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Saturday, June 21, 2008

You cant fix stupid

Where oh where do I start?

I got most of the last of my list done today before my dad got here. The kids didnt want to finish out VBS today cause they wanted to be here when he got here. But I talked them into it. Bow was NO help in the cleaning department. Mean little brat. He was into EVERYTHING.

Once my dad got here I sent the kids out to finish cleaning up the yard, actually I sent them otu BEFORE he got here. and as they were going out he drove up. They came home wiht SACKS full of crap from this week. I JUST got it ALL cleaned up here and they brought in tons more stuff. GGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRR

But anyway, after they visited for a few minutes they went back out. I cooked lunch and next thing we know the door opens and Matt comes in screaming and holding his hand. My first thought was "oh hell, he done bit a snake and the hospital bill is going to be AWFUL!" But luckily he had just stung a wasp. He had been out playing with Brett and jumping on an old tree that had fallen. Apparently it was the home to a few wasps and they were NOT happy with the carbon based earthquake that was disturbing them.

Only one got him. We got some ice on it, and it swole up pretty good. Once he settled down we put some tabacco in a bandaid and off he went. But before he went back out Brett came running back in. He had went to see if he could find the actual nest. ANd said they attacked him. Idiot.

So they head back out and a little while later I see them out there chunkin rocks. It dawned on me. They were chunkin rocks at the wasp nest. You just cant fix stupid.

We had to go to the church tonight for their program. Rayley was ... well Rayley.

She danced and sang. and then the second song came. It was a little slower, not quite her speed. so the whole time she was yawning and looking around. And the boy behind her was doing something she didnt like. She kept turning around and giving him a peice of her mind. I was starting to get scared. I am not sure what the punishment is for fighting in church, but I am pretty sure its not a light sentence.

Once that song was over she left the stage. She came to the pew we were sitting in and walked right up to my cousins wife who was holding Bow. She reached over and hugged and kissed him. This got her alot of 'awwwww's from the crowd. People wernt even looking at the singers, they were watching her. Then she came all the way down the pew to me at the other end. He had pulled the barret out of her hair. So I fixed it and told her to go back and sing. She headed back that way and decided she needed one more hug from Bow.

Then she went back up and sang some more. I got more compliments on my kids tonight that I imagined possible. Everyone kept telling me they were the nicest kids. How sweet they were, and how cute. They told me that everytime they would pass in the halls Brett and Matt would hug Rayley and pick her up. they would hold up the entire class to listen to her, or to love on her.

I was tempted to round up my kids and make sure these were the children they were talking about. But in all honesty I didnt want to. I let them belive what they wanted to.

After it was over Tommy (my dad) and I went to walmart to get Rayley a birthday present. And a carseat for Bow's present. All of my kids get a little something on the others birthday. My grandmother started this when the boys were little and its carried on.

Actually she started this when my cousin and I were little. But did it for my kids too.

Bow is SOO going to love his new seat. I think my dad thought I was kidding when I told him Bow could escape from his carseat. He was a very good child the entire time we were in the store. SOOO good in fact that I was scared someone had switched babies on me.

I did buy 25lbs of sugar, 20 lbs of flour and 15lbs of cornmeal. I dont really have room for it, but like Aunt Jean, I think its all fixing to go sky high. Between the crop land being flooeded and deisel prices raising everyday it cant get any cheaper. I also bought some ziploc size large big bags to put it in. The large bags fit in them perfectly, and you can zip them up and feel safe in knowing that your staples will stay fresh and dry.

When we got home Bow ate a little and fell smooth out. He hadnt taken a real nap all day. he has been going strong. And during the singing he kept squealing and never sat still. He stood up in my cousins wifes lap the entire time. The rest of the family was mad cause she never would pass him down. And Rayley kept waving at him.
The boys also went right to sleep. They hadnt been in there 5 minutes before they were out like a light.

Tommy and I searched all over that store for a good present. The boys were the hardest to buy for. They are getting a thingy to hang up their caps on. They will liek that.

And I talked to my sister in law today. She is going to come over on Tuesday and help me paint the room. I need someone to come over to make me do it. I know that with out her coming over I will just put it off.

I cant wait to put up the before cleaning, after cleaning and PAINTED pictures up.

Oh and my mother in law dropped of Rayley's new walkie talkies tonight while I was gone. I told her to just buy the plain ole black ones and to get me some cell phone bling (rhinestones that stick to the cell phones) I spent over an hour and a half blinging the damn things. Then I took them in my room and plugged them in. The base that charges the walkie talkies does one just fine. but the other side has a contact messed up. It doesnt stand up tall enough, its wonky. So it doesnt work. Wont charge.
it was already after midnight. I called and spoke with a CSM at walmart, told him what happened and he told me to bring it all back and he would write a note and get it exchanged. I am just PRAYING that they have another. I walked by the isle tonight and there was ONE empty peg. 5 differnt ones and ONE empty peg. It will be JUST my luck that she bought the last one they have of THAT model. I am keeping my fingers crossed that is NOT the case. the bad part is, I am NOT going into walmart tomorrow. But my MIL is. Now I have to explain it to her to get her to take care of it.

I have been trying to write up a letter to the editor of the paper about the new dress code. Unfortunatly I havent came up with one that I dont use the words "moron, idiotic, asnine, socialistic, wimps, sheep, or stupid yet. I am still working on it.

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