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Saturday, June 20, 2009

a brief catch up.

* I have written this 3 times. and deleted it 3 times.

I didnt mean to, I just hit the wrong button while trying to edit my pics and it deletes. I dont know how to get it back. I am near tears. This has been such a great day, BUT this has killed it. WEll that and BR called me to come get him, his truck is broke down again. This is the 4th time in a little over a week.

Well, its been a while, again....

The boys started practicing for allstars. Every night for about 3 hours. Till around 10. Our first game is Saturday, so we need the practice.

I have been working on Rayleys cake. Its supposed to have a tiara on it. I made about 6 of them. The first one has stayed together perfectly, BUT I dont like it. at all.

The second one stayed together, BUT, it wasnt smooth. I was still learning how to use the gumpaste.

The third, fourth and fifth, wouldnt stick together. OR they would stick together, I'd let them dry overnight and when I tried to take off the wax paper they would fall apart.

This is the second Tiara, I drew a pattern and then rolled out the gumpaste to match it.

I was very proud of it, until I picked it up to set it on the butter dish to dry in a rounded shape.

This is what happened:

notice the one on the left? that was the second one to die.

Then, I got it all together, reglued it with gumpaste and put it on. WHEW~

Now its time to paint my gelatin butterfly. The body is gumpaste. Not bad. This all edible cake might just look good after all.

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Once I got that done, it was time to paint it. I was impressed. The gold was very nice, and I thought it looked pretty good.

After it dried, it fell apart too.

So, I decided to just roll out some purple gumpaste and stick the tiara on it. NOT what I wanted, it looks like crap, but its there.

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This has been one of those weeks where nothing you do seems to come out right. Brett was supposed to do some of their laundry, we were trying to clean in preperation of my dad coming. They had a dozen loads they could do, instead he picked towells. about a dozen VERY large towells. He was just being lazy. He doesnt realize that he now had to do the towells- that I would have done myself- PLUS his clothes.

Well, someone, (I am guessing its our friend N.M.- short for NOT ME) put it on small load, and someone else didnt check. so he broke my washer.

it was full of water and wouldnt do a thing. I had to drag out 125 pounds of wet towells. and get the water out of the washer.

BR tried to see if he could fix it. picked it up, messed with the belt, which was fine, and then accidentaly dropped it.

It started working. I had been in tears.

Mid week, the washer stopped working again. Things were just awful to start with, so I was at the end of my rope. When that washer wouldnt start I just started praying. Begging God to help me get through it. Telling him I knew that he wouldnt give me more than I could handle, but I was starting to loose it.

IT started. I kid you not.

we had our yearly homecoming last weekend. It was nice to visit with all the old folks. Of course, it came on the same day I had to go to town and do a car wash to raise money for allstars. But I managed to get both done, and brought tater salad and snap beans to the picnic.

Rayleys party turned out nice, she got about 4 outfits for school, and 2 new pair of boots. My sister in law got her a pair of tennis shoes for school, I told her that the boots I got where size 12 and to get that. She did. Unfortunatly, Rayley is now wearing a 12. She grew over night.

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The cake didnt travel well. It wasnt quite held like it should have been. Of course if you ask BR its all my fault, my driving, the way I boxed it, that I was breathing too hard... whatever..

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I did brush her hair before we left, and she was cute. But when we got there she decided to run around like a hoodlum....

She had asked for no toys. she didnt want to clean them up and I was glad I am tired of telling her to clean them up!

She did get toys, some folks dont listen. Her wish was answered though, She got firepower!!

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and then something for her feminine side.

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Of course we did have drama before the party, almost making us miss it all together, or at least making the boys miss it all together.

It all started earlier in the week, I took the boys grey pants, washed them, scrubbed them by hand, and got them spotless. Then I dried them, folded them, and handed them to them. Telling them "put these up, you can wear your white pants to practice all week, and keep these clean."

So fast forward to Saturday morning. On Friday night, I told them to find their stuff. They said they did. I saw everything except the pants. Cause they were in the drawer right?

well, Saturday morning I asked for another uniform check, we were short one pair of pants. So off on the pant hunt we went. Or they did.

3 hours later I explained taht with one pair missing, it meant that NOONE played ball. PERIOD.

They had already been jerked out of ball, I had to make a trip to Houston on wend for my aunt and told my mom and them that they had to water and feed the pigs 2 times while I was gone. They failed to do it period. It was 100*. To say I was livid was an understatement.

But their coach begged me to let them play. So I did. Then they loose their pants.

I refused to just 'stop and buy another pair'. The shirts and hats alone were 60.00 per kid. Then the Deisel I had to waste to drive to town for 8 practices, plus Saturdays car wash.

Not to mention the fluids I lost sitting at the ball park for 3 hours a night, in 100 degree heat, watching them act like drunk monkeys on the field.

So about 10 minutes BEFORE the party started, that we had to leave and get to, they finally found the pants. NOT in the same drawer that the first pair were in, instead they were in a differnt drawer. One they keep momentoes in.

they were allowed to go.

THEN, once we got home from the party it was time to haul butt, We had to drive 40 miles the other side of Jasper, we live 20 on this side.

My dad was in for the weekend, so he was able to go with us. Or was too polite to decline the invitation. He was blessed to see us practice on Friday night.

Dont get me wrong, I commend the coaches for taking the time to do an allstar team. But I have to say that its not in your best intrest if you are not well versed in baseball to not take advise from those who are. OR at least read the rule book.

To say they were clueless would be an understatement. At our first practice, we were bad.

The only way I can describe it is:

You know the show 'Bad News Bears'? At the begining when they were just really awful. before they got the girl who could pitch? they would have whipped us. At the begining of the show. before they learned teamwork and all that mushy stuff. Luckily, we were consistant. because at 10:00 pm Friday night, we were still the same.

We went an entire week, and no one played the same position twice. None of the kids knew where they were playing. and of the 5 pitchers who made the team, 3 were used. 2 kids who had never seen the top of the mound were put in to pitch.

And the catchers were no differnt. 2 made the team, and they played the infield. A kid who had caught a few times, 2 years ago, against a pitching machine was used.

The line up didnt fair much better, One of the power hitters was first up. Kids who were consistant hitters and baserunners were at the bottom of the lineup.

He took our first pitcher and had him pitch 44 pitches. Then took him out. That put him having to wait another 4 days before he could pitch again. Our next game was Tuesday.

The next ones he took out at 20. so they could pitch again.

But it didnt matter, We walked in all but about 6 earned runs. Well, not even walked them in, I think we walked in a few. The rest were 'stole' by past balls.

Our catcher couldnt stop anything. a strike, a throw, a ball. They all went past him.

It got so bad that by the second inning, the coach for the other team was having his kids bat left handed. Or bunt.

Of course, by now Brett got brought in. I dont even know how many runs we were down by. well over a dozen plus. like 17-18. Bases were loaded, no outs, the kid at bat had 3 balls on him, and no strikes. He throws in a pitch, it gets past the catcher, and in comes a run. on a STRIKE! this happened all night. But the beautiful one was when we had two outs, a bunt was laid down, neither first base or third base tried to get it, down runs Brett. He scoops it up, turns to throw to first and there is first laying flat of his back, he had tripped over the base.

So he turns to home, a kid was running in. the catcher is turned around adjusting his padding.

Finally we get out of the inning.

This crap goes on and on. The last inning they are heading out, the coach calls back a kid. This kid had made or assisted in almost every out. Had been chattering to the infield the whole time (ie '1 out plays at first' or ' 2 outs, play at any base'), was a consistant player. He called him out and told another to come in. His nephew. And I hear... I kid you not " Cant I just go home? I'm bored and dont wana play."

Luckily we were able to eventually go home. the last inning at our bat we got 3 runs, so the final score was 24-3.

Monday we pretended to practice again.

Then Tuesday was our next game, It was a double elmination tournament for district champs.

We batted first. And got runs on the board. Brett was pitching. He did a pretty good job. He had a few mistakes. BUT, when you throw strikes and the catcher doesnt catch them, its obvious that you wont win the game.

The coach pitched Brett every pitch he could. plus a few. At this age, a kid can only pitch 75 pitches. Brett pitched 79.

He got a few outs. In that last inning he pitched he caught 2 pop up flys to get the outs.

We were able to get out of his last inning with the score being 8 to 8. He didnt walk anyone in, but if he threw a ball, the other team learned quickly that you could steal home, cause the catcher didnt catch the ball.

Brett also got on first. no outs, and a kid that can hit was coming up. the coach made him steal to second. my slow as molasses kid didnt make it. No idiot sends a slow kid to second, when a hitter is up to bat, with NO outs.

I take that back, ONLY an idiot sends a slow kid to second, when a hitter is up to bat, with NO outs.

guess what happened next? yep. this kid walked the next 4 kids. had he left Brett alone, we would have had one less out adn one more point at the end of the first inning.

We had a good game at first. Then they just laid it down. Brett was out as pitcher, and they got a few runs on us.

But thats not the worse part. Matt sat the bench for the first few innings. Then he sent him out. He was put in the 3rd slot batting and in right field. This was during Bretts 3 up 3 down inning. where he caught the 2 popups on the pitchers mound. Then they went up to bat. The coaches sent in the wrong kid in Matts place.

The other team didnt catch it. it was a 3 up 3 down inning.

Then he took Matt back out and put him on the bench. You cant do that. you have to play each kid, and they have to bat.

So 3 differnt men went and told the coach. SO then he sends him up in the kids place that went in instead of him at the other bat. NO CAN DO. if you read the rules, you would know this.

THis time the other team caught it. Matt had 2 strikes and 3 balls. full count.

They had a meeting of the minds at the plate, and I say that with complete levity.

Come to find out Matt wasnt allowed to bat. Of course, we had already told them this. 2 of the guys in the stands knew it and told them. Not just regular joes. But the coach that ours had two scrimages against and learned all he knew from, and a guy on the board of JYBA.

they pulled Matt out, put the original kid in and he struck out. That was the extent of Matts playing for the night.

He had ran hundreds of bases, slid till he had skin lost and strawberries everywhere, rug burn and bruises, been hit by countless balls, hit hundreds of balls, Sweated and cried, worked harder than I have ever seen him work. to play for 7 minutes and get taken out of his only bat. To say I was pissed would be an understatement. He was as good as anyone out there, (this coming from OTHERS, not just me) and better than quite a few. But he had been treated like crap.

The coach actually told the people that went there to tell him "but I put him in"

NO he didnt.

SO, the coach that had tried to help said "since your other Byerly boy didnt bat,
you can protest the game". We died laughing. why would we protest? for more of the same torture? LOL

One inning actually ended with the bases loaded, and the coach sent one of the slower running players to steal home. they got him in a rundown. well not a real rundown, more of a throw, gotcha type situation. He was WAY too slow to even be stealing.

and the bases were LOADED!!

It was just pathetic.

We lost 8 to 14. But we did try, for the most part. Our poor catcher caught EVERY inning. THis is one of the boys that played catcher in the regular season. He isnt bad at it. But if they took the pitcher out at 75 pitches in the 3rd inning, then the catcher needs to come out too. He has thrown BACK to the pitcher EVERY pitch, plus a few down the lines.. This poor kid was exhusted, but gave it his all the entire game.

I am glad its over. And more than a handful of people asked BR to coach next year. a few dads even offered to help him coach. People asked him if we could meet at the ballpark to practice, just play around, but learn something.

They had seen what BR tried to do, and were happy with it.

this week has been much of the same. I have been getting up early and pickin in the garden, shucking corn and putting it up. Yesterday alone was over 100 ears of corn.

I have done peas, maters, squash, corn and cucumbers this week. Last week, I was staying out till 10:30 and then getting up around 5:30 to get in the gardens. and its been SOOO hot. easily into the 103 plus range. Some days it was 110 heat index.

and being the mean mom I am, I make my kids help. EVERY time I am in a field they are helping. if I am cleaning, pealing, silking, cutting etc, they are helping.

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And yes, I am a slave driver.

and this is what else I have done.

9 out of 10 eggs hatched, for 9 new chicks, and my sister in laws quail started hatching.

aint they cute??

thats a normal size chicken egg and the quail eggs.
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And I just had to show a cute little quail with a real chicken egg.
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Here is a 3 day old chick, beside the 2 day old quail.
The chick came out of that egg, the quail is now in it.

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Again, I just thought it was cute to put the quail in the larger egg. It doesnt use it as a home, or wasnt born out of it, or anything like that. I just had a newly hatched chicken egg laying around, and a new baby quail and thought I'd show the size difference.

Oh, and this morning, Brett came into the living room, I was trying to watch the news, but instead was bombarded by crap about Micheal Jackson. I think that South Korea could have bombed New York and they'd still worry about Micheal ODing on demoral.

So, Brett comes in and sits down. He looks at the TV and says "THATS Micheal Jackson?"

"yep, who did you think it was?"

"oh, I have seen her... I mean him before, but thought it was a woman, with really bad hair... that maybe she had that armadillo disease or something"

He was refering to Lepordsy.

"no baby, that is the one and only Micheal Jackson"

"I thought Micheal Jackson was black"

"he was born that way"

"is that his real nose?"

"no... "

"Didnt that really pretty woman die yesterday too?"

"you mean Farrah Fawcett?"

"yeah, that one that was before my time.. why aint they talkin about her? At least she was pretty, and didnt act weird..."

I gotta say, I couldnt have said it better myself.

Heck, Ed McMahon was just a passing thought at the end of broadcasts. Farrah was cast to the side with in minutes of Micheals heart attack. And sadly, HUNDREDS of hometown heros, loving fathers, mothers, grandparents, children and innocent babies died yesterday without a peep in the news. Instead we cant get away from a pedophile with serious identity issues.