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Monday, March 17, 2008

7 more to go and no strait jacket yet.

Well I was right, I am more sore today than I was yesterday. I hate getting old.

The kids slept till 9 this morning and I was proud of it. I managed to sleep in myself. Till the phone rang. We got up and went to my great Aunts house, and my cousins wife cut Rayleys hair. She was really needing it, she was begining to look like a shaggy dog. After we left there we headed over to the cemtery. Today was my grandmothers birthday. The kids all went down and talked to her. They dealt with it pretty well. Its hardest on Matt, he was her baby. She would sit and hold him for hours. Brett would let her when he was younger, but once he started moving around he never stopped so she didnt get much chance at him. Matt has always been more than happy to just be held and be lazy! :)

I ended up going out and hitting the boys about 4 buckets of balls. Our bucket has 40 balls in it and since I missed a few I swung many more times than that. I dont know how a 15 oz bat can get so heavy. But belive me it does. I am hoping I loosened up those muscles instead of making them worse.

My mother in law called tonight, she asked if the kids could go to day care tomorrow with her, since its spring break they are going to take them to the movies. I told her sure, I had heard that sleep was overrated anyway. Gosh I hate to have to get up at 5:30 on a morning when I dont have to! But I know the kids will enjoy it.

I got them to help me do a few things around here tonight. I asked Matt to fold some towels for me. It took him 45 minutes to get them out of the dryer and into the basket. and another 30 minutes to fiqure out where to set them to start folding. I really worry about this kid when he gets out in the real world. I see him as a state or goverment worker. Nothing against state or goverment workers, but my husband, 2 brother in laws, dad, and numerous friends have worked for the prison system. It aint rocket surgery.

Once it was time to go to bed I sent Rayley in and she laid down. 20 minutes later I saw her digging in her dresser for a new nightgown. I ignored it. She laid back down and I didnt think anything else about it. Then another 10 minutes went by, she was up again and digging. This time I had to know. I asked her why she was changing her nightgown.
She said "cause I want to look pretty if a night comes to get me in the middle of the night."
I asked her what made her think a night was coming to get her.
She said" they always rescue princess' from awful places, and I dont belong here. I should live in a castle with people to clean my room for me"

I agree. She does need a maid.
She did tell me she would miss me, and she was sorry I couldnt go with her.
I asked her what made her so sure I wasnt gona get an invite to live in a castle too. She said "your too old. Princess' dont have kids and they are not fat"

I swear, I am only 8 pounds bigger than when I got pregnant! And I wasnt big then! I just wonder if I should pack her a bag for her journey?

Earlier she wanted some lunch, I asked her what she wanted to eat, and she said she wanted what I had made. I told her she didnt like eggs ( I had made breakfast taco's) She swore she did and thats what she wanted.
So I told her that she would eat them, every bit, and if she refused I would bust her butt and then make her eat them. She promised she would eat them.
I gave her a tortilla and a little bit of sausage and egg.
I tried to give her a 1/2 of a tortilla, but she would have NONE of that, she was a big girl, and needed the whole thing.
She took a bite and said "oh I LOVE this, I'll eat it all.
Brett was eating too so they talked for a few minutes while he ate.
Once he got up she called into the living room and told me she thought she didnt like it any more. I reminded her of our deal.
She said "I tried 3 bites, and I just dont like it"
I told her to eat the last bite or she'd be in trouble.
She told me she was tired, I told her to eat and she could go to bed.
She told me she had to pee. I told her to get down and go, then finish eating.
She did.
Then I sent her back.
She again told me she didnt like it and couldnt belive I was such a mean mommy as to make her eat something she hated so much.
I told her that she said she liked it.
Then I get the "you dont love me" card.
And was told again how mean I was. and that I couldnt cook. she said if I cooked better she would eat it.
I was about at the end of my rope and told her to eat the last bite and the tortilla. She told me she was just a baby and couldnt eat the whole tortilla. I left the room.
5 minutes later she was asleep. About this time my mom showed up. She wanted to feel sorry for her, but I wasnt buying any of it. I tried to fix the whiny, ungrateful wench something, but she refused. I was very nice about it, offering a PB and J.

By the time she woke up I was outside and my mom swears she ate the last bite, but not the tortilla.
When I came back in she was in the bath, and my mom had just finished bathing Bow. When she got out of the tub she actually had the nerve to ask my mom to fix her a plate, cause she LOVES eggs.
I dont know if it was cause I was hot, or mad, but I swear steam came out my ears.

Of course I went in there after my mom left and there was a plate FULL of eggs and sausage. And I do mean FULL, she hadnt ate more than a bite.
At least the dogs enjoyed it. I hate feeding good food to the dogs. It just rubs me the wrong way. I dont mind giving them scraps, but to give them a full plate of food just because she didnt eat what she said she would is wrong.

OF course I wouldnt make her anything else when she asked for it later.

I did take a shower tonight before everyone went to bed. I had to. While I was out there hitting and missing the ball I got so hot. I mean BAD hot. Plus the wind was blowing so hard it was creating dust storms. I was actually afraid that some of the trees wouldnt make it. I was so gritty that I couldnt sit here and take it, so I opted to sacrifice the house and the kids to get a shower. I made it a little over 5 minutes before I recieved a visitor. I had brought Bow with me, left Matt picking up crap in the living room and Brett cleaning up their room.

Next thing I know Matt is in there asking me about his alergy pill. and asking if he could take it now. I told him now was NOT a good time, I would find it once I got out of the shower. He was afraid he would forget by then. I told him I would remember. So out he went.
less than a minute later he was back. Brett had found the case to a movie. I asked where. He told me it was under the couch. I asked him since when was there a couch in their bedroom?
Before I could even think he said "I dont know, let me go and get Brett."
Well, in came Brett, with Matt right behind. Brett asked me if I was buying them a couch for their bedroom.
Matt sat down on the floor and started playing with Bow. All I wanted was a quick shower.

I told Brett I wouldnt be buying them a couch, but to stay out from under mine and clean his room.
He was mad about the no couch deal. But he relented and left. Finally it was quiet and I finished up showering, I started out the door and there was Matt, still playing with Bow. I asked him why he was still in there and not picking up their stuff in the living room like I had asked.
His reason? "I didnt want Bow to get scared in here by himself"

I guess I missed me being in there this whole time.

I told him to go get something done while I was getting dressed before he got in more trouble than he could get out of.
When I made it in there the living room was still in shambles but he had gotten the clothes out of the dryer and was hanging them up.
I asked why the mess was still all over the floor.
He told me "I thought this was more important, and you would want me to do this"
Alright, fair answer. I did appriciate the help, but when I pointed to his backpack, shoes, clothes, toys, trash, and various other sundries he said "oh, well cant you make Brett pick that up?"
NO, I couldnt, but I'd be more than happy to ask Brett to give him a few more hangers.
This didnt set well. He opted to get his own hangers.

I made them get all their baseball stuff together, they both have practice tomorrow night and wont be here to get it. I will have to take it to town with me. This took a good 45 minutes. They couldnt remember everything they needed. And then couldnt find their leggings. They were finaly found in the dirty clothes. they were clean.

I think I have them all in bed and asleep now. If not, I dont plan on fighting with them in the morning. I'd just as soon sleep in.

Only 7 more days to go.

Oh and on a personal note. When did the word pleaded become right?
Do you readed a book? Leaded a search party? WHY is this a word? Everytime I hear a newcaster say it I wonder how they made it past 5th grade. Dont get me wrong, I aint the sharpest tool in the shed, cant spell to save my life, and would fail 9th grade math. BUT even with my southern dialog and lack of vocabulary I cant for the life of me fiqure out how this word became a mainstream accepted word.

Its one of those that is spelt the same as the others in opposite tenses but when you read the sentence you get the right one.
read, you can read a book, have read a book
Lead, you lead the pack, and you have lead them to victory
THere are others I am sure, but I am too tired to think of them. heck, pled sounds better!
even my kid with his head in the clouds pointed this out.

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