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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

MichealAngelo, Eat your heart out.

Well its done.

First I am going to let you see what I have been seeing for MONTHS. Oh I can make them go in and clean, it takes hours. and I have to holler alot. and it stays this way for about 10 minutes.

I cleaned. it took me hours, and 3 large black trash bags full of toys, and a kitchen garbage bag full of trash, but I got it looking neat. And I threatened them with in an inch of their lives.

They kept it pretty neat for the few days till I was able to round up enough help to paint it.

I convinced everyone to buy her pretties for her room. She already had some princess stuff. Matter of fact she had most of it. But it all looked so dull in that white room. well offwhite. Just no personality. And since we have lived here for 2 years and its where we are going to live for a while I decided it was time to make it our own.

I am basicly a very lazy person. I dont like to work. I will admit that. But I felt this needed doing. And now I have the bug. As money permits I will be doing the rest of the house. It will be a long time coming, but it will be worth it I think.

My sister in law and I, plus my neice worked for hours, days actually, to get it painted. Then I worked all day today.

I did have to take a slight break. When Matt woke up I asked him to watch Bow for me, while I slapped the last pink coat on. I had shut the bedroom door, because I had the window open. I heard Bow just a cryin. It went on for about 7 minutes. I was up on a ladder and Rayley came to the door. I told her to tell Matt to give him a graham cracker. Then I heard the front door open and shut. So I got down and went out and hollered at her. Asking her where she was going.
"down the road"
"to find Matt"
I saw his little tow head in the bushes and hollered at him to get back to the house.
"But mom, Bow was safe."
yes he was. He had put him in his excersaucer.

Instead of beating him with in an inch of his life, hollering at him, or any of the other things that came to mind. I calmly went to the kitchen, got a chair, put it where you could ALMOST reach various snacks, ALMOST see the TV, and not talk to anyone.
I told him to sit.
NOT lay, SIT.
He was still there when his daddy woke up. and beggin to get up.
I waited a little while longer.

I visited with BR till he got up to take a shower, then I went in and did the flowers on the walls. There would be more flowers, but I ran out of purple. I sure hate that I did. I was just getting the hang of them. I had repainted a pink wall, touched up lots of purple, put two more coats on the dresser, and was almost finished. Boy did it look like a tornado had hit. BUT I am proud of myself. I managed to buy JUST enough paint. and had we not wasted some of the purple, I would have been set. As it is I have JUST enough for a touch up or two. Less than half a jelly jar.

BR hasnt said much, he just looks and nods his head. He did say I needed to put stems on the flowers, he says they look like fans with yellow dots. And noone will ever know what they are.
Speaking of which. I refused to buy an entire quart of yellow, so I had to get spray paint. Then I had to spray it into a paint roller pan and sponge it out. I am not sure how many brain cells I lost. ALOT if I am seriously considering doing the boys room.

Once I got it all done the clean up began. They kids were enlisted to help. This took FOREVER. I think we spent 3 hours getting everything back on the walls, all the furniture moved back into place and the trash picked up that I had found behind the dresser, TV stand and bed.

I also decided to paint the lightswith and outlet covers. Actually it was Brett's idea. They were stark white and it looked awful. He rememebered reading the spraypaint can and it said it worked on plastic, so we took them all off and painted them too.

Anyway, with out further ado, Here is what it looks like when Shrek invades Barbies neighborhood, eats everything, encounters Barney and then explodes.

Now, I am going to take a much needed break, wash my hair, pray I am not permanetly yellow, green, pink and purple, and get the REST of my house clean.


Tara said...

Chelle- it looks terrific!!! I love it! I LOVE that color green (really I do- you can laugh at me)

Now you got me thinking. Saige's room could use a makeover...

Scarlett said...

Awesome job!

Grandma Lewis said...

My grand-daughter would love this room. You did a terrific job, and no, the flowers don't need stems. They remind me of the flowers from the 60's.

searcher said...

I have that green in my kitchen. I did not do it but it is a cheerful color. You did a great job!