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Thursday, June 11, 2009

lexicon, emoticon, 6 of one, half a dozen of the other

Well, this stupid computer is SOOO slow. plus, I am adicted to farm town on facebook, and I have just kinda been lazy. got back to doing crossword puzzles. BR doesnt seem to take offence at crossword puzzles quite like he does me being on the computer.

But, when I got stumped on a 10 letter word for lexicon, I decided I needed to do something less intelectual. I used to do crossword puzzles all the time. I did one a day. I got them in the newspaper and did them with my coffee.

Kids just suck out your braincells. Thats all there is to it.

And mine are just about through with me. Next they will get BR. He thinks I am full of it. But his time will come.

We or rather they did vacation bible school Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Last night was parents night, so BR and I went. Rayleys class did a song. Except Rayley. She just stood there and stared. with the 'look' on her face. about half way through it you saw her cut her eyes to the right. Matt was sitting on the front row. Apparently he was talking to her. But she stood there. The other kids did their hand motions, jumped when they were supposed to and sang their little hearts out. My kid stood there stock still, like she was auditioning for a part in a play of maniquens. BR asked what was wrong. If she had stage fright. then we saw her cut her eyes. I said "no, she is mad about something"

He agreed. We didnt know what she was mad about, but she was mad. Everyone else thought she had stage fright and walked up to say something about it. She didnt quite have the deer in the headlights look. She had the "I am going to kill you with my stare" look. Everyone in this house knows that look. Outsiders dont. they cant get past the cuteness.

Brett and Matts class did a short bible verse. It was almost like speedreading. you couldnt understand what they said. AT all.

Of course BR and I saw lots of folks we never see. So we got to visit and catch up with everyone. We enjoyed it. ABout 3/4 of the way through I had to take Bow out. He had clapped, and danced, and had a grand old time, but then he was tired of being in my lap, and wanted down. So he could be with the other kids. So I took him outside, where he could run and jump and crawl and make noise.

Once it was over I stood outside and talked to everyone as they came out. Telling most of them that no, Rayley was mad about something, not scared out of her mind. Mostly cause they couldnt belive a Byerly would be shy and had to comment on it..

finally BR came out with her. And said "I fiqured out what it was"
Come to find out, when her class went up, she had steped up on the first step on the stage, and her teacher had moved her to the front, not on the stage, but on the floor. She was in plain site, everyone could see her and it was honestly a prime position. the kids in back couldnt be seen. BUT it pissed her off. She had wanted to be on stage. So she chose to 'punish' everyone by not singing. instead she looked like an idiot. Serves her right.

We went down to the fellowship hall and I was able to see more people who were begining to think I was dead. I used to see these people all the time when I worked at the store. But not anymore. I am not one for invitin folks to the house. Usually its such a mess that I am ashamed. but most times I just am too lazy to deal wiht company. :)

One of the ladies that was working with the kids came up and told me that Rayley had told her she wanted to find me, and asked her to help. Then for added measure she circled her hand around her face and said "she's the one that looks like me, has my hair, only its shorter and is taller" the lady assured her that she did indeed know me, and they'd find me eventually.

One time I was standing talking to someone and a little beige blur was running by. I reached out adn scooped it up. It was Bow. The boys had been toting him, but he had got loose.

I have been working on Rayleys cake. Trying a few differnt ideas. So far I am working with gumpaste and gelatin. I hope I can come up with something cute.

OH and I got a phone call the other day. One of the board members for the baseball association asked me if Matt could play on the 10 year old allstars. I said yes. I couldnt take it away from him. Then it dawned on me. Matt is 9. I asked if they meant Brett. He said the paper said Matt. but since Brett is 10 and Matt is 9, maybe it was a mistake. Since our coach had confused them all year, I thought it might be.

He said he would look into it and check it out.
Last night the coach called me. Asked if Matt could play. I explained the situation to him. trying to make sure that I didnt bring the wrong kid out there and them want the other one.
Neither boy was exceptional. Heck, neither was really allstar material, but, there wasnt alot out there that was.

I tried to call our coach, he wouldnt return my calls. So I called the other coach. He said that ours didnt even turn in an allstar list.

Noone on our team was nominated. Well CRAP. So, I called around. Finally I got the explination that the list was given to someone on the board, they didnt know these kids period, and the person I was talking to said that he had been talking to him and the man in charge had made the comment "I cleaned it up a little, knew one was out of town, and couldnt play, took him off, and took off the kid they had listed double" SO, my contact said maybe that was the problem. BOTH were on, but it looked like a double and they took one off.

OR like I said, maybe they only wanted one, and Matt was it. OR they wanted one and BRett was it. BUT what do you do?? seriously? I wouldnt take it away from either boy to give it to the other. thats in NO way fair. The coach told me that if that was the case, he wanted both boys. BUT who wants to play when you really wernt who they wanted and just there because someone had their head in their ass? seriously?

I swear, even when I am NOT involoved I get drawn into drama. Just pulled smooth into it. I reckon I just attract chaos. I'd rather attract winning lottery tickets, or unmarked bills falling out of an airplane, but we deal with the hand were delt I reckon.

Not much has been happenin around here. I went to the school for a few hours, worked on some stuff, have put up beans and taters, and have been working on getting the house in order.

Today we went and picked snap beans. there are bullnettles EVERYWHERE. usually at least 2 of the 4 kids end up in it at some point.

So we were driving over there and Both Brett and Matt had 2 bottles of water. and they were chugging it down. Finally I asked them WHY they were drinking that hot water (it had been IN the truck) so quick? and so much of it? It was bound to make them sick.

"You always tell us to be prepared, so we are preparing for the worst"
"what? crashing in the desert in the 1/10 of a mile between here and there?"
"no, getting in bullnettle- We need to be able to take care of it if we get in it"

I couldnt do anything except shake my head, seriously....

So, we are out there, and get down one row, Up another and back down yet another. On the last row, with 25 feet left to go, Rayley starts screaming BLOODY murder. you would have thought that she had been bitten by a snake. there, was the most pitiful excuse for a bullnettle you have ever seen. Now, out by the corn, there are bullnettles 4 foot high, and as big around as a grown man. in the bean patch, where we were, there are some so big you couldnt hide them under a washtub.

But sticking out of the ground, was a stem with about 2 leaves on it. Leave it to Rayley to find they durn thing. ANd they are not just in the walking path, they are IN the plants.

Well, she is screaming like she is being scalped with a dull rock, and there is nothing to do about it.

Then, Brett says: "Rayley, do you want me to pee on your foot?"

I thought it was kinda sweet. I mean seriously, these kids fight like cats and dogs, but when they need to help each other they are willing to do it. That means alot.
Maybe some of what I am teaching them is sinking in. They will stand together when times are tough.

When we had about 5 plants left, Bow, who had been picking as many leaves off the plants as he could, decided to walk RIGHT over one. it got him on the toe. He screamed for a little while. Then someone pulled a dumdum out of their pocket and he was happy.

Apparently the cures for bullnettle stings is either urinate on the offending spot, OR get a sucker. I bet there are LOTS of folks out there who wished they had known about the sugary cure well before now.

Now I have to get up and get ready, Brett's teacher's husband died suddenly of a massive heartattack on Tuesday, Tonight is the veiwing, and he wants to go and pay his respects. BR promised to keep the kids while I take him in.

And tomorrow we start baseball practice again.

OH and for those of you that stuck around to read the rest of the blog before checking out the thesaraus its "VOCABULARY"