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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Expecting the Unexpected

I didnt tell y'all yesterday during Matts practice Brett came up with a lottery ticket. It was a new one that I have bought a few times. Well, he was showing it to me and I looked at it and asked where he had gotten it. he said his Aunt Amanda had given it and 2 others to him cause they were not winners. I looked and added up the numbers. Sure enough, my numbers added up to more than their numbers. I handed it to a friend and asked her to add them up. She did. Then she added them again. YEP, it was a 40.00 winner. I called Amanda and asked her. She swore it wasnt hers. She said she had given them some tickets a few weeks ago, (I had seen them intheir room, it was this kind) but they were NOT winners. She hoped...
Now I DID buy a few tickets the other day. and lost them before I got them in the house. I dont know if the kids absconded with them, or I left them in the plastic sack and threw them away. I have looked all over.

Either way, I kept the ticket. :) Now I am REALLY hoping that this is not the "unexpected money will come your way this week" that my hororscope was talking about. I was needing a few zero's added to that.. Of course, if I read my horoscope and it tells me that something unexpected like a visitor or money is coming my way, isnt it null and void.. cause now I am expecting it. So maybe that means that in addition to the money I expected and got, I am still going to get some more cause I am still supposed to get some unexpected money. And although I doubted I would do more than find a penny on the floor, I still was expecting it.
OH and the good news is. That horoscope was written to start the week of March 10. SO since I unexpectedly, expectedly got that winning lottery ticket that fell out of the sky on Saturday, it is technically NOT in the week of my hororscopes predictions so I should expect to get some unexpected money this week. AND I read that horoscope AFTER I confenscated the lotto ticket. Yep, I think I am gona keep on expecting that unexpected money.
I sure hope it comes. LOL

SPeaking of which, I need to go and fill out my sweepstakes entries for this week. I am so behind. I ended up deleting over 150 surveys from my inbox today. I just didnt get around to doing them. I did a few. Made 5.00 on one and another got me enough points to request a 5.00 check. Matter of fact, I requested a 10.00 check from another company today too. OF course this is EXPECTED money. I earned it.
HMMMM wonder if I got my horoscope and BR's confused.. Any money I make is unexpected to him... He always gets a kick out of seeing me get a 2.00 check or a 4.00 check in the mail.

I woke up with the sun this morning. I didnt want to, but the dog wanted out. Right about the time I was going back to sleep BR drove up. He wasnt here 10 minutes before the kids heard him and they got up too. He has been working extra to pay my gas bill and so they were excited to see him. He is gone before they get home from school and not home or asleep when they get up in the mornings. And of course he was gone by the time we got home yesterday. He visited with them for a little while, till around 9 (the new time) and then went to bed.
But when they first got up BR asked Brett what was wrong with his lip. I said it was chapped from the wind yesterday. Then I turned around and looked. It was swole up like 4 bee's stung it. Come to find out, him and Matt had been horsin around and he had a pillow in front of his face adn Matt was punching it. Then he pulled down the pillow to taunt Matt and Matt clocked him, but not on purpose. Matt told us that last part. BRett would just say it was 'an unfortunate incident'. Matt said, it might not have been on purpose, but all in all it felt good. And he even had a 'scar' to prove he had done it. It had scratched his knuckle.

I let the kids watch a movie today. They picked Jurasic Park. They LOVE those movies. They were about 1/2 way through it and BRett walked in and asked me why Dr. so and so (he named him) was in the 1st and 3rd ones but not the 2nd. I said "WHO?" he said the actors name. I was lost.. I know the actor, but wasnt puttin two and two together. I told him I didnt know. But if he can remember THAT why cant he remmeber to take his lunch to school. He said that this was a conundrum, where as his lunch was just boring. This is a 3rd grader... I told him to be careful where he used words like that. He asked why, was it a socially unacceptable word? ( I taught them that when they were little... :)) I said no, but in this town it would sure confuse the hell out of most folks!

Just like the time they were 4 and 5 and in walmart. We were being checked out by a new girl and the manager walked up. He asked her how it was going, and if she was enjoying her new job. She replied "oh sure, its been a blast so far" Brett said to me; "Mom, is she being facetious?" The manager and the clerk looked at me like I should beat him right there.

Of course they dont always repeat everything like they hear it. Rayley was running around today singing "were in the stalehouse now" Matt told her it was JAILhouse. she got mad and started hollerin at him that NO, she had no reason to be in the jailhouse, and he was wrong. HE asked her what a stalehouse was if she was so smart. She told him she didnt know, but at least you didnt have to wear black and white stripes like a zebra there! I diffused the situation by offering them candy.

They played outside today for a while. One kid had on a sweatshirt, jeans and cap. with the hood pulled up under the cap. The other was shirtless with jeans and boots. Rayley was in a thick pink jacket, dress shoes and a tutu. It wasnt cold at the time so I just let it go. It wasnt worth the fight. They played for a few hours. And there were no fights. That I know of. I was impressed. There was one time that BR passed by. He didnt see the kids out side, but I was watching them. They had went further down the driveway then they are allowed to. Well he passed by and honked like he usually does. the kids had been playing in the brush on the side of the driveway just over the crest of the hill. Its still a long ways to the road, but I dont let them go that far because the dogs might follow, and end up on the road. Well when he honked they hauled butt. It was hillarious. They still dont know that I know they were down there. Before they went to bed they asked me if their daddy had said anything about them when he called. I said no, why. They said they were just checking, they thought they had heard him honk.

Well, I have to go and get those sweepstakes entered. I have to make sure to help my odds on that expected unexpected money. And I get to watch a TV pilot that I got sent to me. I am sure it will suck, but hey, 50 bucks is 50 bucks. at least it will pay for the deisel for 1/2 the week next week. I have their 3 baseball days and I have to take Matt in to school tomorrow night for his singing program. Its the same songs year after year. But he is excited. And I would never let him know that its MOST uncomfertable to sit at those teeny little tables, chase Rayley,make Brett sit still, hold Bow and try to remember the names of all the parents. Oh and its supposed to rain.


Well, I got up to make me some nacho's before I got to work. I walked into the kitchen and steped in water. See when I asked the kids to put their supper dishes in the dishwasher they did. I went in a little while later and finished loading it, got a soap block thingy ( I use these so the kids cant put too much washing powders in) and went to put it in. But the little door was closed. The kids were nice enough to already do that.. sometimes they think ahead and do little things like this. It doesnt seem like much, but it really warms the heart. So I put mine back, shut the dishwasher and turned it on. I came in here and forgot all about it.
Till I walked in with food on my mind and dry socks on my feet. I got neither. Instead I had to mop the floor. and pray that it will NOT rot out before I get these kids raised and can get rid of the place.. The entire kitchen was a white wonderland. bubbles just sitting on top of a pool of water. I am really tempted to go and wake them up. I really wanted to make them CLEAN it up. But I just have to know what in the hell they put in there. More than one block? dishwashing liqued? clothes soap? There is no telling. I am sure it was one of their expierements. I really dont think their diobalical little minds were thinking "lets see if we can flood the house". They just wanted to test something new out. I am just not real fond of their testing methods..

Plus if I woke them I'd never get them back to sleep. Oh well, at least the floor is clean.

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