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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Finally I am catching up!!

ACK! Last night I was all set blog, and BR called, he had to leave his truck at the yard, and I had to go and get him.

when we got home, I was trying to set up my face book page, and I started naming off people that we knew and hadnt seen in years that were on there. He said "set me up one of them"

SO I spent the rest of the night setting his up. It was funny when I tried to link his and mine through marriage, it said "we will check with Billy to verify this" or somesuch.

Then he had to confirm that we were married.

ANyway, thats what I did all night, set him up a facebook page.

SO, Christmas morning. as you know, I had kept the kids awake ALL night, hoping they would sleep till at least 9.

Then I put on the turkey, laid down and Bow woke up. I finally got him back to sleep and BR called at 5 to make sure I had put in the turkey. I checked on it, and it was good, laid back down. 5:30 the alarm went off for me to check on the turkey.. I got up and turned it off. Then at 6, I was back up checking again.

shortly there after the boys woke me up saying "OOOHHHHHH MY GOD! LOOK AT ALL THAT!!"
I told them they couldnt open ANYTHIN until their dad got home, and so they sat down. I rolled over for a little more shut eye. Then I hear rattiling.. Matt was checking out what was over there.

I got up, BRett was already back asleep.

I tried to keep Matt occupied, finally we went in there and started peeling taters. We peeled a 10 lb sack, then I put them on to boil.

FInally we heard the 18 wheeler horn, BR was passing by on his way to park his truck at my grandfathers.

Around that time my mother called. "what time are you coming?" I told her I had no idea, BR wasnt even home for them to open their gifts, and we still had a fwe things to do before we left, I was still cooking the taters.
well she had a pie to make, wanted to get dressed, and a few other things. I told her that we had to be at Amanda's by noon, so we would be there shortly after 11. and to go ahead and get ready, bake her pie and we would be there after the kids got their presents.
She wasnt happy with this. I could tell it in her voice. But I couldnt help it. Its not fair to the kids to have to jump up from opening their gifts to get dressed and go somewhere else.

The kids were THRILLED with their stuff. THey LOVED the nerf guns Martha and Elray gave them. And Rayley got a little laptop. I havent gotten a second to look at it, its impossible to do anything when Bow is around. He wont let you. They got socks and underwear in their stockings, and a quick release for their yet to be opened Bows.

Rayley got alot of barbies, the boys some matchbox cars, and then I gave the big packages. no two were wrapped alike. So you couldnt tell they were all the same.

Matt got into his first, and started screaching. Then Brett got into his. He just stood there with a shocked look. Rayley finally got into hers. They went crazy!

BR got a # 1 dad cap from Matt, a money clip from Brett and a Ted Nugent book from Santa.

I got, a picture frame from Brett, a Dallas Cowboys sticker from Matt and a pearl necklace set from Santa. I was thrilled. I had wanted these pearls when I saw them. THey are beautiful

Once we were done opening gifts we had to get the apple pie ready, everyone had to get dressed and I had to finish the tater salad. and it was already 10:15! The kids couldnt play with anything because we HAD to get ready to go, we had a stop to make before we could go to Amanda's.

I managed to get it all done, got everyone dressed and got dressed myself. I was carrying out the turkey and managed to spill the juice all the way down my arm, my pants leg and into my shoe. Unfortnatly, it was my NEW pants. the ONLY clean ones I had (remmeber, I have 2 pair that fit) and everyone was waiting. So I went and found something else to put on. then finished loading the truck, we were finally on our way!

We got to mothers and she wasnt happy with the fact that it was already 11:30. We really had to be at Amanda's by noon. And I dont like to be late. Matter of fact, I despise being late. I absolutly hate it, I know that some people dont mind, or even think its cute, but I cant handle it. PERIOD.

there the boys got their target, and a tent thingy for outside, its more of a play tent, and Rayley got a barbie tent, and a sleeping bag, and the boys got some stocking stuffers and Bow got his jacket. Oh and Rayley got her skates. Not just normal rollar skates, but roller blades. She wanted to use them right then. Sorry, when you live in the country there is no where to use them. Heck half our carports consist of a dirt floor...

Oh and Brett got an alarm clock that he had asked for. Currently its going off and agervating the crap out of me. and Matt got a digital camera. its shaped like a pen. But you have to hook it up to the computer to get the pictures off it.
Dont know how he is going to manage that...

I know she was disapointed when we had to leave so quickly, and I wish she had been able to come over and them open her gifts when they opened Santa. Then she could have played with them for a little while before we had to go.

We managed to get to Amanda's a little after 12. I walked in and Martha had already made a plate. I had the dadgum turkey with me. SHe was tired of waiting, as I am sure everyone else was too.

We had a very good meal, and the kids opened their presents from Aunt AManda and Uncle Luke. The boys got a coon skin hat and Rayley got tutu's and a headband.
then Brett and Matt went out with their daddy and started shooting their bows. They didnt do bad. Secially for it to be their first time to ever shoot one. Rayley went out and shot hers some too. She was able to hit the target.

Amanda did let Rayley put on the skates, and she managed to do pretty good, in the 4 square foot area that was avalible to skate in. mostly she shuffled her feet twice and fell into who ever was in front of her. I am afraid she will be very disapointed in her riding time. cause there is no where to go to wear these, AND I cant afford to be driving her to the skating rink every week. Its sad, but I made all of this quite plain before they were bought.

the older boys and the uncles and BR stayed outside almost the whole day, BR felt like death warmed over, between working all night and being awake all day he had a cold from hell. He was constanly sneezing and coughing. This weather is hell on alergies. But they played with the bows and had lots of fun. I knew it wouldnt take long before Luke and Brett were betting money and challenging each other. and I was right.. Brett came runing in the house and said " I owe Uncle Luke 5.00 can you pay him?" I dont know what the bet was, but Brett had lost.. the next time I went out they were challenging each other to shots. seeing who could make it and who wouldnt.

When we left there we came home, settled in and tried to relax. It wasnt long before BR was snoring. He had taken some cold meds and was out like a light. The kids were watching a John Wayne movie and Rayley had been kidnapped by my sister in law suzie. Last time I had talked to them, they were bringing her home the next morning.

Then around 9 car lights showed up. It was BR's sister Lisa, she hadnt made it to dinner and was coming with her 2 girls to deliver presents. Lisa works nights at a hospital and so she gets very little sleep. Come to find out she went to sleep Christmas morning and didnt wake up till the afternoon. Her kids are all pretty much grown so they were okay with waiting till that night to open gifts.

She had seen Rayley at my mother in laws and given her a gift, it was princess make up I think. Then she came over here and gave the boys one and Bow. Bow got a car stearing wheel that makes all kinds of racket. Before it was even out of the box he was going at it! He LOVES it!!

Brett and Matt got a nerf tag thing. guns and bullets and vests and you shoot each other. Brett was going crazy and trying to wake up Matt. He wanted to play with it so bad. Matt slept right through it all.

Lisa and I visited for a while, and when she was leaving she said something about New Years. Luke had been to her house earlier and they had discussed hamburgers and hotdogs and fireworks. I told her we would be ready for everyone.

I went the next day and bought the sausages to cook, some boudan and will go back later for the buns, each family buys alot of fireworks and we all get together and pop them.

Rayley came home last night. She was very good according to my reports. Matter of fact, Suzie wants to steal her. Apparently she doesnt whine at other peoples houses. and when they went to get Suzies daughter from her grandmothers they stopped for a soda, everyone put in their order and then they asked Rayley, she said in her perfect Texas Drawl, "do you reckon they might have a sprite in there?"

She was very polite and easy going while she was gone. Once she got home she wanted to set up her tent. so we put it up in her bedroom floor. She then got in with her sleeping bag and went to sleep. She seems to like it pretty well.

She slept with all her new barbies and her laptop, that we STILL dont know how to use, since the instructions were thrown away, and her skates.

We cant set the tents up outside, and the boys is really really long, its like 3 tent things put toghether. But its been rainy and nasty for over a week. and its promising to rain and be nasty for another week.

Plus, once the tents go outside, they cant come back in, they will be dirty and sandy. As it stands I have already had to call them down from fighting IN the tent, piling a sleeping bag ONTOP of the tent, and were trying to see how dark they could make it in there.

I give the barbie tent 1 week. The boys tent less than that once they set it up.

My post should end here. But I have to tell you about this 'encounter' I had today.

I had to take BR to work, its about 8 miles down the road, it was a little after 9am.

About a mile from the house I came across a great pyranies and a brown puppy in the road, just standing there. I honked and they just stood there. So BR was in a hurry and I noticed a driveway right past them. I went on to take him to work and on my way back prayed they hadnt been hit and I would see if they lived in that house.

I drove up and these people had these 3 ankle biters, they all came rushing at my truck. It wasnt a long driveway, but a very secluded one. just a pig trail pretty much with trees and bushes on each side, like they had cut it out of the woods. Well anyway, this white dog came running for the front of my truck, a spotted one stayed up by their house sorta, and a brown mop thing ran past me. I couldnt see the white dog and was looking for it. I drive a HUGE truck, on top of it being a one ton, its a 4 wheel drive. and 4 door. but anyway, its big. So I am looking watching for this white dog and I hear yipping. like being ate by a wild dog yipping. The brown one had ran past me and was on the edge of the driveway about 10 feet behind my truck.

Then the white one runs to it. So its safe, I pulled on up and a man and a woman came out. I asked them if they had a great pyranease dog (yes I know, I am mispelling that) or a brown dog, he kinda shakes his head no and she just looks at me like I am crazy, then She takes off running past me and points her finger at me and says "lady dont you move that damn truck!".
He is hollering at her "its the collar shocking him" "he went too far again" She is acting like I had hit the dang dog. I asked "do you know who they belong to. they are on the road" "Get that damn truck out of here and dont EVER come back". So I said "Lady, I hope that its never YOUR freakin dog that someone is trying to save" He is just shaking his head the whole time and telling her that its the collar.

SO I left there, before I exploded infront of my kids. and went to the next house. It wasnt hers either, but she was more than willing to help me find the owners. I told her that was okay, I would stop at one more house and then head home. When I went back out of her driveway the brown dog was running across the road and hopefully headed home.

This used to be a close knit community, unfortunatly, people that are not from here have moved in and make it so noone wants to know you anymore. I talked to a friend and she told me that we knew this lady from when we both worked at the general store out here. Apperantly she is quite the crazy person. I dont know how someone hasnt already shot her. Or at least whooped the hell out of her.

The other lady was nice though. Even though I have never seen her in my life.

I have a feeling I will be meeting them again. We own some land behind my mother in laws. Its landlocked and in a bagual (baygall...bagall...Dont know how to spell that), and aside from hunting in there, there aint much you can do with it, it does have a creek running through it. Anyway, my sister in law and brother in law went to hunt it this year and there were 4 wheeler trails all over it. Well, the witches land butts right up to it. BR and I had planned to follow the trails and see who we came up to, so we could ask them to stay off our property, but we just never got the chance. We did find where they were using a climbing stand on the property too. So noone wants to hunt out there till it gets settled. and we cant go a lookin to see who it is till hunting season is over. Before that it was just too dang hot.

anyway, thats been my day. Or my 3 days.
The kids enjoyed Christmas, my house is a COMPLETE wreck. Not with toys and such, but with the boxes, and wrapping and all of that.
And it took me a good 2 hours to clean the kitchen. I have the kids cleanin Rayleys room right now. They are NOT doing anything but playin. and locking each other in the tent.

I am sure I have something around here that will get their attention....
OH crap, I forgot to put the pictures on my computer.. I will have to do that later. I am too lazy right now..


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