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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Just some needless facts... with a little drama thrown in for good measure.

I dont know if I will have anything blogworthy happen today.

The kids stayed last night at Mothers and are still not home. So I am wrapping presents and cleaning.

Well I was. Bow is tired, but I am trying to wean him, and he WILL NOT go to sleep with out nursing. So for over an hour he has screamed and cried, and kicked and headbutted me, and will not quit. I have put him on the floor, walked around, tried to clean, sat down, tried to work on the computer, it doesnt matter he is in my lap throwing hisself everywhere, kicking and screamin. He wont take a sippy, He wont eat, he just is literly making himself sick by screaming. Not even any tears. If I get up he follows me and clings to me and falls down and knocks things over and bascily is a pain in the rear.

BUT, I was thinkin back to the other night. when BR watched Jeremiah Johnson, and we thought Dale Que had a large vocal resembalance to Yukon Cornielious.

SO I decided to google Yukon cornielieous and Dale Que. Looking for some pertenant information, and attempting to gleen some intelegence off the world wide web. Instead, guess what came up as the 4th site?? THIS ONE!!
I kid you not!

NOw, I know that I can put in Bowdrie and Rayley and this is the ONLY site that comes up. How can you expect anything else to come up? I mean who else has kids named Bowdrie adn Rayley? But to put in something off the wall like that and me to come up is soo cool.

SO I got to wonderin, I wonder what else brings up my site? WOuldnt it be neat if a tracker would tell you that?
Then I remembered the tracker at the bottom, it will tell you that!! whoo-hoo!!

Here are a few things that folks used to get here. I doubt many stayed. but if you did find me while searching out some very important matter and decided to stay and read me, Thank you :) If you found me, didnt like me and left, who cares, you aint readin this noway..

Now most folks come from my signature lines at various websites I frequent. That makes sense.

3 came from facebook, I dont know how.. unless I have a facebook page.. It seems like I might, but if I do, I never go there... dont even know the account name.. maybe I should try to find that...

But here are my 'search engine wars'

distr.batless ignition
I dont even know what this means... I am courious to see where this seach took them... which post talks about batless ignitions? I am pretty sure my ignition doesnt have a bat, and if it did, I dont want to know..

blog are they asleep yet
Well, that just makes perfect sense!! :) But I am betting they were not just randomly searching, more than likely they had lost my address...

peanut butter moms prefer commercial
Alright, I prefer Jiff, but buy my kids what evers on sale with a coupon. They dont have the refined taste buds to make informed decisions...

agervating while trying to go to bed
I hope they wernt looking for parenting advice when they clicked here. I have none. Although a good threat sometimes followed up by the action does seem to work every once in a while...

teething table
Do they sell these? Cause I just let Bow use the coffee table we already had...

santas toyhouse
Ahhhh, not sure they got what they were looking for here. But its definatly "santa's crazy house"

absolute confinement
Is this legal? seriously, cause I would like to check into it..

pictures of pulling horses with a catapiller tractor
I am FAIRLY certain this is HIGHLY illegal.. Matter of fact some dude in Beaumont recently got in lots of hot water for dragging his horse behind his truck... I really hope I am not advocating this.. OH wait, I dont have a catapiller tractor.
Catipiller dosent even make tractors.. They make equiptment. and truck engines.. but I aint never seen no bright yeller tractor.. of course it could be like a deisel toyota.. you only see them overseas... sorry, I got lost.. back to your regularly scheduled BS post.. I HAVE seen horses pulling out hopelessy mired equiptment, but I have never blogged about it.
I dont think...

I do talk about my coupons alot. So I can see this coming up..

girls made the boys strip
Hmmmm.. not sure where this one was going.. unless it had to do with a muddy day and my kids tracking it in...

anything less is uncivilized commercial
ahhh my kids being able to quote commercials has given me noteriety...

forrest gump my mom always said life is like
... a box of chocolates.. yes she did..

horney mother in laws
okay, who ever is looking this up is sick.. a bubble off plumb.. and in desperate need of an intervention. and I really dont think I have ever used the word Horney on my blog. Is that even spelled right? I thought it was Horny. either way, I dont know if my MIL is, and dont plan on asking her. I doubt she would be happy knowing that folks on the web are wondering either...

if frogs had wings, and snakes had hair,
Then there would be more species that PETA wants us to love...

if a frog had wings
He wouldnt bump his ass when he hops. I just LOVE that saying..

how to make a snowman using borax detergent and tissue
You can do this?? cause in my washing machine it just makes a freakin mess.... Maybe I should google this too.... speaking of which, I forgot to buy more Borax... dang.. I need to update my grocery list again.

teething in 10 year olds
Give them some orajel and tell them to quit whining.

how to get a foot long bouncy ball
Seriously? do you KNOW how much damamge that would do? everything in the house would be knocked over... I hate inch round bouncy balls..

my momma used to say life is like a box
... of chocolates... Forrest Gump. Great quote. but you have to do the voice just right..

lally cally shoes for kids


the licks hurt

well it depends, what type of licks? in the south a spankin is a lick. so in that case, they are supposed to dummy.
if you mean a tounge lick... your doing it wrong..

soapapia cheesecake
Gee, thanks.. now I am craving a fried cheesecake...

gretchen wilson
The writer and singer of my THEME SONG!! Redneck Woman!! I LOVE this lady!
Great taste fellow googler :)

lally kally shoes
Doesnt matter how you spell it, its still a RIP OFF!!

okay, thats it. 26 people found me from search engines.. I would like to know how many of you stuck around and read every so often. unless your the Horn(e)y mother in law person.. in that case, please dont write...

OH.. and a reader suggested I twitter. At first I thought it was an insult. I dont twitter, I might flit around, I might jabber like a magpie, but I dont twitter,. Then I googled it. So I signed up.
I dont have cell phone service here at home, so I cant twitter from here. BUT the suggestion was more for days like the last two where I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off and stupid crap is happening to me, cause Murphy hates me.

I might go weeks with out twittering. But I will try to remember how to do it. :)

It took me all last night and all day today to just get the text sent in to get my cell phone signed up as a twitter-er-y device.

Now, I am on hour 3 of screaming and wallering. he is about to kill me. Its not really screaming, its more of a constant slightly loud whine.. just a 'uuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn' that is killing me.

Peachy.. My kid just called. please come and get them from my mothers. They are ready to come home..

Oh, this is good. Come to find out, they wanted to call me last night to come home and MOther wouldnt let them. I dont care why, if I am home, my kids are always allowed to call me. Now if I am in Vegas its a differnt story, I wont drop everything and go. But anytime they feel they want or need to come home for any reason, they are to get to call.

I knew it would happen. HEr and BRett fight and argue about everything. I have seen it. BRett and Matt can be having a kid conversation, talking about inane crap, and she will interject. Either to correct them (not always correctly) or to tell them they are being mean, or silly, or just plain childish. Well... Kids do that. They are all the time one upping each other, or discussing why dinosaurs died, or the intriciasies of a fighter jet and what keeps it afloat. Deal with it, stay out of it and let them play.

But it never matters, Brett is always wrong, and she is always right and honestly, I have seen other 8 year olds give up well before she will. She just gets louder and pulls the 'adult' card, and the "I know more because I lived it" card.

Anyway, my fun day is now not so fun. Brett wont stop appologizing, and telling me why he feels this way. (cause she dotes on Rayley the whole time and treats them like idiots. )

Granted Brett argues with her, and can be a smartass. But he is 10. If you have a 10 year old that doesnt occasional do or say something smartassed, Good for you. Your kidding yourself, but good for you. He does do it more with her, cause he knows it will get her goat.

Damn.. How did this turn into a whine.. There was supposed to be NO WHINING.

okay, So, now we know what brings me up. If any of y'all happen to google something and I come up, click on it.. just cause I am curious! :)

OH, and maybe one day I will answer some of the questions that I have been sent. Well except the one about if I want to sell one of the kids.. I have heard its illegal.

Happy Birthday to Kimmy!

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