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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Finally I am catching up!!

ACK! Last night I was all set blog, and BR called, he had to leave his truck at the yard, and I had to go and get him.

when we got home, I was trying to set up my face book page, and I started naming off people that we knew and hadnt seen in years that were on there. He said "set me up one of them"

SO I spent the rest of the night setting his up. It was funny when I tried to link his and mine through marriage, it said "we will check with Billy to verify this" or somesuch.

Then he had to confirm that we were married.

ANyway, thats what I did all night, set him up a facebook page.

SO, Christmas morning. as you know, I had kept the kids awake ALL night, hoping they would sleep till at least 9.

Then I put on the turkey, laid down and Bow woke up. I finally got him back to sleep and BR called at 5 to make sure I had put in the turkey. I checked on it, and it was good, laid back down. 5:30 the alarm went off for me to check on the turkey.. I got up and turned it off. Then at 6, I was back up checking again.

shortly there after the boys woke me up saying "OOOHHHHHH MY GOD! LOOK AT ALL THAT!!"
I told them they couldnt open ANYTHIN until their dad got home, and so they sat down. I rolled over for a little more shut eye. Then I hear rattiling.. Matt was checking out what was over there.

I got up, BRett was already back asleep.

I tried to keep Matt occupied, finally we went in there and started peeling taters. We peeled a 10 lb sack, then I put them on to boil.

FInally we heard the 18 wheeler horn, BR was passing by on his way to park his truck at my grandfathers.

Around that time my mother called. "what time are you coming?" I told her I had no idea, BR wasnt even home for them to open their gifts, and we still had a fwe things to do before we left, I was still cooking the taters.
well she had a pie to make, wanted to get dressed, and a few other things. I told her that we had to be at Amanda's by noon, so we would be there shortly after 11. and to go ahead and get ready, bake her pie and we would be there after the kids got their presents.
She wasnt happy with this. I could tell it in her voice. But I couldnt help it. Its not fair to the kids to have to jump up from opening their gifts to get dressed and go somewhere else.

The kids were THRILLED with their stuff. THey LOVED the nerf guns Martha and Elray gave them. And Rayley got a little laptop. I havent gotten a second to look at it, its impossible to do anything when Bow is around. He wont let you. They got socks and underwear in their stockings, and a quick release for their yet to be opened Bows.

Rayley got alot of barbies, the boys some matchbox cars, and then I gave the big packages. no two were wrapped alike. So you couldnt tell they were all the same.

Matt got into his first, and started screaching. Then Brett got into his. He just stood there with a shocked look. Rayley finally got into hers. They went crazy!

BR got a # 1 dad cap from Matt, a money clip from Brett and a Ted Nugent book from Santa.

I got, a picture frame from Brett, a Dallas Cowboys sticker from Matt and a pearl necklace set from Santa. I was thrilled. I had wanted these pearls when I saw them. THey are beautiful

Once we were done opening gifts we had to get the apple pie ready, everyone had to get dressed and I had to finish the tater salad. and it was already 10:15! The kids couldnt play with anything because we HAD to get ready to go, we had a stop to make before we could go to Amanda's.

I managed to get it all done, got everyone dressed and got dressed myself. I was carrying out the turkey and managed to spill the juice all the way down my arm, my pants leg and into my shoe. Unfortnatly, it was my NEW pants. the ONLY clean ones I had (remmeber, I have 2 pair that fit) and everyone was waiting. So I went and found something else to put on. then finished loading the truck, we were finally on our way!

We got to mothers and she wasnt happy with the fact that it was already 11:30. We really had to be at Amanda's by noon. And I dont like to be late. Matter of fact, I despise being late. I absolutly hate it, I know that some people dont mind, or even think its cute, but I cant handle it. PERIOD.

there the boys got their target, and a tent thingy for outside, its more of a play tent, and Rayley got a barbie tent, and a sleeping bag, and the boys got some stocking stuffers and Bow got his jacket. Oh and Rayley got her skates. Not just normal rollar skates, but roller blades. She wanted to use them right then. Sorry, when you live in the country there is no where to use them. Heck half our carports consist of a dirt floor...

Oh and Brett got an alarm clock that he had asked for. Currently its going off and agervating the crap out of me. and Matt got a digital camera. its shaped like a pen. But you have to hook it up to the computer to get the pictures off it.
Dont know how he is going to manage that...

I know she was disapointed when we had to leave so quickly, and I wish she had been able to come over and them open her gifts when they opened Santa. Then she could have played with them for a little while before we had to go.

We managed to get to Amanda's a little after 12. I walked in and Martha had already made a plate. I had the dadgum turkey with me. SHe was tired of waiting, as I am sure everyone else was too.

We had a very good meal, and the kids opened their presents from Aunt AManda and Uncle Luke. The boys got a coon skin hat and Rayley got tutu's and a headband.
then Brett and Matt went out with their daddy and started shooting their bows. They didnt do bad. Secially for it to be their first time to ever shoot one. Rayley went out and shot hers some too. She was able to hit the target.

Amanda did let Rayley put on the skates, and she managed to do pretty good, in the 4 square foot area that was avalible to skate in. mostly she shuffled her feet twice and fell into who ever was in front of her. I am afraid she will be very disapointed in her riding time. cause there is no where to go to wear these, AND I cant afford to be driving her to the skating rink every week. Its sad, but I made all of this quite plain before they were bought.

the older boys and the uncles and BR stayed outside almost the whole day, BR felt like death warmed over, between working all night and being awake all day he had a cold from hell. He was constanly sneezing and coughing. This weather is hell on alergies. But they played with the bows and had lots of fun. I knew it wouldnt take long before Luke and Brett were betting money and challenging each other. and I was right.. Brett came runing in the house and said " I owe Uncle Luke 5.00 can you pay him?" I dont know what the bet was, but Brett had lost.. the next time I went out they were challenging each other to shots. seeing who could make it and who wouldnt.

When we left there we came home, settled in and tried to relax. It wasnt long before BR was snoring. He had taken some cold meds and was out like a light. The kids were watching a John Wayne movie and Rayley had been kidnapped by my sister in law suzie. Last time I had talked to them, they were bringing her home the next morning.

Then around 9 car lights showed up. It was BR's sister Lisa, she hadnt made it to dinner and was coming with her 2 girls to deliver presents. Lisa works nights at a hospital and so she gets very little sleep. Come to find out she went to sleep Christmas morning and didnt wake up till the afternoon. Her kids are all pretty much grown so they were okay with waiting till that night to open gifts.

She had seen Rayley at my mother in laws and given her a gift, it was princess make up I think. Then she came over here and gave the boys one and Bow. Bow got a car stearing wheel that makes all kinds of racket. Before it was even out of the box he was going at it! He LOVES it!!

Brett and Matt got a nerf tag thing. guns and bullets and vests and you shoot each other. Brett was going crazy and trying to wake up Matt. He wanted to play with it so bad. Matt slept right through it all.

Lisa and I visited for a while, and when she was leaving she said something about New Years. Luke had been to her house earlier and they had discussed hamburgers and hotdogs and fireworks. I told her we would be ready for everyone.

I went the next day and bought the sausages to cook, some boudan and will go back later for the buns, each family buys alot of fireworks and we all get together and pop them.

Rayley came home last night. She was very good according to my reports. Matter of fact, Suzie wants to steal her. Apparently she doesnt whine at other peoples houses. and when they went to get Suzies daughter from her grandmothers they stopped for a soda, everyone put in their order and then they asked Rayley, she said in her perfect Texas Drawl, "do you reckon they might have a sprite in there?"

She was very polite and easy going while she was gone. Once she got home she wanted to set up her tent. so we put it up in her bedroom floor. She then got in with her sleeping bag and went to sleep. She seems to like it pretty well.

She slept with all her new barbies and her laptop, that we STILL dont know how to use, since the instructions were thrown away, and her skates.

We cant set the tents up outside, and the boys is really really long, its like 3 tent things put toghether. But its been rainy and nasty for over a week. and its promising to rain and be nasty for another week.

Plus, once the tents go outside, they cant come back in, they will be dirty and sandy. As it stands I have already had to call them down from fighting IN the tent, piling a sleeping bag ONTOP of the tent, and were trying to see how dark they could make it in there.

I give the barbie tent 1 week. The boys tent less than that once they set it up.

My post should end here. But I have to tell you about this 'encounter' I had today.

I had to take BR to work, its about 8 miles down the road, it was a little after 9am.

About a mile from the house I came across a great pyranies and a brown puppy in the road, just standing there. I honked and they just stood there. So BR was in a hurry and I noticed a driveway right past them. I went on to take him to work and on my way back prayed they hadnt been hit and I would see if they lived in that house.

I drove up and these people had these 3 ankle biters, they all came rushing at my truck. It wasnt a long driveway, but a very secluded one. just a pig trail pretty much with trees and bushes on each side, like they had cut it out of the woods. Well anyway, this white dog came running for the front of my truck, a spotted one stayed up by their house sorta, and a brown mop thing ran past me. I couldnt see the white dog and was looking for it. I drive a HUGE truck, on top of it being a one ton, its a 4 wheel drive. and 4 door. but anyway, its big. So I am looking watching for this white dog and I hear yipping. like being ate by a wild dog yipping. The brown one had ran past me and was on the edge of the driveway about 10 feet behind my truck.

Then the white one runs to it. So its safe, I pulled on up and a man and a woman came out. I asked them if they had a great pyranease dog (yes I know, I am mispelling that) or a brown dog, he kinda shakes his head no and she just looks at me like I am crazy, then She takes off running past me and points her finger at me and says "lady dont you move that damn truck!".
He is hollering at her "its the collar shocking him" "he went too far again" She is acting like I had hit the dang dog. I asked "do you know who they belong to. they are on the road" "Get that damn truck out of here and dont EVER come back". So I said "Lady, I hope that its never YOUR freakin dog that someone is trying to save" He is just shaking his head the whole time and telling her that its the collar.

SO I left there, before I exploded infront of my kids. and went to the next house. It wasnt hers either, but she was more than willing to help me find the owners. I told her that was okay, I would stop at one more house and then head home. When I went back out of her driveway the brown dog was running across the road and hopefully headed home.

This used to be a close knit community, unfortunatly, people that are not from here have moved in and make it so noone wants to know you anymore. I talked to a friend and she told me that we knew this lady from when we both worked at the general store out here. Apperantly she is quite the crazy person. I dont know how someone hasnt already shot her. Or at least whooped the hell out of her.

The other lady was nice though. Even though I have never seen her in my life.

I have a feeling I will be meeting them again. We own some land behind my mother in laws. Its landlocked and in a bagual (baygall...bagall...Dont know how to spell that), and aside from hunting in there, there aint much you can do with it, it does have a creek running through it. Anyway, my sister in law and brother in law went to hunt it this year and there were 4 wheeler trails all over it. Well, the witches land butts right up to it. BR and I had planned to follow the trails and see who we came up to, so we could ask them to stay off our property, but we just never got the chance. We did find where they were using a climbing stand on the property too. So noone wants to hunt out there till it gets settled. and we cant go a lookin to see who it is till hunting season is over. Before that it was just too dang hot.

anyway, thats been my day. Or my 3 days.
The kids enjoyed Christmas, my house is a COMPLETE wreck. Not with toys and such, but with the boxes, and wrapping and all of that.
And it took me a good 2 hours to clean the kitchen. I have the kids cleanin Rayleys room right now. They are NOT doing anything but playin. and locking each other in the tent.

I am sure I have something around here that will get their attention....
OH crap, I forgot to put the pictures on my computer.. I will have to do that later. I am too lazy right now..

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

Okay, I have lots to blog about. and will do that tomorrow.

I am just tired. plumb wore out. I went to bed after 3:30 last night and was up by 5:30. Plus, my kitchen is an absolute disaster, I mean, everything that can be dirty is. And the sad thing is: NONE of it will fit in the dishwasher, its all big pots and pans and bowls, and such. NOTHING I can just shove in!! :(
SO, I would feel REALLY guilty if I sat here and blogged instead of cleaning that up.

Really I would.

We did have a fun day. Oh there were a few tense moments. But all in all we had a great day, and the kids were so good!!

I did get this in email, and thought I would be lazy today and use it as my post. (cause of the kitchen and all)

Two names you go by: only 2!!!!
I fiqured to keep this PG rated, so I went with 2 safe ones.. I had chelle on the first, but we all know I go by that... so...

1. Michelle (gotcha with that one didnt I?)
2. Sunshine (yes, and its not used sarcasticaly either... go fiqure)

Two things you are wearing right now
I was thisclose to writing "socks" But, decided to forgo the sarcasm.. its Christmas afterall...

1. T-shirt that says "Annoying the world one person at a time"
2. sleep pants

Two of your favorite things to do.
1. play on the puter

2. visit with family and friends

Two things you want very badly at the moment:
1. Be out of debt (ever heard of a PIPEDREAM?)
2. a clean house (yep, another one...)

Two favorite pets you have had/have:
1. Foxy (my first dog)
2. Duke (My first kid... He is still with us)

Two people who will send this back completed:
1. uhhhhhh.... Karen (by blog is fine :) )

2. Tara (you too....)

Two things I did last night:
1. Played Santa (but you already know this :) )
2. Stayed up all night watching movies with my kids (you know, you might know too much about me....)

Two things you ate today:

1. Turkey

2. Ham
(Didnt everyone??, no, I didnt ONLY eat meat, but it was mostly what I ate.. I was in a carnavorious mood today...)

Two people you last talked to:
1. BREttMatt (they are pretty much one.. or at least they function on the same brain.... or half a brain... )

2. BR (matter of fact, I am talking to him right now, its telepathic, but we have been married so long I just KNOW he knows what I am saying, he is just ignoring me.... Cause I am tellin him to quit snoring!)

Two things you plan on doing tomorrow:
1. Cleaning my house
2. blogging

Trips taken in the last five years:
1. Cisco Texas, evacuation (for Rita)
2. uhhhh, Does Lufkin count? (I know its only like 40 miles.. But diesel is high as a cats back... )

Two favorite holidays:
1. Halloween
2. Christmas

Yep, opposite ends of the spectrum.. What can I say, I am a christain heathen...

Favorite beverages:
1. Dr Pepper

2. some kind of latte thing.. its got 5 expressos, 1/4 cup of steamed milk and 1/4 cup of sugar. I think its called a latte...

Alright, thats it.

Tomorrow I promise you will hear about all the things I twittered about today. WHAT? you didnt see my twitters?? awwww come on!! I am at www.twitter.com/chellebyerly . Its really kinda fun, and you can do it from your 'puter, dont have to use a cell phone. You'd be amazed at how neat it is to just be able to get some things off your chest! :)

But, like one of them old sitcoms, I will close with :

" DOnt miss tommorows episode where our heroine reflects back on a hectic, but fun, Christmas morning, a driveby visit with mom, the attack of the anti-theft device, and entertaining idiots, one arrow at a time! We hope you had a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS, and want to Thank you for your continued support. As always this episode was filmed infront of a live studio audiance.

No animals were harmed in the making of this episode"

Christmas Eve Gift

I have to type fast. I am exhausted.

Santa still hasnt came, and cant till the kids fall asleep. its currently 1:24am.

BUT the kids are awake causeI made them. Seriously.

See, BR decided last night that he was going to go and put in his 8 hours starting at midnight tonight. be home by 8. Well, my kids wake up unassisted by 6:30 max. SO, I have to keep them awake for a while.

The bad thing is, he WONT be home by 8. He has to work 8 hours. He will be home before 9. IF he is starting at midnight. Sadly, he didnt start at midnight. He came home from working today around 3:30. SO then he was up for a little while, then went in to take a nap. Set his alarm for 11:15. It went off till 12:45. I did go and wake him at 11:30. He rolled over and hit snooze. So, now he wont be home for hours. And I have to fiqure out how to keep kids who are sure to wake up BEFORE 9:30, away from their gifts.

AND, I have a FULL day. Its one of those "hurry up and wait" days.

We did get the lemon cake done tonight. Matt made it. And BRett made the PUnkin Pie. They both turned out great. I still have the tater salad, and the Turkey. Which means I have to be up at 5am to do those.

AND once the kids DO get up, they have to hurry and unwrap their Santa presents and those from my inlaws, so they can go to my mothers, unwrap hers, and then we can load up and go to my sister in laws. Luckily everyone is close. BUT it would be nice to not have to do all of that BEFORE 11:30. Specially since they are not going to sleep till 2.

Rayley has been asleep. Since around 11:00. So I am afraid she will be up with the crack of dawn.

I would just lay down and take a quick nap, but what if I oversleep and Santa doesnt come before the kids wake up? I cant send them back to bed for a do over..

I am just VERY thankful that my Mother in law brought over the kids presents. Thats one less house I have to venture out to. Of course she will be at Amandas. But still.

they came over tonight. My inlaws, and mother. I had made chili, but somehow, for the first time in my life I screwed it up so bad it was not ediable. I kid you not. And you CANT screw up chili. or at least not the kind I make. ANd its not the fact that I invited people over that couldnt eat supper cause there was none that bothers me. Its the fact that I made 8 pounds of meat to go in it. That plus the spices makes it 35.00 worth of slop... I am HIGHLY agetated about that!

And before you ask, yes, Christmas Eve 'family time' was just what I was expecting.
I was about to hyperventalate before it was over.

Oh here is the picture that I managed to get.
well both of them...

I am not happy. I would like, just once to have a nice picture of them all. Smiling, sitting up strait, looking at the camera.

When Matt put in his cake, I had made it into a bundt cake, and it overflowed. ALL over the bottom of the stove! It smelled like I was sacrificing lemons for a good 3 hours.

The boys and I did have fun tonight. We ate popcorn, drank sodas and watched the Santa Clause 2 and 3.

Before that we went to the Greats houses (my 2 great aunts) And gave them their gifts. They also got a few little things. We visited with them and went by my Grandfathers. I really miss spending Christmas with him. But its hard to go for Christmas dinner in a house you dont feel comfertable in. Its like knocking on a strangers door and inviting yourself in. I dont even like for my kids to open their fridge. And thats NOT the kind of family we have ever been. When they go to a greats house, one gets bowls, one gets the ice cream, and the other gets spoons. They are comfertable there. Which is how it should be.

At my grandfathers they got their boots, and Rayley got some new clothes. She will be able to wear them next winter if she gains a little weight. But thats cool, its school clothes I dont have to buy!

OH and she DID ask about her boots today!! I assured her that Santa knew, and was working overtime to get her size. I just PRAY they fit!!

The boys decided they wanted me to exchange their boots for ones with more loud tops. They both got a brown upper and a redish boot top. They want a flashier color. I told them not to just pick what ever was there. That we could find something else. But they NEVER listen. SO of course that means dear old mom gets to do MORE returns!!

I just checked. its 1:44 and the boys are already out. So I shut the door. The way our house is, their rooms are RIGHT off the living room. meaning you can see right in here.

I shut their door, I will give them a few more minutes and then try to get stuff in here. This is the scariest part. I always dread it. What if they catch me? I dont want to be caught. That is my BIGGEST fear!!

I guess its been the biggest fear of folks for years though.

And I just KNOW I will wake up Bow. I stupidly got him to sleep on the floor and hes RIGHT in front of the tree.

Well its 2:22 and I am DONE. I got it all out, I think... I hope.. LOL

And BR called. He told me that under NO circumstances were we to leave the house on Christmas next year. PERIOD. He said they could come over. They could even be here at dawn to see what Santa brought, but any family that wants us on Christmas is coming to OUR house. Its not fair on the kids, and its not fair to me. (wow... That last part shocked me)
He said if all works out and we have the room built, that I can host it again, but even if not, he would NOT allow the kids to leave all their stuff next year. I am quite sure this will piss off someone. But, oh well.. and I agree. They know who gave them something, even if that someone is NOT handing it to them, saying "I GAVE THIS TO YOU".

Oh, and I put in the Turkey. And now I am going to sleep :) The alarm is set for 5:30. and thats 3 hours.

I just pray he comes home before they wake up... I really do!!

Oh and here is your bit of Trivia for the day :)

IN my family, for my whole life, its been a game to try and call family members and be the first to say "Christmas Eve Gift", if you are able to be the first to say it, then the person you said it to owes you a little gift. Nothing big, nothing fancy, just something :)

I got got today. I was not thinking, I had already anwsered my phone about 7 times saying "Christmas Eve Gift" 3 of them were recordings, a few were bill collectors, and one was a wrong number. None of them gave me anything... Then my Aunt called me! She got me!

Anyway, its a tradition, My granparents have done it forever, they did it before phones, when you had to walk to someones house to tell them "CHristmas Eve Gift"

So, although mine to you is a little late, I did still get you :)

I hope yours is MErry, Full of love and laughter and you are able to remember it for many years to come. Good Night and God Bless!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Just some needless facts... with a little drama thrown in for good measure.

I dont know if I will have anything blogworthy happen today.

The kids stayed last night at Mothers and are still not home. So I am wrapping presents and cleaning.

Well I was. Bow is tired, but I am trying to wean him, and he WILL NOT go to sleep with out nursing. So for over an hour he has screamed and cried, and kicked and headbutted me, and will not quit. I have put him on the floor, walked around, tried to clean, sat down, tried to work on the computer, it doesnt matter he is in my lap throwing hisself everywhere, kicking and screamin. He wont take a sippy, He wont eat, he just is literly making himself sick by screaming. Not even any tears. If I get up he follows me and clings to me and falls down and knocks things over and bascily is a pain in the rear.

BUT, I was thinkin back to the other night. when BR watched Jeremiah Johnson, and we thought Dale Que had a large vocal resembalance to Yukon Cornielious.

SO I decided to google Yukon cornielieous and Dale Que. Looking for some pertenant information, and attempting to gleen some intelegence off the world wide web. Instead, guess what came up as the 4th site?? THIS ONE!!
I kid you not!

NOw, I know that I can put in Bowdrie and Rayley and this is the ONLY site that comes up. How can you expect anything else to come up? I mean who else has kids named Bowdrie adn Rayley? But to put in something off the wall like that and me to come up is soo cool.

SO I got to wonderin, I wonder what else brings up my site? WOuldnt it be neat if a tracker would tell you that?
Then I remembered the tracker at the bottom, it will tell you that!! whoo-hoo!!

Here are a few things that folks used to get here. I doubt many stayed. but if you did find me while searching out some very important matter and decided to stay and read me, Thank you :) If you found me, didnt like me and left, who cares, you aint readin this noway..

Now most folks come from my signature lines at various websites I frequent. That makes sense.

3 came from facebook, I dont know how.. unless I have a facebook page.. It seems like I might, but if I do, I never go there... dont even know the account name.. maybe I should try to find that...

But here are my 'search engine wars'

distr.batless ignition
I dont even know what this means... I am courious to see where this seach took them... which post talks about batless ignitions? I am pretty sure my ignition doesnt have a bat, and if it did, I dont want to know..

blog are they asleep yet
Well, that just makes perfect sense!! :) But I am betting they were not just randomly searching, more than likely they had lost my address...

peanut butter moms prefer commercial
Alright, I prefer Jiff, but buy my kids what evers on sale with a coupon. They dont have the refined taste buds to make informed decisions...

agervating while trying to go to bed
I hope they wernt looking for parenting advice when they clicked here. I have none. Although a good threat sometimes followed up by the action does seem to work every once in a while...

teething table
Do they sell these? Cause I just let Bow use the coffee table we already had...

santas toyhouse
Ahhhh, not sure they got what they were looking for here. But its definatly "santa's crazy house"

absolute confinement
Is this legal? seriously, cause I would like to check into it..

pictures of pulling horses with a catapiller tractor
I am FAIRLY certain this is HIGHLY illegal.. Matter of fact some dude in Beaumont recently got in lots of hot water for dragging his horse behind his truck... I really hope I am not advocating this.. OH wait, I dont have a catapiller tractor.
Catipiller dosent even make tractors.. They make equiptment. and truck engines.. but I aint never seen no bright yeller tractor.. of course it could be like a deisel toyota.. you only see them overseas... sorry, I got lost.. back to your regularly scheduled BS post.. I HAVE seen horses pulling out hopelessy mired equiptment, but I have never blogged about it.
I dont think...

I do talk about my coupons alot. So I can see this coming up..

girls made the boys strip
Hmmmm.. not sure where this one was going.. unless it had to do with a muddy day and my kids tracking it in...

anything less is uncivilized commercial
ahhh my kids being able to quote commercials has given me noteriety...

forrest gump my mom always said life is like
... a box of chocolates.. yes she did..

horney mother in laws
okay, who ever is looking this up is sick.. a bubble off plumb.. and in desperate need of an intervention. and I really dont think I have ever used the word Horney on my blog. Is that even spelled right? I thought it was Horny. either way, I dont know if my MIL is, and dont plan on asking her. I doubt she would be happy knowing that folks on the web are wondering either...

if frogs had wings, and snakes had hair,
Then there would be more species that PETA wants us to love...

if a frog had wings
He wouldnt bump his ass when he hops. I just LOVE that saying..

how to make a snowman using borax detergent and tissue
You can do this?? cause in my washing machine it just makes a freakin mess.... Maybe I should google this too.... speaking of which, I forgot to buy more Borax... dang.. I need to update my grocery list again.

teething in 10 year olds
Give them some orajel and tell them to quit whining.

how to get a foot long bouncy ball
Seriously? do you KNOW how much damamge that would do? everything in the house would be knocked over... I hate inch round bouncy balls..

my momma used to say life is like a box
... of chocolates... Forrest Gump. Great quote. but you have to do the voice just right..

lally cally shoes for kids


the licks hurt

well it depends, what type of licks? in the south a spankin is a lick. so in that case, they are supposed to dummy.
if you mean a tounge lick... your doing it wrong..

soapapia cheesecake
Gee, thanks.. now I am craving a fried cheesecake...

gretchen wilson
The writer and singer of my THEME SONG!! Redneck Woman!! I LOVE this lady!
Great taste fellow googler :)

lally kally shoes
Doesnt matter how you spell it, its still a RIP OFF!!

okay, thats it. 26 people found me from search engines.. I would like to know how many of you stuck around and read every so often. unless your the Horn(e)y mother in law person.. in that case, please dont write...

OH.. and a reader suggested I twitter. At first I thought it was an insult. I dont twitter, I might flit around, I might jabber like a magpie, but I dont twitter,. Then I googled it. So I signed up.
I dont have cell phone service here at home, so I cant twitter from here. BUT the suggestion was more for days like the last two where I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off and stupid crap is happening to me, cause Murphy hates me.

I might go weeks with out twittering. But I will try to remember how to do it. :)

It took me all last night and all day today to just get the text sent in to get my cell phone signed up as a twitter-er-y device.

Now, I am on hour 3 of screaming and wallering. he is about to kill me. Its not really screaming, its more of a constant slightly loud whine.. just a 'uuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn' that is killing me.

Peachy.. My kid just called. please come and get them from my mothers. They are ready to come home..

Oh, this is good. Come to find out, they wanted to call me last night to come home and MOther wouldnt let them. I dont care why, if I am home, my kids are always allowed to call me. Now if I am in Vegas its a differnt story, I wont drop everything and go. But anytime they feel they want or need to come home for any reason, they are to get to call.

I knew it would happen. HEr and BRett fight and argue about everything. I have seen it. BRett and Matt can be having a kid conversation, talking about inane crap, and she will interject. Either to correct them (not always correctly) or to tell them they are being mean, or silly, or just plain childish. Well... Kids do that. They are all the time one upping each other, or discussing why dinosaurs died, or the intriciasies of a fighter jet and what keeps it afloat. Deal with it, stay out of it and let them play.

But it never matters, Brett is always wrong, and she is always right and honestly, I have seen other 8 year olds give up well before she will. She just gets louder and pulls the 'adult' card, and the "I know more because I lived it" card.

Anyway, my fun day is now not so fun. Brett wont stop appologizing, and telling me why he feels this way. (cause she dotes on Rayley the whole time and treats them like idiots. )

Granted Brett argues with her, and can be a smartass. But he is 10. If you have a 10 year old that doesnt occasional do or say something smartassed, Good for you. Your kidding yourself, but good for you. He does do it more with her, cause he knows it will get her goat.

Damn.. How did this turn into a whine.. There was supposed to be NO WHINING.

okay, So, now we know what brings me up. If any of y'all happen to google something and I come up, click on it.. just cause I am curious! :)

OH, and maybe one day I will answer some of the questions that I have been sent. Well except the one about if I want to sell one of the kids.. I have heard its illegal.

Happy Birthday to Kimmy!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Tis the season for giving?

So please give me a break! or at least dont give me a headache..

Okay, Not gona whine today. I swear. I am not. This is a full fledge rant.. Just kidding. But it was an interesting day.

I actually got a phone call from my grandfather that summed it up perfectly. I was trying to return some boots that I had gotten for Rayley.

and it was pretty late in my day.

But, I'll just let you judge for yourself.

"Hey Hunney"
"how'd you know it was me?"
"I am physic., or physicotic, or have caller ID, you take your pick"
(laughter from those around me at the counter)
"what are you doing?"
"I am returning a pair of boots, why, whats up?" (do you notice a pattern here??)
"whats up? you need me to do something?"
"well, .... where are you?"
"oh, shoot, so am I"
"really? where :) "
"the eye doctor, where are your kids?"
"with me, why, whats up?"
"you poor thing.. all 4 of them, are you crazy, ALL FOUR?"
"yep. What 'cha need me to do?"
"what about your mom? Is she home? or do you know where she is?"
"yep, she is in my truck"
"OH... I am so sorry"
"Yeah, me too.. so, is everything okay?" (maybe a differnt tactic will work...)
"Seriously? you have ALL 4 kids AND your mom?"
"yep. So your news aint NOWHERE near as bad as this day has been"
"what deal did you make with the devil to be coerced into that trip?"
"I am earning my wings"
"so, whats up?"
"well its still sleeting at home"
"yep.. Thats what BR said..."
"and never got above freezing"
"yep, thats what Aunt Etta called and told me earlier"
"and I needed to see if you would check on the water, but since you are an hour from home, same as me, dont worry about it"
"OH NO, I will be leaving Lufkin as soon as I leave here, I'll check it"
"NO, dont you worry about it, I'll take care of it when I get home"
"Hunney, I swear, I am going home as soon as I walk out of this store. I have been with mother and the kids since 8:30am."
(pure laughter from all the people at the counter)
"oh... yea, I reckon you are wanting to head home"
"yep., plus its MY horses, and I will check on the water"
"okay, do you knwo what to do?"
"if a pipe burst?, yes"
"what do you do?"
"turn off the water?"
"wow, I did teach you something"
"and then get some PVC and fix it. Not wait until I HAVE to have it later.. FIX IT NOW"
"awww dont worry, if its busted, I'll get to it next week"
"we'll see, I'm pretty board anyway..."
"well if you insist.. "
"I do...."
"alright, well if you are sure you are going home, and I am not disrupting your day"
"Nope, not in the least..."

SO, I am not going to go into lots of details, I am just going to give a timeline.. Cause mostly, I am in a happy place now, (and I am looking forward to Bartles and James visiting me once I know I wont have to drive again tonight) and dont need the stress..

6:03 My leg is cold, so I wake up, BR is not in bed, He had uncovered my leg when he got up. I guess the covers were too heavy to throw back on top of me.. I look at the clock, and the alarm goes off- I dont know if I have perfect timing, ESP, or the damn thing is mocking me. ..
6:10 I get the kids up. Rayley was on the couch and very whiny...
6:15 Both boys are dressed. I remind them to brush their teeth and eat some cereal I check the weather and let the dogs out. And try to be nice to Rayley
6:30 BR hasnt left, he was showering, so I finally get the bathroom to get ready. I am interupted 4 times
6:45 I tell the kids to brush their teeth and eat their cereal And try to be nice to Rayley.
7:00 I convince Rayley that her only option in living is to get off the couch, dry her eyes, and put on the clothes I picked out for her.
7:15 I remind the boys again to brush their teeth
7:30 BR leaves.
7:31 I let the boys wake up Bow, and go to put on the makeup I forgot to do when I was in there before. I also got distracted by a newstory on the bedroom TV
7:45 I walk out to retching and bickering.. So I get poop off Bow's legs, hands, rear, feet and the couch
7:46 I tell the kids to brush their teeth and Rayley to eat the cereal she just HAD to have at 7:32.
7:52 I tell Rayley that she cant wear her pink mud boots to town, and give her a choice. then tell her to put the ones she picked ON.
8:09 I am finishing Brushing Rayleys hair, and only have shoes left to put on Bow.
8:10 I tell Matt to go and start my truck.
8:11, Matt comes back in and says "Dad is starting it" OH HELL! what is he doing NOT at work??
8:12 Brett says "mom!! Dad is leaving in your truck!!" I fiqured his 18 wheeler wouldnt start, so he was takin my truck to jump it off. His aint big enough.
8:45 BR drives back up in my truck.
8:46 I put the kids in the truck.
8:50 I was at mothers to get her.
went to MIL's house, got my phone, then we had to head to the store, my mom needed ciggettes. So I went in, because she is famous for never going into a store if she can help it. and got them, and she had asked for a sprite. I know she prefers a fountain drink, so I went and ordered it at the cafe window. while I was waiting I spoke to some guys BR works with, Thanked the gas guy (he does the tanks and prices) for lowering the price on diesel, got me a cup of coffee and a Dr Pepper and stood in line behind a few very slow old people.
I was checking out and heard a horn honk. KID YOU NOT. a FREAKIN HORN. I just must have had a look of utter contempt on my face. The gas guy said "yep, it was yours"
Talk about PISSED.
I was LIVID.
when I nicely inquired as to if that was my horn upon getting back in my truck I was told YES, She was tired of waiting...

So by 9:15 we were back on the road. Headed to Lufkin.
I put on some Christmas Music and tried to get in the spirit. Brett was in the front, the youngest 3 in the back watching a movie and I was being told how to drive. Not something I enjoy.

First stop was academy, where we were buying the kids presents, with out them knowing, as they were pushing the buggies... They DIDNT have a pair of boots to fit Rayley. at all. and no mud boots for Bow... I did get the elder boys each a pair. And was able to get Bow's Carhartt jacket. All they had was a 4T, so I tried it on him, aside from the hood not fitting well, it did fit, just a little big, he will grow into it. I was disapointed about the boot thing on Rayley, I had a good offer on my Academy Credit card, and although I had no intentions of putting anything on credit this year, I also had no intentions of buying her a pair of boots...

Mother found something for the kids, and ended up asking me what size roller skates Rayley would wear. I told her that was not something she needed nor could she use them. we have dirt. and grass. and rocks. its hard enough to ride a bike on them.

"well she really wants a pair, and maybe her daddy can pour her a little patch of concrete"

I cant even afford to put dirt on my driveway, have any of y'all priced a yard of concrete lately? and a yard of concrete is NOT very big... so NO.

I did spend 14.00 on myself. I honestly cant remember the last time I bought jeans. seriously. Its been.... forever. I wear a pair now that were a little too big before I got Pregnant, Amanda had given them to me and I had just put them up for a future garage sale. Now, I am not being rude, or snooty, but I looked the best I ever have about a month before I got pregnant. I weighed about 123. Was curvey where I needed to be, flatish where I needed to be, and felt good. BR even told me this just tonight when I was showing him my new jeans.

Anyway, they had some on sale, I went and there was NO size 6's. I was hoping to start there and would move up as I needed to. I broke down and got the 4 longs. Just to tease myself I reckon. I went and tried them on. They fit like a glove. I kid you not. Now Brett was with me, he was waiting outside.

So I hear "mom, you okay in there?"
"not really, why?"
" I can hear you cussin, whats wrong?"
"these damn jeans fit me"
"thats good right?"
"uhhhh I am confused, why not?"
"cause they are a size 4"
"ohhh I have heard about this, ---- uhhhmmmm, it doesnt matter what size you are, we still love you and you DONT look fat"
"brett, I am fat. I know I am fat, and I DONT appriciate them making bigger jeans with a smaller size so I can get in them and supposedly feel good about myself when I damn well know I should NOT fit in them. I have at least 5 more pounds to go before I should fit in these. and I should NOT be able to button them with this gut"
"Crap.. your mad cause the smaller ones fit?"
"YES!, instead of me not being able to fit into the size bigger than what I was before I got pregnant and gained 50 pounds and only lost 43, I can fit them perfectly and I am NOT happy about it Esepcially when the ones I had on were size 5 and VERY tight."
"oh. wait right here"
"where are you going?"
"just stand there please"
So I do, and he comes back with a pair of pants.
"what is this?"
"Zero's, I bet you cant get them half way up your leg, it will make you feel better"
He is SOOO sweet.

But seriously, instead of me feeling bad about myself and doing what I need to do, and KNOW I need to do to get INTO a 4, I can just go and buy a 4 and appease myself and make me feel good? How does this help my self image?

I promise you, I can go and get ANY of the 20 pair of pants (okay, not quite that many, but there are at least 10) in my closet that are sized between a 3 and a 5 from no less than 3 years ago and I couldnt get one leg in them.

So we left that dept. with my new size 4 pants, (it was a good deal), and find Matt, Rayley, Mother and Bow.
"whats wrong with her?" Matt asks
"She tried on a pair of pants."
"Her butts a 6 and the pants are a 4, and she thinks its a conspiracy"

DId I just call him sweet?....... Ungrateful, loudmouth little street urchin...

Now, there were about 8 people standing at various endcaps within hearing distance. Not a single one of them was able to stand upright.

I have got to quit letting these kids watch the news...

I went back and found the kids bow target, this is what I had told mother to get them. Of course she added more to it, getting Rayley a tent, sleeping bag, lunch kit, and some play tent thing for the boys. I had them hide the target at Customer Service. We finished shopping and I sent everyone out to the truck and paid. They were nice enough to find me a box to hide it in. Its not small. at all...

Then we went to a Western store near there. OH, did I mention there was construction EVERYWHERE? to the point of absolute craziness?
I went in, they had some ariat boots that she would love. 65.00 way out of my budget. good thing they were NOT in her size. and one or two pair of boots that she would like. Again, none in an 11.
I found a pair, they had a brown bottom, and the sides were a pale pistacio color. I wasnt happy with them, but they were good enough. 39.99. I reluctantly wrote the check.. GGGGGGGRRRRRRR I got back to the truck, got a dirty look, and a "what took so long"..
So, its food time, everyone was STARVING. She wanted me to go to the grocery store and they would eat while I shopped.
I decided walmart was best.
but I had to drive 8 miles out of my way to get BACK to walmart, it was beside Academy, in the middle of the construction. As I was driving in I saw Tractor Supply. OMG. They sell fat babies, maybe they sell the knock offs too. I go in, there are NO kids boots. I walked around a minute. and found some PINK and BROWN ariat FAT BABIES ON CLEARENCE!! 42.99 too good to be true.. surely THEY wouldnt have the elusive 11...
I also found a picture frame that BR's grandmother will like, I think I will put the kids Christmas pic in it. Just print it out that morning after I take it, and promise a better one later :)

SO I write the check, feeling pretty good, and go back to the truck.
Have I mentioned how good my kids have been? Seriously? they were absolute ANGELS. They didnt whine about being hungry, thirsty, tired, wanting to leave, having to sit in the truck while I windowshopped. They were so polite all day, so good, and I am VERY proud of them.

Then its walmart. Mother takes the kids to McDonalds, and I go shopping. She wanted Dog FOod (a specific kind, no name, just a description, Old Roy and small chunks..) and some meds. I had a pretty good list, and had never gotten my coupons completly filed, so I did have to go through some of the stacks to find certain ones.

I got all the groceries, found the pie crusts after all, (that took an act of congress) and tried to find the Dog Food, not all walmarts are set up the same, I got there and there are signs that say "Due to issues with our distibutor we are having problems stocking some items this week, please see an associate to find a suitable food for your pet" Uhhhhh, A walmart employee?? Okay, there are a few things wrong with this. 1. have you EVER found one when you need them? with out waiting an hour? and 2. Are they seriously people out there who feel a walmart associate is more qualified to pick a food for their pet than they are?

So I called Mother, told her she needed to come and get her own dog food, the phone cut out.. well crap. one more thing I screwed up... found mine and went to
get cat food.

Then I hear my childrens voices. Seems they had gotten tired of waiting on me. I had serioulsy hurried as quickly as I could.

So she picked out her dog food, my kids drooled over fish and I was done. We went and waited for her to find the medicaine she wanted. She had a hard time and it took her almost 15 minutes. There was not a sign on the isle apparently.

SO we checked out. But while I was waiting BR called. I asked if there was anything else he wanted in town. No, except supper.
then he suggested a hamburger. I asked what kind. It didnt matter.
Jack in the box? well.. he was thinking more along the lines of Dairy Queen.. alright.
SO I took his order.
DId I mention how well my kids behaived? Even Bow, I NEVER heard a peep out of him all day. except to squeal or say "hey!" and want kisses. They were SOOOOO good.

I promise you, for the first time in my 10 years as a mother, I spent all day and didnt say "dont do that" to any of them!

By the time we got to the truck Mother was tired of shopping and wanted to get home as soon as possible.

We left there and I got back into the hell that some drunk monkey had invented just at Christmas time in the busiest part of town, and is sitting back and enjoying. Probebly looking through a glass ball at all the mayhem he caused.

I had to run back to The western store to return the boots.
"well how long will this take?"
"not a clue"
after about a 5 minute wait, someone came to help me. Since I had written a check and it was one of those electronic things they didnt know what to do. The manager said to try and void it.
They tried. It was a no go. They couldnt give me cash back, they couldnt do anything except exchange with out a reciept. I did look around. seriously I did. But I didnt need to spend that money. I had explained I didnt live there, never came there and it would cost me half of it to drive BACK to lufkin just to get my money back. But there was nothing they could do... ANd I refused to buy another size 4 jeans. REFUSED. I swear, my butt is MUCH bigger than that..
It was a 2 mile stretch of bumper to bumper traffic to get off 59 and onto the loop. An 18 wheeler let me in. And as I was sitting there I had two 18 wheelers coming up behind me that couldnt get in. I know they were not aware 4 miles earlier that they had to get over. These were OTR drivers. I let them in. Much to the dismay of some others. One particular one in my truck. We sat there for about 20 minutes. During this time I broached the subject of Christmas Day and her plans. Alot of times she goes to my great aunts house at some point.

I told her I had to go to Amanda's at noon Christmas day, And wanted to know what she was wanting to do.
"SO that is where you are spending Christmas?"
"yes, so how do you want to do it? I can cook chili on CHristmas Eve and you can come over then if thats what you want."
"well I guess I will go to Dads"
"oh, is that what you were going to do?"
"well I am not going to spend it alone"
"I didnt know he was doing Christmas dinner - We cant do their gifts on Christmas Eve, due to the nature of them, but, you can come over that morning and they can open them then and you can see them open yours" (My Mother in Law Martha always brings hers over here for the kids to open, even when we will be together later that evening as does the rest of that family, usually just mixing it in with Santa's gifts)
"no, I want them AT MY HOUSE, when they open MINE, You can tote them BACK to your house, instead of ME having to take them over there. Thats too much work"

"fine, but that means it has to be done AFTER they wake up at my house and play with their santa stuff, BUT well before noon, because I have to go to a few other places too and getting all 4 up and going will be hard enough that day."

At least I dont have to cook chili. That stupid Turkey and the pies and the cake and tater salad are more than enough for me. Plus, I dont know what BR plans to work those days.

"But we can still do dinner on Christmas Eve"

I have told BR that I have certain things I have to do on both days.
He plans on working both days. So, we have to plan around it.
1. CHristmas Eve:
* either together or by myself, the kids need to go to various aunts and uncles houses, for them to drop off gifts, and get a little something. Possibly even my grandfathers house.
* The kids open the gift from us. He has to be there for this, I am NOT doing Santa on Christmas eve this year. I hope to never do it again. I prefer he come on CHristmas morning. Its just pajama's but still, its my plans. Its Christmas, I have busted my ass, AND I am the mom..
* he cooks the apple pie that he had me get the ingrediants for. I refuse to
* He go to work at some point.

2. Christmas Day:
* He be there when they wake up, for the Santa gifts. He plays with them for a little while. I dont have the energy for that..
* He go with me to Amanda's at noon
* He go to work at some point.

actually, I didnt tell him he had to go to work. He is the one that insists, he gets a 175.00 bonus for showing up and working 8 hours. And each load he pulls adds to that. But I do agree with him, he would be an idiot not to go in.

OH back to today.....

Finally we got to our exit, and started home. Mother reminded me that she needed ciggerettes and I stopped at Jack in the box.

I had literly had NOTHIN to eat all day. Not even a bite. and it was 3. So, I was asked "I thought you were stopping at DQ?"
"I am, but I want curly fries."

Then I went to Tabacco Barn, and then to DQ. We finally made it home around 4:15. I was lucky enough to get behind a log truck and a double wide trailer all the way home. The Log truck never got a good place to pass and although we were both chomping at the bit, we never managed to go over 55.

Of course I was blessed with more driving advice.

I unloaded all of her stuff, she had to get on her breathing machine, and then went and checked on the water. The kids opted to stay at her house. Which I really wish they had stayed here. I would like to tell them each how proud I was of them.

Since I got home, I have played with Bow, he is just being SOOO loving, but honestly, the snotty kisses are starting to gross me out, and am now enjoying my Chocolate Overload, soon I will have me a wine cooler and enjoy a quiet evening with BR, who is working days again this week. Bow is asleep and its so nice and quiet.

Well, it was peaceful, till I showed BR the accessories I got for Rayley's bow, that it didnt come with, like a site and quiver.. he is now putting them on and getting agervated, then will throw the instructions at me to read and fiqure out why it wont work....

I should wrap some presents, None of them are. And the kids will be back here being mean, bouncing off the walls and generaly agervating me. Keeping me from wrapping anything, except them in duct tape.

OH CRAP! thats what I forgot... I am out of duct tape.. (not for the kids.. I need it to fix other things.. honest)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

All I want for Christmas....

Is some .... I dont know.. peace? Help? understanding? assistance?

Okay, bedtime last night, went to bed, couldnt find the cotten pickin remote. Looked ALL over the dadgum room. EVERYWHERE. Aparently NOT ME has stolen it, along with half the other crap I am looking for. ( I will admit, I more than likely misplaced half of it). But this remote stays in that ONE room. of course BR was NO help. Finally I put the DVR on single mode, and just fell asleep to the drone of voices that was on. I just needed some noise.

Then at 1:30 Rayley woke me up, They were sleeping on her floor and BRett was hogging all the covers. She was cold. So I put her at my feet. Went back to sleep.
3:30. I get woken up to screaming about an ear ache. I get up, get some medicaine, and warm up a sock with rice in it. I dont have enough salt to fill a sock. Its on the grocery list.. (salt that is.. not socks)

I pass Matt on the couch and think nothing of it.

I hand it to her, thinking I should get it warmer, cause its not very warm, but truthfully, I am half asleep still.

ITs too hot. I go to find a washclothe to put between her head and the sock. Cant find one in either bathroom (BR and I have seperate loofah washclothe thingy's in the shower). I find one that is still semi folded on the floor of one of the bathrooms, shake it off and its good enough for goverment work.

GO BACK to sleep. and the alarm wakes me at 5:15. BR is closest, but not awake. and he WONT wake up.

SO, then I went ahead and turned it off, Luckily I didnt wake up Bow! WHoo-HOO!!

But Matt heard the alarm, so he came in and asked me what I was doin. Uhhh sleepin?
But then he starts to love on Bow, waking him up. COme to find out he had gotten on the couch cause Brett stole all the covers from him too.

SO up I get. Come in here and Rayley gets up soon after. She is hungry. Of course she is. She is ALWAYS hungry. So I get up to fix her something.
I also started some laundry, and tried to do some dishes.

I tried to find the Cowboys game on the Guide. I couldnt. BR came in and told me to give him the remote, I just wasnt looking right. SO I did. Then I decided to look online. COme to find out they played YESTERDAY. They havent played a regular season game on Saturday ALL FREAKIN YEAR!! Well MR-I could have told you so- says "well I looked at the guide yesterday and told you they wernt on the NFL channel today" yes, he only looked ON the guide because he was watching a movie he had seen 8,000 times and wouldnt hit the search button and miss 47 seconds of it.

ANd he had skipped right over the NFL guide for saturday or we would have seen it. I had repeatedly asked him about it. Just checking, not trying to take away the remote.

I found out they lost. So I get to hear "well its a good thing we didnt waste our time watching." and "of course they did, what did you expect, I am just glad we watched something good instead" Yep. we watched old westerns from 1962 all dang day. That is what was so important. LESS THAN 20 GAMES A YEAR. Thats ALL I FREAKIN WANT.

I went back to look for the remote, and BR decided to clean out the playpen that Bow has never used, thinking it could be in there.
I swore it wasnt. Told him that there was nothing in there except the kids presents. But he insisted and refused to let me do it. So he picked up a box from Amazon. there was 2 ballet dance movies right on top. But he had to dig. A remote couldnt fit in there. I swear. He found the copy of Ted Nugents Book that I had bought him for Christmas. "ohhh you got it" "it appears that way" "thought we werent giving gifts" "we arent, but I did want to suprise you with it" "well, you never said there was something there I shouldnt see"... DUH

SO I took it out and gave it to him. He looked at it, flipped through it and then told me to wrap it, it will be 'more special that way' . I told him just to read the damn thing. "no, you go ahead and wrap it." what ever.

So, we went to his moms for a little while. I enjoyed the visit. But before we went I asked the kids to get the rest of the crap out of my truck. its their stuff after all. the entire back seat floor board was full. It was now in the seat, since BR had BRett go out and look for a phantom key he had lost in there a few months ago.

At my Mother in laws I found out I was suppsed to make Potatoe Salad, its my sister in laws favorite, and a turkey.

So this means that I have to buy a turkey. Cause you see if I dont, then for the first time ever BR's Job wont give one out. last year I got two. Luke didnt want his. Of course if I DO buy a turkey, BR will bring one home tomorrow. Or two, since Luke wont want his again.

BR wants a punkin or sweet potatoe Pie, and I said I would bring a lemon cake, you can find the recipe here.

Of course tomorrow is the day I take my mother to Lufkin, and no mention was made of taking the kids to daycare like she had said she would by my mother in law, so that should be interesting. Nothing like having to show the kids what they will get.

All other years she has asked me to let them GO to daycare during their vacations for at least a day. But not this year. But thats okay, Santa is overrated anyway.

We got home and I had to pick up the mess the kids had brought in from my truck. That included taking out the trash. I was hinting all I could. But they just kept ignorning me. Typical. Of course BR had a movie on and they were enthralled. Finally they did finish up the basket of clothes I asked them to do early this morning.

Of course the minute we got home I had to fix Rayley supper. I kid you not, I had no more than gotten in the door, shoes still on my feet, and she was 'hongry'... So I fixed everyone supper. Then started cleaning.

Then I got to spend an hour and a half wrassiling Bow, literly. while he screamed bloody murder and threw himself all over like a wet noodle. There was no consoling him. And what brought on this absolute disrequard for my sanity and his wellbeing? A game of Texas hold'em, complete with chips that BR and the older kids were playing.

Somehow Rayley, the only one who cant count, has no concept of a good hand, and basicly is a heck of a bluffer, cause of her ignorance, was winning. All Bow wanted to do was play with them.

Eventually I took the remote and found Andy Griffith. So the kids started watching it. They put up the chips, cards and table. But the WHOLE time BR griped cause there were commercials. And honestly, even with such wholesome programing as that, something you DONT worry about your kids watching, you CANT let them see the commercials. Not that that was why BR was griping, he just hates commercials.

At one point I got up and got me some cookies and milk. BR wanted one of the cookies. Then Rayley wanted one, I was down to 5. Then Rayley wanted milk to go with hers. I just gave up, gave her my cookies and milk and decided to forgo supper.

Finally I decided to send everyone to bed. They all pilled into Rayley's room. Then She turned out the light, Brett started to whine about it. He gets nightmares in the dark. BULL CRAP. oh they try this crap all the time. But always sleep with the lights out.

I had JUST gotten Bow to sleep and got my coupons ALL spread out. ALL of them, trying to file about 300. I have to have them filed before I shop tomorrow and we are leaving at 8am.

OH, that reminds me. I went to my sister in laws and got my 5 Houston Chronicles, and One Lufkin Dailey news. 10.25 worth of papers, and there was NOT A SINGLE FREAKIN COUPON. THis is the 3rd week in a row that I have NOT gotten a single insert. I am SOOOOO livid.

Anyway, Rayley comes in here, whining about Brett and the lights. I said to shut them off, and for BRett to get his own blanket.
Then I hear more arguing. Next thing I know I hear someone say someone else is hogging the vent. I told them to all get off the vent. Then Brett comes in, whining cause Rayley is closer to the vent. He cant feel it.

They manage to wake up Bow. Who, in his blissful sleep has about 125 coupons laid on the bump of covers he is under. So I got up, told Brett to get in his own dang bed and stop whining like a girl. He jerked his blanket and I thought Rayley, who had been walkin back into her room, had been standing on it. I had heard a thump, SO I go to check on her, she is now wailing like a banshee. Oh, about 20 minutes before BR had put the TV on another movie we have seen 785 times, rolled over in his recliner and said "wake me when you decide to go to bed".

So I go and check, come to find out, his blanket had hit her in the eyes. I got her in bed. Read Brett the riot act, and tried to nicely explain that I dont get to just do my coupons when ever. "cause of Bow" he says. Partly yes. But not always. But who cares. the point is, I dont get a freakin minute to myself. from the time my eyes open, I am either hearing them whine cause they have to get up, or hearing Rayley say how hungry she is. Until the time they go to sleep, when I have to hear them fight and fuss and whine cause its bedtime, or someone is in their space, or has their blanket. I spend my whole day breaking up fights, holding a kid that will scream if I dont, trying to keep the noise level to a light roar to keep BR asleep, and searching for missing shoes.

I know its just the nature of having kids, but seriously, I have not even went pee in 10 years with out an interuption. And when its not the kids, its BR. or the damn cat. I really hate that damn cat.

Well, in the middle of my softly spoken tirade, BR says "gee, is that all you do? bitch at the kids?"

Yep, thats all I do... Maybe he should try it every once in a while, it helps me soo much...

OH and I just had to go and fetch Rayley out of bed, she was in there coughing her fool head off. I have her sittin on the end of the couch, coughin every other breath, wonderin if we can get through this drainage with out a 200.00 doctor visit.

Now, I have Bow back to sleep, and poor BR cant go back to sleep, I need a shower, why I dont know, to leave the house tomorrow I will have to take another, going to bed with wet hair makes me look like phyllis Diller, and I still ahve NOT gotten my coupons sorted.

Sorry for the whining, but GEEZE.

I am quite sure I have forgotten about half of the agervation of the day. I just wonder sometimes if this isnt why I dont have such a bad memory. I try not to remember all this bull.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Tag, I'm it!

okay, a friend of mine Karen tagged me. She got tagged by Tara
Both of these ladies have great blogs, And normal kids. Much unlike mine...

I am supposed to write 7 things about me that you dont know. I dont know how this is possible, since I squeal about everything... But I will try.

1. I think I have OCD. not the cleaning kind. But the numbers kind. I cant stand for things to not be 'right'. I prefer there to be odd numbers, something in the middle flanked by equal numbers of things on the side. I prefer that all numbers I deal with to be equal. Like if I am paying something, I want to write a check for a 18.00 instead of 17.99 But if I am bidding on something I use .57 or .87. Always.

2. I round up in my check book. when I am in the black, it means I have a cushion that I didnt know I had.

3. I have not been to my grandmothers grave except once. I will take the kids, sit in the truck and let them go. I just cant bring myself to go cause I will break down crying, and I have managed to not do that in 4 years.

4. I want a tattoo. a tramp stamp really. Yellow roses with the stems intwined. I have wanted it for years. But never seem to have the money. Plus any time I mention it BR just ignores me.

5. I have my belly button peirced. But dont get to wear the ring anymore, and havent since I got pregnant with Bow. He wallers on me too much for me to wear it now.

6. I HATE onions, but love onion rings. If someone puts onions in something I refuse to eat it. PERIOD.

7. Seeing feet, especially mens turns my stomache. and I cant stand sandles on men.

So there!

I have done it. 7 things that you didnt know about me. and probebly wish you still didnt...

I tag the Fire Dept!!

Oh and this is the second post for the day. So be sure to read 5 days till Christmas!

5 Days till Christmas.

Sorry I have been MIA this week.
My dad left on Sunday, This time the kids and BR caught him. But I slept till 7.
I cleaned house, got everything ready for the coming week and was asked by BR if I was immulating Yankee staduim on the cake with that drain behind 2nd and shortstop...

He also told the kids we could do the tree today, if they cleaned their rooms. So they did. Gee, wish I had thought about that..

I told them it had to be quick, The 'boys were coming on today and I was GOIN to watch the game. with or with out a tree. and there would be NO treeing while I was watching th game.

I drug out all the boxes, got the tree together, and they proceeded to decorate it at 2 levels. Their heights.

I had forgotten the candy canes, So I still had to buy them, and thought it could use some more balls.

When it came game time I wanted some popcorn. I have a domed popcorn maker, you put grease in it and turn it on and it pops the corn. I searched the whole kitchen for it. EVERYWHERE. it was NO where to be found. I was betting the kids broke it and threw it away. It was old as dirt.
then starting at 5:30 monday morning I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Monday was the start of Jingle Bell Junction at the school.

I managed to get home shortly after 8 on Monday and was in bed by 12, I was starting to get a tickle in my throat and knew I had to nip it in the bud. But I had shopping to do. I needed candy canes, milk, bread, and found some unbreakable ornaments!! When I got home the kids wanted to help put it all on. So more stuff at their levels.. I will HAVE To fix that soon...

Then Tuesday I was back up by 5:30, got the kids off and dressed and headed back into town. We had to be at our 4H CHristmas Party at 6:30. BEfore I left the school my grandfather called. It was another of those 'long way around the barn' conversations.

Now mind you, I was trying to count the money for the day. and clean up the store, restock merchandise, and plan tomorrows strategy with the other worker. We had made enough today to pay off the bill of buying the stuff, so the next two days were pure gravey. That was SOOOO nice!
Then Gretchen Wilson starts to sing, and I have to answer the phone
"Yep" ( I very seldom say hello... )
"Are you picking the boys up from school?"
"yep, I will be getting them in about 5 minutes, why whats up?"
"where are you?"
"at school, but it will be 15 minutes, they dont get out till 3:15 why, whats up?"
"then what?"
" well, GO pick up Rayley from Daycare, (she went there that day, she LOVES daycare, and gets to go maybe 2 times a year...) walmart, I have to buy Secret Santa gifts for the kids party tonight, and refreshments, why, whats up?"
"what do you have to buy, for who?"
"The kids have a 4H party at 6:30, I have to buy 3 presents for the exchange, and drinks and cookies, its a BYOC, why, whats up?"
"whats a BYOC?"
"Bring your own COke, so, whats up?"
"I want to buy the boys some cowboy boots for Christmas"
"okey dokey"
"we are at Baksins, can you meet us here?"
"I reckon, but it will be a few minutes"
"Okay, well we want to buy the boys boots, and if they try them on we know they will fit"
"alright. Let me get done counting this money, get everything put up,and get Rayley and I will be there as soon as I can"

at 3:30 my phone rang again. I just answered by saying "I am on my way!!"
So I went and Got Rayley, then headed to the western store. The boys picked out boots, tried them on, walked around in them, and Rayley found some pink fat babies. 59.99. she fell in love. She wanted THOSE. Alright. Except Hunney was just buying the BOYS boots. His wife had bought Rayley some clothes weeks earlier. But she didnt grasp that. She just knows that when its shoe buying time, everyone gets a pair. So I told her I would make sure Santa knew. And we tried on a few differnt pair. Finally found the ones that fit, they wernt the ones she had fallen in love with, so I convinced her that I would pay for them and order them and she would get them.

She finally accepted this. There were no tears, no fit. She just didnt understand why she wasnt getting boots too. Since hers were too little, and the boys still fit. and she was right. HErs are too little, theirs DO still fit and I am afraid that at some point in the last month or 3 I have said "I know they dont fit baby, wear something else and maybe Santa will bring you some new Fat Babies"....

But it did put a kink in my plans. Cause I have already spent all the money I was spending for Christmas. I didnt actually buy them. I am going to try to get them a little cheaper at Academy next week.

We had fun at the party. I was able to buy the stuff we needed for the white elephant gift at baskins, and then a quick run into walmart for the soda and cookies and we were actually early.

Rayley is in Clover buds, I dont know what that means, but its the little kids, and
so they just put all their presents on a table. then drew numbers. She got a horse Puzzle. a hundred peicer.. She got it and hugged it and said "ohhh I love it! I have wanted one of these for years and years, I cant belive I was soooo lucky!!!"

But the older kids were a little differnt. They played the 'take it' game. Where the second person could take the first persons gift and give them the unopened one that they drew.

Brett drew halfway through, and got a hot pink lava lamp. He BEGGED someone to take it. Finally someone did. So he got handed an unopened gift , this time it was a set of lip gloss. A little girl ended up drawing the gift I had given. Stetson colonge and some other stuff. This is Matts ex girl friend, and she kept trying to talk him into taking it. Another little girl got a knife. everyone wanted the knife. But if someone took it, go and get it back instead of taking the 'wrapped' gift they traded for it, this is not how its supposed to work. But they just let it continue. It was just a free for all. Matt had tried to take the knife, as was his right. She imediatly took it back and gave him the unopened gift. Everytime it was a girls turn to draw he BEGGED them to take his lipgloss. Finally Brett ended up with a little pellet gun, I was thrilled when someone took it. Matt got stuck with a stuffed animal, then got back the cologne that I had bought. When it was all said and done, Matt was stuck iwth a remote contrlled Monster Truck, and BRett had that durn gun back.

Once we were done there I had to go home and get Bow from my moms, BR was already home from work, he was working days this week. It was after midnight before I got in bed, and I was to the point of regretting only bringing one dose of sudafed with me that day.

I woke up at 5:30 the next morning with a sudafed hangover, sick to my stomache from all the greasey pizza ( I ended up having to eat my kids pizza when they abandoned it for present time...) and a really sore throat. But didnt have time to dwadle.

I did a quick run through walgreens when I got out of school, then a quick milk and bread run to walmart. And I was home by 6. After 3 days of me not being home, my house was a freaking wreck. I am not real sure why or how. Noone else has been here either, But even 5 minutes is enough time for my 5 to make a place look like a tornado hit it. I did some laundry. The kids were out of Christmas shirts, and jeans, plus I had to wash dishes. And make a path through the living room.
the sudafed induced haze did NOT make it a productive night. I kept forgetting what I was doing. So I ended up with dirty dishes in the living room and on the dryer, folded clothes left on the kitchen table, and of course I put jeans in the towell cabinets. I did ask the kids if they had seen my popcorn bowl thingy. and they produced it. Seems that Rayley was using it as a boat for stuffed animals. I didnt ask why, I didnt even get into the "do I ever let you have MY dishes for toys?" discussion... When I fell into bed at 12:30 it was a blessing.

I didnt sleep well. Bow has had a really bad snotty nose since Sunday, and we have been fighting it. He didnt sleep well so he didnt let me. Rayley was feeling the effects of 77 to 30 degree weather changes too. She had been drainin all week. benadryl was not keeping up with it. And she climbed in the bed with us too.

Thursday was the last day of Jingle Bell Junction, Plus it was the day for the kids parties.

The first thing I had to do was go to EACH classroom. We had sold some Dallas Cowboys gold money clips. well there was 6 of them. When we sold the last one we realized, someone had gotten the display box. An empty display box. So I went around to all the class' and did the Vanna White thing. "who bought a Cowboys money clip for dad or grandpa?"

4 kids said they did. It was the 4 I had already checked out. Well 5 kids. but 2 of them were mine and we only got one money clip. Those had all made it home with the clips. I also had a kid tell me he bought 3 of them, but had lost one and that was his... poor kid. To be 9 years old and already lying. But the other 2 never came forward. ALL the volunteers that helped the kids shop were called, they only remembered the 4 that we already knew about. So we fiqure 2 were stolen. One will get away with it. The other will give someone an empty box. I am betting on a cussing come January 5th. But I tried to find the owner. I really did.

We were starting to get busy in the shop, and the fire alarm went off. We had a drill.
It was spitting rain and nasty outside, but they made all the kids go out in it anyway. Great present for all the parents. Sick kids for Christmas!

Parents were walking up balancing cupcakes and pizza's and various other sundry for the parties adn had to stand out in it to wait for the all clear.

RIght about the time I was headed to Bretts party, I had closed the store, started my inventory and needed to set up the room while the kids were at PE, I got caught walking by the office. A parent had brought in money for a kid to shop. So I found another janitor, unlocked the door again, and let him shop. Then I snuck back by the office, found another janitor, got it locked back and headed to parties. I had to leave Bretts early to set up for Matts. 4 parents showed up for Bretts, only one other for Matts. But there was plenty of sweets to go around!

When they were done I went back and did my inventory, packed it all up and helped Matts teacher clean up after the party. She said that he was doing great, and was for sure all boy.

Brett was saying he had a headache before we left, and looked like he was in pain.
I opted not to take him to walmart and got home around 5. Brett was screaming and crying from a miagraine by 6:30. He puked up his medicane the first time out. Then he went to sleep. They did have school the next day but honestly, there was no reason to go. And with a headache like that I knew he would be suspetable to another easily.

I was still running on Sudafed and coffee, but on Friday I decided to do NOTHING. I had planned to sleep in, luckily BR woke up and left before the alarm went off, so at 6:15 I was blessed with the insistant dinging of it. I got up and started to the bedroom to turn it off ( we had fallen asleep in the living room) and according to Matt, who was at the table eating cereal, it had been going off for almost an hour. I felt like hammered dog poo and wasnt sure living through the day was worth it. Matt did bring me another package of sudafed at one point, and I popped out two. He told me that I really should read the directions. it was a one pill dose. he was right. All week I had been popping two at a time. No wonder I was buzzing....

Oh and BR woke up and left early for a reason, He was tired of me leaving Bow to be watched by him while I got dressed. I just know it. But thats okay, cause I wasnt getting dressed. He wouldnt have had to watch him...

Matt started to feel bad about half way through the morning and laid down. He had a bad headache and didnt want to puke. that was fine by me. Cause he WONT run to the bathroom. he will stand there and tell you 'I am fixing to ..........' and puke everywhere. at least Brett will break his neck to get to a toilet.

the other 3 were wound up tighter than an 8 day clock. I never did get a nap in.
BUt I did spend the entire day fetching Bow out of the kitchen, off the table out out of the chairs, or being handed ornaments off the tree or candy canes off the tree. I thought I was doing good when I bought 4 dozens 'unbreakable' balls. Nope. Come to find out, if you bite them just right, you can break them. Luckily, if you just throw them they dont break. Bow did both. And its not like I just smiled and told him 'no no Bow, thats a bad boy' and patted him on the head when I took them away or fished him off the table. He is just hard headed.

I had called my MIL to find out if instead of taking the kids with her on Monday to day care so I could take my mom to Lufkin to get their presents, she would keep them tomorrow on Saturday. She said she was takin her mom to get groceries. And that my sister in law AManda wanted us to all come to her house for Christmas Dinner. The first words otu of my mouth were "but she cant cook". "Oh I know, she is only making a ham. we are all bringing the rest".. Oh good.

She would keep them on Sunday though. Great. So I called my mom. She wished it had been Saturday. there was something she had to do on Sunday, she would call me back. And Monday too.. But she couldnt remember what. GGGGGGGGRRRRRRRR we dont have a large window. Monday and Tuesday are the only days for daycare. and I really didnt want to send them. there is a chance they will be sick, plus my mother in law has to deal with them all day. And its money wasted. And truthfully she really didnt want them up there all day. I know that. which is why I very seldom if ever, ask for her to take them. I dont even like to ask someone to keep the kids.

When BR got home last night he took the remote, and so we got a showing of movies we have all seen 87 times. I got Bow to sleep and by 9:30 was snoring myself. Again, I had fallen asleep on the couch. we were watching armageddon. Rayley had went and got her blanket and they were all layin in the floor watching it. Apparently BR fell asleep in his chair too, cause I woke up around 2 and he was still there and all the kids were in the floor. I just rolled over and fell back asleep after poppin some more pills. OH and I remembered that BR was going to be off on Sunday. So I couldnt take my mom then. CRAP. Maybe I would call my MIL when she got home from town and see about going this evening.

But I fell back asleep- It was so blissful. Till 6am. when BR kissed me, waking me up to tell me he had taken the weekend off. Aparently he didnt want to keep the news to himself. So today has started. Around 7 the kids started to wake up. Thanks to Bow. But Matt just laid there. He was about 3 feet from BR's chair. And I was in the kitchen making breakfast.

"Hey Michelle, come here"
"whats up?"
I thought he wanted me to see something on the TV, he was watching all the NFR finals he had recorded last week.
"have you looked at Matt?"
"nope.. I have been dealing with Princess Criesalot and velcro here."
"feel him, he looks feverish"
so I did. and yep he was...

I had to go to the store and buy some sprite, dope him up and am praying that none of the rest get sick.

My house is a disaster, I had to cancle taking my mother to Academy in Lufkin till Monday, and I am still high as a kite from the sudafed. Have I mentioned that I have a weird reaction to cold meds? I try to avoid cold meds at all costs. But this week it was unavoidable to avoid them.. They make my brain feel like a ping pong ball in a round room.. just bouncing all over the place. We are talking space cadet canidate.. AND now I have to cook something for Christmas Dinner. I dont know what yet. I wont know till CHristmas eve I am sure. I have to find out what every one else is bringing. BR will be working, the kids wont want to leave their new stuff, and I already have to go to my grandfathers, do something with my mother (what I dont know yet, but something I am sure...) , and visit the great aunts houses.

I really, really want the new living room built. That way I have enough room to invite everyone over here, and when they decline I can say "I understand, but we wont be able to come to your house on CHristmas day either". It used to work so well when I had a real house. Plus, if I do all the cooking I can eat all the food. I am a VERY picky eater. AND I can watch my football game, and my kids can play. whats the point in getting new stuff if you cant play with it?
Oh and I get to watch my game. OH and I am not picking between 'my family' and 'his family'. His family understands. but still wants to see the kids. Mine....

anyway, Its another weekend. with all the chores that weekends bring, and my whole immediate family is here, all wanting to sit in my lap, arquing over who is GONA set in my lap, or lay on me, or see who can make me get up the most to get them something. They are running neck and neck. But I am pretty sure BR is winning.

Bow has 'almost' went down for 3 naps, but was woken up by someone or something each time. And the second I got him to sleep, and at the stage between falling asleep in my arms and being asleep enough to be laid down, Rayley was in here saying "I am hungry, can you make me something to eat!"

Brett was nice enough to offer to make a sandwich. Which means I have a very large mess to clean up. And as soon as Bow started to snore, all the other kids were sitting on the couch, so no place to lay him..

OH and for the 4th time since I suggested taking her to Lufkin to get the presents, mother has asked me "why dont we just take them with us?"


I just had to edit to add. BR just came out of the bedroom, he had a shower and now that I have Matt asleep, Bow asleep and the kids all quiet, he wants to take this trailer load of crap and trash we have to the dump... right now..

Saturday, December 13, 2008

take me out OF the Ball Game!!

Yesterday was fun. Hectic but fun.

I had to be at the school to set up the store by 10. and was supposed to meet my dad for lunch. Unfortunatly, only one lady showed up to help and I wasnt able to meet with my dad. He had driven in and driven out already.

I also had to run by Walmart, They had called, the bow I ordered for me was in. I am pretty much through with my shopping now. We had gotten Rayleys bow and lots of arrows at Academy the day before.

Once I got home it was time to start cooking cakes. As they were cooking I cooked supper and the kids ate. Shortly after they went to bed, and we got to work on the cake. I made 3 13X9 cakes, and we cut and shaped them. That is the first picture.

Then I asked my to get my green icing ready. I didnt think we would EVER get it green enough. And neither did he. I kept telling him 'more green!' 'MORE GREEN' I felt like Christopher Walkin asking for MORE COWBELL!

We put the first layer of icing on, then let it sit for about 10 minutes. at 9 we started the cutting and got it all iced. At 10 I started decorating. At 1 I sat down on the couch and refused to budge again.

The cake was a hit. And although it wasnt as perfect as it could have been, and I was a little embarressed by it, Brett loved it and it tasted good. Plus it was my first ever 'creation'. I have made cakes. I have a peanut butter cake that is to die for. But you just slap some peanut butter iceing on it and your ready. This was definatly an expirience. It wasnt anything special. I used 4 cake mixes. Both brands I had coupons for (of course!). and just plain ole buttercream iceing (coupons AGAIN!!). So For less than 10 bucks, I am happy.

Brett had a great party. Of course it was 3 days too late. Both boys got brand new Carhartt jackets, Thick hoodies, and 8 pair of new jeans. BR and I got them gloves, and they got a few toys. Brett got lots of cash, and They each got a sleeping bag. Plus these agervating voice changing things. Its all I can do to not chunk them through a window. Bow got a few new toys, and Rayley got a tea set, a hoodie, some gloves, and a cash register. They made out like bandits. It always just makes me sick. Noone single person spends a fortune on them, Really its all inexpensive things, BUT the family is so big that they get alot of things.

Once the party was over and all cleaned up, we came home and had to do Matts project. We kinda cheated. Well, more than we already had. We got a ziplock bag, put the paint in thier mixed the colors we needed and he would drop the styrofome ball in and squish around in the paint. right now they are drying. tomorrow he will stick them on the sun. And I will print up the facts for them, so he can stick those on. I dont let them on my computer. Since its Tommy's last night here I plan on visiting wiht him a little. He will be gone before I get up. If I wasnt worried about Bow waking up in the middle of the night, I'd get in his trunk.

The toothpics are to mark where I will be seperating the grass and the dirt. It took us quite a while to convince ourselves that drawing it out with a sharpie wouldnt be good. In the end I went with toothpics for a guideline.

Not Near Green Enough!! and do you see my

There is no turning back now!!

Time for the DIRT!! Its really crushed up Graham Crackers. And I used peices of airhead candy for the bases and pitcher rubber.

My 'other' child is sitting back there. Can you tell they look just like him? just with less facial hair?

transporting it was HARD. my base wasnt hard enough, and it was HUGE. I did have a box that I had gotten something in the mail in. so we put it in there. Then put it in my dads trunk. It made it there safe. I was SOOO relieved.

Since we got home the kids have been bouncing off the walls, Bow amoung them. He has been into everything, playing with the kids, in my lap and trying to take a nap or trying to stay awake.

They wanted to sleep outside in their sleeping bags, but never would go out. they wouldnt have stayed had they went out, but I kept hearing "why wont you let us go out?" I kept telling them to go. They were saying I was just being mean, teasing them, that I wouldnt let them stay. I assured them I would. But they did play outside for a few hours.
It took me 30 minutes to get the kids in bed. It was one thing after another. Finally, I get them all laid down. Then Rayley starts griping that Brett needs a bath. He stinks. and she comes to complain to me about it. I told her to get in her bed instead of on the pallet with Brett.

"but mom, he stinks and needs a bath"
"he had a bath Rayley"
"He stinks though"
"what does he smell like?"
"Possum??!!" I was afraid he had caught one or something. of course I knew he had taken a bath, and hadnt went back outside, but I still had to know..
"where did they get a possum"
"from outside silly"
"I mean where did they find it? where is it?
"on the side of the house"
"okay... So, how did this happen?"
"well one day the devil made the dogs kill a possum, and it was outside and so the boys and I found it, and they dug a grave, and we put the possum in there. It was dead, and I was wearing my yellow dress, and... Shut up Matt, I am telling this story, it doenst matter if it happened in June or Tuesday, so, they dug this hole, well we all did, and put the dead possum in it, why did the dogs kill the possum? and then the dogs tried to dig it back up, but you told us to put rocks over the grave. how do you not remember this? I was wearing my yellow dress and those pretty sandles, and we did and the dogs couldnt dig it up no more. And then..."
"what exactly does your attire have to do with this story?"
"your attire.. Clothes. what does it matter what you are wearing? "
"mmmooooooooooommmmmmmm, it ALWAYS matters what we are wearing"
"fine, what does this possum have to do with today and Bretts odor?"

I do remmeber this happeneing, it was back a while ago. I remember it especially since they didnt bury it very deep. It would have been better off staying dead in the yard. At least then, the dogs might have carried it off.