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Sunday, April 1, 2012

A new kind of Chronicle....???

Habits are hard to break, but harder to keep sometimes.

I dont know why I have been so lax in writing, my kids STILL do crazy stuff EVERY day- sometimes its just funny- sometimes its enough to drive a saint to drink, but instead of writing it here, I put it on facebook- I guess its just easier- and gets more 'airtime'. This blog is kinda out of the way and not as visable.

BUT, truth be told, I was rereading some of my facebook posts the other day trying to put a date to something and realized how much I had already forgotten- since I am not sure how long facebook stuff sticks around, I think I am going to try something new-

Nothing real fancy, BUT, I will try to compile all my facebook posts in a weekly post, and of course add anything that I feel might be relevent.

Well here is March-
Not ALL of March- but some of it.

Parenting Fail # 456 - I decided to watch Rattlesnake Republic- about rattlesnake hunters. Bow just got dressed and said "I be back waiter, I am fixin to find me a stick and catch a few snakes- you can sell dem AND wear dem!! "

Free to a good home: I have ONE teenager and his dog- Both are cantankerous, condesending, rude and lazy. Unless there is a chance of a fight- Then they will expend ALL their energy defending their selves to prove that whatever stance they took is the the correct one. They also like to pick said fight. I will even provide clothes that currently fit, and might or might not be clean BUT are NOT in the laundry room.

you know you are raising your kids right when you take a shortcut through walmart and your precious little girl says "BUUUT MOOOM- when you go this way I cant look at the guns!!!"

Dang, its raining hard out there- I even got up and counted kids and dogs- Lord knows if any of them got caught outside in something like this they'd float off....

There is nothing like wearing a jacket and freezing your rear off while installing an A/C unit! Story of my life..... like to have sweated to death last night and refused to even cook now I am shivering so much I cant hold a screrwdriver! -

Seeing how long it takes for the Byerly and Roff boys to get kicked out — with B R Billy Byerly and Kathleen at BASS PRO SHOPS. Pearland TX.

‎16 hours, 35 minutes, 446 miles, and all of it was well worth it! So proud of how our boys represented Jasper 4h gun and bow, plus they learned so much! Just wish more kids had gotten to come! We also got to visit with family, had a blast with the Roffs and met 2 different people with ties to Jasper

taking a 4 year old ALL the way to Lufkin to the dentist today for a major repair- cause Mondays are not fun enough with out dealing with dentists and screaming kids!! yeah me!!!

okay, I just spent 45 minutes trying to shove an electrical wire into the breakerbox in a hot, humid, little room with no airflow, working every way possible to get that wire shoved into a small hole just another half times its size 4 foot above the small hole I shoved it into to start with- AND wallering on the dirty, wet, muddy ground, when I FINALLY got it done, I went to change clothes because I was soaked through- and that does NOT work well with someone who has as much product in their hair as I do.... I had JUST peeled my skin tight jeans off- and was TRYING to kick them off my feet, somehow even my socks were wet with sweat, and the kids come running in the bathroom that "someone in a minivan just drove up" - WTF? So I had to wiggle and jump and fight myself BACK into those jeans, rebutton my shirt, and walk back out of this oven I call a house, into the humidor that we call my yard, to tell a census worker my address! We were not even COUNTED this year IN the census... Come to find out our address didnt exist... so in essence neither did we... wonder if I can get my taxes back...

Is amazed by a kids ability to be sent to the farthest corner of the yard to get a peice of trash and pass 8,539 other peices of trash but blissfully be unaware they are there and get annoyed when you point it out to them! -

has just installed a 220 line and plug- so now I have AC blowing in my house!! whoo-hoo!!! :)

For weeks i have been on my kids to leave the door open for the breeze since the ac was broke Today i got the new unit working and guess what? The door knob has decided to boycot and keeps locking us in or out everytime we shut it. Seriously- Murphy loves me and has made me the luckiest person on earth- unfortunatly his law sucks and its all bad luck! Lol -

I just caught my kids trying to sneak outside wearing baseball helmets with all the pillows in the house stuck under their clothes.
--- Since they fixed all the bikes earlier, I have a feeling I know what they are up to.
------ SOOO being the loving and concerned mom that I am- I told them to put my freakin pillows back on the beds and get the hell out the door-
Yep- they were jousting on bikes- with cane poles and helmets... THEN, they decided to make a slip and slide out of a mud puddle- They would throw bow and see how far he would 'slip and slide' through the mud....

I consider myself a fairly intelegent human being I mean I can use deduction and common sense, but I just spent 30 minutes fighting a door knob that is locking me IN my house- when it dawned on me: Alan wrenches! So I jumped up from my hardwon battle of jimmying open a grade 1 security knob, -and ran outside to get said alan wrenches carefully shutting said door to keep the newly installed ac from having to cool the who, outdoors..... -

--------------- and yes I am intelligent enough to know that intellegent is mispelled... UGGGGG I give up.... LOL lock is currently safely enclosed in a bag, looking much like evidence from a homicide- which, had I had to deal much more with it this morning, it very well might have been.....

Has decided to institute a new rule.
IF I walk in and the door is open because you failed to shut it on your way out- I will deadbolt it.

Its not even 10 and I cant keep my eyes open- so, if you are waiting on a drawing or words with friends from me- Keep waiting- LOL- Hard to believe my grandmother would be 77 today- and harder to believe she has been gone almost 8 years.

Doors (cabinet, outer, bedroom, bathroom, closet, microwave, fridge, freezer) are an amazing invention that have been around for centuries, and there is an even more amazing invention attached to doors- hinges-- these make opening and even shutting the said door amazingly easy and convienent. A slight push usually works- no more than a flick of your wrist in most cases. Tomorrow i will be explaining this phenomenon to my offspring in detail. -

Somedays I think I dont run a household, I run an insane asylum. Other days I KNOW it without a doubt! -

Teaching my kids to make dressin, We were mixing up the cornbread and eggs and such to let it set for a while when I said "you gotta boil some eggs" --- "hoover boil some eggs" THEN, as an afterthought said "LEAVE them IN the shells!!" whew! That was a close one...

UGGGG got my 'work' done for JYSSA, FNRA and 4-H for the day, so now I have to pretend to be a good wife and mother and clean and cook... I should also go find my two eldest kids... They said Petey had something 'treed' this morning and were going to go get him. That was hours ago and they are still gone and Petey is right here in my lap... I think they are just hiding from that mountain of laundry that was pulled out of their rooms yesterday...LikeUnlike · · March 21 at 12:22pm

Nice quiet evening, waiting for the nyquil to kick in and i find out my 2 elsest idiots trecked off today with 2 dogs, and forgot to bring them back- jumped in BR's truck, drove to get them, got a charlie horse in my clutch leg, 2 dogs who are NOT good car riders and managed to grab the one truck on the place under empty so now i am barefoot in a closed gas stations parkinglot- sneezing my hair off repeating 'but i love my kids, i love my kids, i love ny kids.......'

Why is it my kids can only shut a door that was a) open to start with, or b) the one a sibling is coming through RIGHT behind them.???

I am still thinking low voltage shocking wristlets for kids would be beneficial...

I swear i am going to tie my bedroom tv remote to the bedstead - i just spent 30miniutes trying to quietly search a room with a sleeping husband who has to get up in 5 hours, a kid noone wants to wake and a dog who thinks if he is awake i am his personal scratcher- -all the bed clothes, dirty clothes, under everything, in drawers, under pillows and the bed- finally found it in the kitchen by the sink- -i had given up and was heading to get some peanut butter on a spoon got so excited about the remote, i forgot my snack- -

March 26
OMG- I finally know why my kids brought home crawfish and fish from the pond and stuck them in my fish tank... so they could fish when I wouldnt let them go to the pond!! UGGGGGGG

March 26, 10:35pm My sweet and loving baby boy just crawled in the bed with me, snuggled up and said 'brett and matt are mean' - i patted him on the back and was going to give him some motherly advice and try to make him feel better when he followed up with 'they must take after you' -
The warning "Full Metal Jousting is a dangerous, Extreme sport. To protect the horses and competitors trained professionals followed strict safety guidelines. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME" just came on my TV. to which my kids said "fffttttt, its not THAT dangerous, and we aint even professionals. " and "yeah- like we are going to listen to someone who has to have a professional train them on HOW to fall"

Y'all think i am kidding, they woke up before me this morning, and this is what they were doing.

I had to send brett back to the pond to let some fish go, and he brought back a dadgum turtle. You just cant turn them loose with out a keeper...

Thursday : seriously, my boys play with and hunt any animal, reptile, bug, or aquatic life they can find, with their bare hands, and bring all of them home, mostly dead THANK GOD- and I just witnessed one say "oh crap, its after dark and I forgot to bring up the turtles tank- Come on Rayley".... THEN, BOTH boys come inside, leaving HER at the barn, ALONE, to get a towell- cause neither one will come back alone.

First of all- WHY? why bring home a turtle? we dont need it.