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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Why do I even try?

I did something last night I havent done in a LONG time. I fell asleep at 10:30. of course wouldnt you know it. BR says he came home at 11:30. I never know'd it.

I did have to get the kids up early, Martha (my mother in law) wanted to take them to daycare for some sort of outing. The park or something.

THey are sure enjoying the summer. They stay outside all the time. unless Bow is asleep. Then they come in here with me and bounce on the couch.

They were at my mother in laws the other day and she called to tell me some gossip. WHile we were on the phone I asked her what the kids were doing. She said "they are chasing and armidillo."
"I reckon they aint caught it yet"
"No, but Brett did touch the shell"
"what made them start chasing it?"
"boredom I reckon"
"well, if they ever catch it, they will let it go in a hurry"
"thats what I told them. But I just decided to do what you said and let them learn since they wont listen when you tell them they'll get hurt."
"yep, you cant fix stupid"
"I swear my boys never did that sort of thing"
Then I about died laughin.. If they EVER did anything, they didnt tell momma, cause momma aint what you'd call a calm person. She tends to freak out. easily.
I actually have in my cell phone to NOT call Martha in an emergancy. if they did she wouldnt be able to tell you a damn thing when she called you. You'd just hope that when you ended up takin her to the hospital for a heartattack, or hypervenalatin that they would recogonize the last name and say someone was there with that same last name.
I told her to call me if they caught it, so I could come over and bandage them up.

I asked them a few days later why they was tryin to catch a diller. Brett says:
"just cause"
"what was the purpose?"
"to see if I could"
"what was you gona do if you caught it?"
Matt pipes in "guess you want me to cook the SOB too." well at least he cleaned it up for general audiences... If you dont know the movie that came from, you should.

Then BR tells them "you know how to catch one dont ya?"
"chase it?"
"no, take some rocks, toss them in front of it and when it is inpecting them thinking its bugs, you grab him up by the tail"

"and then you THROW him and run like hell in the oppsite direction, cause he is gona tear your ass up!" I tell them.
They just laughed. Oh well... one day they will learn.

Tonight we are going to a mud bog. And the kids know we have some sort of suprise. They know we are leaving at 5. And Rayley has been tryin to put on her clothes ALL day. wanting to know when we are gona leave. Driving me nuts. Right now she is running around in a tutu and her pink fat babies.

Brett and Matt are just hanging around driving me NUTS. They could worry the arms off a rag doll. They have managed to go outside about 12 times. letting the dogs in 4 times, slamming the door 3, and leaving it OPEN 6 times. BUT only on their way OUT. Which means I have to get up to close it. SO, I wait till they get plumb out of earshot, then I holler them up or set off the truck alarm, make them come ALL the way back and all the way in, ask me what I needed, and tell them to shut the door.

Boy it pisses them off. I cant use the old "were you raised in a barn?" cause they will tell you flat out. "YEP". and they were.
They have even slept in the barn. When you have a horse that colics, they dnt stop cause the sun goes down. And to be honest, they were very helpful. at 4 an 5 years old they would walk them old horses till they couldnt walk no more.

BR is home today. and I love him dearly, but honestly, he can drive me crazy.
I have been tellin the kids since they woke up that I was going to cook a late lunch, early dinner. we would eat at 4. then go meet the rest of the family at 5.
I have bagged up snacks and bought drinks for tonight. there will be NO concession stand.
I had decided to cook spagetti cause at last count everyone liked it, And they will eat their fill.

I have been trying to play on the computer for a few hours. First BR was reading a cigar catalog, on each page he would show me something. and he was watching TV inbetween. and would ask if I had seen that.
Nope. then he gets agervated cause I wasnt watching and rewinds it to show me.
Then at noon he asked if I was gona cook. I told him that I would go ahead and do it at 2:30. Which means that since my kids eat 3 meals a day and 18 snacks, they will be HUNGRY by 5. We wont even make it half way to the mud bog before they are crying and screaming wanting food. I am NOT stopping and buying food. I will make them each a sandwhich to take along.

At 1:30 he said he hadnt ate all day, and thought it was close enough to 2:30 to go ahead and start lunch.

This completly defeats the purpose of me cooking supper early. But I guess a sandwhich is out of the question.

So I got up and started to RECLEAN the kitchen. While I was sweeping I found where Matt had put the pile I had told him to pick up 2 nights ago. under the rug.

I also went to throw some clothes into the laundry room that hadnt made it the extra 3 feet into there. There sat the comferters that I had told the boys to wash this morning. So I had to call them in to do that.
The entire time I am cleaning and cooking BR keeps asking me if I 'saw that'. NOPE. I am in the kitchen, cleaning. and cooking. so he will rewind it and tell me to watch. I had meat cooking.

This happened no less than 23 times. I swear.

I cant see the TV from the kitchen, so I would walk into the living room. Then Bow would see me and follow me back. 4 people sitting in the lving room watching TV and they cant keep a baby out from under my feet.
He's too fast, is what BRett says.

He had a toy in the kitchen that he was playing with. That 2 pound hammer that couldnt be found a few weeks ago? Its still sitting in the kitchen floor. even after he needed it SOOO bad the other day. And got mad cause it was missing.

I was asked once when I was called into the living room, I think it was the 12th or so time, if it was ready yet.

When i finally got it cooked, the table ready and everyones food on their plates, I called them in.

I came in the living room and hear one of them say "there's burnt meat in here"...

I swear, I had no more than sat down and got Bow half fed that they were all back in here. they were done.
Now granted, Spagetti isnt a gourmet meal.
But I would appriciate if they would sit and enjoy it. Now, 20 minutes after I got lunch (that was supposed to be supper) cooked, the kitchen clean, and got to sit, its time to go and clean up the whole damn mess.

And on top of that the TV is now BLARING. cause we have videos recorded on the DVR. Rayley came in and begged her daddy to turn on her favorite song.
ROckstar, by nickleback.
She knows all the words, and loves it more than badonkadonk by Trace Adkins.

Now there are 3 kids singing, if you can call it that. I dont see Nashville star in their future, at thetop of their lungs, Bow bouncing up and down squealing and I cant hear myself think.

Boy are they gona be pissed when I sent 2 of them into her room to get it cleaned back up. and one outside to clean out the backseat of my truck.
I also have to go out and check the cooler I sent Brett out to clean this morning. I have a feeling it aint no where near right.

I think I am gona go and eat. maybe they will watch the baby for a little while. I doubt it. But the phrase 'wishful thinking' wasnt coined for nothin.

seriously, the people in this house are nuts. Rayley keeps naming off songs she wants to 'see'. and everytime BR puts one on the DVR, she finds it on her MP3 player. Now its aint as good as I once was. and she has it about 1 minute later than the TV. She is listening to both. And fighting Bow for the MP3 player. He loves it. I guess I will have to get him one now.

Thats all I need, 4 kids with mp3 players ALL playing differnt songs. Thats what the 3 of them do now. and if they put on their earphones they sing, LOUDLY, the song the are listening to.

5 years, I predict in 5 years, I will be in a strait jacket. humming 'bitch' by alanis morcett or what ever her name is.

Now that is actually one song that is NOT on their MP3 players. But I plan to put it on mine. Just as soon as I can find the CD. Actually I dont have a MP3 player. But found out my phone can be one. VERY cool. I am loving my $1.00 blackberry more and more!! Best purchase I have ever made.

Its helpin to keep me semi sane. I can keep up with what I am supposed to be doing. schedule stuff and remember the mundane. Cause I never get to finish a project.

Seriously. Just now BR asked "just what are you doing?" I told him I was working on my website.
"well go to ebay and see if they have some bug screens for a peterbuilt."

yep, cause I am bored, and not doin nuthin.

I just wish the aircard would have worked. then I would be out of the dark ages and could actually Download something. I will NOT miss the days of zipping along at 24.6. I promise.

Oh I picked Matt up a new pair of boots yesterday. Had to. he has wore his slap out.
He was SOOO thrilled. put them on and aint took them off. He actaully asked me if he could throw away his chuckas. I told him NO. He couldnt. He could still use them for PE next year. "but I hate them"
"you gota tie them"
ahhhhh... laziness..

He was showing them off to BR a little while ago. And BR was telling me he liked them. Then Matt said "do I have them on the right feet?"
BR said "did you put them on?"
"yes" he said.
"then no, probebly not" I answered.

Rayley looked down, and said. and I quote "you big dummy, aint you got the sense God gave a goat?, Even a 2 year old can put their shoes on the right feet" Then she looked at me, put her hands on hips and said "I reckon your just gona havta put them letters in them that says 'right and left you mo-ron' like you did his last ones."
Now all I put was a R and an L. But it didnt really work, till I wrote it on his feet too. That only lasted a few days. It was more of a joke than anything. But it did start him putting the L and the R in the right order.

and it aint cause he is dumb. He has HIA syndrome. BR says he got it from me. I disagree. and if you ever met his family you would too.

Now during all this he asked again if they were right. BR looked and told him yes.
He said "Guess mom is right, even a blind hog will find an acorn every once in a while".

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

MichealAngelo, Eat your heart out.

Well its done.

First I am going to let you see what I have been seeing for MONTHS. Oh I can make them go in and clean, it takes hours. and I have to holler alot. and it stays this way for about 10 minutes.

I cleaned. it took me hours, and 3 large black trash bags full of toys, and a kitchen garbage bag full of trash, but I got it looking neat. And I threatened them with in an inch of their lives.

They kept it pretty neat for the few days till I was able to round up enough help to paint it.

I convinced everyone to buy her pretties for her room. She already had some princess stuff. Matter of fact she had most of it. But it all looked so dull in that white room. well offwhite. Just no personality. And since we have lived here for 2 years and its where we are going to live for a while I decided it was time to make it our own.

I am basicly a very lazy person. I dont like to work. I will admit that. But I felt this needed doing. And now I have the bug. As money permits I will be doing the rest of the house. It will be a long time coming, but it will be worth it I think.

My sister in law and I, plus my neice worked for hours, days actually, to get it painted. Then I worked all day today.

I did have to take a slight break. When Matt woke up I asked him to watch Bow for me, while I slapped the last pink coat on. I had shut the bedroom door, because I had the window open. I heard Bow just a cryin. It went on for about 7 minutes. I was up on a ladder and Rayley came to the door. I told her to tell Matt to give him a graham cracker. Then I heard the front door open and shut. So I got down and went out and hollered at her. Asking her where she was going.
"down the road"
"to find Matt"
I saw his little tow head in the bushes and hollered at him to get back to the house.
"But mom, Bow was safe."
yes he was. He had put him in his excersaucer.

Instead of beating him with in an inch of his life, hollering at him, or any of the other things that came to mind. I calmly went to the kitchen, got a chair, put it where you could ALMOST reach various snacks, ALMOST see the TV, and not talk to anyone.
I told him to sit.
NOT lay, SIT.
He was still there when his daddy woke up. and beggin to get up.
I waited a little while longer.

I visited with BR till he got up to take a shower, then I went in and did the flowers on the walls. There would be more flowers, but I ran out of purple. I sure hate that I did. I was just getting the hang of them. I had repainted a pink wall, touched up lots of purple, put two more coats on the dresser, and was almost finished. Boy did it look like a tornado had hit. BUT I am proud of myself. I managed to buy JUST enough paint. and had we not wasted some of the purple, I would have been set. As it is I have JUST enough for a touch up or two. Less than half a jelly jar.

BR hasnt said much, he just looks and nods his head. He did say I needed to put stems on the flowers, he says they look like fans with yellow dots. And noone will ever know what they are.
Speaking of which. I refused to buy an entire quart of yellow, so I had to get spray paint. Then I had to spray it into a paint roller pan and sponge it out. I am not sure how many brain cells I lost. ALOT if I am seriously considering doing the boys room.

Once I got it all done the clean up began. They kids were enlisted to help. This took FOREVER. I think we spent 3 hours getting everything back on the walls, all the furniture moved back into place and the trash picked up that I had found behind the dresser, TV stand and bed.

I also decided to paint the lightswith and outlet covers. Actually it was Brett's idea. They were stark white and it looked awful. He rememebered reading the spraypaint can and it said it worked on plastic, so we took them all off and painted them too.

Anyway, with out further ado, Here is what it looks like when Shrek invades Barbies neighborhood, eats everything, encounters Barney and then explodes.

Now, I am going to take a much needed break, wash my hair, pray I am not permanetly yellow, green, pink and purple, and get the REST of my house clean.

The painting has started. and its too late to turn back.

Got woke up at 8:03 Monday morning. I knew it wasnt a bill collector, they are not allowed to call before 8:30. Nope, instead I heard "Michelle, this is Sarah, I have a Hardware Store mysteryshop, its due today, can you do it?"
Now I hate doing mystery shops for this store. Cause here lately they have been sucking on the service. and you have to type up alot on them. Then she said "it pays 35.00"

So I decided to do the mystery shop. Heck, I had to go to the hardware store anyway. I needed tape to paint, and some sand paper.

I worked on the yearbook till around 3. and Bow got real cranky, so I had to leave and the other girls had to finish. I felt real quilty about that, but he wouldnt let me do any work anyway, and with such a tight deadline we were all on edge. Having a whining baby there wasnt doing anyone any good.

I went and did a little grocery shopping, and then to my shop. Then I rushed home. It was already after 5 and I had to pick up my neice and drop off my kids with my mother in law. Cause my other sister in law would be here soon to do the room.

I got the furniture moved around and in the middle of the room, fed Bow, ate a little bite and tried to make myself get up and get started.

This is why I really wanted my sister in law to help me. I just dont have motivation. BUT if someone is here, I will work my rear off.

And work we did. We started about 6. ANd the kids came home around 9. we were working at getting as much done as possible. We stopped at 2am with just a second coat on the doors needed, touch ups on 2 walls (green ones), a second coat on one wall (pink), the trim, and left the second pink wall half done.

I tried to stay ahead of them doing the trim, and then actually trimming out the walls, so the rolling was easier. I fell into bed at 3am. The alarm went off at 5:30. I didnt hear it until 5:59. I got up and turned it off and told myself that I better sleep while I can, I have to get up at 5:45 and wake the kids. They were going to daycare today for an outing to a pizza joint. Then it hit me. THAT had been the alarm.

So I got up and tried to convince them to get up. I tried twice. On the second try Rayley popped up. So I went ahead and got her dressed. She asked me why the boys wernt up yet, (they all slept here in the living room since I had her room all torn up, and their room was full of the crap I couldnt leave in her room.)
I told her they had ignored me, and I had told them last night I wouldnt keep at them to wake up. Brett immediatly jumped up.

Matt was still out. I decided to let him sleep. He will learn. Then the kids started to argue, Bow woke up and Matt pulled the covers down and told them to shut up. ANd asked me why noone would let him sleep. I told him it was his own fault. They were going to fun planet today.

He got up. He couldnt belive I hadnt woken him up. I tried to explain taht I had told him last night at 1:30, when he just WOULDNT go to sleep, that I would try once and that was it. Heck, I had tried twice.

I had to go and dig Rayley out clothes, her dresser was pushed up against her bed and the drawers faced the bed. I didnt plan that very well.

I managed to get them dressed and off. Then I tried to convince Bow to go back to sleep. Aparently it worked. I woke up at 10. I woke up and my first thought was I needed to call a friend of mine. I had really left her in a lurch yesterday with the yearbook. I was just sitting down with my Dr Pepper and the phone rang. It was her. She told me she had tried to call earlier. But maybe she had dialed the wrong number. I told her she must have. I always wake up if the phone rings.

We talked a little while and Amanda called, she was headed into town and wanted to know if I needed anything. She was coming over to finish helping me in the room as soon as she got back.

I sat around for a little while. Trying to rest up. And she showed up around noon. We got started shorly there after. At 6 she left. She has to work tomorrow. So that left me with a second coat on the pink wall, and a second coat on places, on the green wall.

I decided to do the green first, since we had painted the pink while she was here. There was BARELY enough to cover. I am still not sure I got all the spots. I ended up getting a spoon and digging the last of the paint out to put in a jelly jar. There is maybe 3 oz left. I guess I calculated that one pretty good. then I got up on the ladder and touched up in the corners and under the baseboard thing at the celing. I was literly scraping the bottom of the barrel for it. I have a feeling the purple will be the same way. I just need enough to get a few flowers on each wall. But I will be pushing it to do that.

The kids have been begging me to paint. So I relented. But first I got the sand paper and told them they would have to sand the dresser.

I wasnt going to paint the dresser today. or even this week. But then I got to thinking about it. The dark blue was beautiful, but in her new room it stuck out like a sore thumb. ANd if I didnt get it done TODAY, I knew that my lazines would win out and I would NEVER get it done. She would just have a Dark Blue dresser in a bright pink room. I also didnt want it pink. But I think it will work. Since its going against the green wall.

So, the kids got to sand and paint. They jumped on it like a chicken on a June bug. Then they realized sanding was a PITA.

I told them that unless they sanded they didnt get to paint. SO they did. Then I gave each one a brush and some pink paint. I wish I had done it purple. But I knew I wouldnt have enough purple paint if I did that. I had only bought a quart and it was almost gone. Those doors took alot more than I thought they would. I have GOT to find my paint chips. I will have to have more purple to do shelves with. and I want to match that one perfectly. If I cant find my paint chips I will have to pick a differnt purple, I guess I can go with a light purple. But with the other colors being so bright I didnt want to.

About the time I got them all settled in, told them NOT to get ANY pink paint on my green walls, showed them what to do and bitched about the paint runs, BR called. And Bow was already screaming. He wanted attention ... NOW>..

So I gathered up Bow and came in here for a few minutes to talk. When I went back in there Matt had pink paint all OVER the green wall, he had done an awful job, Brett had pink drips EVERYWHERE, and Rayley's actually looked GREAT. I cleaned up that mess, made the boys watch Bow, and then made them clean up all their painting tools.

While I had been talking to BR he mentioned that it was Tuesday. and he forgot his uniforms. Every week, on the same day he is supposed to turn in his uniforms for them to be washed.

Since I have done my share of laundry in the last week I was bound and determined to NOT wash these. I loaded them, the kids and myself up in the truck and drove the 8 miles to the yard. I threw them in the back of his truck and left a note on the windshiled.

The kids all walked in the door, went to the bathroom and went strait to bed, I kid you not. Rayley is the only one who got back up, and that was to kiss me goodnight. Bow had went to sleep on the way there, and woke up when we got home. But he just layed on the other end of the couch and played quietly with a toy. I was afraid he wouldnt go to sleep. But he eventually did.

I went back in and put a second coat on the dresser. Right as I was finishing up, the cat came in and stood on one of the drawers to stick her nose to the front of the unit. 4 paw prints and a nose print that I have to clean up now. It really needed a basecoat. But 3 coats should cover it. I hope. That and the flowers are all I have to do tomorrow. I am so excited to get it done. I hope it all dries good enough for me to get the room back in order. I cant wait to put up some pictures.

And now I have put my roller and brush in the freezer, put the lids on the paints, and have fallen alseep while I type this 3 times. I dont even have the energy for a shower. And my hair is pink. I leaned my head up against a freshly painted wall. sadly, it was one I had just painted. I cant even blame it on my sister in law.
That would explain if any sentences are all screwed up, the more than normal typo's and any rambiling I have done.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Princess' big day.

"I'm gona call it a night, I'll see you in the morning"
"Are you REALLY gona see us in the morning?"
"oh yea, I dont plan on leaving here before 10."
"are you sure?"
"yes, I am sure"
"well you know that Michelle wont be up too early"
"I know, I will still be here."

Then this morning I woke up and walked in here at 9:01 and he was gone. I swear, he just wakes up one day of his vist and regains his sanity and leaves.

We had a great party yesterday. The cake was ADORABLE! It was green and had pink flowers and purple trim. Rayley got all kinds of neat stuff. And everything that I wrapped I put a paint brush on it, or a paint roller and then the bow.
She got a big plush purple mushroom chair, a curtain thingy (not a long curtain but that little valance thing...??) that is pink with yellow, and green and purple crowns on it that say princess. She got her paint of course, a Disney Princess hamper, a nice little set of rings and earrings, a Bratz doll, A disney princess bike, her bling'ed walkie talkies, Money, Hanah Montana pj's, hooks for hangin things in her new room, a princess poster, princess stick up thingy's for the walls. and something I am forgetting I am sure! I even wrapped up the tray and roller set. and I made a slit in the plastic and put a dress up dress in there.

SHe had a blast. And I let her wear what ever she wanted. It was some kind of ballerina outfit.

We did have to go to town after the party and get BR some new boots. We opted to leave the kids and go at it alone. Just my dad, BR and I. Oh and Bow. We went and got the boots and ordered Matt a new pair. They are nice boots, hopefully they wont fall apart like his last ones.

Then we went to walmart and to eat. Bow ate 1/2 my baked potato, 5 crackers, a bowl full of banana pudding and half BR's cobbler. And washed it all down with tea and water. He had just had ice cream and cake at Rayley's party! I swear this kid can eat. he just had the best time while we were out. He was such a good baby. He was squealing and laughing and babbiling the whole time.

When we got back BR went and got the kids and everyone settled in for the night. We decided to watch a few movies. BR had picked out "no country for old men", "National Treasure 2", and "Rambo ... 87".. or is it "88"?

We watched no country for old men first. That is 2 hours of my life I will never get back. I LOVE Tommy Lee Jones. but ... Oh well. I should have known, very seldom do I agree with the awards shows or critics. I guess I just dont have the... insight as to what makes a great movie. One with a decent plot, begining and end, and a less confusing story line does good for me. Not to mention, I dont want to leave with more questions than when I started. If I wanted to 'think' while I watched a movie I would rent a discovery channel original.
This movie reminded me of a picaso painting. it was all disjointed, weird and made me feel kinda like I missed out on good drugs. But it does explain why Hollywood liked it.

Now National Treasure I really enjoyed. I was able to learn something (did you know there were 3 statue of libery's?, ), I enjoy all the Masonic refrences. I grew up in a Masonic family and BR is carrying on the tradition. Plus I got a few good laughs.

Rambo? Hell I dont know. He watched that this morning while I was working on the kids yearbook. and doing dishes. I watched the first ones at one time or another. Not all at once, but have caught parts through the years. I like action movies. But these just dont ring my bell. And its not the violence, I like violence. Heck, I LOVE the sheild. Dexter aint bad. and there are lots of movies that were 'violent' that I like.

I dont have a hard job on the yearbook this year. But its a tedious one. Its actually easy. I just have to put in the headline for the page, (in our case its Mrs. Jones' Class), the layout number, the number for any clip art, the border and thats it. 45 seconds worth of typing max. But it takes me over 5 minutes to load the one page and 2 popups. I kid you not. I am SOOO hating dial up.

We did go over to my mother in laws today. She wanted the kids to come over and clean up her yard. I think she was just coming to get the kids to let them play, but knew that they were having to help me do some stuff here. including my own yard. So she said she needed their help. I let them leave and then about 45 minutes later I drove over. Sure enough, they were playing. So I got them to get the work done. My other sister in law was going to come over with her riding lawn mower and mow.
She lives about 3 miles down the road.

Right about the time they got done cleaning the sister in law that lives with y mother in law said "OMG, she rode that lawn mower all the way over here". Sure enough, here comes Amanda down the lane on her mower. Suzie kept on picing at her and we were all laughing our butts off. Then Matt says "well look, its Bobby Boucher! WHere's my h2o?" I swear I about fell out of my chair.
That kid is quick.
Come to find out, Amanda had parked down the lane, cause its too hard to turn her truck and trailer around with all the cars there.

But belive me, I wouldnt have put it past her to have drove down on her lawnmower.

She has promised to come over and help me paint. She is off on Tuesday, but we decided to do it tomorrow, Just in case it takes longer than we think. Suzies daughter is also going to come and help. Since she is 15 we are hoping that she can paint circles around two old women twice her age. :)

I am excited. And the boys are beggin for me to do something for their room. I just dont know what yet. I have heard spiderman, John Deere, baseball, or just weird colors painte on the wall, all kinds of things out of them. I'm leaning towards a 'cowboy' theme, or hunting. I have already started writing notes on it. I need something that will grow with them. So thats the hardest part. plus on the camo one it will take a mural on the wall. ANd altough my mom is a great artist, I just dont know that she has the time to get it done. I dont want to wait months and months. If it cant be done in a day I reckon it would end up half done. :( everyone is just so busy.

Anyway, I have 9 more of these pages ot put in the computer. I might not write tomorrow since we will be starting around 6 painting that room. but I will bring pics as soon as I get them :)