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Saturday, March 22, 2008

There is an end in sight. I just hope its not mine.

Kids are like Animals of prey. If they sense any weakness in a fellow member they will attack and kill it. Especially if its a leader.

I woke up this morning and KNEW I would be getting a miagraine. I fought it all day, but around 4 it just decided that it should go ahead and come on full blast.

We got up this morning and went to the ballpark. BR's younger brother went with us. He loves baseball too, and is pretty good with the kids. The boys started out with batting practice and then proceeded to feilding. I am not sure how much they learned. Both were kinda out of it today. It seems like everything they were taught and got good at last weekend was lost in the ensuing days. They cant retain the simple information on how to stand at the plate. BUT can quote a movie line at any time and will actually carry on the dialog by quoting the lines to each other or one of us.

Rayley and Bow went with us. Rayley was pretty good. She took HER bat and ball. She has a purple T ball bat and ball. she is in no way able to play. She is not good at catching or throwing. I dont expect her to be of course, she is only 3. But she had fun. Bow was really good again. He wanted to be held a little more today, and between him and Rayley I didnt even put on a glove. I hate that, I really enjoy getting out there and playing. Even if I do suck. :)

When we got home they went back out and played here. BR got ready and went to work. I didnt expect them to go out and play, I fiqured they would stay in here just to torture me since my brain is threating to explode at any minute.

I was wrong, I finally had to call them in after dark. The idiots were trying to catch a bat. One of them took off their socks and made a ball. Then they would throw it up and the bats would dive bomb them. They were trying to make the bat attack the sock. Once I got them in I had set up all the stuff for them to dye eggs. I asked them to please get me all their laundry and then they would get to dye the eggs. This took over an hour.
By then I had washed all the loads of clothes that their clothes would have went in. Thats typical.

They were not nessisarily bad tonight, but just bound and determined to pick fights with each other constantly. The reprieve I thought I had gotten was false. I guess they stored it all up to bring it in so that I could enjoy it with them.

That was so thoughtful of them. I mean I feel like the front of my brain is going to literly blow a hole in my head and kinda wishing it does an they come in and proceed to get their diva attitudes on.

Once we started dyeing eggs they settled down a bit. They drew on them, and dippedthem in every imaginable color.
I think they had fun, I know they made a mess, and since most kids enjoyment levels are based soley on their ablility to make a mess they should have had a blast.

I was able to get them in bed at a fairly decent hour.
we did have a life or death situation right after I sent them to bed. Matt was being a goof ball and jumping around, well he landed on a tack. It stuck in his foot. I was not in here at the moment and when I walked back in Brett was all beside himself. He had pulled the tack out of Matts foot, but I had to doctor it. Matt was a little upset, just mostly hopping around and playing the injured party.

Well, Brett being a loving brother was telling him it was okay (I dont know what was up.. I would have bet my lifes savings (2.87) that he PUT the tack there and pushed Matt on it.)
Then Brett said the most dreaded words in my home. "OH MY GOD! Look at the blood!"
Matt started sobbing uncontrolably.
Screaming "OH NO, just let me die. I dont want to die, please help me mom. "

Brett had a tissue and it bearly had ANY blood on it. it was MAYBE as much as you would get from a paper cut. I promise.

I was trying to get a bandaide and Brett was holding pressure. Matt looked at the blood and said "just please knock me out so I dont see the light!"
"Am I gona loose my foot?"
"My foot is going numb, I think it starting to rot off!"

I assured him he was not going to die from the tack hole. He just kept screaming and carrying on.
BRett told him, "oh look, its quit bleeding"
and the tears dried up. I put some meds on it and a bandade and he hopped around for a few more minutes. Then forgot about it adn started walking on it.
It hadnt even went all the way in.

I know this is my fault. When they were babies and would fall down I would say " are you bleeding?"
when they would say "no"
I would tell them "then you will live"

They have taken this literaly all their lives.

Brett is a little dramatic if its someone elses blood, He becomes a mother hen though. Very helpful and loving. but if its his own, he pukes. and freaks. When he was 2 he got very sick. A very high temp. We took him to the ER and they drew blood. He was fine with it, BR and I were talking to him and he never even flinched when they stuck him. But he looked over while they were filling the vile, He asked if that was his blood, turned ghost white and asked for a trash can. He puked, and puked. The nurses were so impressed that he wouldnt puke until he got a trash can. I was flabbergasted that the sight of his own blood made him sick. But they are like that. And GOD FORBID, when he would pick up his arm with the IV and blood would go in it. I think its cause of what I told them when they were little.

Brett stabbed himself in the foot when he was about 5 with a welding rod. He was trying to throw it and make it stick in the ground. It went through the webbing between his toes. he was okay, not crying or anything, just calmly found someone and asked them to pull it out. When it was pulled out a drop of blood started to form. He freaked out. You'd have thought he was gona loose the foot.

And I have their baskets made. I just have to set them out. BR promised to hide the eggs when he comes home in the morning, so Brett see's that there is an Easter Bunny. He is convinced that we will be going somewhere tommorow just so his daddy can hide them. BR told me to leave him a note to remind him to hide the eggs.

My mom brought over the baskets she had bought them with stuff in them about a week ago, and They think they are going to be using those. But I had some hidden, along with the chocolate bunnies. So when they see they were 'dropped' off maybe that will help.

The goofy mo-ron dog is all upset about something outside tonight. She has went in and out about 5 times. I am so tired of letting her in and out. I refuse to any more. I would leave her out, but when ever what ever it is gets her all riled up she starts to bark, this gets Duke to barking here in the house and all hell brakes loose. I just am not in the mood to go out with a flashlight and gun to find out what is out there. I know I need to. But my head just hurts so bad. I can just imagine shooting a gun and what the noise will do to me.

I cant let Duke out, he is already crippled because of a Coyote attack, and I know he wants out with her out there. I hope that she will just go to sleep now that I have locked her up in her crate.

Well since I cant form a coherent thought I am going to leave it at this tonight. I know the kids did something worth documenting today, but I just cant for the life of me fiqure out what it is. Maybe tomorrow I will remember. I am sorry if it was a harder read than normal. but I am not even going to try and proof read.

I hope everyone has a Happy Easter. I dont plan on doing anything except cleaning the kitchen, doing laundry and getting the house back in order to start another school week on Tuesday.

Friday, March 21, 2008

3 more days. there is an end in sight.

I took the kids this morning to my great Aunts house, I live less than an eigth of a mile from her and her sister and never get to see them. Its my fault, but I hate to just drop in on someone. Its one thing to go over with a kid to visit, but when you have 4 people just have to be in the right mood to accept you and your brood and enjoy you. They called, so I went. my cousin was in and visiting with them and my other cousins wife. They were all impressed with how Bow had grown, and how he was picking up and playing with toys, and Rayley was her usual charming self, loving everyone and saying "I know" when they told her how cute she was. She picked a real cute satin evening dress to wear that my mom had made her to play in. It was chilly and the dress is short, but she was happy.

The boys came in, hugged everyone and all 3 went right back out the back door. Aunt Jean has a house surrounded by trees and flowers and lots of nooks and crannys. I can remember playing there as a child. How we never bit a snake I dont know. Ignorance and lack of observation were our saviors I reckon. And if this is the case, my kids should be safe as at home in the bed. The only thing hollered at them as they walked out was NOT to hurt the lizards, they could catch them, just be careful. Brett has to be the best lizard catcher there is. He has no fear and no hesitation. He has been catching them since he started walking. Matt is almost as good, but heistates sometimes, resulting in a loss of the lizard. Rayley tries, but she just isnt fast enough. I told them NOT to put a single animal or insect in their pockets. Rayley just looked at me and shrugged her shoulders and said "I dont have any pockets" I really hope she never becomes scared of bugs and lizards. I think its better to not be. And I hope she doesnt belive anyone when they tell her they are 'icky'. She went through a stage not to long ago where she decided they were. She didnt even want to go out and play with the boys. It was sad. Luckily she got over it. I just wish folks would keep their prejudices to themselves. Let her play with them if she wants. It doesnt hurt anyone. I'm the one doing the laundry.

Rayley came in one time, she wanted ice cream. Aunt Jean ALWAYS gives them ice cream. Today she got a coke float. She really enjoyed that. Brett came in a little while later and was yes ma'amin and no ma'amin, talking real low and way too freakin polite. I asked what they broke. He got wide eyed and said "nothin", Someone asked where Matt was. He got even more wide eyed and said "playin".

Fearing the worst, (snake bite, broken bone, lost in the woods again) and hoping for the best (broke a branch on a prized flowering tree, fell in a mud hole, stung by a bee, broke a potted plant) I decided to go and check. Brett asked where I was going. I asked him again what they broke. "just a pipe", Oh Hell. "not much water came out" OH HELL!

I went out and called for Matt. He stuck his head around the corner. I told him to come here. He asked if he was in trouble. I asked what had he done. He said "nothin, am I in trouble?"
I told him not yet, but if he didnt show me what they broke and fast, he would be.
"stupid Brett ratted on me and told you he was innocent didnt he?"
I told him Brett hadnt told me anything, I just KNEW when they screwed up.
To Please show me what they had broken.
"today or the last time we were here?"
Today will sufice for now..

He took me to the end of the yard, where a retaining wall has a pipe run out from under it with the laundry water draining out. It drains into a gully. they had jumped off the retaining wall, into the mud hole and hit the pipe. breaking off the end. "But it was cracked anyway"
I knew it was cracked. I had cracked it about 6 months ago when I was building the retaining wall.
I told him I was not mad, they just had to be more careful, and next time just tell me what they did, they would get in less trouble that way. And to please be a little less hard on those boots. I wasnt buying anymore this year.
Then he asked me what happened to that tall pine tree over there. It was busted about 1/2 way up, all the bark gone and with a big split in it.

I told him that was the pine tree that tried to kill me back in the fall.
BR and I were building up Aunt Jeans yard. Putting in a retaining wall and moving around loads of dirt. Between the Huricanne that never was and some other heavy rains the yard had just decided to fall off. it was a good 15 feet lower than the house, a real steep drop. Aunt Jean couldnt even walk around out there with out falling. And so she got some railroad ties and dirt brought in. BR brought over his tractor and we got to building. Landscapers we are not. Engineers we are not. He would use the tractor, drive over to the ties and I would chain them on the bucket, then he would drive to where they were supposed to be and I would wrassle them into place and he would let them down. We set out about 2 dozen ties. It was hard, hot work. Of course it didnt help that I was about 7 months pregnant and big as a house. Not near as limber as I once was. But there was no way BR could do it alone. And I am sufficiant with the tractor. Not proficiant. So our roles could not be reversed. I'da ran over him on accident. the idiocincrisies of the bucket confuse me a wee bit. pulling it and pushing it to tilt it and such. You can tell a man designed it. It would have been much more efficiant if a woman had.

Anyway, we were about done, only had a few more to go, and it was threatining to rain. We were trying to get the last ones in place before it did cause we knew that a good gully washer would wash away the last two loads she had brought in. about 10 feet away from where we were laying the ties was a pine sapling thicket, badly overgrown, with a few real tall pines.
It was sprinkiling and finaly starting to cool off some. BR had a tie chained on the bucket and was lined up, I was holding one end and trying to manuver it into place while he slowly set it down. Those things are HEAVY. well over 200 pounds. He didnt have a cab on the tractor so he was getting as wet as I was, and all of a sudden pine straw started raining down on us and less than a split second later the loudest boom you have ever heard was right over our heads. Lighting had struck a Pine Tree not 20 feet away. Bark and needles were all over us. BR shut down the tractor, jumped down and we ran for the house. I couldnt hear for 5 minutes.

WHen I had Bow I checked him all over for a lighting bolt birthmark, or a tic, or something, but apparently he came through unscathed. I on the other hand lost 10 years off my life. We decided to wait out the shower before we went back to work. But we did get it finished.
At least this time I didnt get a shock. But I am gona stop hanging around BR where electricity is around, natural or man made. You'da thought I would have learned with the electric fence.

Anyway, Matt was impressed that I had survived the lighting strike. Heck so was I. I have honestly never been that close. And dont want to again. And I think I am going to start trying to drive the tractor more and play foreman, make BR be the hired hand. I am tired of being the one to keep the fence strait while he pulls it, or place the auger while he pushes buttons, walk behind the disk while he drives. Its really my own fault, Its just easier.

I told Matt that he should come on in and take off his boots, get some ice cream. (his GOOD boots, the ones I am trying to make last the rest of the school year.) Naw, he wanted to play. I think he wasnt convinced that he wasnt in trouble. But then again, he does love to be outside, and these woods are differnt from ours.

When I got back in everyone asked what was broke. I told them nothing and Brett tried to explain which pipe. He said last time they were there they had shoved mud up in in. Then all off a sudden water came gushing out and spit the mud all over them. thats what they were going to do again today. They were gona see if they could get Rayley to look into it when it happened. In her pink satin dress with the white snowflake pouffy skirt. I told them it was the washer drain and Aunt Jean wasnt washing clothes right now. it had to be timed just right. Rayley asked aunt Jean if she would 'throw a load on, cause I wana see the mud shoot out".

When we got home the kids went out to play here. I let them go in the fenced off pasture, that way when they get lost they can find a fence and follow it home. One time they took off to dump some old food and BR found them about 3 hours later across a creek and plumb on my grandfathers property about 25 acres away. One had on just shorts, the other had on sweat pants and socks.

THey cant hear me when I holler if they are off in the pasture and the walkie talkies stopped working, so they know to come when they hear my truck alarm go off. A few hours later I set it off and they came running up in about 5 minutes . I told them to come on in, we were going to run to Lufkin to get their baseball belts. I couldnt find any here at home and opening weekend is the 29th. Matt was fully dressed, so all he had to do was wash up. Brett was in shorts and caked in mud.
And he had brought home a new pet. He had found another crawfish. I told him to let it go, the crabs didnt need it. He was upset, and asked where to put it, I told him to take it back to where he found it and hurry so we could go. BR went to take a shower, I went to put on makeup and put Rayley in the bath, I told Matt to find some new clothes and wash up. Matt didnt want to. I told him he couldnt go to town like that. He was filthy. He said "Naw, I'm country, there's a differnce"

10 minutes later I came out, Rayley was still in the tub, Bow was throwing a screaming, running fit on the floor, and Matt was no where to be found. I hit the alarm button again. Brett came in a few minutes later and I asked where Matt was. He said he was comin, he wanted to help him put the crawfish back. GGGGGGGRRRRRRRR

I went back in and made sure the shower was on for Brett. About that time Brett comes runnin in and says "that idiot" I asked what was wrong. He said "dumb ole Matt, he done went and found himself a fire ant bed and is ate plumb up."
I ran out, gona help him get undressed and spray him off with the hose. Instead he is standing in my living room with one boot off and throwing ants all over the floor. I hollered at him to get outside and get undressed. I walk to the door, there is his boot, filled with fire ants. They are EVERYWHERE! I got him on the porch and told him to strip. He just looked at me like I was crazy. Then started shuckin his clothes and throwin them in the yard.

I came in and started trying to kill ants before the got everywhere. I can just imagine laying Bow down and him getting ate up by them.

I got matt inside and this time he had mud from head to toe. Now he needed a bath. I sent him to the shower, found more ants and went in to give him a talking to. His daddy already was. He told him if he had minded me he wouldnt have gotten in the ants and gotten bit, he swore he didnt get bit. Thats about right. I got bit 5 times getting them off him and out of the carpet. He comes away with out a scratch.

I decided to go and get Rayley out of the bathroom to get her dressed. There are bubbles EVERYWHERE! Apparently the last time Bow got a bath in there noone put up the baby soap and she got it. Her hair was nothing but suds and when she stood up she was white with them. Now she needed a shower. She had used 1/2 a bottle of baby soap. All I wanted her to do was wash off the dirt. I took her to my bathroom and told Matt to hurry, I had to throw her in. He got out and in she went. BR was nice enough to take over. I think he knew that I was about to have a melt down.

It took another 30 minutes to get them all dressed. 2 hours after I blared the horn we were ready to leave. Its a 45 minute trip one way.

I went out on the porch and there sat Matts clothes. Still. I picked up the boots and happened to look inside. One was a 3, that Bretts. I pointed this out and it pissed Brett off. He started to read Matt the riot act. Telling him how irresponsible it was, and unforgiveable. Brett wont wear his boots on a bet. He just asked for them to see if I would buy him a pair too. Matt told him, "I dont know why you care, I am just waiting for you to outgrow them so I can have them anyway."
I dont know what made me look at the other mud caked, wet, eighty dollar boot. But something did. It was a 2. One of his and one of Bretts. I just hope they aint ruined. Matt better hope they aint ruined. If they are I am going to go and buy him some bright red tennis shoes and make him wear them daily. That would be the worst punsihment I could give him. He HATES anything but boots. and DESPISES tieing shoes.

When we made it to the store we went strait to the baseball isle, it was PACKED. but I was lucky enough to find 2 black belts. Maybe Murphy doesnt hate me after all.

The kids were in awe at all the crap they sold, but noone asked for anything. Well except Rayley. She needed, not wanted, but NEEDED the pink fishing pole (shakespere reel and ugly stick rod, not a bad combo, too big for her, but I could use it till then....), the pink kyack (right.... although I bet they would have fun pushing each other around the yard in it), the pink camo, the pink tent, the pink bats, the pink gloves, the pink.. you get the picture.

We did get Brett a bat. It wasnt planned, but we found a good deal, and Brett walked by them with such a longing in his eyes. He knew we had looked but didnt actually see me pay for it, and when we got out to the truck BR put it in my box in the back. We all got in and drove home. Then when we got here and all got out, I got them ready for bed and BR went to work, next thing I know Brett is looking for the flashlight and going outside. He looked all through the back seat, I really didnt know what he was doing, till he came back in and was all dejected looking. I asked what was wrong. He wouldnt tell me. Come to find out, my child who refuses to walk out after dusk by himself was looking for his new bat. I didnt tell him we had gotten it, instead I got his mind on something else. I will let BR give it to him at the ballpark in the morning.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Is it Monday YET?

Today was a beautiful day. I wish we could have more of them. But around here we have 2 seasons normally. And this year its been one season, with some sporatic cold days thrown in for fun. Who's fun I dont know.

I love spring. But since it only lasts for about a week I dont get to enjoy it like some other folks do.

Plus its hard to enjoy it when you are stuck in the house.

The kids woke up this morning and Brett came in and wanted pancakes. I talked them into french toast. THEN I made 12 peices of toast. it took 7 eggs. It was just me and the kids. And I swear I didnt eat but ONE peice. And my kids are SUPER skinny. Then I realized, last night they ate really early.

A few hours later I went back in the kitchen to clean it up and remembered why I dont like my kids to have syrup. I am not real sure why they cant eat and NOT get it everywhere. The whole table was sticky. And 4 chairs were sticky. There is only 3 of them. The fridge is sticky, the counter, and the BOTTOM of the plates.

2 hours later Rayley walked into the kitchen and asked if I was gona make their pancakes or make them starve.

I told her she could have some chicken and rice. she said no, that she hated chicken as much as she hated eggs. I just couldnt resist. I told her all about the eggs in her french toast. She didnt belive me, so I called Brett in there. I asked him how I made it, He looked at me; he had helped me hide the fact that I used eggs this morning, knowing she would have thrown a fit and refused to eat it. I told him to tell her the truth. He did. That child left the room and didnt speak to me for about 3 hours. It would have been wonderful, if she didnt pick the time to break her silence as the same time I had JUST gotten Bow to sleep. In she came, and asked me if I would make her some chicken and rice. I asked her if she would wait just a minute and she fell all to peices. This woke up Bow and HE wanted to eat.

I made her a plate, and do you know she ate it. EVERY bite. And then came in and hugged me and told me Thank you, it was so good. I reckon absence DOES make the heart grow fonder. OR starvation make the taste buds more dull.

I did make the kids do a little bit today. VERY little. But I did make them find as many dirty clothes in their room as possible. Its amazin the stuff that gets dirty with out having ever left the house. I guess they wear it on the days I stay out all night and dont get them up and dress them. I found clothes in the laundry that I know they havent worn this entire school year. How do I know? they still have the clearence tags on them, and they are size 11/12. My kids wear a 7/8, sometimes a 9/10.

I made Brett get everything out of the truck today. I told him that we had so little room that we had to clean it out and start over. After about an hour and he had only made one trip inside, I went out to the truck. He was sitting there listing to his MP3 player, and eating breakfast bars that I keep in there. I told him to get everything out, bring it in and hurry.
All that was in there was their baseball stuff that they didnt put back in their bags last time, the diaper bag, my 'essentals' bag ( the one with the breakfast bars), a few baby blankets, a couple of malt cups, and the clothes that they changed out of in town on Tue. 4 trips max. it took him nigh on 2 hours.

I started trying to pack up for today and asked where the baseball stuff was.
In the truck
I asked where the diaper bag was
In the truck
essentals bag?
In the truck
In the truck
In the truck
I asked just what the hell he got out.
He couldnt remember. there was too much of it.

I made him go and get the rest. he came back in, I repacked everything and told him to take it all back out and put it in there.
He looked at me like I had grown 2 heads.

I wasnt even going to try to explain that everything needs to be checked, ( because they are idiots and dont put their stuff back where it belongs) and restocked (because they will eat about 10 breakfast bars in a sitting, even after just having lunch and a diaper bag ALWAYS needs restocking)

He did that and then I told Matt that if he promised to clean off his dresser first thing tomorrow he could go out and play. So Brett got his glove, Matt got a stick and they went outside. BRett was throwing a ball up and catching it. Matt was throwing up and hitting rocks with the stick. And he hardly ever missed. He can hit a 2 inch rock, with a stick that is crooked as a dogs hind leg, and about an inch across, but he cant hit a baseball with a bat.

It came time to go and I called them in to get dressed and cleaned up. THey came in and I went to get ready. I came out and told Matt how to dress for baseball practice. ONE PEICE AT A TIME. I had to make him put his shoes on the OTHER feet. Then made him take OFF the leggins and put them on right side out. Then it took him 20 minutes to refind his shoes.

Directly in front of the couch on the floor was NOT the first place he looked.

I reminded him to get some cough drops or he would be coughin his fool head off all night.

We got all loaded up and I saw 2 glasses and some magazines from the mail in the truck. I sent BRett back in with them.

We drove to the end of the driveway. I backed ALL The way back up, Matt had forgotten his cough drops.

I went down the checklist AGAIN before I put the truck in drive.
Baby bag, check
Red Baseball bag, check
Blue baseball bag, check
Everything IN the bags?, check
Essentals bag, Check
Baby blanket Check
MY baseball glove, check
My wallet and checkbook, check
caps because it was sunny, check
jacket for Rayley cause it would get cold and she insisted on wearing a skirt, check
my Dr Pepper check
was Matt wearing cleats, leggins, baseball pants and a belt, check
cough drops, check
cell phone, check
me a jacket, check
Bow, check
a baseball (since we had went ALL the way to the park the other day and forgot the ENTIRE bucket of balls), nope, they forgot, luckily, I had remembered and it was in my jacket pocket, check
anything else? Nope, got it all.

I drove off. we got 8 miles down the road and Brett says "OH NO!!" I said "WHAT?"
"I forgot my glove."

Now you have to understand, I was driving 75 MPH, 9 miles from home, half way to town. I could have screamed.
"how did you do that?" "HOW THE HELL do you bring the baseball bag, THAT I TOLD you to make sure was packed, and NOT bring your glove? TO BASEBALL practice??"

"well... I was playing with it, you saw me outside with it, and then I came in to get Rayley a toy and I set it down."
"Brett, I promise you, if you left that ball and glove outside where Darla ( the mo-ron dog) can chew it up I will skin you alive and make a baseball glove out of you!"
"I didnt."
"I dont think"

3 minutes of silence. and then "I remember!! I put it in the toy box."
" so I wouldnt loose it when I went to pee after I got Rayleys toy"
I asked him if that was the same toy I had found in the bathroom floor earlier.
"I wondered where I put it, I just told her that I couldnt find it."
That would explain why she came in the house in a huff earlier and wouldnt play with Brett no more.
and Rayley was in the backseat listening. SHe was REALLY mad.

Luckily it wasnt Bretts practice. and I had my glove. Brett was just going to watch, which meant walking around tossing up the ball and annoying me. THANK GOD the coach needed a baserunner.
He told Brett one time that he could take a break, all that running was wearing HIM out, so he knew Brett needed to sit. I told him to keep on running. The more he ran the more tired he would be!

Of course Matt plays short stop, and on the plays where the ball got thrown away Matt finally got smart and did what I was afraid he would do the whole time. He started tripping Brett. He did get to tag him out one time. That was the highlight of his night.

Before practice started I hollered at Matt to tie his shoes. He ignored me. So Brett started hollering at him, and Rayley. He told them NO. He thought he was being cute. I just stood up and started towards the dugout. He had them tied before I had went 1/2 way. I dont know why they insist on testing you. But you would think that by now my kids would know that I aint scared to walk out on the field and take care of business. They hadnt even started practicing yet. But it was really funny to see 3 other kids bending down tying their shoes. And a little later I heard the coach tell one to tie his. He just ignored him. So the coach asked if 'matts mom' needed to come and do it for him. He decided it would be better to tie them himself.

Once we got home I told the kids to please seperate the 2 baskets of socks that I had. They got started. I got up and went to change clothes after feeding Bow and getting him to sleep. They seperated them into two piles of projectiles. I came back in to a sock war. I asked them to please stop and put them in the seperate baskets. They complied. quickly.

A few days ago while cleaning their room up Matt found Bretts teeth that he had pulled a few weeks ago. When Brett saw them out here in the living room he got all upset. I told him Matt had found them under the bed. NOT EVEN thinking about the toothfairy. Well BRett was all beside himself. He had left them for the toothfairy and she didnt want them. I explained that she didnt even know they were there. He said he just thought she had taken them and he had lost the money. How he thought he had lost the money in his sleep I dont know. But in all honesty, if you saw their room, you'd understand.
He is at the stage where he knows its all us, BUT doesnt want to give up on it yet. I just tell them that as long as they belive in Santa and the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy, they are there. That everything you belive in is in your heart. But the minute that you dont, they are gone forever. And when they ask if I still belive, I tell them the truth. That yes, I do. Cause I do. I belive that santa is real. He is in each of us. When ever we do something nice for someone with no expectations of a reward. I will explain that to them later. but for now the 'if you belive' is working.

Anyway, tonight he remembered, and since the tooth fairy has forgotten before, he told me to "call who ever you need to call, cause I havent lost them tonight and plan on putting them under my pillow"

Of course all I had was a 10.00 bill. I refuse to give him this. EVEN for 2 teeth. So I dug up some quarters and put them in a little decorative bag.

I am just lucky he doesnt remember his first tooth. He was at my MIL's house. and all she had was a 5.00 and she gave him that. I could have killed her. Do you know how much money it would cost me?? 5 bucks a tooth, for (at the time) 3 kids? heck, these teeth were PULLED by a dentist, I've already paid for them ONCE!

well, when he woke up and his tooth was gone he threw a running, screaming fit. He DIDNT want to sell his teeth. He thought that was stupid. and he took the 5.00, and told my mother in law to BUY BACK his tooth. She tried to appease him and tell him that you couldnt buy it back, they had taken it to Heaven to give to a new baby that was being born. Before it was over he had offered his prized toys, all his money in savings and anything else she wanted. He was appalled that someone wanted his teeth.

I am not sure what his plan was to do with it, but she gave it back to him. She did wait till the next day. She told him to put the money back under his pillow and he did. He had that tooth for the longest time. Then hit me for a double whammy when he lost another. I opted for the cheaper fifty cents per tooth. And he was still at the age that he wanted coins, not paper.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

schooching and slobbering, its just so cute!

Today the kids woke me up at 9. My grandfather had called and wanted to know if they could come and visit him. Even though he lives an eigth of a mile away, they never get to see him. I hate it for all of them. Before my grandmother died they spent every waking moment over there. But he is awful busy here lately.

So it ended up being just Bow and I. BR was asleep. Bow played and talked and laughed. He played and got on the floor. I tried to clean. I would get about 30 minutes worth done before he would decide he needed to be held. And the helding would take at least 30 minutes. I didnt get a whole lot done. But it took me forever!

I left the room once, and when I came back in he was about 4 feet away from his pallet. He isnt crawling, but he is schooching. and doing pretty good. I am going to have to break down and get him a walker. or one of those exersaucer things. He is at the stage he will really enjoy it. I have already cleaned out and off the coffee table. I am going to get it out of here to give him more room. He should be crawing pretty quick. This means the kids toys are in major danger. I think he is going to give Hoover a run for his money. He already tries to put EVERYTHIN in his mouth. if he gets close enough he will get ears, nose, hair, fingers, cheeks. what ever he can grab and pull to him or him to. And he slobbers like a dog eyein a ham hock. I swear he looses more liquids that I can put down him.

HE also got his first 'meal' today. I have been giving him a bite here and there. he had peaches. he LOVED them. I might have to learn how to make Baby Food, cause as much as he already eats he will eat me out of house and home pretty quick!
when his daddy woke up he wouldnt sit still, he kept jumping and squeeling. he does this every day. He gets so excited when he thinks someone else is going to hold and talk to him. And he doesnt give up until BR takes him.

The kids showed back up around 4 and went strait outside. They played till dark. It has cooled off pretty well. I think we should get in the 30's tonight. They finally came back in dirty and smelly. Rayley was in a tutu and a jacket. They also brough me in more treasures. The boys brought in some petrified rock, and a few peices of arrow heads. Rayley brought me a stick. Luckily the mo-ron dog ate the stick when she wasnt looking. Now I get to vaccum up 87 little peice of wood.

Once they were in here they were bound and determined to not let the baby sleep. All 3 were walking around with their MP3 players singing at the top of their lungs and Rayley wasnt wearing her headphones. Hers has a speaker on it. I need to get her a differnt kind. that was 3 differnt songs, all 3 off key. I belive at one time I was listing to save a horse ride a ...I wana be a rockstar...sitting on a barstool acting like a durn fool.

Rayley came to me and asked if she could go to bed around 8. I told her yes. She said she would in a minute and then fell asleep on the couch. I looked over and she had dirt smudged from her eyebrow to her neck. I didnt have the energy to wake her up to clean her. the sheets will just get washed again tomorrow.

All in all the kids did pretty well today. They only had a few fights. and noone lost an eye.

Tomorrow is a baseball day, so I better get some sleep. I dont have many errands to run, but do have a mystery shop to do. I did one yesterday and made 20.00. 4 pictures and 10 minutes. Its not bad money. It would be better if I had more time. I get calls every day to do them. I just cant do that many. Between having Bow and lving so far from town its a little too much for it to be a full time job.

The guy came back out and had us sign some more papers for that cell tower they want to put on our place. I wish they would get hoppin on it. I would LOVE to get some high speed internet out here. And the only way to get it is to do the one on the cell phone. Everyone else just laughs at me. Except the satilite ones, they would LOVE to make an appointment to set me up.... NOT till I can get the entire set up for free. Then we might talk.

But it would be more cost effective to get cell service than satilite. WIth cell service I could cut my phone down to bare minimum. and use my cells. Cut off the second line and quit paying 20.00 a month for dial up. that would be a good 100.00. With Satilite I would have to keep the landline. I would only be getting rid of the second line and the dial up. Thats only 40.00. I guess I cant complain too much. I am impressed as hell with just being on a 'puter. I dont even know how telephones work. But this is beyond my comprehension totally. I really dont think I want to know either. It would take some of the fun out of it! :) And I am thankful for my 28.6 connection. Even if it does take a good 3 minutes to load a page.

All in All, not a bad day- a little hot maybe

Whew, its a good thing I havent lost that 8 extra pounds, the wind was so bad today that it would have blown me off if I didnt have it! We were due an awful storm, I reckon most of y'all felt some of it, they said it stretched from Texas to New York.

We are still under a Tornado watch, or warning or something. It rained quite a bit, but with breaks in between.
Of course it sounded bad enough that both teams canceled practice. I was already in town when they cancled it. So I had already wasted the time and deisel. But I still had about 15 errands to run. Mostly bills to pay, YUCK!

This morning was not near as bad as I thought it would be, I got them up and they all were dressed and ready pretty quick. Rayley almost had a meltdown. I got her some jeans, a shirt and her fat babies. She wanted a dress. I was nice and explained to her that she either would wear the jeans or go back to bed. She offered to go and get her fat babies out of the closet.

I did walk by Brett at one point and happened to look down at his feet. His jeans were bunched up and I could tell he was not wearing socks. I told him to go and put on socks. he said "ohhh man, she noticed"
I dont even want to know how long he has went with out them. You just start to take some things for granted and then the kids will catch on that you are, and you are screwed.

I made them all wear their jackets, they were not happy, but the temp was supposed to drop.

I dont think Matt feels very good, he is having a bad alergy attack. Coughing up a storm. you just cant help but feel sorry for him. He was kinda quiet tonight and only cracked 1/2 the normal jokes. And he didnt start any fights. None of them did now that I think about it. I wonder if they learned something from the movie they watched? I think it was Horton hears a who. Not my cup of tea. But if it taught them something who am I to complain? oh hell, what am I talking about. They were probebly just tired from playing all day. Subtle lessons in movies are lost on these kids. heck blantent lessons in movies are lost on them.

We went to Walmart while we were in town. My mom has been making some real cute dresses for Rayley and to sell. I picked out some new material. I cant wait to see her in it. Now I just have to find shoes. I have refrained from buying her too many shoes here lately. I have a weakness for them. I cant help it. BUT I have gotten better. Really.

I am partly to blame for her diva tendencies. I will admit that. Up till this last year I made sure that she had shoes to match each outfit. And she knew it. Now she doesnt understand why she no longer has them. And to her Tenny shoes DONT match ANY outfits. AT ALL

We got home tonight at about 8:00. The kids messed around for about 20 minutes and then asked if they could go to bed. I told them yes. Much as I hated to see them go to bed before thier bedtime on a non school night, I couldnt not let them.
Seriously, after I picked my jaw up off the floor I did tell them that it was okay. And they went. Matt was first, and when he went (with out his brother, which is rare, they are going through the 'scared' stage) Brett jumped up and said "I better go too, I dont want him to be scared.
Of course not, and God forbid you admit you are so tired you have repeated the same sentence 5 times. Brett gets real chatty when he gets tired. About nothing. or everything. It doesnt matter, he just does it to stay awake. It started when he was just starting to talk. ANd had NEVER stopped.

They were very good in walmart today, helping and being polite. Brett even remembered that I had left a nasty little note on the fabric table since I couldnt get any service. I left a note for them to cut our fabric, then we went and shoped. We were in the checkout line and Brett remembered the fabric. I cant get this kid to remember to wash his hair or put on a belt, but he remembered pink and green polka dot fabric.

We did have a slight problem though. I had 4 kids, 2 adults, all their baseball equiptment, the clothes they wore today ( I made them change into their practice clothes) and the junk I need for the baby in the front and back seats of the truck. It was fixing to rain and I needed horse feed. Luckily I had bought a big plastic box the other day to keep the stroller and fold up chairs in, so I was able to put a bag in there.
THEN when we came out of walmart we were faced with a rainy ride home. I couldnt put the groceries in the back so I stacked them all over the back seat. In the floor board, between the seats, everywhere. We had a full buggy of bags. Its times like these when I understand why some folks have SUV or *shudder* minivan. But I am not sure I can be one of them. I mean, have you ever tried to fit a round bail of hay in a minivan? OR pull a horse trailer?

When I showed up at the feed store I left all the kids in the truck, I thought I would just run in and out. NOPE. I have always loved the lady who owns the place. Nice as can be. And she is always asking about the kids and gets kinda testy when I dont bring them. Well when I showed up with out Bow in tow she refused to sell to me till I got him. I relented. and he was thrilled to death. She does the same thing with the mini monster. She never will belive us when we tell her how mean that child is. She just see's the angelic face and pretty smile. You'd think being married to BR's cousin she would know the blood line. But nope, she has been decieved.
She is always picking about trading me one of the kids for feed. I might suprise her one day and take her up on that offer. She carries the neatest furniture and decorations. I bought our bedroom furniture there. Its made from Old Barn wood. Its the first new furniture we have ever purchased. EVER. and it all matches. its acutually a bedroom suite. I have never had that! I did manage to leave the store with out a new sign though. she has one that has been catching my eye. It says "there are two options for supper, take it or leave it" I need that sign!

Which reminds me, I dont think I ate today. I had a malt at Sonic. Does that count? It should. and it should count as healthy too. I didnt EAT anything bad for me.

Oh and I belive my 'mylacon' trap worked. I dont know if I told y'all or not, but a few months ago I realized that Bow's gas meds were going missing. I reckon its cause it tastes like sugar water. So we hatched a plan. take the empty bottle and add some Louisanna hot sauce. I did it, and it sat on the table forever. Of course before this plan was hatched the kids heard how it was expensive and how bad it was for Bow not to get it when he needed it. Since it had set for so long I fiqured that it was not gona get 'stolen'. So tonight I decided to throw it away. I had made mention that Bow didnt like the 'cherry' flavor and thats why it was still sitting there.
Tonight I put it in the trash and Matt found it. He got mad at Rayley thinking she had thrown it away when she was picking up some stuff for me. I hollered out that I had thrown it away, and since I was in the middle of something I didnt elaborate. Then I left the room. But I did hear "well, I wonder if it will fix my gas again" and then a fight over who was gona get it, They both had been sufferin from gas all day. I can attest to that. Not wanting to be mean, but not wanting them to know I had done it I told them to just leave it alone and came in the living room and sat down.
About 5 minutes later Matt went back in the kitchen. I didnt think anything of it. Then all of a sudden, he was running water and getting a drink. Matt HATES water. as soon as he had done that he came through and asked if he could go to bed, I had no more than said yes that he told me good night. He went strait to bed.
He wont admit if he drank any, so I wont even ask. I think I will be digging the bottle out of the trash and next time one of them passes gas at an inapropriate time (they are boys, I think they can fart on cue) I will offer it to them just to see what he says. If he doesnt convince Brett to try some before then. Brett wont be able to keep it a secret. There is NO way. But Matt did, and will. I just wonder where he got his deviousness from....

Monday, March 17, 2008

7 more to go and no strait jacket yet.

Well I was right, I am more sore today than I was yesterday. I hate getting old.

The kids slept till 9 this morning and I was proud of it. I managed to sleep in myself. Till the phone rang. We got up and went to my great Aunts house, and my cousins wife cut Rayleys hair. She was really needing it, she was begining to look like a shaggy dog. After we left there we headed over to the cemtery. Today was my grandmothers birthday. The kids all went down and talked to her. They dealt with it pretty well. Its hardest on Matt, he was her baby. She would sit and hold him for hours. Brett would let her when he was younger, but once he started moving around he never stopped so she didnt get much chance at him. Matt has always been more than happy to just be held and be lazy! :)

I ended up going out and hitting the boys about 4 buckets of balls. Our bucket has 40 balls in it and since I missed a few I swung many more times than that. I dont know how a 15 oz bat can get so heavy. But belive me it does. I am hoping I loosened up those muscles instead of making them worse.

My mother in law called tonight, she asked if the kids could go to day care tomorrow with her, since its spring break they are going to take them to the movies. I told her sure, I had heard that sleep was overrated anyway. Gosh I hate to have to get up at 5:30 on a morning when I dont have to! But I know the kids will enjoy it.

I got them to help me do a few things around here tonight. I asked Matt to fold some towels for me. It took him 45 minutes to get them out of the dryer and into the basket. and another 30 minutes to fiqure out where to set them to start folding. I really worry about this kid when he gets out in the real world. I see him as a state or goverment worker. Nothing against state or goverment workers, but my husband, 2 brother in laws, dad, and numerous friends have worked for the prison system. It aint rocket surgery.

Once it was time to go to bed I sent Rayley in and she laid down. 20 minutes later I saw her digging in her dresser for a new nightgown. I ignored it. She laid back down and I didnt think anything else about it. Then another 10 minutes went by, she was up again and digging. This time I had to know. I asked her why she was changing her nightgown.
She said "cause I want to look pretty if a night comes to get me in the middle of the night."
I asked her what made her think a night was coming to get her.
She said" they always rescue princess' from awful places, and I dont belong here. I should live in a castle with people to clean my room for me"

I agree. She does need a maid.
She did tell me she would miss me, and she was sorry I couldnt go with her.
I asked her what made her so sure I wasnt gona get an invite to live in a castle too. She said "your too old. Princess' dont have kids and they are not fat"

I swear, I am only 8 pounds bigger than when I got pregnant! And I wasnt big then! I just wonder if I should pack her a bag for her journey?

Earlier she wanted some lunch, I asked her what she wanted to eat, and she said she wanted what I had made. I told her she didnt like eggs ( I had made breakfast taco's) She swore she did and thats what she wanted.
So I told her that she would eat them, every bit, and if she refused I would bust her butt and then make her eat them. She promised she would eat them.
I gave her a tortilla and a little bit of sausage and egg.
I tried to give her a 1/2 of a tortilla, but she would have NONE of that, she was a big girl, and needed the whole thing.
She took a bite and said "oh I LOVE this, I'll eat it all.
Brett was eating too so they talked for a few minutes while he ate.
Once he got up she called into the living room and told me she thought she didnt like it any more. I reminded her of our deal.
She said "I tried 3 bites, and I just dont like it"
I told her to eat the last bite or she'd be in trouble.
She told me she was tired, I told her to eat and she could go to bed.
She told me she had to pee. I told her to get down and go, then finish eating.
She did.
Then I sent her back.
She again told me she didnt like it and couldnt belive I was such a mean mommy as to make her eat something she hated so much.
I told her that she said she liked it.
Then I get the "you dont love me" card.
And was told again how mean I was. and that I couldnt cook. she said if I cooked better she would eat it.
I was about at the end of my rope and told her to eat the last bite and the tortilla. She told me she was just a baby and couldnt eat the whole tortilla. I left the room.
5 minutes later she was asleep. About this time my mom showed up. She wanted to feel sorry for her, but I wasnt buying any of it. I tried to fix the whiny, ungrateful wench something, but she refused. I was very nice about it, offering a PB and J.

By the time she woke up I was outside and my mom swears she ate the last bite, but not the tortilla.
When I came back in she was in the bath, and my mom had just finished bathing Bow. When she got out of the tub she actually had the nerve to ask my mom to fix her a plate, cause she LOVES eggs.
I dont know if it was cause I was hot, or mad, but I swear steam came out my ears.

Of course I went in there after my mom left and there was a plate FULL of eggs and sausage. And I do mean FULL, she hadnt ate more than a bite.
At least the dogs enjoyed it. I hate feeding good food to the dogs. It just rubs me the wrong way. I dont mind giving them scraps, but to give them a full plate of food just because she didnt eat what she said she would is wrong.

OF course I wouldnt make her anything else when she asked for it later.

I did take a shower tonight before everyone went to bed. I had to. While I was out there hitting and missing the ball I got so hot. I mean BAD hot. Plus the wind was blowing so hard it was creating dust storms. I was actually afraid that some of the trees wouldnt make it. I was so gritty that I couldnt sit here and take it, so I opted to sacrifice the house and the kids to get a shower. I made it a little over 5 minutes before I recieved a visitor. I had brought Bow with me, left Matt picking up crap in the living room and Brett cleaning up their room.

Next thing I know Matt is in there asking me about his alergy pill. and asking if he could take it now. I told him now was NOT a good time, I would find it once I got out of the shower. He was afraid he would forget by then. I told him I would remember. So out he went.
less than a minute later he was back. Brett had found the case to a movie. I asked where. He told me it was under the couch. I asked him since when was there a couch in their bedroom?
Before I could even think he said "I dont know, let me go and get Brett."
Well, in came Brett, with Matt right behind. Brett asked me if I was buying them a couch for their bedroom.
Matt sat down on the floor and started playing with Bow. All I wanted was a quick shower.

I told Brett I wouldnt be buying them a couch, but to stay out from under mine and clean his room.
He was mad about the no couch deal. But he relented and left. Finally it was quiet and I finished up showering, I started out the door and there was Matt, still playing with Bow. I asked him why he was still in there and not picking up their stuff in the living room like I had asked.
His reason? "I didnt want Bow to get scared in here by himself"

I guess I missed me being in there this whole time.

I told him to go get something done while I was getting dressed before he got in more trouble than he could get out of.
When I made it in there the living room was still in shambles but he had gotten the clothes out of the dryer and was hanging them up.
I asked why the mess was still all over the floor.
He told me "I thought this was more important, and you would want me to do this"
Alright, fair answer. I did appriciate the help, but when I pointed to his backpack, shoes, clothes, toys, trash, and various other sundries he said "oh, well cant you make Brett pick that up?"
NO, I couldnt, but I'd be more than happy to ask Brett to give him a few more hangers.
This didnt set well. He opted to get his own hangers.

I made them get all their baseball stuff together, they both have practice tomorrow night and wont be here to get it. I will have to take it to town with me. This took a good 45 minutes. They couldnt remember everything they needed. And then couldnt find their leggings. They were finaly found in the dirty clothes. they were clean.

I think I have them all in bed and asleep now. If not, I dont plan on fighting with them in the morning. I'd just as soon sleep in.

Only 7 more days to go.

Oh and on a personal note. When did the word pleaded become right?
Do you readed a book? Leaded a search party? WHY is this a word? Everytime I hear a newcaster say it I wonder how they made it past 5th grade. Dont get me wrong, I aint the sharpest tool in the shed, cant spell to save my life, and would fail 9th grade math. BUT even with my southern dialog and lack of vocabulary I cant for the life of me fiqure out how this word became a mainstream accepted word.

Its one of those that is spelt the same as the others in opposite tenses but when you read the sentence you get the right one.
read, you can read a book, have read a book
Lead, you lead the pack, and you have lead them to victory
THere are others I am sure, but I am too tired to think of them. heck, pled sounds better!
even my kid with his head in the clouds pointed this out.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

2 down and 8 more to go.

I am sorry I didnt post last night. But I was wore plumb out.

BR didnt work too late on Friday night so we got up and took the boys to the ball park. He wanted to work with them on hitting and fielding. I went along for the ride. I thought.

He started off with pitching to Brett and I started throwing the ball to Matt. This went on for about 6 buckets of balls. Brett did pretty good. He has the basics down, he just needs to stop flicking the bat, once he makes contact he stops.

Matt is a good player. WHEN he DOESNT think. if he just throws it or catches it with out thinking he looks wonderful. When he thinks he will be looking at you and toss it 20 feet away.

Once my arm started hurting I took Matt to a field and started making him run. I told BR I wanted him to practice his sliding and running the bases. He told me that 2 or 3 bad slides and he would fiqure it out. I told him I wanted a break and wanted Matt to run. He picked on me about being lazy. Brett said "well look at how bad of shape she is in. She's toting like 50 extra pounds"

It took him a little while to fiqure out where to start his slide, and once he got that down I started standing on the base and told him to slide under me. The first time he filled my shoes with dirt and made a perfect slide. I still made him run the bases a few times. :)

THen it was his turn to hit. He did wonderful. If we could just get him to step AND swing at the same time.

Then BR took them out to do some fielding. He was hitting them balls and had them each playing their positions. Brett in Center and Hoover on shortstop. I dont know what we are going to have to do with Brett. He is bound and determined to bring the WIllie Mays basket catch back. BR spent more time hollering at him that Willie was retired then he did doing much else. He finaly caught one with the glove in front of him.
"Well, ole WIllie done caught him one" Brett hollered from center field. I promise, if I had been capable of throwing that far, and wasnt laughing so hard I would have tried to knock his hat off his head. But it did tickle me.
Not near as much though as the next ball BR hit. Brett misjudged it and it hit his wrist. hard.
By now I was rolling on the ground laughing. nothing we could have done as parents was a better punishment than that.
He did make more of an effort to catch the right way after that.

Then he challenged them to hit the bucket he was sitting on at home plate. He told them to make him jump off the bucket. Brett moved on up to second base to do this. They tried, neither came close. BR was able to hit a few with the bat, and Matt did hit the bucket once.
Well Brett decided to move on up. By now BR and I were standing by the fence behind home plate and Brett was about 5 feet from home plate. He started throwing them at his daddy and it became a game. Then he threw one at me, and stupid ME, I moved. He beaned me on the inside of my left leg right on my knee. It hurt like hell. But when the boys gasped and asked if it hurt I told them NOPE. So the first time I found them whining about being hit I was gona come out on the field and bean them myself. :)

Now today I am so sore, My knee wont bend, my hamstrings are seized up like a rusty hinge, my shoulders hurt so bad I cant scratch my own head and the palm of my hand is tender. I swear I didnt do THAT much yesterday. But my father in law said, "when just a little is more than your used to, your gona feel it, and you are VERY used to doing VERY little" yep. I cant argue with that logic.

But BR did take me out to eat after. I enjoyed my meal. Everyone picked something out, but Brett wanted some off the wall shrimp dish. We told him he wouldnt like it and to get the fried popcorn shrimp. He said he didnt want that. We tried to explain it was a mexican food restutant and he WOULDNT like the shrimp dish he wanted. He refused to belive us. So I told him he couldnt have that (I wasnt paying twice as much for his for him not to like it as I did for each of ours) When she came around to take our orders Brett decided he wouldnt eat. No problem
I ate till I couldnt eat any more. Matt ended up eating all of his and Brett ate the chips and the french fries that came with our appatizer. He liked the caso. I told him it was like what I made at home all the time. He refused to belive me.

Then the girl came around and asked if we wanted desert. BR and I said no, then I remembered, this is where I got the fried cheesecake wrapped in a soapapia with cinnamon and sugar and strawberries adn ice cream.
I ordered it.
OMG. This is absolute heaven. I kid you not. It came with 4 spoons. Brett got all excited. I told him that I was sorry, but he had opted not to eat.
He was heartbroken.
I did relent and let him have a bite. I fiqured this was the biggest punishment I could give him. To let him have just ONE little taste.
I was right.

Tonight I was in the kitchen cleaning up and Brett asked me when WWIII was gona happen. I asked what it mattered.. He said "cause thats the end of the world" And then got upset and wanted to know when the world was gona end and if he would even live to high school. Matt was throwing in questions too. I dont know where they got this, but dang, kids have enough to deal with, why on earth should they worry about the end of the world. I told them that it was NOT WWIII. That the world was not going to end in the next 10 years and if they were good and stoped lying and didnt steal or cheat, they would live to be a ripe old age.

"like you mom?" Rayley asked.. she might not see the end of the world..

Then they started telling me that God was gona end the world soon. I saw this as a way to hammer home my point of them being good. I told them again that as long as they were honest, and good that God was not going to end the world. That he would only do that when noone was honest and good anymore.

This seemed to be understandable to them, they dried their tears and promsied me they would be good from here on out. I really hope the end of the world is NOT hinging on my kids..

They even got up and started helping me clean. Matt offered to put on a load of clothes and switch over the clean ones. Brett offerd to make the beds in their room and pick up the living room. I hated to see them do all that work, but understood their need to help. ..*snort*
Matt also asked if he could help me clean the kitchen, I told him sure. About that time I had a bowl that had to be put up and asked him to put it up for me. He set it on the table. A few minutes later I asked why he didnt put it up.
He couldnt remember where it went. I told him it went in the cabinet, across the kitchen.
I turned around about 5 minutes later. It was ON the cabinet. I hadnt asked him to help me, but he voluneteered. BUT I still couldnt let this go unchecked.

I called him over and told him it went IN the cabinet.
"OH, but there's a kitchen chair there"
move the chair.
"oh, where do I put it?"
under the kitchen table, where it goes

I started scrubbing the stove, by the way, I HATE those glass top non burner stoves. they are the hardest thing in the world to keep clean. I will NEVER own another. I'd rather use a coleman stove and a heating plate.

I just about got it cleaned up and turned around. the bowl was STILL on the cabinet and the chair was being sat in by Matt.
I thought you were putting that bowl up.
"what bowl?"
The one on the counter, that goes in the cabinet that was behind the chair that you are sitting in.
"oh. I wondered what I was doing, I couldnt remember so I thought maybe you had told me to sit down and stay out of your way."
do you mind putting the bowl on the bottom shelf of the cabinet?
"no, I dont mind, after that what else can I do?"
Just take care of that for now.
"okay mom. When I get done can I sweep?"

I finished loading the dishwasher, and walked into the laundry room. There was the dryer door open, with wet towells hanging out, the washer open with jeans piled ON TOP of the agitator and no water ran.

Matt is something wrong in here?
"No, why?"
come look
"can I sweep in there too?"
I havent seen the floor of the laundry room in months.. sweeping wouldnt work
"we should really work tomorrow and get that all done up"
Ya think?
and in he comes.
"Oh, I guess I forgot to turn them on huh?"
"should I do that now?"
Unless you expect the cat to do it then yes.
So he went about shutting doors, running water and turning on the dryer.

I walked back out, I was gona go ahead and sweep.
There ON the floor, in FRONT of the cabinet was the bowl.
"yes mom?" says my dear space cadet child
"MMMMOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMM!" hollers Brett "can't you be quiet, you woke up Bow! I just got him to sleep and now look what you did!" he had went in to play with him and Bow had fallen asleep in his arms. Now he was getting mad at me cause I had woken him up. Gee, its a bitch when the tables are turned.

Hoov dear, why is the bowl on the floor?
"what bowl?"
I am gona buy this kid some Ginko baloba or what ever.
The one on the floor
"cause you told me to put it there"
NO I didnt. I told you to put it IN the cabinet, since when do we stack the bowls on the floor INFRONT of the cabinet?
There was a momentary look of confusion and bewilderment, and then a look of delight and a sparkle in his eye.
"I made an executive decision"
Its really hard not to giggle.
You made a what?
"executive decision"
Alright, I'll play along.
And what was your deciding factors that lead up to this decision?
... I had to cough to buy some time to compose myself.
Logistics huh? Please elaborate.
"well, this way you dont have to move a chair and bend all the way over and open the cabinet to get to the bowl, its just right there and you just grab it up and go, it will make making pancakes in the morning easier for you"
Okay, do you mind if I point out why this will NOT work?
"if you think you can."
OH, I KNOW I can. First, the chair shouldnt be in front of the cabinet. The chair being there tells me that ONE of you wanted something out of the cabinet and couldnt reach it, more than likely something you wernt supposed to get, so you grabbed a chair, moved it over here, got the ... breakfast bar, and---
"wow, how'd you know what I got Mom? said Brett
In a minute I'll explain it Brett, let me finish explaining to Matt why I want this bowl IN the cabinet.
now, since the chair was NOT supposed to be there, that leaves the door,-- Cabinet doors have jobs, they are to keep the clutter from being seen, keep dust, dog hair, toys, mud, and dirt out of the dishes. Opening a cabinet is not real hard. Even Rayley can do it. Point number three is; if its on the floor it will collect all the ickyness I just described cause its a BOWL, and there is no cabinet door to protect it. Plus you would kick it when EVERYTIME you walked through, its a glass bowl. And last but not least, even if I was gona make pancakes tomorrow, and I doubt I will, I would use the measuring bowl that I have used for years to make them. NOT a bowl that you cant pour out of.

"oh, so what should I do with the bowl?"
honestly, I couldnt stand there any longer. I handed him the bowl and walked out, went into the living room and was promptly handed a happy and energetic Bow. With Rayley in my lap 3 seconds later.
"mom, I understand that you might not want to make pancakes in the morning"
Thnk you baby, I appriciate that.
"so if you make them tonight we will eat some now and save the rest for tomorrow."

SHE is THREE! THREE and these boys are already rubbing off on her!
in my eye rolling and sighin I happened to see the clock.

I told the kids to go on to bed. Rayley said okay and started that way, Matt walked through and I asked him where Brett was. He said, "he went to bed a few minutes ago"
I told him to go on to bed and we would go out tomorrow and play some ball. Off he went too. Gosh that was easy. I think they were wore out from all they did today. They spent it at my moms.
I sure hope I am not as sore then. I promised BR I would work with them this week. Before it gets cold, and rainy. It was 88 saturday. And just as hot today. I bet it freezes before easter.
And my mom and grandfather were so proud that they planted all these plants yesterday. I dont know why my grandfather does this year after year, he looses plants to the last frost because he insists on putting them in the ground a week before Good Friday.

BR wants to concentrate more on working with them on actual tactics and not the basics when he takes them on saturday.
I am gona take some Tylenol and go to sleep.
OH and I am gona put the bowl up that Matt sat on the coffee table when he came in to kiss me goodnight. I think I will set it on the table. Or maybe put it in the dryer. That should confuse him.

or maybe not.

oh well, School starts back in 8 more days.