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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Halloween and Rabbits, only in my world do they mix...

I have sat down quite a few times to blog, and always get called away. the entire week was spent on a cake and running around.

Halloween has come and gone. First Matt got his cake done. He had to 'bury' verbs they dont want them to use in class.

I showed him how to make tombstones and then sent him on his way. Brett wanted to help constantly, and he wouldnt take no for an answer. He would get mad because he didnt get to help. But Matt really did do this cake. I baked it, and put on the crumb coat, then the last night BR and I sat down with him and made suggestions. You cant see some of the details really well. Like the hole dug in the ground for the new casket, or the mound of dirt infront of the fresh grave, but its there.

Matt painted them, and I had to threaten him to keep the ingrediants of the paint a secret. Its a well known fact that its best to use a liquer to mix your colors in, and it disapates, leaving NO trace as it dries, all thats left is the paint. But I didnt fiqure it would go over well if the kids at school went home tellin what was all over the cake.

Everything on it, except the posts holding up the sign are edible. Made of gumpaste.

It was a huge hit at school. All the kids loved it and Matts teacher loved it.

Halloween was one of those days where you just couldnt get it all done in one day. I went in and picked up the kids, I had to take the cake in anyway, and had a few erronds to run, that Friday, which is when we DID halloween. We did it on Friday because Saturday was youth opening morning. and the boys would be hunting.

I knew the bus wouldnt have them home until 5, and I wanted to take them to a carnival in town that was from 4:30 to 8. I had to paint 2 of them. and had to take them to about 6 houses.

Of course we couldnt find Matts costume, ANYWHERE.
that wasted about an hour. Bow wouldnt stay out of anything while I was trying to put the makeup on them, and There were fights and squirmishes the whole time.

My house is basicly like two warring parties that live in the same town. only there is NO place to seperate them. its like the gaza strip. day and night.

Finally we all got dressed and were ready to go. It took a while to paint them. and we finally fiqured out how to make Bretts 'bolts' stick to his head.

I did such a good job that noone recognized them. their own family was confused if Brett or Matt were the first to the door. Bow didnt wear his mask while we trick or treated, it kinda felll down to his neck, or he pushed it there.

We did finally make it to the carnival about 7. its a free carnival with lots of jumpy things, various games, and snacks. the kids had alot of fun and were able to just run around and do what they wanted.

they even had a small petting zoo. I didnt think I'd ever get Bow out of there. He LOVED loving on all the animals, he would just hug and love on them.

The weekend was spent in the deerstand, they didnt see anything, but both boys got to go twice. BR would take them before daylight, then again that evening, after a 2 hour nap, and then come home and get dressed to go to work. He worked all night, and when he got home he took the other boy.

Tuesday Matt didnt feel well, I ended up giving him milk of magnesia- which kicked in the next day- he said he could make it to school- around 9am Brett called, he was sick, so I headed in to get him- Then we went to walmart to get him some congestion meds. about that time Matt called, he had a bad headache. so I had to go and get him.

I had just about decided to go and get Rayley- and we saw the kids bus driver in walmart. she asked what I was doing, and I told her heading to the school to get another one. She thought I meant Rayley, since she had said on the bus she felt pukish this morning.

When I got in the truck BR called, and told me that he really didnt want Rayley to ride the bus alone, it was too long of a ride, and she would freak if the boys wernt there. So that cemented the deal.

I headed to her school, and was walking down the hallway, her class was in front of me coming back from lunch. I saw her stop her teacher and talk to her. About that time I caught up and she was telling her she didnt feel good and was fixing to go to the nurse. talk about perfect timing!

So, I gathered up all my children and headed home. the next day everyone stayed home, they all have bad sinus infetions, resulting in bad headaches and all the drainage is making them ill.

I had a cake that I had to get done in the meantime, and am trying to get my house spotless because my dad is coming next week. They are NOT helping any. the cake is for a friend of mine, she wanted a deer hunting cake. I have been telling her all week I am making a 'woodlands fairy cake' adn if you knew her you would understand just how 'not her' this is. She is more country than me. LOL she cleans up real good, and all, but butterflies and fairies and nympths are not her forte.

I finished it finally today, because the week has been so .... I dont want to say hectic, it really wasnt. but it was just.... time consuming. I never got to just sit and enjoy making the cake.

BR was off on Thursday, and we had alot of things planned. We only managed to get done a few of them. One was driving an hour away to get 2 more rabbits. This brings my total to 6. 2 does are the breed I need, and 1 buck for sure. 1 buck might be the right breed, he looks a little off, and one doe might be right, their color is just real faint. One doe is NOT the right breed. but might make for good breeding for the meat.

I still need at least one more doe, to guarentee I have 3 good babies for each boy to show in April.

After running to get the rabbits, going to walmart, and getting some other things, we were pretty much out of time. Plus about the time we got started on the rabbit cage we were supposed to build for all of them we found out I had gotten the wrong wire. We ate a late lunch and hauled butt back to town to get differnt wire. When we finally got back we started getting everything together to get started. First was finding BR's tape measure. I had found it outside, pulled out and in the rain, so I brought it in, tried to fix it and set it in the living room. With two hours till dark, we didnt have time to search, but search I did. after about 45 minutes I found it where Bow had hid it. I gave it to BR who then tried to use it. It wouldnt wind back up. he tried everything. finally he took the screws out. he couldnt get it apart. Finally he was able to break it. Resulting in a not so happy camper.

Then we went out to get started ripping the boards and the blade was too dull. It just wouldnt cut them. After that, our day was pretty much shot.

anyway, on Friday Rayley wanted to go to school, Matt said he was still sick, and Brett had a headache and was still real congested. Plus, he had failed to mention that he didnt have a clean pair of uniform pants. I sent Rayley with my mother in law, so she wouldnt have to ride the bus alone, and told the other two that they were not that sick and would be working all day.

We all were up before the sun, and ended up breeding the two rabbits of questionable linage, I want to make sure I know what I'm doing before I breed for the show in December. I'd hate to screw that up.

Shortly after that I headed to town to get a new blade. I also found some plastic tin that was buggered up, so I bought that at a discount. fiqurin BR would gripe, but he was suprisingly not agervated. I was also instructed to buy him a new tape measure. So I did.

My friend had went with me, and we gathered up our stuff and left. After I had to go to customer service to get the money back on the taxes charged. Since its for farm use its tax exempt.

When we got back to the house BR asked for his tape. We had forgotten to get it. He wanted me to drive BACK to town. I declined. But did ask him mom to pick it up for me when she got off work.

Instead he broke 12 foot off the 'broken' tape and we used that. All day he would tell me "dont forget to bring the fancy tape" or "dont step on my fancy tape"

I plan to keep that section of tape forever. because a tape measure is something we are always loosing, and I can always drag out his 'fancy tape' and prove its just as good.
This project actually came together pretty good. Oh there was the normal stupid crap. Like him listening to my ideas, then telling me it wouldnt work, and we end up doing it like that anyway, but with his explination so it sounds more right. I dont know if I dont explain it thoroughly, or he doesnt listen or what, but this happens all the time. I just ignore it. But concidering that we just had an idea in our head, didnt have any plans, or know how to execute exactly what we wanted, we did a jam up job. and everything fit perfectly. We didnt waste any boards, and other than me breaking a nail, noone was hurt.

We finally got the roof on it and the wire done at dark thirty. We opted not to cut doors last night, BR said he just was too tired and might screw them up. and once you cut wire, you cant fix it.

We did put the three rabbits who were not in a hutch in there, we just put them in before the roof went on. They are fed and watered from the outside, so thats okay. We will get the doors cut sometimes today I hope.

All in all it was a great day, a rabbit condo got built, we bred 2 rabbits and bred one of the hogs. I just hope it all took. I cant very well run a pregnancy test on any of them, so I just have to wait till their due dates to make sure they 'took'.

Once I came in I got a shower, fed the kids and at 7:20 the boys were begging to go to bed. I let them.

Rayley fell asleep not long after and I got to work finishing the cake. its a cool idea, and if I was just a little more talented it would have came out so great.

Today we have been cleaning, the kids have alot to do, and I did the last of the stuff on the cake. I have to go into town later, to pick up that tape measure, my mother in law forgot to pick it up, and get one more peice of tin. I will start cleaning in earnest this week. Right now I'm making the kids do it. Plus I have to fiqure out what on earth to do for Bows birthday cake. Its next week and I dont have a clue what I can do for him. He doesnt like cartoons, is only 2 so he has no hobbies, and other than his boots he doesnt have a favorite anything...