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Monday, March 10, 2008

America's next top model and American idol we aint!

Today was an icky day. It rained ALL Day! My mom came over and got Rayley. She took her home with her to play and to get ready for Matts program tonight. I spent the day trying to catch up on surveys and sweepstakes. I didnt get much done. Dial up is AWFUL!

I was asked today if I would be willing to be nominated for a blog award, I said yes, so y'all please vote. I would sure hate to be the only one with no points! LOL

When it came time to go to Matts thing he didnt have a plain white T shirt. Oh we have white T shirts, but all of them come with pretty stains and dingy colors. So I had to run into the dollar store and buy one. Of course the Dollar store was out. ( I was trying to avoid running into walmart, cause it would have taken longer) instead I drove down to the other dollar store adn found some. He had fallen asleep on the way to town and I hollered at him to wake up adn put on the shirt, he just kept on sleeping, so I threw the package to him in the back seat. That woke him up.
THen he just looked around like he was lost and couldnt fiqure out why he was in the truck in the middle of town.

I told him to put on the shirt.
he just looked at me.
I told him to open the package. So he looked around.
I told him the package in your lap. He picked it up and looked confused.
I told him to open the package and put on the shirt.
Then I drove to the school.
When we got there I turned around to tell him to go on inside and noticed two collars.
I told him to only wear one shirt.
My mom had went with us and she looked at me and said "he didnt"
I said "oh yea, he did. I didnt specify for him to take off the first one"

I take complete blame for that.

The program went off with out a hitch. Well, except it was nasty and raining. And the minute we got in and sat down Bow decided he was a little too full and needed to relieve himself.
I took him back out through the rain to change his diaper and came back in. By then it was ready to start and so we sat down to enjoy the music.

Matt did pretty well. He was about a 1/2 beat off with his motions and acted like he didnt really care he was up there. But once we got back in the truck he wanted to know if he did good.
I was starting to think he wasnt even sure where he was.
Of course when it was time to leave all 100 parents have to line up in a line and they get the kid from behind a closed door adn send them out. This takes FOREVER!
I know its for safety, but it is still a pain.

Of course I had to go to walmart while I was in town. It never fails, I am always out of something. Bread, Milk and Caffine. that was my main purchases tonight. Then we were off to fill up. I had managed to run my truck till the light came on. I have never done this before. I dont like to get under a 1/4 tank of gas. I was able to put a cool hundred in the tank. Whoo-hoo!
Right now deisel is 3.75 a gallon. I dont really know how its going to be feasable to live soon. I already dont even pass by my truck if I dont have too. For fear it will somehow manage to use extra gas if I go near it. But I did go 298.7 miles on the tank I had. I put 24 gallons in it I think.

Once I got the kid home I asked them to help me unload the groceries and then fed them. SOme hamburger helper mexican rice dish. It didnt smell real good, so I am sitting here eating pringles, peanut butter and picante sauce.

hey, dont knock it till you have tried it. It aint bad. I dont know why I started eating this a few years ago. I just had a craving one night and went with it.
I also like pork n beans and tater chips mixed together.

Here is a picture of Rayley in her new outfit. My mom makes them. Of course I have been supposed to get a website started. I did buy a domain name. I just dont know what to do with it. But at least I have a model when the time comes :)

Matt's picture isnt very clear. There was no close place to take them

And here is a favorite picture of mine from baseball last year. Its Brett during All-Stars.

Anyhow, my food is gone, and if I stay up much later I will want more. Plus this time change thing is still screwing with me.

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