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Monday, March 10, 2008

My blog about a blog-- and a contest I want to win!

As most of y'all know, I try to 'wear' Bow when ever possible. I find that it free's up my hands so I can thump the older kids when they misbehave. It also less tireing to wear one than to try to tote one.

I made the 2 slings I have. Well actually my mom made one and I made one. they are easy to make, but still hurt the shoulder after a while. But each one has 6 bucks total in it.

Today while searching the web I found another mom blogger who is running a contest for a wrap. Since I cant afford a wrap I thought I would try to win one. remember my horoscope said I should expect the unexpected. :)

I really would love a wrap, Bow is not wanting to lay down as much now, and tends to want to look around. I have only mastered one position with the sling and also would like something more secure, so I am entering her contest!

Sleepywear is the company sponsering the wrap giveaway and I went and looked at their stuff, they have some great stuff!

"Thank you for your excellent customer service - it is exemplary and something your company can be proud of!"

-Caryn S., Massachusetts (Dec 11th, 2007 -Email)

I have tried those backpack carriers, and I guess I am too short, too big up top, or just too.... I dont know. But I cant wear them. they are awful. I tried to buy one from walmart, a sling type thing, it squished up bow like a cutworm. I would NEVER recomend it to anyone, but I think this design is a great one. and I would love to give it a try!!

I would love to just go and buy me one, but heck, the kids need stuff worse. Brett is still batless, Matt already needs a new pair of cowboy boots. FOr some reason Bow keeps messing up his diapers, and my truck always needs gas. LOL

So since I cant justify spending that kind of money for my own laziness I am gona blog about her blog ( cute blog by the way) and give other moms out there a heads up on a great company.

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