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Saturday, March 8, 2008

How not to make friends at the ball park...

I know that kids should have fun playing baseball. And there is a good reason I dont coach. But as a parent how in the world can you sit in the stands and laugh cause your kid is making mud pies in centerfeild? and I am NOT talking about T ball. these are 7 and 8 year olds. And NO, winning isnt everything, but having self respect is. And you only get that when you give it your best. Twirling like a ballarina on speed is NOT a good way to catch a ball, unless the batter is REALLY good and aiming for your head.

And what part of HUSTLE dont they understand? I swear, the only time I saw the whole team run full out was when the coach said they could have the donuts in the dugout. Last year I pulled Brett off the field of an All Star game because he walked out to his position and was tossing his glove in the air. We were on a time limit and he was costing his team precious time. After he sat out an inning he learned not to do it. These kids would watch the ball go by and then argue as to who was going to go and get it. Maybe this will all work itsself out before our first game. If not, I see me spending alot of time at the truck.

Now there were some funny moments. Some of these kids just got out of football. And so they would forget and would try to block the ball from being thrown. It was hillarious when the short stop ran over to second base and was jumping up with his hands in the air trying to keep the ball from being thrown to the pitcher. Short stop was about a foot shorter than 2nd base, but VERY determined. Or have a dog pile to get the ball. They were taking batting practice and were just supposed to throw it back to the mound. Since it was practice we could laugh.

And it was SOOO cold this morning. I was even nice enough to loan Matt my School mascot hoodie (its too small now) and let Brett borrow my *gasp* Dallas Cowboys one ( honestly, its too small too.. I really need a new one). Both of them have outgrown any that they have. Oh At first Brett decided he didnt need it. I ended up having to make a trip back into the house to get it after I had went through the checklist. His excuse?
"I cant run in it."

It was a MUD hole out there too. When we got there noone else was there, so I got a glove and warmed up the boys, then got a bat and hit some balls to them. I dont hit balls real well. But I try. 10 minutes later they were already covered in mud. My sweatshirts will never be the same. I did catch my Cowboys one on the bleachers once with the arm and hood brushing up against the ground. I jumped on Brett, telling him that I did NOT want my hoodie on the ground. And he needed to have more respect than that. He said "its not like its a flag or anything"....
Yes, he lived through it.

Bow was as good as could be. He just sat and watched. I didnt take Rayley. I do have some sense..

I really didnt have to get onto Hoover to keep him focused, what he doesnt have in skill he was making up for in attempts :) I DO have to holler at him to hustle when he is running the bases though. I am not sure why. He says he feel self concious when he is running them cause everyone is staring at him.
Once Matt was done we had a 3 hour break, so I went to Walmart and bought a cheapo stroller. I didnt want to, but we just wont make it with out one. I also bought a pizza for the kids. Brett hates pizza ( yep, you read that right... ) I dont know why, he LOVES spaghetti, and begs for lasagna. I think its cause he thinks you want him to like it, so he'd rather miss out on something he loves ( he used to love it) than make it easy on you.
I just told him that he had 2 choices. Eat it or be hungry. We would be home around 7 and he could eat then.
He asked what was for supper. I told him the other pizza I had bought.
He opted to eat it for lunch. and low and behold, the little brat liked it.
Oh he didnt admit that, and gagged the whole time, crying and whining. BUT I saw him sneak another peice.

Once I put the stroller together I got the kids out and started to warm them up again. Brett was just interested in throwing as hard and far as he could. I insisted that we just warm up. So we did for about 8 minutes, then he started trying to kill me. I swear, he threw one that hit the bottom of my glove and got me squarley on the wrist. My hand was so numb that I couldnt close the glove around the ball. He has a mean streak in him. cause he just laughed.

Once practice started he had a pretty good night. This team is a little more focused than Hoovers. Of course this didnt stop us from hollering at them to pay attention. Brett did show some problems with tracking the pop ups. He was on them, but they would get past him by mere inches. I will have to work on that with him.

And we have a bat here that is too big for him. I let them use it here to practice swinging and such, it was a 20.00 bat at walmart. Not one of my smartest purchases. It weighs like 19 oz and he should be using much less. But he refuses to use Matts bat, its a 27 inch 15 ounce. And is really good. I found it on a REALLY good sale. But his hardheadedness wont let him use it. PLUS if he gets used to it and Hoover has a game we will have a problem. Anyway, the coaches convinced him to use a 16.5 ounce 27 inch with a 2 3/4 in barrell. He did WONDERFUL with it. There is ONE problem. its an Omaha. We are talking BIG money. And the bad thing is, you cant find a cheap bat at walmart in a size like that. He tried a few differnt bats, to see which one I need to get him. Of course he excelled with the highest priced one. You would think a bat wouldnt make that much differnce. I know I did. But its not true. It makes a HUGE differnce. And the really bad part, the kid whose bat he was good with is NOT on our team! LOL I wont be buying him this bat. Or any others. But it sure was nice to see him making good contact with balls for once. He really knocked them out there. But what really shocked me was some of the moms. He hit the first few balls with that bat after literly batting hit and miss with the last 3. I commented that the bat was a good one. The coach asked which bat it was, a few moms commented on how much better he did with it. and then one said "I bet you are planning a trip to Academy to buy one tonight aint you?" I said "NOPE". She laughed adn said "Well at least by next practice" I told her that no, I was not going to spend that much money on a bat. She was shocked. The scandel of it. The absolutly striken look on her face was comical.
"but he hits so much better with it"
YEP, but he thinks, walks, talks and lives much better with food in his belly too. Not to mention the rest of us! LOL
I think I just lost mom points. And maybe didnt make a new friend. Oh poo...

once they got home they had to clean up the mess I had made in their room. Last night while they were gone I got their bags together. After gathering up all the stuff they needed, washing an extra load of clothes because I couldnt find clean baseball pants and getting it all together, I couldnt find their... oh those tight black shirts you are supposed to wear for sports.... under armour.. or villiage people wanabe shirts.. I dont know. They were a present from a great aunt. anyway, I was looking for them. I ended up dumping all 8 drawers of their clothes in the floor and putting the empty drawers on their beds. They were PISSED. There was toys, dirty clothes, even some of mine and BR's clothes in their drawers. Come to find out when I have asked them to help with putting up laundry they would put it in there with theirs! They actually thought they could take it all to the dirty clothes. When I told them that anything that left the room was being washed by them, they decided most of them were clean.

It only took them from 8 to 11. Matt was a walking zombie. He goes to sleep by 8:45 when he stays up late. Even Brett was dragging. But I can now walk through their room. And find clothes.

Friday, March 7, 2008

There is nothing like hanging a kid with amnesia

Well for Matts first practice I reckon Thursday went well. He didnt hit real well. He just hates the pitching machine. BR says its because you cant see the entire release. I dont know. I just know that he has no judge of time on it. But he is swinging the bat. And swinging it pretty good. He also has a problem with stage fright. I really never thought I would say this about Matt, for obvious reasons, but he lets his head get in the way. He thinks too much about what he is doing. When I get him out there and play hot potatoe with him, or just throw things at him, he is quick, has wonderful reaction and has good ability. But you give him time to think and he can screw it up. Brett got to hit them balls for infield practice. He really enjoyed that.

We finished up practice right as a cold front moved through, we were getting ready to leave and the bottom fell out. Of course EVERY team was up there practicing. all 6 pitching machine teams, the girls softball teams and to top it off the High School was having a tourament. Parking was a nightmare. I got blocked in 7 ways from Sunday. But by the time we got ready to leave it had cleared out a little, and I had a strait shot. I always pull in turn around and get faceing out so its easier.
I got all the kids loaded up, buckled in, went through the checklist of what we brought to make sure it was back in the truck, realized Matt had left his bat bag at the batting cages and went back to get it. I got back to the truck, and looked up, and there sat an empty truck, bumper next to mine. I got out and hollered at a few folks I knew, asking them if they knew who owned it. Noone did. Now its just my luck that this was a F350 4 door deisel.. which means its almost as big as mine ( I have 4 wheel drive, so mine was a little taller). No "but I didnt see it setting there officer" excuse. these folks KNEW I was leaving, all kids were in the truck, it was running and my door was open. I was LIVID. The kids said some man in a cowboy hat got out and headed towards the high school stadium. so I did what any normal, law abiding, citizen would do, I cussed them for all they were worth, threw my truck in reverse, turned on the 4 wheel drive and backed into the mud pit behind where I was parked. Then I made sure I drove right through the mud hole beside thier truck and threw a little mud on the spotlessly clean exterior. I do belive next time I will also be kind enough to leave a note, if I can't find them. You might not can fix stupid, but By GEORGE, I am willing to try.

Bow is growing everyday. I have to weigh this kid again. He is by far the biggest of any of mine at 4 months. I cant afford to keep this kid in clothes. He is rolling and skooching. and LOVEs to hold toys and try to bite them, and if he cant find a toy he will bite on his hands, your hands, your arms.. He never wants to lay down. always wants to be sitting up. Everything goes to his mouth. Now I have two hoovers. And he loves to entertain. He will just talk, and coo, and screach, even laughed for the first time today. he is such a happy baby. And when he gets excited he will throw himself at what ever he can. When the kids come home he gets so happy and wants them to pay attention to him. Talk about getting beside yourself. HE will scream and holler, push and pull. Anything to get their attention. He is really changing and growing, already past the teeny baby stage and going to the active baby stage. I am really not ready. I know this is my last one, and am trying to sit back and enjoy it, but he is determined to charge forward and grow up.

I got a phone call today about Matt from the principal. Seems in addition to acting up on Wen. he decided to act goofy today. Since he had already been in so much trouble she just took the office referal she didnt use then and added todays trangressions to it. Playing in the bathroom and again mouthing off to another student. And somehow he made a toilet overflow while he was in there. The principal told me that when Matt went back to class he said he tried to tell her, but she told him to sit down and be quiet. So another student told. He asked Matt why he didnt raise his hands to tell the teacher himself when things had calmed down after everyone came back from the bathroom.
Apparently Matt looked at him and said " I suffer from short term memory loss"
He spent the rest of the day in in school suspension.

I told Dr Miller to have Sandra (the teacher in this class is an old family friend) watch him close, cause when ever you put Matt in a quiet place with no stimuli he gets bored and falls asleep. I cant even make him stand in the corner with out him falling asleep.

When they came home I asked them how school went. Brett said fine, and started asking me about baseball practice. I asked him again about school. He said it was okay. I told him there would be no practice, he said "but I only got in trouble twice". I had told him last week if he didnt straiten up there would be no more baseball. I didnt tell him the reason there was no practice cause it was canceled due to weather. I let him belive that since he was bad he couldnt go. Heck I didnt even know he had gotten in trouble. But if you give a kid enough rope, they will hang themselves.

When I asked Matt how school went he said " I think Bow is dirty, why dont I change him?" I asked again, he instead started to play with Bow. Then offered to clean the kitchen. He never did tell me the whole story, but I did get a little out of him. I couldnt follow the story, but when pressed he just refered me back to his 'short term memory loss'.

I guess BR is right, its better to have an occasional smart ass, then a definate dumb ass. At least now that he is at my moms I can laugh about it.

Tomorrow we start baseball practice for Matt at 10:00. He ends at 11:30 and BRetts was rescheduled to start at 3. I have no clue what I am going to do for 3 hours. But its not enough time to drive back home. I might just turn a movie on for the kids, lay down and take a nap. or admire the snow we might get. BLECH!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

balls, freakin balls. baseballs, bouncy balls, popcorn chicken balls.

I know I didnt write last night. To be honest, I just didnt have the energy.
I got up and got Rayley ready, I had to do a balancing act, I had to wait for Brett to get done with TAKS, get Rayley ready, go vote and get to Matts school before The easter bunny left, but not so early as I would have to kill 4 hours waiting for ball practice to start at 5:30.

When the boys got dressed this morning I asked them to put on button up shirts. They complied with no problems.
Again Rayley was in the tiger stiped skirt, a pink and blue and green striped shirt, some purple hose and flats. SHe didnt understand why she couldnt wear that to town to see the bunny.

I got her dressed, got me dressed and went out to dress Bow. I found him an outfit and decided to feed him before we left, as he was eating I tried to take a drink, he kicked it and it went all over my shirt. I changed. Then came back and he was a littl fussy, I started to feed him again and this time BR or Rayley one did something to make him laugh, he spit milk all over him and me. I am off to change shirts again. ANd his clothes.
We are about ready to walk out the door and a friend calls, the bunny is leaving in 20 minutes. It takes me 20 minutes to drive to town. And I still had to vote!

I decided we wouldnt make it. I told Rayley the bunny got sick, she melted. Into a writhing, squeeling, sobbing heap. She has a good chance at playing the wicked witch when she gets older. Then I had to call BRetts school, tell him that I wasnt coming to get him, and then Matts school to tell him the same thing. I just waited around and went with BR to vote. Then headed into town. I dropped Rayley off at moms. I got the boys and we went to walmart. I had to buy Brett those cleats. We found the only pair in his size and I tried to get them something from the deli.
Matt wanted popcorn shrimp. This stuff STINKS. And a pound of tater wedges.

BRett wanted a peice of chicken with fried okra.. I talked him into a chicken strip snack pack, I can just see him trying to play baseball with greasy chicken hands!
He finally relented. Well it would be 4 minutes for more okra. Okay, there were 5 chicken stips in the bin, I told them to give me 2 snack packs with okra. They put in the okra and we stood there. Right about the time the okra came out a lady walked up. The other clerk asked her what she needed. 2 pounds of okra. I was playing with Bow and it didnt register till to late. the girl waiting on me realized it and appologized. In went another bag. No problem, its only 4 minutes. at about 3 minutes and 58 seconds the okra stealing lady was talking to a man down the counter, then she walked over and put the 5 chicken strips in a bag. I thought she was getting ours together. Till she handed him the bag. The girl that had been waiting on us saw this and said "oh no, well do you want to wait again?"
I handed her back the popcorn chicken, shrimp and taters and told her no.

I made Brett get a cold cut sandwich and had to listen to him gripe for the next 20 minutes.

We got to the ball park and Brett didnt have on his pants or shoes or socks. I told him to get dressed there in the truck. its always funny to watch. I helped him put on the shos and socks. Then he got out and started to practice, he did pretty well. of course they only hit him about 5 balls, and then did soft toss for a few minutes for him. He is on a team that looks like it was made up of lots of all stars from last year and kids that play the circut, so there isnt much practice time for anyone else. We were done in an hour. I spent 15.00 driving to town for him to do no more than that. I could have done that at home. And it was only an hour practice.

I woke up this morning fighting a miagraine.
I got a phone call from Matts nurse, he had a headache. I told him to lay down for 15 minutes with a cold compress. Then go back to class and call after lunch if it still hurt.

After lunch I got another phone call from the school, it was Matts teacher. He had changed his color 4 times. the 5th time is a trip to the office. She told me all his transgressions and that he was basicly being a butt all day. I talked to Matt. I explained that if I had to drive to town on the one day this week that I was not running them back and forth to get him because he was acting like the north end of a south bound mule he would NOT like the concequences. SHe got back on the phone and I asked her to please keep him out of recess. She said she would and that he would have to write 75 sentences during recess and center time. HAHA, this is one thing Matt hates worse than anything.. writing! I asked her about the headache. She said that had come about shortly after his first 15 sentences had been assigned.
AHA! that explains the frequent headaches that seem to heal themselves shortly after he is picked up.

Once the kids got home I asked Matt to work on his homework and then they asked if I would hit the ball to them a few times. I said yes and struggled with that 80lb stroller that is 4 foot tall and 3 foot wide. I cant use this in real life. I got Bow outside, picked up the bat and asked them why I couldnt just throw them balls.
"This is more like real situations. We know where the ball is when you throw it. "

well crap.
I get the ball and the bat and start tossing them up to hit, I hit about 4 out of every 6. I know cause they count the ones I miss. while I am out there sweating and tossing and trying to hit , not to mention dodgeing balls thrown back at me at full speed, an 18 wheeler drives by and honks. BR is headed off to another well.. He is good at basball. can hit the ball, toss the ball and catch the ball. I dont have an athletic bone in my body. I used to, but the lazy bones convinced them it was easier to be like them. I guess we are lucky that he has a job close to home, so I cant complain when he cant be home in the evenings, I know he'd rather be here playing baseball with them.

Matt has gotten pretty good. He caught quite a few that were dive worthy. Brett caught alot more. Its hard to not compare them, but I have to remember, matt is 15 months younger. and lazy.
They had to chase more than they caught. I am a dang good foul ball hitter. I would cringe each time the ball headed for the bucket of the tractor, the tail end of the doulley or the lowboy.

My arm was about to fall off and I had deflected about 9 balls off that stupid ankle bone, and luckily Bow decided that I needed to change and feed him. I took him in and told the boys to toss the ball. They were NOT happy with me.

They ended up over throwing over each other, trying to hit each other and both had major meltdowns. But they didnt like my solution of coming inside. They play'd till dark.

Bow was in a playing mood and so I put him on his blanket with some toys on the floor. I started trying to get something done. Next thing I know he is fussing. I walked in and saw what was upsetting him. He has started to scooch along. well he had turned himself around, was facing the coffee table and scooching into it. with his head. He wouldnt stop. I turned him back around, gave him his toys and left to finish what I was doing. 2 minutes later I hear the same fussing. I come back and he has turned 180 degree's and is trying to propel himself through the coffee table again.
It seems the other kids are already rubbing off on him. I picked him up and put him in his bouncy seat.

Once it got dark I had to make the kids come back in, I told Matt to get his stuff together for tommorow. Glove, ball, bat, helmet, hat, pants, socks, t shirt, long sleeved shirt, bat bag.
I was in the kitchen trying to get supper together. THe news was on and I hear the story about the marine throwing the puppy come on, I cringe cause I cant get there quick enough to mute it.
Matt says "what a cute puppy!"
(I really cringe, I can see me trying to explain why Hero's are on TV being cruel to cute black and white puppies.)
"Hey how'd a puppy get in the marines?"
before I could awnser I get:
"mom whats ED?, I'm just courious.Seems lots of folks are worried about it"
Ephitone Deficate. Its where you cant hear good. Did you get your bat?
"oh!, wonder if thats whats wrong with me, you know, since I forget to do stuff alot?"
NO matt, thats HIA syndrome. Make sure both shirts and your pants are in the bag.
"Can I have a transformer?"
where did that come from? Do you have leggins in there?
Leggins, those long socks you wear in baseball so when you slide you dont tear up your legs.
"no I mean where did what come from?"
Transformers , Make sure you have your glove and helmet.
"matel I think, But walmart sells them. I thought you would know, you said they were around when you were a kid."
No the topic change, are you listing to me? do you have a baseball cap?
"why? what were we talking about?, I dont have homework."
IS everything in your bag?
"which bag? all I have is one folder."
Your BASEBALL BAG?, do you have it all together?
"why come we dont have a football cap?, I have a cowboy hat, a baseball cap, but no football cap."
All caps are baseball caps Matt, its just what we call them. is your bag ready for tomorrow?
"I dont know, what all do I need?"

Yep, its like talking to a bouncy ball..

Monday, March 3, 2008

The dentist and the candy

well since we didnt have to leave at 6:30 I let the kids sleep in. I decided an hour would be more than enough time to get ready. They do it every other day in 10 minutes. BUT NO!

Instead I was having to beg, plead and threaten. I finally got them out of the house and off we went. It was already raining and I needed deisel. 3.63 a freakin gallon. This is just pitiful. Heck my husband makes his living haulin crude oil. He takes it to an unload RIGHT here. They make this crap down south. I am paying out the nose for the crap that is left over AFTER they make regular gas. I hope my kids like S.O.S., cause they will be eating it alot during baseball season!

Once we got on the road I realized that I couldnt see real well. And I had remembered my glasses. I cleaned them. twice. NOPE. It was on the windshield. luckily it was on the inside. Come to find out Matt had used a few Armour all wipes when he cleaned out the truck yesterday and one he used on the windshield. And he didnt miss a single spot! That was awful nice of him. Luckily I had paper towells and a bottle of water in the truck.
We made pretty good time and got there a little early, despite the fact that we were running 30 minutes behind. I hit a few dry spots and took advantage of the turbo :)

Hey, when I bought the truck they said if I drove it like I stole it, it would last longer. They aint meant for Sunday drives and puttering around.

When we got there we waited no time and were called in. Of course I had fed the boys on the way there, but they started wanting more food half way there. By the time we arrived it was all I was hearing.
They called them back, cleaned their teeth and then offered to do the dental work they needed today, if I was willing to stick around for a while. HELL YES! I dont mind waiting 3 or 4 hours when its an hour drive over there and back! I hate to call a dentist with a problem tooth and they want to set you up with a cleaning, consult and then an appt. Matt needed a baby tooth root canal and fillings on 2 teeth. Brett needed 2 baby teeth pulled. Sounded good to me. They sent us back out to wait, I was expecting at least another few hours. But since they took them both back at the same time for x rays and cleaning I was afraid they would take them back together for the pullin and packin. NOPE, they were smarter than that. They called Matt back.

Matt is my 'good' dentist kid. We usually use a dentist here in town, she is a few years younger than me, I went to school with her, and she is really pretty. Matt BEGS to go and see the dentist. He had to have most of his baby teeth pulled. his permanent teeth were coming in behind them. He never said a word, and she doesnt use gas! He LOVES her. IS always asking when he can go and see the pretty dentist.
30 minutes later he came out, he was a little wonky. But when I asked it was cause he had fallen asleep. LOL, okay. he wasupset though, cause his mouth was numb all over. That is all that bothered him.

Brett was next. He is my idiot kid. He refuses to sit still, swears it hurts and screams like a baby. Even when you KNOW its numb. I told him as he walked out that he couldnt cry. I didnt hear him, but he did tell me he screamed.
We were out before noon. It was about a 2 hour appointment. Heck, I have waited longer for the Dr to come into the room for his 4 minute visit than that!

They were still starving, so I took them to eat. They managed to wolf it all down, so I reckon they wernt hurt too bad. Brett kept telling me that he was hurting. I asked him how badly. He said he didnt know yet, the numbness hadnt worn off.

They had not sent home any pain killers or anything, so I gave him some tylonol and told him that was the best I could do. He had 2 molars pulled, one from the top adn one from the bottom.

We drove home in DRIVING rain, it was awful. I drove in 4 wheel drive and with my flashers on the whole time. We did see a truck on the side of the road, well we saw the underside of it. Seems they were flipping and the trees stopped them.
I talked to BR on the way home, he said the worst of the storm was passing us. But he was waiting to go to work till it got good and gone.

He just called me again, according to him it has turned cold. I know it was trying to when we were on our way home. I havent seen him since he left for work yesterday. He got home and I was alseep, he spoke to me, but I never opened my eyes, I just told him that I had reset the alarm clock here in the living room and he could turn off the bedroom one. Actually I didnt tell him all that, he asked and I grunted. He left before I got home and I wont see him tonight or in the morning. And I will be back in town before he wakes back up. I reckon I will see him sometime on Wen. This reminds me, I need to put his uniforms in his truck tomorrow. I already have to wash a few pair of his pants since he is out. I dont want to have to wash the whole weeks worth!

When we got home my mom brought the mini monster home and even bathed Bow. He enjoyed his bath, ate and has been asleep since. He really enjoyed talking to everyone in the dentist office. He just played and squeeled and smiled. And chewed. That child is teething, of this I have NO doubt! When she came over she brought in their easter stuff.. Now I have 4 chocolate rabbits hiding in my house just begging to loose an ear... Truthfully I should eat Bows, I mean, how else will he enjoy it if I dont go ahead and get it eaten? I would be doing him a favor. I mean he does deserve to get to enjoy his too, right? I wouldnt let the other kids have theirs tonight. Of course you would think that both boys would have remembered the tramatic events of the day and thrown the offending, cavity causing, pain inducing objects into the trash. Instead they begged to eat it! I feel sorry for them, they have my teeth. I got them honestly, my mom and grandmother had bad teeth too. But such is life. It could be worse, they could have gotten their dads attitude.

oh wait, they did..

Tomorrow I have to go in early to the school and get Brett, I am going to take him and Rayley and Bow to Matts school to take pictures with the easter bunny. Then we have ball practice. And I have to get him some cleats. We tried to find some today, but couldnt. I hope this is not indicitive of the cleat avalibility in all of south east Texas. BR swears it will be.
Matt is disapointed cause I wont be the easter bunny this year. I have tried to explain to him that I will be very active in his school next year, when he comes over to the school Brett is at. They just dont need me at his school. He still doesnt understand this. Oh well, one day he will, I hope.

I just pray that I am able to stay active in their schools and start being active at the primary school again when Rayley gets there. I really miss the primary school, its such a blast, and they do so many more things. Bretts principal decided they were too old for pics with the bunny, bulldog ( our mascot) and a few other things.
But something will have to break loose with the gas situation if its gona be possible. I fiqure by the time Bow gets there I will be going in for a bill of groceries once a month and using a horse and buggy to do it! And that will look funny. I have a mustang thats scared of men, and a miniature thats just plain dumb as a box of rocks.

The kids were getting cranky by 7 tonight. Every little thing set one of them off. I understood with the boys, they did have a pretty bad day. And with Rayley you can look at her wrong and she will either crumble and her whole world will break, or she will look at you with a go to hell look and ask you what you want, and why are you looking at her like that. Tonight was a 'world is falling apart night'.

I got a call from Matts coach tonight, we start practice on Thursday, and then go back on Saturday.
This means I will be running every day except Wend adn Sunday this week. I have baseball Tue, Thurs, Friday and Saturday.

Rayley might be a drama queen, but she is smart as a whip. Tonight after supper the kids wanted some veinna sausages. I told them that was fine. Matt opened his and said "there's 6 on the outside in a circle and 1 on the inside"
Rayely IMEDIATLY said "that makes 7 you mo-ron" Yes, it does. I dont think Matt was confused as to the number, just intriqued by the set up. But Rayley was letting him know that either way, it was 7. LOL

Anyway, I told her that was very smart and I was proud of her. So then it became a 'math problem' night This is where the kids throw out problems and I answer them, or make them do it. Brett and Matt like those PITA questions, like "whats 8X35."

Well they threw out a few and Rayley threw out some, then she switched over to addition, and asked "whats 8 plus 4?" I was busy cleaning up a spilt drink and didnt answer right away, she said, "gosh mom, its 12. didnt you know that?"

So I asked her what 3 plus 5 was. She got all rude and said "EiGHT!" Like I was a compete idiot. Unfortunatly before I could really test her abilities the dog decided to attack the cat. or vice versa. Either way, the moment was lost. I just hope she retains this information till school.

I sent all the kids off to bed at 8. They were really starting to fight. SHe just didnt want to go. She kept coming in here and wanting something. I kept sendin her right back. Well she eventually got mad at me and went in her room and shut the door. I could hear her playing, adn the light was on, but I just ignored her. Sure enough, about 10 minutes later I checked and she had fallen asleep in the middle of her floor. I covered her up and left her there. I aint takin the chance on waking her up!

Now I am going to finish my nails. I found my acrylics yesterday and put on some tips. I feel better about myself already. I dont know what the big deal is, I am not into fashion and all, but I need my hair poufy and my nails done to feel good. The rest I could care less about. And usually do! Give me crocs, some jeans and a smart eleck t shirt and I am dressed for the ball.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

The difference between gulibility and stupidity.

well I have to admit, I did NOTHIN today. Well, I did get my truck cleaned out. I made Matt go and take EVERYTHIN out of it.
Then I made him go back out and make sure everything was out of it.
Then I went and checked it to make sure everything was out, and pointed out everything he missed.
I also reminded him to get out all the trash.
30 minutes later I went out and pointed out all the trash.
Then I showed him the dust and explained how we were going to clean up the dashoard and all. I handed over windex and paper towells.
There really wasnt anything weird in there. Not like the time I found the 1/2 eaten hamburger in the other one. I learned that day to take the toys out of the happy meals BEFORE I give them their food and wont let them have it till they eat. :)

We found 2 blankets, 1 pillow, 4 baby blankets, 3 socks (dont ask) 2 pair of Rayleys shoes, 1 can of pork and beans, various toys, homework that was never turned in, and only 6 french fries! I also found 2 DVD's on the floor and this means that there will be NO DVD's being watched for 2 weeks.

I have a rule around here, all DVD's stay in the living room. YOu have to return one to get another. Before when I found one I would take away TV for a week. Now I am just taking away the DVD. SO far I have a pile of 6 in my bedroom. They are already trying to find a few of them. And when they go on a search for them they pick up their rooms. :)
I do allow a few DVD's at at time to stay in the truck. 3 is the limit. These were just not put back in the case.
We have to drive over an hour in the morning. They boys have dentist appointments. I sure hate that they cant watch a movie.. I just know it will be an awful ride.

They also picked up their rooms a little. And washed bedclothes.

But I mostly just sat here and entered sweepstakes, did surveys and tended to Bow. The kids had went to my grandfathers earlier and so I had a little peace and queit. I did a few loads of laundry while they were gone.

And I cleaned the shower. Gosh I LOVE to push that button and its clean. The scrubbin bubbles shower cleaner has to be one of my most favorite inventions.

I also told Matt one time to go in and turn it on.

I sent Matt in there after BR got out of the shower. I knew BR didnt turn it on, that would be akin to cleaning. I told him to just go and push the button. And to shut the door really fast and walk way. I told him if he tried to watch the shower cleaner spray it would melt his face where ever it hit him. He belived me, cause a few miutes later I heard Brett ask him what it was like. He said " I dont know, I wasnt taking any chances." Brett asked him "chances on what?" and he said " I didnt want it to burn my face off! Brett swore it wouldnt do it, and tried to talk him into going back and trying to leave the door open. But Matt was convinced. I am glad, I can just imagine the fun if he knew it was non toxic. I love gulibility, it makes parenting so much easier..

Rayley was in fine form today. She was pretty good. Although she does tend to insist on always being right.

I had cooked shake and bake chicken tonight and she was startving. I made her a plate. She ate some and then 30 minutes later came in and told me she was hungry. I told her to and finish her chicken. SHe said she couldnt, it might have salomi on it by now. I assured her there was NO salomi on it. Brett and Matt strted laughing cause she had used the wrong word. Then one of them corrected her by saying it was "salamanderanella" I just ignored them. Even if I told them it was salmoniella they couldnt remember it. But I do reckon its good that they know there is a possibiity with getting somethhing like that. Of course she ate the chcicken. I convinced her it was not poison... Or I convinced her it was the last meal I would ever fix if she didnt eat it, which ever one worked is fine.

We are supposed to be getting some bad storms this weekend. They havent gotten here yet, but the wind is blowing like an old woman runnin a flight of stairs.

OH when the kids came home I was talking to my grandfather and not paying them any mind. They were running around playing. It came time to go in and I called to the boys to let them know a storm was brewin and they should come on in. About 10 minutes later I realized the boys didnt come. I hollered for them. They still were ignoring me. I could see them. They were in my uncle Miles' trailer. BR had brought it over here to weld something on it for him. Its a cargo trailer thing. a low boy with 5 foot sides and a ramp. The sides and ramp are made of expanded metal and the ramp locks from the outside. Once shut its a box with out a top.

These idiots had used the wheel wells to climb up and over. and were now stuck.

Honest to God, if the weather hadnt been turning bad I would have came in, got them each a blanket and let them sleep off their ignorance. They were well and truly stuck. I just wish I could have left them for 30 minutes. But it really looked bad out there and I was scared it would be blowin fast and furious. I didnt want to get wet having to go out and fetch them. Plus it'd be my luck they'd get pnumonia and be stuck at home for a few weeks.

Well, I reckon I should hit the sack, I have to drive an hour tommorow and be there before 9:30 I dont know what I was thinking to set it that early. Oh well, at least I didnt lock myself in a oversized box with no top. Thats the Byerly coming out in them. I can see their grandmother doing the same thing. :)

My computer is kinda wonky tonight too. I am way down here typing. and its only printed out to the salomi part.. I hope it catches up soon :)