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Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Princess' big day.

"I'm gona call it a night, I'll see you in the morning"
"Are you REALLY gona see us in the morning?"
"oh yea, I dont plan on leaving here before 10."
"are you sure?"
"yes, I am sure"
"well you know that Michelle wont be up too early"
"I know, I will still be here."

Then this morning I woke up and walked in here at 9:01 and he was gone. I swear, he just wakes up one day of his vist and regains his sanity and leaves.

We had a great party yesterday. The cake was ADORABLE! It was green and had pink flowers and purple trim. Rayley got all kinds of neat stuff. And everything that I wrapped I put a paint brush on it, or a paint roller and then the bow.
She got a big plush purple mushroom chair, a curtain thingy (not a long curtain but that little valance thing...??) that is pink with yellow, and green and purple crowns on it that say princess. She got her paint of course, a Disney Princess hamper, a nice little set of rings and earrings, a Bratz doll, A disney princess bike, her bling'ed walkie talkies, Money, Hanah Montana pj's, hooks for hangin things in her new room, a princess poster, princess stick up thingy's for the walls. and something I am forgetting I am sure! I even wrapped up the tray and roller set. and I made a slit in the plastic and put a dress up dress in there.

SHe had a blast. And I let her wear what ever she wanted. It was some kind of ballerina outfit.

We did have to go to town after the party and get BR some new boots. We opted to leave the kids and go at it alone. Just my dad, BR and I. Oh and Bow. We went and got the boots and ordered Matt a new pair. They are nice boots, hopefully they wont fall apart like his last ones.

Then we went to walmart and to eat. Bow ate 1/2 my baked potato, 5 crackers, a bowl full of banana pudding and half BR's cobbler. And washed it all down with tea and water. He had just had ice cream and cake at Rayley's party! I swear this kid can eat. he just had the best time while we were out. He was such a good baby. He was squealing and laughing and babbiling the whole time.

When we got back BR went and got the kids and everyone settled in for the night. We decided to watch a few movies. BR had picked out "no country for old men", "National Treasure 2", and "Rambo ... 87".. or is it "88"?

We watched no country for old men first. That is 2 hours of my life I will never get back. I LOVE Tommy Lee Jones. but ... Oh well. I should have known, very seldom do I agree with the awards shows or critics. I guess I just dont have the... insight as to what makes a great movie. One with a decent plot, begining and end, and a less confusing story line does good for me. Not to mention, I dont want to leave with more questions than when I started. If I wanted to 'think' while I watched a movie I would rent a discovery channel original.
This movie reminded me of a picaso painting. it was all disjointed, weird and made me feel kinda like I missed out on good drugs. But it does explain why Hollywood liked it.

Now National Treasure I really enjoyed. I was able to learn something (did you know there were 3 statue of libery's?, ), I enjoy all the Masonic refrences. I grew up in a Masonic family and BR is carrying on the tradition. Plus I got a few good laughs.

Rambo? Hell I dont know. He watched that this morning while I was working on the kids yearbook. and doing dishes. I watched the first ones at one time or another. Not all at once, but have caught parts through the years. I like action movies. But these just dont ring my bell. And its not the violence, I like violence. Heck, I LOVE the sheild. Dexter aint bad. and there are lots of movies that were 'violent' that I like.

I dont have a hard job on the yearbook this year. But its a tedious one. Its actually easy. I just have to put in the headline for the page, (in our case its Mrs. Jones' Class), the layout number, the number for any clip art, the border and thats it. 45 seconds worth of typing max. But it takes me over 5 minutes to load the one page and 2 popups. I kid you not. I am SOOO hating dial up.

We did go over to my mother in laws today. She wanted the kids to come over and clean up her yard. I think she was just coming to get the kids to let them play, but knew that they were having to help me do some stuff here. including my own yard. So she said she needed their help. I let them leave and then about 45 minutes later I drove over. Sure enough, they were playing. So I got them to get the work done. My other sister in law was going to come over with her riding lawn mower and mow.
She lives about 3 miles down the road.

Right about the time they got done cleaning the sister in law that lives with y mother in law said "OMG, she rode that lawn mower all the way over here". Sure enough, here comes Amanda down the lane on her mower. Suzie kept on picing at her and we were all laughing our butts off. Then Matt says "well look, its Bobby Boucher! WHere's my h2o?" I swear I about fell out of my chair.
That kid is quick.
Come to find out, Amanda had parked down the lane, cause its too hard to turn her truck and trailer around with all the cars there.

But belive me, I wouldnt have put it past her to have drove down on her lawnmower.

She has promised to come over and help me paint. She is off on Tuesday, but we decided to do it tomorrow, Just in case it takes longer than we think. Suzies daughter is also going to come and help. Since she is 15 we are hoping that she can paint circles around two old women twice her age. :)

I am excited. And the boys are beggin for me to do something for their room. I just dont know what yet. I have heard spiderman, John Deere, baseball, or just weird colors painte on the wall, all kinds of things out of them. I'm leaning towards a 'cowboy' theme, or hunting. I have already started writing notes on it. I need something that will grow with them. So thats the hardest part. plus on the camo one it will take a mural on the wall. ANd altough my mom is a great artist, I just dont know that she has the time to get it done. I dont want to wait months and months. If it cant be done in a day I reckon it would end up half done. :( everyone is just so busy.

Anyway, I have 9 more of these pages ot put in the computer. I might not write tomorrow since we will be starting around 6 painting that room. but I will bring pics as soon as I get them :)


Sheena, Fire-Paramedic said...

Chelle, we just LOVE your blog! Thanks so much for referring our blog also. We have made foto copies of your kids for our bulletin board. It is amazing how they have all grown! You have such beautiful children. Thanks so much for the laughter along the way. We love you! Hugs from all of us from the San Francisco Fire Dept!

maidto5 said...

I am so glad y'all are enjoying it! :)

I have really enjoyed yours too, and hope that I can get just one person to go over and see what its like behind the scenes! I think of y'all often, and you are always in my prayers.

they are growing up. But if they keep it up like they have been I might need to come out and visit to get some life saving techinques down pat. they are definatly accidents looking for a place to happen. :)
Give Rick a hug for me and y'all keep safe!! :)