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Friday, March 7, 2008

There is nothing like hanging a kid with amnesia

Well for Matts first practice I reckon Thursday went well. He didnt hit real well. He just hates the pitching machine. BR says its because you cant see the entire release. I dont know. I just know that he has no judge of time on it. But he is swinging the bat. And swinging it pretty good. He also has a problem with stage fright. I really never thought I would say this about Matt, for obvious reasons, but he lets his head get in the way. He thinks too much about what he is doing. When I get him out there and play hot potatoe with him, or just throw things at him, he is quick, has wonderful reaction and has good ability. But you give him time to think and he can screw it up. Brett got to hit them balls for infield practice. He really enjoyed that.

We finished up practice right as a cold front moved through, we were getting ready to leave and the bottom fell out. Of course EVERY team was up there practicing. all 6 pitching machine teams, the girls softball teams and to top it off the High School was having a tourament. Parking was a nightmare. I got blocked in 7 ways from Sunday. But by the time we got ready to leave it had cleared out a little, and I had a strait shot. I always pull in turn around and get faceing out so its easier.
I got all the kids loaded up, buckled in, went through the checklist of what we brought to make sure it was back in the truck, realized Matt had left his bat bag at the batting cages and went back to get it. I got back to the truck, and looked up, and there sat an empty truck, bumper next to mine. I got out and hollered at a few folks I knew, asking them if they knew who owned it. Noone did. Now its just my luck that this was a F350 4 door deisel.. which means its almost as big as mine ( I have 4 wheel drive, so mine was a little taller). No "but I didnt see it setting there officer" excuse. these folks KNEW I was leaving, all kids were in the truck, it was running and my door was open. I was LIVID. The kids said some man in a cowboy hat got out and headed towards the high school stadium. so I did what any normal, law abiding, citizen would do, I cussed them for all they were worth, threw my truck in reverse, turned on the 4 wheel drive and backed into the mud pit behind where I was parked. Then I made sure I drove right through the mud hole beside thier truck and threw a little mud on the spotlessly clean exterior. I do belive next time I will also be kind enough to leave a note, if I can't find them. You might not can fix stupid, but By GEORGE, I am willing to try.

Bow is growing everyday. I have to weigh this kid again. He is by far the biggest of any of mine at 4 months. I cant afford to keep this kid in clothes. He is rolling and skooching. and LOVEs to hold toys and try to bite them, and if he cant find a toy he will bite on his hands, your hands, your arms.. He never wants to lay down. always wants to be sitting up. Everything goes to his mouth. Now I have two hoovers. And he loves to entertain. He will just talk, and coo, and screach, even laughed for the first time today. he is such a happy baby. And when he gets excited he will throw himself at what ever he can. When the kids come home he gets so happy and wants them to pay attention to him. Talk about getting beside yourself. HE will scream and holler, push and pull. Anything to get their attention. He is really changing and growing, already past the teeny baby stage and going to the active baby stage. I am really not ready. I know this is my last one, and am trying to sit back and enjoy it, but he is determined to charge forward and grow up.

I got a phone call today about Matt from the principal. Seems in addition to acting up on Wen. he decided to act goofy today. Since he had already been in so much trouble she just took the office referal she didnt use then and added todays trangressions to it. Playing in the bathroom and again mouthing off to another student. And somehow he made a toilet overflow while he was in there. The principal told me that when Matt went back to class he said he tried to tell her, but she told him to sit down and be quiet. So another student told. He asked Matt why he didnt raise his hands to tell the teacher himself when things had calmed down after everyone came back from the bathroom.
Apparently Matt looked at him and said " I suffer from short term memory loss"
He spent the rest of the day in in school suspension.

I told Dr Miller to have Sandra (the teacher in this class is an old family friend) watch him close, cause when ever you put Matt in a quiet place with no stimuli he gets bored and falls asleep. I cant even make him stand in the corner with out him falling asleep.

When they came home I asked them how school went. Brett said fine, and started asking me about baseball practice. I asked him again about school. He said it was okay. I told him there would be no practice, he said "but I only got in trouble twice". I had told him last week if he didnt straiten up there would be no more baseball. I didnt tell him the reason there was no practice cause it was canceled due to weather. I let him belive that since he was bad he couldnt go. Heck I didnt even know he had gotten in trouble. But if you give a kid enough rope, they will hang themselves.

When I asked Matt how school went he said " I think Bow is dirty, why dont I change him?" I asked again, he instead started to play with Bow. Then offered to clean the kitchen. He never did tell me the whole story, but I did get a little out of him. I couldnt follow the story, but when pressed he just refered me back to his 'short term memory loss'.

I guess BR is right, its better to have an occasional smart ass, then a definate dumb ass. At least now that he is at my moms I can laugh about it.

Tomorrow we start baseball practice for Matt at 10:00. He ends at 11:30 and BRetts was rescheduled to start at 3. I have no clue what I am going to do for 3 hours. But its not enough time to drive back home. I might just turn a movie on for the kids, lay down and take a nap. or admire the snow we might get. BLECH!

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