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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

balls, freakin balls. baseballs, bouncy balls, popcorn chicken balls.

I know I didnt write last night. To be honest, I just didnt have the energy.
I got up and got Rayley ready, I had to do a balancing act, I had to wait for Brett to get done with TAKS, get Rayley ready, go vote and get to Matts school before The easter bunny left, but not so early as I would have to kill 4 hours waiting for ball practice to start at 5:30.

When the boys got dressed this morning I asked them to put on button up shirts. They complied with no problems.
Again Rayley was in the tiger stiped skirt, a pink and blue and green striped shirt, some purple hose and flats. SHe didnt understand why she couldnt wear that to town to see the bunny.

I got her dressed, got me dressed and went out to dress Bow. I found him an outfit and decided to feed him before we left, as he was eating I tried to take a drink, he kicked it and it went all over my shirt. I changed. Then came back and he was a littl fussy, I started to feed him again and this time BR or Rayley one did something to make him laugh, he spit milk all over him and me. I am off to change shirts again. ANd his clothes.
We are about ready to walk out the door and a friend calls, the bunny is leaving in 20 minutes. It takes me 20 minutes to drive to town. And I still had to vote!

I decided we wouldnt make it. I told Rayley the bunny got sick, she melted. Into a writhing, squeeling, sobbing heap. She has a good chance at playing the wicked witch when she gets older. Then I had to call BRetts school, tell him that I wasnt coming to get him, and then Matts school to tell him the same thing. I just waited around and went with BR to vote. Then headed into town. I dropped Rayley off at moms. I got the boys and we went to walmart. I had to buy Brett those cleats. We found the only pair in his size and I tried to get them something from the deli.
Matt wanted popcorn shrimp. This stuff STINKS. And a pound of tater wedges.

BRett wanted a peice of chicken with fried okra.. I talked him into a chicken strip snack pack, I can just see him trying to play baseball with greasy chicken hands!
He finally relented. Well it would be 4 minutes for more okra. Okay, there were 5 chicken stips in the bin, I told them to give me 2 snack packs with okra. They put in the okra and we stood there. Right about the time the okra came out a lady walked up. The other clerk asked her what she needed. 2 pounds of okra. I was playing with Bow and it didnt register till to late. the girl waiting on me realized it and appologized. In went another bag. No problem, its only 4 minutes. at about 3 minutes and 58 seconds the okra stealing lady was talking to a man down the counter, then she walked over and put the 5 chicken strips in a bag. I thought she was getting ours together. Till she handed him the bag. The girl that had been waiting on us saw this and said "oh no, well do you want to wait again?"
I handed her back the popcorn chicken, shrimp and taters and told her no.

I made Brett get a cold cut sandwich and had to listen to him gripe for the next 20 minutes.

We got to the ball park and Brett didnt have on his pants or shoes or socks. I told him to get dressed there in the truck. its always funny to watch. I helped him put on the shos and socks. Then he got out and started to practice, he did pretty well. of course they only hit him about 5 balls, and then did soft toss for a few minutes for him. He is on a team that looks like it was made up of lots of all stars from last year and kids that play the circut, so there isnt much practice time for anyone else. We were done in an hour. I spent 15.00 driving to town for him to do no more than that. I could have done that at home. And it was only an hour practice.

I woke up this morning fighting a miagraine.
I got a phone call from Matts nurse, he had a headache. I told him to lay down for 15 minutes with a cold compress. Then go back to class and call after lunch if it still hurt.

After lunch I got another phone call from the school, it was Matts teacher. He had changed his color 4 times. the 5th time is a trip to the office. She told me all his transgressions and that he was basicly being a butt all day. I talked to Matt. I explained that if I had to drive to town on the one day this week that I was not running them back and forth to get him because he was acting like the north end of a south bound mule he would NOT like the concequences. SHe got back on the phone and I asked her to please keep him out of recess. She said she would and that he would have to write 75 sentences during recess and center time. HAHA, this is one thing Matt hates worse than anything.. writing! I asked her about the headache. She said that had come about shortly after his first 15 sentences had been assigned.
AHA! that explains the frequent headaches that seem to heal themselves shortly after he is picked up.

Once the kids got home I asked Matt to work on his homework and then they asked if I would hit the ball to them a few times. I said yes and struggled with that 80lb stroller that is 4 foot tall and 3 foot wide. I cant use this in real life. I got Bow outside, picked up the bat and asked them why I couldnt just throw them balls.
"This is more like real situations. We know where the ball is when you throw it. "

well crap.
I get the ball and the bat and start tossing them up to hit, I hit about 4 out of every 6. I know cause they count the ones I miss. while I am out there sweating and tossing and trying to hit , not to mention dodgeing balls thrown back at me at full speed, an 18 wheeler drives by and honks. BR is headed off to another well.. He is good at basball. can hit the ball, toss the ball and catch the ball. I dont have an athletic bone in my body. I used to, but the lazy bones convinced them it was easier to be like them. I guess we are lucky that he has a job close to home, so I cant complain when he cant be home in the evenings, I know he'd rather be here playing baseball with them.

Matt has gotten pretty good. He caught quite a few that were dive worthy. Brett caught alot more. Its hard to not compare them, but I have to remember, matt is 15 months younger. and lazy.
They had to chase more than they caught. I am a dang good foul ball hitter. I would cringe each time the ball headed for the bucket of the tractor, the tail end of the doulley or the lowboy.

My arm was about to fall off and I had deflected about 9 balls off that stupid ankle bone, and luckily Bow decided that I needed to change and feed him. I took him in and told the boys to toss the ball. They were NOT happy with me.

They ended up over throwing over each other, trying to hit each other and both had major meltdowns. But they didnt like my solution of coming inside. They play'd till dark.

Bow was in a playing mood and so I put him on his blanket with some toys on the floor. I started trying to get something done. Next thing I know he is fussing. I walked in and saw what was upsetting him. He has started to scooch along. well he had turned himself around, was facing the coffee table and scooching into it. with his head. He wouldnt stop. I turned him back around, gave him his toys and left to finish what I was doing. 2 minutes later I hear the same fussing. I come back and he has turned 180 degree's and is trying to propel himself through the coffee table again.
It seems the other kids are already rubbing off on him. I picked him up and put him in his bouncy seat.

Once it got dark I had to make the kids come back in, I told Matt to get his stuff together for tommorow. Glove, ball, bat, helmet, hat, pants, socks, t shirt, long sleeved shirt, bat bag.
I was in the kitchen trying to get supper together. THe news was on and I hear the story about the marine throwing the puppy come on, I cringe cause I cant get there quick enough to mute it.
Matt says "what a cute puppy!"
(I really cringe, I can see me trying to explain why Hero's are on TV being cruel to cute black and white puppies.)
"Hey how'd a puppy get in the marines?"
before I could awnser I get:
"mom whats ED?, I'm just courious.Seems lots of folks are worried about it"
Ephitone Deficate. Its where you cant hear good. Did you get your bat?
"oh!, wonder if thats whats wrong with me, you know, since I forget to do stuff alot?"
NO matt, thats HIA syndrome. Make sure both shirts and your pants are in the bag.
"Can I have a transformer?"
where did that come from? Do you have leggins in there?
Leggins, those long socks you wear in baseball so when you slide you dont tear up your legs.
"no I mean where did what come from?"
Transformers , Make sure you have your glove and helmet.
"matel I think, But walmart sells them. I thought you would know, you said they were around when you were a kid."
No the topic change, are you listing to me? do you have a baseball cap?
"why? what were we talking about?, I dont have homework."
IS everything in your bag?
"which bag? all I have is one folder."
Your BASEBALL BAG?, do you have it all together?
"why come we dont have a football cap?, I have a cowboy hat, a baseball cap, but no football cap."
All caps are baseball caps Matt, its just what we call them. is your bag ready for tomorrow?
"I dont know, what all do I need?"

Yep, its like talking to a bouncy ball..

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