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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

All in All, not a bad day- a little hot maybe

Whew, its a good thing I havent lost that 8 extra pounds, the wind was so bad today that it would have blown me off if I didnt have it! We were due an awful storm, I reckon most of y'all felt some of it, they said it stretched from Texas to New York.

We are still under a Tornado watch, or warning or something. It rained quite a bit, but with breaks in between.
Of course it sounded bad enough that both teams canceled practice. I was already in town when they cancled it. So I had already wasted the time and deisel. But I still had about 15 errands to run. Mostly bills to pay, YUCK!

This morning was not near as bad as I thought it would be, I got them up and they all were dressed and ready pretty quick. Rayley almost had a meltdown. I got her some jeans, a shirt and her fat babies. She wanted a dress. I was nice and explained to her that she either would wear the jeans or go back to bed. She offered to go and get her fat babies out of the closet.

I did walk by Brett at one point and happened to look down at his feet. His jeans were bunched up and I could tell he was not wearing socks. I told him to go and put on socks. he said "ohhh man, she noticed"
I dont even want to know how long he has went with out them. You just start to take some things for granted and then the kids will catch on that you are, and you are screwed.

I made them all wear their jackets, they were not happy, but the temp was supposed to drop.

I dont think Matt feels very good, he is having a bad alergy attack. Coughing up a storm. you just cant help but feel sorry for him. He was kinda quiet tonight and only cracked 1/2 the normal jokes. And he didnt start any fights. None of them did now that I think about it. I wonder if they learned something from the movie they watched? I think it was Horton hears a who. Not my cup of tea. But if it taught them something who am I to complain? oh hell, what am I talking about. They were probebly just tired from playing all day. Subtle lessons in movies are lost on these kids. heck blantent lessons in movies are lost on them.

We went to Walmart while we were in town. My mom has been making some real cute dresses for Rayley and to sell. I picked out some new material. I cant wait to see her in it. Now I just have to find shoes. I have refrained from buying her too many shoes here lately. I have a weakness for them. I cant help it. BUT I have gotten better. Really.

I am partly to blame for her diva tendencies. I will admit that. Up till this last year I made sure that she had shoes to match each outfit. And she knew it. Now she doesnt understand why she no longer has them. And to her Tenny shoes DONT match ANY outfits. AT ALL

We got home tonight at about 8:00. The kids messed around for about 20 minutes and then asked if they could go to bed. I told them yes. Much as I hated to see them go to bed before thier bedtime on a non school night, I couldnt not let them.
Seriously, after I picked my jaw up off the floor I did tell them that it was okay. And they went. Matt was first, and when he went (with out his brother, which is rare, they are going through the 'scared' stage) Brett jumped up and said "I better go too, I dont want him to be scared.
Of course not, and God forbid you admit you are so tired you have repeated the same sentence 5 times. Brett gets real chatty when he gets tired. About nothing. or everything. It doesnt matter, he just does it to stay awake. It started when he was just starting to talk. ANd had NEVER stopped.

They were very good in walmart today, helping and being polite. Brett even remembered that I had left a nasty little note on the fabric table since I couldnt get any service. I left a note for them to cut our fabric, then we went and shoped. We were in the checkout line and Brett remembered the fabric. I cant get this kid to remember to wash his hair or put on a belt, but he remembered pink and green polka dot fabric.

We did have a slight problem though. I had 4 kids, 2 adults, all their baseball equiptment, the clothes they wore today ( I made them change into their practice clothes) and the junk I need for the baby in the front and back seats of the truck. It was fixing to rain and I needed horse feed. Luckily I had bought a big plastic box the other day to keep the stroller and fold up chairs in, so I was able to put a bag in there.
THEN when we came out of walmart we were faced with a rainy ride home. I couldnt put the groceries in the back so I stacked them all over the back seat. In the floor board, between the seats, everywhere. We had a full buggy of bags. Its times like these when I understand why some folks have SUV or *shudder* minivan. But I am not sure I can be one of them. I mean, have you ever tried to fit a round bail of hay in a minivan? OR pull a horse trailer?

When I showed up at the feed store I left all the kids in the truck, I thought I would just run in and out. NOPE. I have always loved the lady who owns the place. Nice as can be. And she is always asking about the kids and gets kinda testy when I dont bring them. Well when I showed up with out Bow in tow she refused to sell to me till I got him. I relented. and he was thrilled to death. She does the same thing with the mini monster. She never will belive us when we tell her how mean that child is. She just see's the angelic face and pretty smile. You'd think being married to BR's cousin she would know the blood line. But nope, she has been decieved.
She is always picking about trading me one of the kids for feed. I might suprise her one day and take her up on that offer. She carries the neatest furniture and decorations. I bought our bedroom furniture there. Its made from Old Barn wood. Its the first new furniture we have ever purchased. EVER. and it all matches. its acutually a bedroom suite. I have never had that! I did manage to leave the store with out a new sign though. she has one that has been catching my eye. It says "there are two options for supper, take it or leave it" I need that sign!

Which reminds me, I dont think I ate today. I had a malt at Sonic. Does that count? It should. and it should count as healthy too. I didnt EAT anything bad for me.

Oh and I belive my 'mylacon' trap worked. I dont know if I told y'all or not, but a few months ago I realized that Bow's gas meds were going missing. I reckon its cause it tastes like sugar water. So we hatched a plan. take the empty bottle and add some Louisanna hot sauce. I did it, and it sat on the table forever. Of course before this plan was hatched the kids heard how it was expensive and how bad it was for Bow not to get it when he needed it. Since it had set for so long I fiqured that it was not gona get 'stolen'. So tonight I decided to throw it away. I had made mention that Bow didnt like the 'cherry' flavor and thats why it was still sitting there.
Tonight I put it in the trash and Matt found it. He got mad at Rayley thinking she had thrown it away when she was picking up some stuff for me. I hollered out that I had thrown it away, and since I was in the middle of something I didnt elaborate. Then I left the room. But I did hear "well, I wonder if it will fix my gas again" and then a fight over who was gona get it, They both had been sufferin from gas all day. I can attest to that. Not wanting to be mean, but not wanting them to know I had done it I told them to just leave it alone and came in the living room and sat down.
About 5 minutes later Matt went back in the kitchen. I didnt think anything of it. Then all of a sudden, he was running water and getting a drink. Matt HATES water. as soon as he had done that he came through and asked if he could go to bed, I had no more than said yes that he told me good night. He went strait to bed.
He wont admit if he drank any, so I wont even ask. I think I will be digging the bottle out of the trash and next time one of them passes gas at an inapropriate time (they are boys, I think they can fart on cue) I will offer it to them just to see what he says. If he doesnt convince Brett to try some before then. Brett wont be able to keep it a secret. There is NO way. But Matt did, and will. I just wonder where he got his deviousness from....

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