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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

schooching and slobbering, its just so cute!

Today the kids woke me up at 9. My grandfather had called and wanted to know if they could come and visit him. Even though he lives an eigth of a mile away, they never get to see him. I hate it for all of them. Before my grandmother died they spent every waking moment over there. But he is awful busy here lately.

So it ended up being just Bow and I. BR was asleep. Bow played and talked and laughed. He played and got on the floor. I tried to clean. I would get about 30 minutes worth done before he would decide he needed to be held. And the helding would take at least 30 minutes. I didnt get a whole lot done. But it took me forever!

I left the room once, and when I came back in he was about 4 feet away from his pallet. He isnt crawling, but he is schooching. and doing pretty good. I am going to have to break down and get him a walker. or one of those exersaucer things. He is at the stage he will really enjoy it. I have already cleaned out and off the coffee table. I am going to get it out of here to give him more room. He should be crawing pretty quick. This means the kids toys are in major danger. I think he is going to give Hoover a run for his money. He already tries to put EVERYTHIN in his mouth. if he gets close enough he will get ears, nose, hair, fingers, cheeks. what ever he can grab and pull to him or him to. And he slobbers like a dog eyein a ham hock. I swear he looses more liquids that I can put down him.

HE also got his first 'meal' today. I have been giving him a bite here and there. he had peaches. he LOVED them. I might have to learn how to make Baby Food, cause as much as he already eats he will eat me out of house and home pretty quick!
when his daddy woke up he wouldnt sit still, he kept jumping and squeeling. he does this every day. He gets so excited when he thinks someone else is going to hold and talk to him. And he doesnt give up until BR takes him.

The kids showed back up around 4 and went strait outside. They played till dark. It has cooled off pretty well. I think we should get in the 30's tonight. They finally came back in dirty and smelly. Rayley was in a tutu and a jacket. They also brough me in more treasures. The boys brought in some petrified rock, and a few peices of arrow heads. Rayley brought me a stick. Luckily the mo-ron dog ate the stick when she wasnt looking. Now I get to vaccum up 87 little peice of wood.

Once they were in here they were bound and determined to not let the baby sleep. All 3 were walking around with their MP3 players singing at the top of their lungs and Rayley wasnt wearing her headphones. Hers has a speaker on it. I need to get her a differnt kind. that was 3 differnt songs, all 3 off key. I belive at one time I was listing to save a horse ride a ...I wana be a rockstar...sitting on a barstool acting like a durn fool.

Rayley came to me and asked if she could go to bed around 8. I told her yes. She said she would in a minute and then fell asleep on the couch. I looked over and she had dirt smudged from her eyebrow to her neck. I didnt have the energy to wake her up to clean her. the sheets will just get washed again tomorrow.

All in all the kids did pretty well today. They only had a few fights. and noone lost an eye.

Tomorrow is a baseball day, so I better get some sleep. I dont have many errands to run, but do have a mystery shop to do. I did one yesterday and made 20.00. 4 pictures and 10 minutes. Its not bad money. It would be better if I had more time. I get calls every day to do them. I just cant do that many. Between having Bow and lving so far from town its a little too much for it to be a full time job.

The guy came back out and had us sign some more papers for that cell tower they want to put on our place. I wish they would get hoppin on it. I would LOVE to get some high speed internet out here. And the only way to get it is to do the one on the cell phone. Everyone else just laughs at me. Except the satilite ones, they would LOVE to make an appointment to set me up.... NOT till I can get the entire set up for free. Then we might talk.

But it would be more cost effective to get cell service than satilite. WIth cell service I could cut my phone down to bare minimum. and use my cells. Cut off the second line and quit paying 20.00 a month for dial up. that would be a good 100.00. With Satilite I would have to keep the landline. I would only be getting rid of the second line and the dial up. Thats only 40.00. I guess I cant complain too much. I am impressed as hell with just being on a 'puter. I dont even know how telephones work. But this is beyond my comprehension totally. I really dont think I want to know either. It would take some of the fun out of it! :) And I am thankful for my 28.6 connection. Even if it does take a good 3 minutes to load a page.

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