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Sunday, March 2, 2008

The difference between gulibility and stupidity.

well I have to admit, I did NOTHIN today. Well, I did get my truck cleaned out. I made Matt go and take EVERYTHIN out of it.
Then I made him go back out and make sure everything was out of it.
Then I went and checked it to make sure everything was out, and pointed out everything he missed.
I also reminded him to get out all the trash.
30 minutes later I went out and pointed out all the trash.
Then I showed him the dust and explained how we were going to clean up the dashoard and all. I handed over windex and paper towells.
There really wasnt anything weird in there. Not like the time I found the 1/2 eaten hamburger in the other one. I learned that day to take the toys out of the happy meals BEFORE I give them their food and wont let them have it till they eat. :)

We found 2 blankets, 1 pillow, 4 baby blankets, 3 socks (dont ask) 2 pair of Rayleys shoes, 1 can of pork and beans, various toys, homework that was never turned in, and only 6 french fries! I also found 2 DVD's on the floor and this means that there will be NO DVD's being watched for 2 weeks.

I have a rule around here, all DVD's stay in the living room. YOu have to return one to get another. Before when I found one I would take away TV for a week. Now I am just taking away the DVD. SO far I have a pile of 6 in my bedroom. They are already trying to find a few of them. And when they go on a search for them they pick up their rooms. :)
I do allow a few DVD's at at time to stay in the truck. 3 is the limit. These were just not put back in the case.
We have to drive over an hour in the morning. They boys have dentist appointments. I sure hate that they cant watch a movie.. I just know it will be an awful ride.

They also picked up their rooms a little. And washed bedclothes.

But I mostly just sat here and entered sweepstakes, did surveys and tended to Bow. The kids had went to my grandfathers earlier and so I had a little peace and queit. I did a few loads of laundry while they were gone.

And I cleaned the shower. Gosh I LOVE to push that button and its clean. The scrubbin bubbles shower cleaner has to be one of my most favorite inventions.

I also told Matt one time to go in and turn it on.

I sent Matt in there after BR got out of the shower. I knew BR didnt turn it on, that would be akin to cleaning. I told him to just go and push the button. And to shut the door really fast and walk way. I told him if he tried to watch the shower cleaner spray it would melt his face where ever it hit him. He belived me, cause a few miutes later I heard Brett ask him what it was like. He said " I dont know, I wasnt taking any chances." Brett asked him "chances on what?" and he said " I didnt want it to burn my face off! Brett swore it wouldnt do it, and tried to talk him into going back and trying to leave the door open. But Matt was convinced. I am glad, I can just imagine the fun if he knew it was non toxic. I love gulibility, it makes parenting so much easier..

Rayley was in fine form today. She was pretty good. Although she does tend to insist on always being right.

I had cooked shake and bake chicken tonight and she was startving. I made her a plate. She ate some and then 30 minutes later came in and told me she was hungry. I told her to and finish her chicken. SHe said she couldnt, it might have salomi on it by now. I assured her there was NO salomi on it. Brett and Matt strted laughing cause she had used the wrong word. Then one of them corrected her by saying it was "salamanderanella" I just ignored them. Even if I told them it was salmoniella they couldnt remember it. But I do reckon its good that they know there is a possibiity with getting somethhing like that. Of course she ate the chcicken. I convinced her it was not poison... Or I convinced her it was the last meal I would ever fix if she didnt eat it, which ever one worked is fine.

We are supposed to be getting some bad storms this weekend. They havent gotten here yet, but the wind is blowing like an old woman runnin a flight of stairs.

OH when the kids came home I was talking to my grandfather and not paying them any mind. They were running around playing. It came time to go in and I called to the boys to let them know a storm was brewin and they should come on in. About 10 minutes later I realized the boys didnt come. I hollered for them. They still were ignoring me. I could see them. They were in my uncle Miles' trailer. BR had brought it over here to weld something on it for him. Its a cargo trailer thing. a low boy with 5 foot sides and a ramp. The sides and ramp are made of expanded metal and the ramp locks from the outside. Once shut its a box with out a top.

These idiots had used the wheel wells to climb up and over. and were now stuck.

Honest to God, if the weather hadnt been turning bad I would have came in, got them each a blanket and let them sleep off their ignorance. They were well and truly stuck. I just wish I could have left them for 30 minutes. But it really looked bad out there and I was scared it would be blowin fast and furious. I didnt want to get wet having to go out and fetch them. Plus it'd be my luck they'd get pnumonia and be stuck at home for a few weeks.

Well, I reckon I should hit the sack, I have to drive an hour tommorow and be there before 9:30 I dont know what I was thinking to set it that early. Oh well, at least I didnt lock myself in a oversized box with no top. Thats the Byerly coming out in them. I can see their grandmother doing the same thing. :)

My computer is kinda wonky tonight too. I am way down here typing. and its only printed out to the salomi part.. I hope it catches up soon :)

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