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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Snake traps, Teething Tables, and High Heels.

Bow has started cribbing. For those of you not familier with this, its where a horse will chew on its stall walls. Well, much as I would love to put my kids in a barn, I dont have one anymore, so Bow has opted for the coffee table. I put him down on the floor to play yesterday and was washing dishes. He started to whine, and by the time I got in here he was quiet. I decided to look anyway, and he was chewing on the coffee table. I am sure there are lots of reasons I shouldnt let him do this. But he would rather have my arm or the coffee table instead of a nice teething ring.

I was sitting here on the couch last night and had my legs kinda stretched out, he was laying on them and started to chew, I swear my pants leg from the knee down was sopping wet within 3 minutes. I just THANK GOD for Hylands teething tabs. those things are a life savior. All my kids were raised on them and symethicone. Anytime you are invited to a baby shower, buy those. Forget the cutsie outfits that cost 30.00 and the silver rattle. Buy the poor woman diapers, teething tabs and the cheap symethicone, you dont have to buy brand name mylacon. She will thank you for years to come!!

Every morning around here we have a ritual. Rayley wakes up, and before she even stretches she wants breakfast. Then she wants to know what she is going to wear today.

"MoooooM, what can I wear today?"
I dont care Rayley, we arent going anywhere.
"Why not?"
We dont need to
"what should I wear?"
what ever you want.
"what is pretty?"
Everything you have, why dont we just stay in PJ's today?
alright, well just stay in the play clothes drawer
"Can I go to daycare?"
"why not?"
Cause I said
"will you find me something to wear?"
what do you want to wear?
"a skirt"
okay, go put on your cheerleading suit
"which one"
which ever one you want
"BUT which ONE?"
the Dallas Cowboys
"I dont wana"
then the bulldog one
"its not pretty"
Then what do you want to wear?
"my ballarina skirt"
FIne, put it on
"what shoes match it?"

It doesnt matter what I tell her to put on, she refuses to wear it, or if she does she changes 20 minutes later. I dont know why she asks.
But what really gets me is when she tries to make ME change
"are you gona get drssed?"
Cause I aint going anywhere
"why not?"
There is no where to go
"what if someone comes over?"
what if they do?
"your not wearing a skirt"
NOPE, and I aint gona
Noone died
"well someone somewhere did."
"so you need to get dressed, so you can be pretty"
I thought I was pretty
"only with makeup on and nice clothes"
Rayley go away
cause you are getting on my nerve (this is NOT a typo, I only have one nerve, and its in danger of being damaged)
"so your not gona get dressed?
NO, go play
"but I cant"
why not?
"cause I'm not dressed"


and she is always wearing highheals or hard soled shoes in the house. Then stomps into the kitchen.
the noise is sooo loud. ANd with her daddy trying to sleep I try to keep her out of there. but I will hear the clackity clack, clack, and holler out "rayley, are you in the kitchen with your heals on again?"
I will hear her stomp/run out and then holler back "NO!"

Matt came home from school yesterday with a necklace thing on. I asked where he got it. He told me he won it. I asked how, he had been in ISS for 2 days. He said his class drawing.
I repeated myself about the ISS, he tells me, well we go back to class before the day is over and they drew the name out of the ticket jar and I won. They get a ticket when they do something good, (yep, more of that 'pat them on the head cause they didnt set the school on fire' type stuff), and they put them in a jar, to be drawn from. I asked him how he had gotten to put something in the good deed jar when he was in trouble all week.
He said "I dont know, I just did, and my name was drawn"

Great, my kid shows deplorable behavior, gets licks and ISS and then gets his name drawn in the class prize for the good deed jar. Thats the way to teach him to respect others and only hard work and doing right will be rewarded.

Last night he had baseball practice, this one went real well. There are still some kinks to be worked out for the whole team, but he is coming along okay. He does need to work on his throwing. And learn exactly what short stop does. But he is catching on. Its really his first year in the infield. Last year he played left field ( which was suprisingly fitting for him, in more ways that one. But its always nice when someone asks "where's matt?" and you can say "He's off in left feild" I always got a sadistic kick out of it anyway) But he was really good. He always knew when to back up 1st base, and the few times we were far enough ahead and he came to the infield he could play the other posistions pretty good. He knew to cover the plate when he was pitcher and such. He has a good arm, but his aim is a little off. If we could just get the arm right he might be good enough to enjoy little league.

I had to cut Bretts hair last night too. He had pictures at school today. I forgot to email his teacher and make sure he turned in his money for the class picture. I will have to make sure of that. I know him, he more than likely forgot.

He had practice tonight, and BR stayed home from work long enough to go with us. We went early so he could help them a little. He hit some pop fly's to them and tried to help Brett catch them. Then we had a scrimage. Bretts first time at bat he didnt do so well. He hung in there to a full count the his last ball was a ball, but his coach wasnt walking anyone tonight so he had to go and sit down. His second at bat was better, He got another full count and hit the last one, it went right for 1st base, and ended up beating him there. He did have an assist in the outfield though. He will be playing center feild. Last year he played right field. (not as funny, but still fitting)

BR is gona take them tomorrow back to town and pitch to them. Matt needs more practice on the pitchin machine, but we dont have access to one. Brett needs to be pitched to cause the league he is in has kids pitchin. I think we have it made against this team in the regular season. Our pitcher hit 2 of the first 4 up to bat, so the rest were scared of him. As long as they stay that way we should have our bluff in on them. He didnt do it on purpose, but shoot, its 9 and 10 year olds, these kids cant even hit the toilet when they pee, how are they gona not hit a kid up to bat every once in a while?

Bow was an angel the whole 4 hours we were at the park. Oh he wouldnt stay in his stroller, but he didnt fuss. He just wanted to stand up and watch the kids. Brett is still mad cause he cant use that bat we have here. Before we left he had a drama queen moment. He is basicly mad cause he doesnt have a bat he can use in this league. Oh well. I will buy one soon, but want him to show he can use one first.

The kids were also excited tonight. it was the last day of school for 12 days.
I am not sure we will all survive it with out the need for strait jackets and prozac. I just hope the weather holds. I know in my heart it wont. It will get cold before the week is out. Good Friday hasnt came yet. But it was 82 today and is threating to be 88 tomorrow. :(

When we got home tonight at 9 Matt was asleep, I woke him up and told him to go inside. He jumped out and said "I need to check my snake trap!"

Come to find out when they were playing before we went to practice today I told them to watch out for snakes. SO Matt decided to set a trap to see if he could catch one. And he involved Rayley. He informed me it was his goal before he went back to school.

He caught a scorpion on Wend. so he thinks he has mastered the snare. We shall see how this plays out.

I tried to tell him that the scorpion was a fluke, but he wouldnt belive me. I just HOPE it was a fluke. I have a feeling we made a mistake in letting them grow up watching Steve Erwin!

The first thing Rayley asked when he came in was about their snake trap. She was so disapointed when she found out it didnt work.

TO tell or not to tell.... Yep, I'm tellin...

I have debated all day whether to write about this or not.

Then it dawned on me. One day my sons future wife, or girlfriend, or that REALLY fine girl that sits across from him in English class (if he makes it that far, I kinda hope they still have that 'work all day and get credit' class) will read this and it will cause him as much embarressment as he has caused me.

I got a call today from the principal. I really HATE caller ID. I mean yes you can screen your calls, but when the school shows up its really a tug of war to answer the phone. I really DONT want to know what they have done now.

It seems Matt went into the bathroom and pee'd on the floor. The principal put him on the phone. In between tears and sniffing and sniviling I got

"watching boys playing"
"missed a little"

well.... This is maybe what he was saying, but I heard
"we were in there goofing off, they were acting ignorant and I decided to join in with the only weapon I had..."

I asked him why== he didnt mean to.

I talked to the principal again. I told him that in our house we ARE NOT in the habit of pee'in on the floor. I can just imagine what this man see's when he looks at my kid.
A house where they just get to stand up while watching TV and relive themselves. I will admit, I do tell them to go outside, but thats to save water.. its better for the enviroment... right??

I told him that they are in charge of keeping their bathroom clean. And have been for a while.

The first time I went in and saw pee on the toilet I started making THEM clean it up. I was so mad when they saw their daddy pee standing up. I had it easy for a little while. Once I convinced them to push it down..

I had asked Matt when I had him on the phone what he would have to do if it was here that he had done that. "clean the bathroom". I SOOOOO was invisioning him with a bucket and a toothbrush having to clean that bathroom at the school. I wanted him to have to.
BUT NO! The principal told me he couldnt do that. Instead he would give him 2 licks and 2 days in ISS.
Alright, BUT please tell him when he gets home he will be scrubbing BOTH bathrooms. He said he would pass it along. I appologized again, assured him we did have some bathroom etiquitte and got off the phone. Red faced and ashamed. But mostly spittin mad. I swear I could have bit a nail slap in two.

My mother in law worked late tonight, so I had to wait till almost 5 to get started on the cleaning. He walked in and never said a word.
of course Brett was MORE than willing to let me know about it.

I told Matt to start cleaning. BY hand. everywhere. he was to scrub it all, from the walls to the floor with a Mr Clean pad. He went at it with no whining. Oh he wanted to tell me his side.

How it was them playing, and he just turned around to look. And that THEY didnt get in trouble for playing in the bathroom.

Next thing I know he is running water in the tub, I went in there. it was full of water, he is standing in it in his underwear and scrubbing the walls. He wanted to know if he could just bathe while he was in there. I told him no. and to hurry. He had to do my bathroom too.

The other two went outside and with the quiet I started trying to get Bow to sleep. I had JUST about got it done and looked out the window. BRett had a 2 foot long stick and was throwing it strait up and trying to make it into the basketball goal, while standing UNDER it. Rayley had the Bow and Arrow set and was trying to master it. Since it is about the same size of her she couldnt manage it. so she just started chunking the arrow. She chunked it at the target, she chunked it at the trash can, the burn barrel, the patio furniture, then started chunking it at my truck.

Now, Dont go callin CPS. there is no tip on them. I was still trying to get the baby to sleep and so I quietly tried to get Matts attention, after about 3 minutes I got his attention. I told him to go and tell his brother, QUIETLY, to come here and quit chunking that stick up in the air above his head. And get his sister before I whooped her too. He walked 3 feet away from me, opened the door and SCREAMED at them to come here. They said NO. He started to argue, never telling them it was me that wanted them. WHen asked why, he would just say "cause".

Well of course this woke up Bow. All he had to do was take 2 more steps outside and pull the door behind him. Then he could have argued with them all day long. Instead he opted to anger them, wake up Bow and try my patience, all in one fell swoop.

I sent him back to cleaning and waited for Goober and Gomer to come in and ask me why I was making them come in. Bretts first words were "I wasnt gona poke my eye out"

AHA! so he KNEW the danger, he was just choosing to ignore it.
Rayley had the nerve to say "MOOOOM, I was tryin to kill a fly on your truck! I was playin Uncle Ted." (for those that dont know, uncle Ted is Ted Nugent, they watch his hunting shows)

WHen I got them two calmed down and started on something constuctive, I asked Matt if the licks hurt. YEP, he said... GOod, that means mine will hurt that much worse. BUT why was I going to do it if he already got some? It just seemed like the right thing to do.

One time I looked up and he was outside. In his underwear. I went to the door and asked what he was doing. HE was checking on his brother and sister, he had gotten worried about them.
BULL CRAP! He was sneaking out.

He got that room done and wanted a break. I told him NOPE, get started on mine. He went in there. I made him scrub the floor where my hairspray lands. That is some hard stuff to get up.

At 8 I let him stop to eat.
I was back in the living room and Brett was cleaning up a mess he had made on the table. I hear "DONT poke me in the eye with a knife!"
"I didnt poke you, I just got close!"
"Yes you did!, you were trying to poke me in the eye with that knife!"
Then Brett says "Dont panic mom, it was just a butter knife, and I really wasnt trying to poke him"
And Matt says "you just wait, I'll get one of my own!"
I stopped this, and started asking. Apparently Brett had picked a butter knife up off the floor where he dropped it, Matt was being nosey looking down and when Brett came up with it he came close to him. And Matt did admit it was the handle end that had hit him in the face. Brett was holding it right the whole time.

I told them this is why I dont let them have knives. I make them use plastic spatulas to spread mayo and such. Not that the handle of it wont poke your eye out either. I know this cause they pointed it out to me.

I told Matt to hurry and finish and to get back to work. I found things for him to scrub. He got finished and I was getting them ready for bed, I remembered I had to write checks for school pics, for both kids. AND I found a note in Matts bag where his class had made a book with their drawings. Oh joy. I had to buy that too. I didnt even go to town today and I spent 50 bucks.

Then I look at Matt and tell him, you have to wear nice clothes tomorrow, you have class pictures. And I see his hair. Talk about wooley.. I told him to go to my bathroom and I would cut his hair, he started to protest, then decided not to. This is actually the best behaved this child has been in a long time. He HATES for me to cut his hair. He is usually a wuss. squirming and squeeling and swearing I am takin off hide. This time he sat still, didnt try to bury his head in his chest and acted like he had some sense.

5 minutes later he had a high and tight and I had hair EVERYWHERE! He looked at me and said "your done?"
"why didnt it take as long as it usually does?"
cause you were still.
"OH!, thats why you always want me to be still."
That and its easier on me.

I made him get in the shower and I rinsed him off and made him wash his hair. I just poured the shampoo on it! I think the sand in there dulled my clippers. I know he took a shower last night, I watched him get in. But he had sand all over his head. Of course knowing this kid when he snuck out earlier he ran out and dove head first into the driveway.

He got out and asked me where the broom was, I asked why, he said cause I had messed up his clean floor and it needed to be swept.
WOW... Lesson learned?? it was that easy??

Brett came back with the broom and Matt walked past him and said "oh thanks Brett, I was going to go and get it for mom, but I guess I will just go on to bed now."

Dont worry, I didnt beat him with the broom, they dont make them like they used to and they break easy.

But the floor is hairless.
I opted not to cut Bretts hair tonight. His pics arent till Friday, so I will do it tommorow night. It was after 9:30 before I got them in bed, a full hour past their beditme.

OH and when I asked Matt how he liked ISS, he said " I dont" I asked why, he said and I quote "cause there's bad kids in there, and I dont like all those bad kids. Its the kids you avoid at school, cause you knwo they are going to get you in trouble just by standing beside them, Plus they aint got a a lick of sense. They do some of the stupidest things!"

I just smiled, patted him on the head and told him to think about that. Think long and hard about that statement.

He looked at me, with a perplexed look and said "what statement?"

SO for Matts future crush, love or sweetheart. I hope you enjoyed this, I do want you to know that I did house train my kids, and they CAN clean. I am training him just for you. And NO MATTER what he pee's on, breaks or screws up, I dont want him back. you just give him a Mr Clean magic Eraser, broom and some water, and tell him to clean it.

To Bretts future darling. I tried to keep him with both eyes, but the lack of brain got in the way.

And to the unfortunate guy who lands Rayley. Good Luck sweetie. You will need it and NO she is NOT moving back home. You asked for it.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

gloves and balls and where they should and shouldnt be

The Byerly 4, coming to destroy a town near you!

This one was taken when Bow was about a week old. He has alredy doubled in size.
This one was about a month ago.

They really all do look alike. And just like their daddy. I just wish their mom would step forward.

It doesnt matter what I do, I cant get all 4 to smile at the same time, or have their eyes open. Or even have a real smile. Usually its some fake, forced smile. I hate it!
This week is class pictures for both boys. I never know how these are going to turn out. Usually they are pretty good, except the class picture. Matt usually makes a face. ON PURPOSE!

This morning BR came home from work right about the time I should have been waking up and getting the boys ready. He turned off my alarm and did it for me.

I woke up to "are you boys ready?" "what about shoes?" & "Brett, go see how cold it is outside, you really should wear a long sleeve shirt"

I opened my eyes. They were MUCH more interested in Robin Hood with Kevin Costner on TV. I never turn on the TV in the mornings. Even the news will distract them.

I looked over at Matt, he had on the same shirt as yesterday. It was a button up cowboy shirt. I told him to go and change. He came out 5 minutes later in the SAME Shirt. I told him again to go and change.

This time he was gone for about 3 minutes, came back out and had 2 T shirts in his hands.
"well which one CAN I wear UNDER this shirt".
I explained I didnt care what shirt he wore UNDERNEATH. I meant the long sleeve shirt he had on top. It was the same one he wore yesterday.

He looked all perplexed.
I started to describe it.
Brown shirt, button up, pearl buttons....

OH, he says... nope, this one just came out of the closet. I wore Bretts yesterday, this one is mine.

I promise, its like being pecked to death by chickens..

I told him to find another shirt, He had went through 2 T shirts already, now he comes out in a 3rd..

Brett was sitting on the coffee table with his arms in his shirt, he was cold.

I asked why they didnt have on jackets. Cause it was gona get hot this afternoon. and they didnt want to have to keep up with them.

Its 55 outside, but they will freeze instead of carry a little responsibility?

alright. knock yourself out.

BR asked again if they had thier shoes on. Matt still didnt.
Then he got up and went into the kitchen. He actually got into the cookie and brownie stash and offered each boy one for their lunch. OMG! like they need extra sugar at school!!

For some reason Matt hates oatmeal cream cookies. He says the sight of them make him puke. I am betting he got into some and ate the whole box to keep the others from getting any. Thus the adverse reaction... I love it!

OH and I found out why my dishwasher overflowed the other night. Come to find out, they fiqured if they put dishwashing soap AND a dishwasher cube thingy in there it would clean the dishes they didnt want to rinse. NOPE. but it explains why the glasses had big peices of food in them. dried on stuck food.

It took me an hour to rewash them and put them BACK in the dishwasher. A smarter person would not let them help load the dishwasher again. I aint that person. next time they will wash it all.

I found Bow a new toy today. HE LOVES the ceiling fan! I had such high hopes for this one. But it seems he is just like his brothers... Next thing you know he will be laughing at his own farts. which is bad. cause he goes through alot of diapers. Noisily..

Did I mention that I had to buy this kid 6mo to 1 year old socks? yep. last month.. he is ONLY 4 months old. Oh well he should be big enough to beat up his brothers soon.

I have baseball tonight so I better go and get ready. I need to find a sweat suit that fits. I am tired of wearing too little jeans.

When the boys got home from school I told them they had 30 minutes to eat and get ready for ball. If they were not ready I was not getting off my rear and taking them.
They played around, 1/2 dresed, 1/2 their crap together. Matt kept wanting to play with Bow while all he had on was his baseball pants. I told each one what to get, what to wear and to hurry.

with a minute to go they decided they were ready. I put on some sweats, brushed my hair, got the make up out from under my eyes and off we went. Sorta.
I got in the truck and there was an argument. A whispered argument. I asked what was up. they wouldnt tell me. I finaly found out they could only find 2 gloves. Both boys and I have identical gloves. I told them to go find the other glove, they had 3 minutes.
NO glove. Since I had taken the time to get dressed I told them to get in the truck and since they couldnt find the glove they would clean the living room and their bedroom to find it.
I would let one use my glove.
Well it was another muddy mess up there tonight. I dropped Brett off at practice and went to Matts feild. I parked well away from the fowl balls that were being hit and then we went over to the batting cages. There was no way a ball could be hit out of them.

There was literly water STANDING 3 inches deep. the kids loved it. They were all a muddy mess. I hated it. cause they would come tromping by and splash you with mud.

I got out the babies stroller and found the other glove. it had been put in the basket.

Well, I was laughing about that when I looked out on the feild. Matt had NOT worn his leggins. he had on white ankle socks. If I had just known I could be at home. where its warm and dry.

I was BSin with a few moms, hollerin at Hoover to keep his arm up and his feet square when someone told me that my windshield was busted. We were sitting on the tailgate! We all just laughed. then looked. Yep. BUSTED.

I really dont know how it happened. There is no feasable explination. But this truck is really my pride and joy. I dont love it as much as I loved my old black one, but I do love it. There are 2 reasons, One, the notes. I hate having a truck note, although we got it real cheap, its still a note. and Two, Its pristine, I have never had anything that wasnt preowned and had a ding or two. Oh yea, and its white. I hate white. BR says its cause it doesnt stand out. and he is right. I want a yellow one :)
I have never had a new truck. Still havent. but it was only 2 years old when I got it. Its a F350 turbo deisel, 4 door, 4 wheel drive, Doulley, short wheel base. That in itself is hard to come by, and if you have ever driven a 4 door truck you will appriciate the differnce. My old black one was not 4 wheel drive and it was long wheel based. And not having 4 wheel drive in a truck like this is just DUMB. 2 inches of mud and you are stuck. I promise. BR has done it. :)

ANYWAY. I was a tad bit upset. BUT not really. I mean I know its gona cost a bundle to fix. and I cant afford it. I just hope I can get away with leaving it as it is. But I knew BR would be PISSED. I am not real sure why. I do remember this is the same guy that in that very same ballpark hit a homerun and busted out someones windshield. didnt bust it , he BUSTED it OUT. I was right, he was. wanted to know if I knew who did it. NOPE. then he wanted to know why I didnt know. .... cause I dont have a dash cam? heck I belive it happened while we were in the stands. We had been in the stands before we went to the batting cages. we were a ways away from the trucks and couldnt have heard it just hitting the glass.

I think now I want to find one of those baseballs that looks like its in your windshield and put it there on the spot. I think that is more fitting than to actually fix it.
Plus if I fix it I am betting it will get busted out for sure next time. Those balls have a way of knowing whats new and whats not.

oh and Matts coach told me that Matt needed batting gloves. Ummmm NOPE. I aint spending 15.00 per kid (cause if you buy one you gotta buy two) cause he aint grippin the bat tight enough and is not hittin the ball solid. There is a reason for the vibrations, its cause you are doing it wrong. :) between the 130.00 sign up fee, 100.00 a week in gas, new bat, cleats, and gatorades I am all cashed out.
OH and add a new windshield..

Anyway, I am muddy, the kids are asleep and my supper of cheeto's is gone. ( I love my new chip diet) I think I am going to enjoy the peace and quiet.
But I do want to say Thank YOU! to all the people who have voted for me! (((hugs)))

Monday, March 10, 2008

America's next top model and American idol we aint!

Today was an icky day. It rained ALL Day! My mom came over and got Rayley. She took her home with her to play and to get ready for Matts program tonight. I spent the day trying to catch up on surveys and sweepstakes. I didnt get much done. Dial up is AWFUL!

I was asked today if I would be willing to be nominated for a blog award, I said yes, so y'all please vote. I would sure hate to be the only one with no points! LOL

When it came time to go to Matts thing he didnt have a plain white T shirt. Oh we have white T shirts, but all of them come with pretty stains and dingy colors. So I had to run into the dollar store and buy one. Of course the Dollar store was out. ( I was trying to avoid running into walmart, cause it would have taken longer) instead I drove down to the other dollar store adn found some. He had fallen asleep on the way to town and I hollered at him to wake up adn put on the shirt, he just kept on sleeping, so I threw the package to him in the back seat. That woke him up.
THen he just looked around like he was lost and couldnt fiqure out why he was in the truck in the middle of town.

I told him to put on the shirt.
he just looked at me.
I told him to open the package. So he looked around.
I told him the package in your lap. He picked it up and looked confused.
I told him to open the package and put on the shirt.
Then I drove to the school.
When we got there I turned around to tell him to go on inside and noticed two collars.
I told him to only wear one shirt.
My mom had went with us and she looked at me and said "he didnt"
I said "oh yea, he did. I didnt specify for him to take off the first one"

I take complete blame for that.

The program went off with out a hitch. Well, except it was nasty and raining. And the minute we got in and sat down Bow decided he was a little too full and needed to relieve himself.
I took him back out through the rain to change his diaper and came back in. By then it was ready to start and so we sat down to enjoy the music.

Matt did pretty well. He was about a 1/2 beat off with his motions and acted like he didnt really care he was up there. But once we got back in the truck he wanted to know if he did good.
I was starting to think he wasnt even sure where he was.
Of course when it was time to leave all 100 parents have to line up in a line and they get the kid from behind a closed door adn send them out. This takes FOREVER!
I know its for safety, but it is still a pain.

Of course I had to go to walmart while I was in town. It never fails, I am always out of something. Bread, Milk and Caffine. that was my main purchases tonight. Then we were off to fill up. I had managed to run my truck till the light came on. I have never done this before. I dont like to get under a 1/4 tank of gas. I was able to put a cool hundred in the tank. Whoo-hoo!
Right now deisel is 3.75 a gallon. I dont really know how its going to be feasable to live soon. I already dont even pass by my truck if I dont have too. For fear it will somehow manage to use extra gas if I go near it. But I did go 298.7 miles on the tank I had. I put 24 gallons in it I think.

Once I got the kid home I asked them to help me unload the groceries and then fed them. SOme hamburger helper mexican rice dish. It didnt smell real good, so I am sitting here eating pringles, peanut butter and picante sauce.

hey, dont knock it till you have tried it. It aint bad. I dont know why I started eating this a few years ago. I just had a craving one night and went with it.
I also like pork n beans and tater chips mixed together.

Here is a picture of Rayley in her new outfit. My mom makes them. Of course I have been supposed to get a website started. I did buy a domain name. I just dont know what to do with it. But at least I have a model when the time comes :)

Matt's picture isnt very clear. There was no close place to take them

And here is a favorite picture of mine from baseball last year. Its Brett during All-Stars.

Anyhow, my food is gone, and if I stay up much later I will want more. Plus this time change thing is still screwing with me.

My blog about a blog-- and a contest I want to win!

As most of y'all know, I try to 'wear' Bow when ever possible. I find that it free's up my hands so I can thump the older kids when they misbehave. It also less tireing to wear one than to try to tote one.

I made the 2 slings I have. Well actually my mom made one and I made one. they are easy to make, but still hurt the shoulder after a while. But each one has 6 bucks total in it.

Today while searching the web I found another mom blogger who is running a contest for a wrap. Since I cant afford a wrap I thought I would try to win one. remember my horoscope said I should expect the unexpected. :)

I really would love a wrap, Bow is not wanting to lay down as much now, and tends to want to look around. I have only mastered one position with the sling and also would like something more secure, so I am entering her contest!

Sleepywear is the company sponsering the wrap giveaway and I went and looked at their stuff, they have some great stuff!

"Thank you for your excellent customer service - it is exemplary and something your company can be proud of!"

-Caryn S., Massachusetts (Dec 11th, 2007 -Email)

I have tried those backpack carriers, and I guess I am too short, too big up top, or just too.... I dont know. But I cant wear them. they are awful. I tried to buy one from walmart, a sling type thing, it squished up bow like a cutworm. I would NEVER recomend it to anyone, but I think this design is a great one. and I would love to give it a try!!

I would love to just go and buy me one, but heck, the kids need stuff worse. Brett is still batless, Matt already needs a new pair of cowboy boots. FOr some reason Bow keeps messing up his diapers, and my truck always needs gas. LOL

So since I cant justify spending that kind of money for my own laziness I am gona blog about her blog ( cute blog by the way) and give other moms out there a heads up on a great company.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Expecting the Unexpected

I didnt tell y'all yesterday during Matts practice Brett came up with a lottery ticket. It was a new one that I have bought a few times. Well, he was showing it to me and I looked at it and asked where he had gotten it. he said his Aunt Amanda had given it and 2 others to him cause they were not winners. I looked and added up the numbers. Sure enough, my numbers added up to more than their numbers. I handed it to a friend and asked her to add them up. She did. Then she added them again. YEP, it was a 40.00 winner. I called Amanda and asked her. She swore it wasnt hers. She said she had given them some tickets a few weeks ago, (I had seen them intheir room, it was this kind) but they were NOT winners. She hoped...
Now I DID buy a few tickets the other day. and lost them before I got them in the house. I dont know if the kids absconded with them, or I left them in the plastic sack and threw them away. I have looked all over.

Either way, I kept the ticket. :) Now I am REALLY hoping that this is not the "unexpected money will come your way this week" that my hororscope was talking about. I was needing a few zero's added to that.. Of course, if I read my horoscope and it tells me that something unexpected like a visitor or money is coming my way, isnt it null and void.. cause now I am expecting it. So maybe that means that in addition to the money I expected and got, I am still going to get some more cause I am still supposed to get some unexpected money. And although I doubted I would do more than find a penny on the floor, I still was expecting it.
OH and the good news is. That horoscope was written to start the week of March 10. SO since I unexpectedly, expectedly got that winning lottery ticket that fell out of the sky on Saturday, it is technically NOT in the week of my hororscopes predictions so I should expect to get some unexpected money this week. AND I read that horoscope AFTER I confenscated the lotto ticket. Yep, I think I am gona keep on expecting that unexpected money.
I sure hope it comes. LOL

SPeaking of which, I need to go and fill out my sweepstakes entries for this week. I am so behind. I ended up deleting over 150 surveys from my inbox today. I just didnt get around to doing them. I did a few. Made 5.00 on one and another got me enough points to request a 5.00 check. Matter of fact, I requested a 10.00 check from another company today too. OF course this is EXPECTED money. I earned it.
HMMMM wonder if I got my horoscope and BR's confused.. Any money I make is unexpected to him... He always gets a kick out of seeing me get a 2.00 check or a 4.00 check in the mail.

I woke up with the sun this morning. I didnt want to, but the dog wanted out. Right about the time I was going back to sleep BR drove up. He wasnt here 10 minutes before the kids heard him and they got up too. He has been working extra to pay my gas bill and so they were excited to see him. He is gone before they get home from school and not home or asleep when they get up in the mornings. And of course he was gone by the time we got home yesterday. He visited with them for a little while, till around 9 (the new time) and then went to bed.
But when they first got up BR asked Brett what was wrong with his lip. I said it was chapped from the wind yesterday. Then I turned around and looked. It was swole up like 4 bee's stung it. Come to find out, him and Matt had been horsin around and he had a pillow in front of his face adn Matt was punching it. Then he pulled down the pillow to taunt Matt and Matt clocked him, but not on purpose. Matt told us that last part. BRett would just say it was 'an unfortunate incident'. Matt said, it might not have been on purpose, but all in all it felt good. And he even had a 'scar' to prove he had done it. It had scratched his knuckle.

I let the kids watch a movie today. They picked Jurasic Park. They LOVE those movies. They were about 1/2 way through it and BRett walked in and asked me why Dr. so and so (he named him) was in the 1st and 3rd ones but not the 2nd. I said "WHO?" he said the actors name. I was lost.. I know the actor, but wasnt puttin two and two together. I told him I didnt know. But if he can remember THAT why cant he remmeber to take his lunch to school. He said that this was a conundrum, where as his lunch was just boring. This is a 3rd grader... I told him to be careful where he used words like that. He asked why, was it a socially unacceptable word? ( I taught them that when they were little... :)) I said no, but in this town it would sure confuse the hell out of most folks!

Just like the time they were 4 and 5 and in walmart. We were being checked out by a new girl and the manager walked up. He asked her how it was going, and if she was enjoying her new job. She replied "oh sure, its been a blast so far" Brett said to me; "Mom, is she being facetious?" The manager and the clerk looked at me like I should beat him right there.

Of course they dont always repeat everything like they hear it. Rayley was running around today singing "were in the stalehouse now" Matt told her it was JAILhouse. she got mad and started hollerin at him that NO, she had no reason to be in the jailhouse, and he was wrong. HE asked her what a stalehouse was if she was so smart. She told him she didnt know, but at least you didnt have to wear black and white stripes like a zebra there! I diffused the situation by offering them candy.

They played outside today for a while. One kid had on a sweatshirt, jeans and cap. with the hood pulled up under the cap. The other was shirtless with jeans and boots. Rayley was in a thick pink jacket, dress shoes and a tutu. It wasnt cold at the time so I just let it go. It wasnt worth the fight. They played for a few hours. And there were no fights. That I know of. I was impressed. There was one time that BR passed by. He didnt see the kids out side, but I was watching them. They had went further down the driveway then they are allowed to. Well he passed by and honked like he usually does. the kids had been playing in the brush on the side of the driveway just over the crest of the hill. Its still a long ways to the road, but I dont let them go that far because the dogs might follow, and end up on the road. Well when he honked they hauled butt. It was hillarious. They still dont know that I know they were down there. Before they went to bed they asked me if their daddy had said anything about them when he called. I said no, why. They said they were just checking, they thought they had heard him honk.

Well, I have to go and get those sweepstakes entered. I have to make sure to help my odds on that expected unexpected money. And I get to watch a TV pilot that I got sent to me. I am sure it will suck, but hey, 50 bucks is 50 bucks. at least it will pay for the deisel for 1/2 the week next week. I have their 3 baseball days and I have to take Matt in to school tomorrow night for his singing program. Its the same songs year after year. But he is excited. And I would never let him know that its MOST uncomfertable to sit at those teeny little tables, chase Rayley,make Brett sit still, hold Bow and try to remember the names of all the parents. Oh and its supposed to rain.


Well, I got up to make me some nacho's before I got to work. I walked into the kitchen and steped in water. See when I asked the kids to put their supper dishes in the dishwasher they did. I went in a little while later and finished loading it, got a soap block thingy ( I use these so the kids cant put too much washing powders in) and went to put it in. But the little door was closed. The kids were nice enough to already do that.. sometimes they think ahead and do little things like this. It doesnt seem like much, but it really warms the heart. So I put mine back, shut the dishwasher and turned it on. I came in here and forgot all about it.
Till I walked in with food on my mind and dry socks on my feet. I got neither. Instead I had to mop the floor. and pray that it will NOT rot out before I get these kids raised and can get rid of the place.. The entire kitchen was a white wonderland. bubbles just sitting on top of a pool of water. I am really tempted to go and wake them up. I really wanted to make them CLEAN it up. But I just have to know what in the hell they put in there. More than one block? dishwashing liqued? clothes soap? There is no telling. I am sure it was one of their expierements. I really dont think their diobalical little minds were thinking "lets see if we can flood the house". They just wanted to test something new out. I am just not real fond of their testing methods..

Plus if I woke them I'd never get them back to sleep. Oh well, at least the floor is clean.