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Sunday, December 21, 2008

All I want for Christmas....

Is some .... I dont know.. peace? Help? understanding? assistance?

Okay, bedtime last night, went to bed, couldnt find the cotten pickin remote. Looked ALL over the dadgum room. EVERYWHERE. Aparently NOT ME has stolen it, along with half the other crap I am looking for. ( I will admit, I more than likely misplaced half of it). But this remote stays in that ONE room. of course BR was NO help. Finally I put the DVR on single mode, and just fell asleep to the drone of voices that was on. I just needed some noise.

Then at 1:30 Rayley woke me up, They were sleeping on her floor and BRett was hogging all the covers. She was cold. So I put her at my feet. Went back to sleep.
3:30. I get woken up to screaming about an ear ache. I get up, get some medicaine, and warm up a sock with rice in it. I dont have enough salt to fill a sock. Its on the grocery list.. (salt that is.. not socks)

I pass Matt on the couch and think nothing of it.

I hand it to her, thinking I should get it warmer, cause its not very warm, but truthfully, I am half asleep still.

ITs too hot. I go to find a washclothe to put between her head and the sock. Cant find one in either bathroom (BR and I have seperate loofah washclothe thingy's in the shower). I find one that is still semi folded on the floor of one of the bathrooms, shake it off and its good enough for goverment work.

GO BACK to sleep. and the alarm wakes me at 5:15. BR is closest, but not awake. and he WONT wake up.

SO, then I went ahead and turned it off, Luckily I didnt wake up Bow! WHoo-HOO!!

But Matt heard the alarm, so he came in and asked me what I was doin. Uhhh sleepin?
But then he starts to love on Bow, waking him up. COme to find out he had gotten on the couch cause Brett stole all the covers from him too.

SO up I get. Come in here and Rayley gets up soon after. She is hungry. Of course she is. She is ALWAYS hungry. So I get up to fix her something.
I also started some laundry, and tried to do some dishes.

I tried to find the Cowboys game on the Guide. I couldnt. BR came in and told me to give him the remote, I just wasnt looking right. SO I did. Then I decided to look online. COme to find out they played YESTERDAY. They havent played a regular season game on Saturday ALL FREAKIN YEAR!! Well MR-I could have told you so- says "well I looked at the guide yesterday and told you they wernt on the NFL channel today" yes, he only looked ON the guide because he was watching a movie he had seen 8,000 times and wouldnt hit the search button and miss 47 seconds of it.

ANd he had skipped right over the NFL guide for saturday or we would have seen it. I had repeatedly asked him about it. Just checking, not trying to take away the remote.

I found out they lost. So I get to hear "well its a good thing we didnt waste our time watching." and "of course they did, what did you expect, I am just glad we watched something good instead" Yep. we watched old westerns from 1962 all dang day. That is what was so important. LESS THAN 20 GAMES A YEAR. Thats ALL I FREAKIN WANT.

I went back to look for the remote, and BR decided to clean out the playpen that Bow has never used, thinking it could be in there.
I swore it wasnt. Told him that there was nothing in there except the kids presents. But he insisted and refused to let me do it. So he picked up a box from Amazon. there was 2 ballet dance movies right on top. But he had to dig. A remote couldnt fit in there. I swear. He found the copy of Ted Nugents Book that I had bought him for Christmas. "ohhh you got it" "it appears that way" "thought we werent giving gifts" "we arent, but I did want to suprise you with it" "well, you never said there was something there I shouldnt see"... DUH

SO I took it out and gave it to him. He looked at it, flipped through it and then told me to wrap it, it will be 'more special that way' . I told him just to read the damn thing. "no, you go ahead and wrap it." what ever.

So, we went to his moms for a little while. I enjoyed the visit. But before we went I asked the kids to get the rest of the crap out of my truck. its their stuff after all. the entire back seat floor board was full. It was now in the seat, since BR had BRett go out and look for a phantom key he had lost in there a few months ago.

At my Mother in laws I found out I was suppsed to make Potatoe Salad, its my sister in laws favorite, and a turkey.

So this means that I have to buy a turkey. Cause you see if I dont, then for the first time ever BR's Job wont give one out. last year I got two. Luke didnt want his. Of course if I DO buy a turkey, BR will bring one home tomorrow. Or two, since Luke wont want his again.

BR wants a punkin or sweet potatoe Pie, and I said I would bring a lemon cake, you can find the recipe here.

Of course tomorrow is the day I take my mother to Lufkin, and no mention was made of taking the kids to daycare like she had said she would by my mother in law, so that should be interesting. Nothing like having to show the kids what they will get.

All other years she has asked me to let them GO to daycare during their vacations for at least a day. But not this year. But thats okay, Santa is overrated anyway.

We got home and I had to pick up the mess the kids had brought in from my truck. That included taking out the trash. I was hinting all I could. But they just kept ignorning me. Typical. Of course BR had a movie on and they were enthralled. Finally they did finish up the basket of clothes I asked them to do early this morning.

Of course the minute we got home I had to fix Rayley supper. I kid you not, I had no more than gotten in the door, shoes still on my feet, and she was 'hongry'... So I fixed everyone supper. Then started cleaning.

Then I got to spend an hour and a half wrassiling Bow, literly. while he screamed bloody murder and threw himself all over like a wet noodle. There was no consoling him. And what brought on this absolute disrequard for my sanity and his wellbeing? A game of Texas hold'em, complete with chips that BR and the older kids were playing.

Somehow Rayley, the only one who cant count, has no concept of a good hand, and basicly is a heck of a bluffer, cause of her ignorance, was winning. All Bow wanted to do was play with them.

Eventually I took the remote and found Andy Griffith. So the kids started watching it. They put up the chips, cards and table. But the WHOLE time BR griped cause there were commercials. And honestly, even with such wholesome programing as that, something you DONT worry about your kids watching, you CANT let them see the commercials. Not that that was why BR was griping, he just hates commercials.

At one point I got up and got me some cookies and milk. BR wanted one of the cookies. Then Rayley wanted one, I was down to 5. Then Rayley wanted milk to go with hers. I just gave up, gave her my cookies and milk and decided to forgo supper.

Finally I decided to send everyone to bed. They all pilled into Rayley's room. Then She turned out the light, Brett started to whine about it. He gets nightmares in the dark. BULL CRAP. oh they try this crap all the time. But always sleep with the lights out.

I had JUST gotten Bow to sleep and got my coupons ALL spread out. ALL of them, trying to file about 300. I have to have them filed before I shop tomorrow and we are leaving at 8am.

OH, that reminds me. I went to my sister in laws and got my 5 Houston Chronicles, and One Lufkin Dailey news. 10.25 worth of papers, and there was NOT A SINGLE FREAKIN COUPON. THis is the 3rd week in a row that I have NOT gotten a single insert. I am SOOOOO livid.

Anyway, Rayley comes in here, whining about Brett and the lights. I said to shut them off, and for BRett to get his own blanket.
Then I hear more arguing. Next thing I know I hear someone say someone else is hogging the vent. I told them to all get off the vent. Then Brett comes in, whining cause Rayley is closer to the vent. He cant feel it.

They manage to wake up Bow. Who, in his blissful sleep has about 125 coupons laid on the bump of covers he is under. So I got up, told Brett to get in his own dang bed and stop whining like a girl. He jerked his blanket and I thought Rayley, who had been walkin back into her room, had been standing on it. I had heard a thump, SO I go to check on her, she is now wailing like a banshee. Oh, about 20 minutes before BR had put the TV on another movie we have seen 785 times, rolled over in his recliner and said "wake me when you decide to go to bed".

So I go and check, come to find out, his blanket had hit her in the eyes. I got her in bed. Read Brett the riot act, and tried to nicely explain that I dont get to just do my coupons when ever. "cause of Bow" he says. Partly yes. But not always. But who cares. the point is, I dont get a freakin minute to myself. from the time my eyes open, I am either hearing them whine cause they have to get up, or hearing Rayley say how hungry she is. Until the time they go to sleep, when I have to hear them fight and fuss and whine cause its bedtime, or someone is in their space, or has their blanket. I spend my whole day breaking up fights, holding a kid that will scream if I dont, trying to keep the noise level to a light roar to keep BR asleep, and searching for missing shoes.

I know its just the nature of having kids, but seriously, I have not even went pee in 10 years with out an interuption. And when its not the kids, its BR. or the damn cat. I really hate that damn cat.

Well, in the middle of my softly spoken tirade, BR says "gee, is that all you do? bitch at the kids?"

Yep, thats all I do... Maybe he should try it every once in a while, it helps me soo much...

OH and I just had to go and fetch Rayley out of bed, she was in there coughing her fool head off. I have her sittin on the end of the couch, coughin every other breath, wonderin if we can get through this drainage with out a 200.00 doctor visit.

Now, I have Bow back to sleep, and poor BR cant go back to sleep, I need a shower, why I dont know, to leave the house tomorrow I will have to take another, going to bed with wet hair makes me look like phyllis Diller, and I still ahve NOT gotten my coupons sorted.

Sorry for the whining, but GEEZE.

I am quite sure I have forgotten about half of the agervation of the day. I just wonder sometimes if this isnt why I dont have such a bad memory. I try not to remember all this bull.

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