10:30. I came into the livingroom and the boys were up and watching cartoons. I asked them why the dog wasnt outside. "what dog?"
"the one that was wanting out..."
"oh, we just thought she wanted to play with us."
"Yeah, I am sure she would have. BUT she wanted OUT to do it!"
"oh, well I'll let her out now"
"its too late NOW, I am already up!"
"oh, well in that case can you make us breakfast?"

I told them to eat cereal, we had to get ready and go. About that time BR got up. He decided to make pancakes. Much as I appriciate this I wasnt looking forward to it. He wanted the mixing bowl with a spout. I had used it last night and forgot to turn on the dishwasher. He wanted the 2 cup measureing cup. Same thing. for both of them. Then the pancake mix I bought wasnt the right one. I told him it was just as easy to make them from scratch. but he wanted to gripe cause I got the one you had to add egg and oil and milk to. Not just water.

I went to get ready. Then he came and got me and told me he had made me some too. I dont have time to eat. Bow still needs a bath, the kids are not dressed, and it was alredy 10:15. But instead of hurting his feelings I ate and then tried to get everyone ready. Brett couldnt find his uniform. This is NOT my fault. I tell them to put them in a pillow case that I have JUST for their uniforms and I wash whats in that pillow case. His wasnt there. I am not gonna beg him to find the stuff for me to wash. He didnt even need to wear it today. Matt was the one taking pictures. He was convinced he wouldnt be able to practice good if he wasnt in uniform. He cant even spell supersticious ( and neither can I) but he is already holding true to the baseball tradition.

Since BR was with us and driving we ended up 5 minutes late. But it was okay, they wernt waiting on us or anything. Of course he ran down to the field and was first in line to get his single picture taken. By the time I got Bow out and down there he was done. I took one look at him and could have screamed. He had his pants legs pulled down over his calves instead of bunched up at his knees, his belt had missed a loop and he had one sock inside out.

I had been trying to dress Bow when he walked out of his room, putting on my shoes when he got in the truck and putting the baby in the stroller when he ran to the field. I usually do an inspection before I let the kids out of my sight but sometimes I miss them. I HAD looked into the back seat on the way to town and noticed he had the yellow shirt on that he had slept in UNDER his jersey shirt.

I have to get on him daily about this. You have to be specific when you tell him to put on a shirt. You have to tell him to TAKE OFF his previous shirt before telling him to put on another.

The photographer was more than willing to retake his pics when I explained what was wrong. She just laughed and said "I am sorry I didnt notice". She has a boy, so she understands. Luckily they didnt do the group shot yet. That in itself was a circus. I know how hard it is to get my 4 to look at the camera and smile for a pic. But dealing with 11 kids is beyond comprehension on the difficulty and logistics of making them sit still, smile, hold the position, not give each other rabbit ears, not stick out their tounges, balance on one knee, hold a bat with out hitting everyone else, look up, smile, open their eyes, quit squirming, quit laughing at the one making funny noises, and stop trying to make each other fall over.

I was so glad when it was done. I think next year I am going to suggest we make them run the feild at least 3 times before lining them up to take the pic. Get them a little tired.

Once they were done BR took our two and started to practice. I had wanted Matts team to practice today. But most of the moms were just not thinking they needed it. And the coach agree'd, See'ins how they won last week and all. Guess they never heard that every once in a while a blind hog will find an acorn too. Honestly, I was kinda glad. After the picture taking debacle I couldnt have stood being around most of them for much longer anyway.

The boys have improved SO much. Brett was catching everything. He missed a few, but most of them were EASY catches. Concidering last game NONE were hit to him I think he is doing wonderful. his throwing is still a little off. But all in all I think he is doing real well. Matt played the infield and we have to really work on him getting down and catching the ball. Oh, he stops it. He will stop it with his foot and then pick it up. Its just not good form.
The boys are really having fun now that they are doing so much better. Lord the trash talk. Brett hollerin at Matt that he throws like a girl. THen Matt hollering back that he cries like a girl when he gets grass burn while diving for a ball.

And BOTH of them hollering at me cause I catch like a girl. I told them I catch like an old, fat woman. And I am the best training tool they have. They shouldnt take for granted that I will try to catch the ball. They have to throw it TO me, for me to catch it. I catch out of defence, not offence. I catch the ball if its gona hit me.

We used the tennis ball to practice short hops. till they realized it didnt hurt. Then it became a dodge ball. I dont dodge real well.

We took them out to eat after the practice and they ate like grown men. I really hate going to Golden Corral. I end up working harder there than if I cook at home.
And I said as much. Brett said "well, if you cooked at home more we'd know and feel sorry for you". Sometimes I could just squeeze that kid till he pops. I end up having to take each one to the buffet and getting them what they want, following them around, getting the 'right' peice of what ever, identifing everything on the line, going back and doing it all over again. The only thing I dont have to do it wash up the dishes. And I actually hardly ever get full. I just get tired of serving food. And all the walking I do uses up what little I do get to eat.

Once they had finished their 3rd plates I let them have desert. They got to get ice cream and put what ever toppings on it they wanted. Matt got the swirl. It was vanilla and orange sherbert. THEN he put crap on top of it. Brett got M&M's and gummybears and red hots. Matt got jelly beans, M&M's, and something else. ON TOP of orange sherbert. They actually ate it. GROSS.

I called my brother in law as we were leaving and told them they could have the kids, we were done with them for the day. I fiqure someone else putting up with the sugar induced activity the icecream and candy will activate is a wonderful end to a great day.

I talked to my dad today. He is going to come and visit for Matts birthday. Thats next weekend. I swear, everytime I get over one birthday, another rolls around. I dont know what we are going to do yet. Just ice cream and cake I know. But I dont know where. The last year each kid got to have their party at my great aunts. I know there is a reason for it. I am pretty sure its because my grandfathers wife doesnt like coming to my house cause of my dogs, and cause I let people smoke here. But noone will admit it. They prefer to be nonconfrentational. They think just offering up having a party for them makes it all okay and saves hurt feelings. Not MY feelings, they dont get hurt that easy. But other folks' might.

I went along with it on Matts, then Rayley wanted hers there cause Matt had gotten to, and then of course Brett didnt want to be left out. I am not sure what I am going to do this year. Matt is already asking about it. I wouldnt mind doing some BBQ and just enjoying the day. I really dont know what I am going to get them. I thought about good gloves. But thats real expensive. And my grandmother started something years ago that we have not stopped yet. She actually started it with my cousin and I. but there were 2 of us, and our birthdays were 6 months apart. When the boys were little it wasnt that big of a deal. You just buy something for the other kid not having a birthday. Since around here you have to buy 2 of everything anyway its fine. But as they get older it gets harder.
I will more than likely go with clothes. Its easy. Or new walkie talkies. I think we need new ones. I know we are going to start takeing them to the baseball games. That way I can keep up with everyone :)

I dont do 'kid parties' I have no need. I dont want to one-up anyone, we already have ponies, and honestly, I dont like kids. I hate going to kid birthday parties. Its just a bunch of screaming, running kids and absolute chaos. I gave birth 4 times so my kids had other kids at their parties. Same with sleep overs. I am just not into that.

Plus the money I save on putting out a HUGE spread gives me more to spend later.

The kids have started calling each other Hi-YA. Apparently its making a word out of the acronym of HIA.

Today Matt was eating and then started to stare into space. The waitress walked up and asked if everything was okay, refilled our glasses and asked Matt if he was done with his plate. He just kinda looked at her dumbfounded. She said "you okay? did the heat get to you?" and Brett said " oh dont mind him, he has Hiya syndrome."

she just looked dumbfounded. Luckily it was a girl I have known for years and I was able to explain it to her. She laughed adn said "oh.. that must be what affects my kids too."

Brett wants to know if it will get him out of some of the tests at school. He swears that kids with other syndromes get out of them. I told him no, the only thing it will get him is MORE work.

Amanda called after she got them to her house and asked if they had ate lately. I told her yes. She said "well, thats what the kids said, but I wanted to make sure"
I told her that yes, they had ate around 3:00.
"well, I guess thats why Brett wont eat his hamburger"
I told her that no, he probebly wont, to just save it for later, they will get hungry.
Then I asked her what made her not belive them if they both told her they had eaten and wernt hungry.
"matt ate all his, and both of them swore they had eaten"
I asked her if she had said there was a desert.
"yea, but Brett said he didnt want any of that either, he was just too full."
THat explains it. Matt will eat if he thinks he will get desert. everytime!

She said Rayley had a good time with Uncle Luke today. He took her to visit his and BR's Grandmother, rode 4 wheelers with her and they went to town. I hope he didnt go to any stores. Cause all she has to do is look at something and he buys it for her.


Tara said...

LOL I also hate kids birthday parties, in fact since having my own, I don't much like other peoples kid period.

maidto5 said...

LOL, I swear I dont And all my friends know it. :)

We have so far managed to have no 'friends' invited to parties. When my kids ask why I tell them that you are only alloted so much money for a paty and the present, if you spend too much on the party there is not present ;)

Karen said...

So what the heck is HIA?

maidto5 said...