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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Change aint all its cracked up to be

Well opening weekend didnt net me any meat in my freezer. BR went out but didnt get anything. Of course it doesnt help that there is national forrest beside my house and people come in and hunt right up next to my property. Basicly hunting off my feeder and food plots.

He also worked through the weekend, and took off yesterday. He came in around 3am and went out hunting again. When he came in we watched TV and tried to catch up on the things we had recorded all week. Around 11:00 he asked me if I would like to go out to dinner. I told him that would be nice. I asked him what time he wanted to go. He didnt care. So I called my mom and asked her if I could bring the boys over there while we went out. She agreed. I debated on us just going to an early dinner and letting them ride the bus to her house. Since they dont get home until 5. I decided that we may as well wait, and when she came over a few hours later and got Rayley I gave her some meat that I was thawing out for the kids for supper. I put the chicken I was thowing out for BR in the fridge and went to take a shower.

While I was in the shower Bow woke up. BR and he came in the bathroom while I was putting on my makeup and I told him I would take the mean thing in just a few minutes. So he went into our room and was watching TV and trying to entertain Mr. Needy.

I came out and asked BR if he was sure he wanted to go out. We wernt going anywhere special, just to Golden Corral or the local Mexican place, but I knew he was tired, he hadnt been to sleep yet. He told me that he was sure. and it was already almost 2:00. He kept dozing off and I asked him again. He said to just let him take a little nap and wake him when the kids got home.

So I did. at 5 I went in and woke him up. I was dressed and told the kids to do a little homework, mother had made them hamburgers and they were going over there as soon as their daddy got dressed.

I went back in the bedroom to find a shoe. He was back asleep. So I told him to just sleep. I would fix supper. I really didnt care, except I had fixed my hair and put on makeup. PLUS I hadnt fixed supper yet. So I had to fix both suppers, (BR is on a diet, so they are not eating the same thing) and deal with Bow who was in his 'hold me NOW' phase for the evening.

With it being Monday night the kids had lots of homework and wanted to eat immediatly.

BR woke up around 7:20. Came in the living room and wanted to change the channel on the TV. Luckily I had it set for everything I wanted to watch for the night.

Bow is activly active. Getting into everything now. He is walking everywhere and you cant keep him out of anything. He climbs as high as he can on anything he can, and is bound and determined to loose my cell phone. One time while BR was sleeping I went into the kids room to put up clothes. I came out and he was missing. I had heard my cell phone ring, but didnt come running because even if I did awnser it I couldnt talk on it. There is NO signal out here. Sometimes you catch just enough signal to screw with you. ANyway, I walked in here and was going to check to see who called. My phone was NOT where its supposed to be. And neither was Bow. I saw our bedroom door was pushed open so I went looking. There sat Bow in the middle of my bed, leaned up against a sleeping BR and holding my phone to his head like he had good sense.

I am under no illusion that he will differ any from the rest of the residents in this house, so good sense is not something I am expecting.

The boys brought home their fundraiser for the school when they came home. We are selling Candles. I have wanted to sell candles for years. I cant wait for them to come in. Not sure how many I can buy, but I love candles. Speaking of which, you can order some and our school will be able to benifit. I will get the web address and post it soon. These are great candles. And I have a feeling in light of current events this will be the only way we can raise money this year. Thats going to be awful. Our kids rely heavily on our fundraisers to do any activities. I am constantly amazed at the lack of funding for basic 'fun' things. I know that a field trip is not required to have an education, but who doesnt remember that trip to the zoo? Plus for alot of these kids, its the only trip they will ever make.

Sorry, off my soapbox.

OH speaking of the PTA. I was SOOO caught up in the election, and voting today that I missed a meeting. Seriously. I have NEVER done this. I live for the PTA. I am constantly doing things here at home for it, always trying to come up with better things to do, keep my records perfect, have spread sheets for my spread sheets. And I smooth forgot about a meeting today.

But I did go and vote. My kids came home from school mad because I had already went. And I guess I should have waited and let them go. I will next time. They wanted to be a part of it. They are pretty good little experts on the election. They can spout off all kinds of facts. They have picked it up from the TV, mine and BR's conversations, newspapers and various publications that we get. I hope they continue to be interested in their country and always want to be a part of it.

I do worry about them though. When they went to bed the returns had just started and Matt overheard that Obama had won a state. He was VERY distrought. I told him it was just a state. The election wasnt over. When he finds out what really happened in the morning I dont think he will handle it well. He has already told me that we should dig a big hole and put all our guns in it. And I am not sure I dont agree with him. I will just have to send him off to school tomorrow with the old adage that God doesnt give you more than you can handle and He does have a grand plan, even if we cant always see it.

It will be hard to do, I have been literly sick to my stomache all night. I see our livlyhood drying up, our traditions being taken and our safety flying out the window.

I honestly dont see a single person up there that represents me. Maybe my breed is dying out. Much like the pioneers of another era wouldnt fit in this world, soon I wont either.

But whats done is done and I cant change it. I did my part. Thats all that can be asked and done. I just pray that we can overcome what ever is coming our way.

Speaking of coming our way. My dad called a few days ago. He is coming in for Bow's first birthday. I cant belive its that time already. A year old. I honestly thought Rayley was going to be my last child, and was not ready for another one. he is no longer a baby, but a full fledged toddler. I look at him and am amazed at how time flies. Then I look at Brett and try to remember him being Bows age. I dont. I cant belive my kids are as grown as they are. Brett is over halfway through his 'at home' life. He is almost 10. Matt is right behind him. Both of them change every day. Learning more, becoming their own person. There are times when I look at them and dont even know who they are or what got them there. I realize that I dont have much more time to mold them into what they need to be. And I wonder what all I have screwed up. Rayley goes to school next year. Its hard to belive that she is already a kid. Not a baby. Not a toddler. But a little girl. And I really worry about her. There are times that the boys drive me crazy. Always in trouble, acting like hoodlums. Then I look over at her and realize, they are the least of my worries. All the appologies I have to give for my boys getting in trouble at school or on the bus are nothing compared to what I will have to do when that hellion graces them with her presence. She is going to set them on their ear.

I can honestly say that I am not looking forward to the future. In any shape or form.

Especially not the near future, where I have to clean the house from top to bottom, talk some idiot into taking this rabbit off my hands (cause he/she is driving me nuts), get ready for Bow's birthday, Thanksgiving, Bretts birthday and Christmas.

I guess I should turn off the TV and go on to bed. I need the sleep. I have to go to town tomorrow, which I dread.