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Friday, June 20, 2008

consequences and repercussions

If you are reading along and I stop midsentence dont worry. I just fell asleep.

I got a late start this morning. I didnt make it to town till 11am. But I did get a shower with out Bow. I got him to sleep and put him in the bed with BR and then took a shower, did my hair and relaxed for a few minutes.

I had to pay bills today and had to get out at 5 differnt places. I had to go and order Rayleys cake too. This isnt that big of a deal, except when you have an infant. You have to unlatch them, fight the carseat, get them out, tote them in, deal with doing the one small thing that I had to do and then going back out to the 97* heat and putting him BACK in the carseat, fighting that stupid harness again, holding him down iwht one hand and latching him iwth the other since he HATES the car seat and listening to him scream for 4 of the 5 minutes it takes to get to the next place. I went and got Rayley's paint too. It sure is bright.

OH and I used my phone to keep track of EVERYTHING. I had written a list of everwhere I had to go, what I needed when I got there, and never lost it, since it was IN my phone. I am SOOO loving this thing!! I made 'tasks' of where I had to go. When I got them done I could put a check mark beside them. And then if I got somewhere where I was shoppin I found my list and got things off it, as I did, I would delete them. That way I still have the ice cream listed in the grocery list, since I didnt get it today. And the stuff they were out of.

Before I would try to keep up with the paper list till I got back home and write it on the next list. VERY seldom did this happen.

And I was able to take notes while I was shopping. I could write down how much something was at walgreens to check against something at walmart. Another note I wont loose!!

And BOY will it come in handy when I mystery shop!

I didnt make it to the feed store, to pick up some pictures for the yearbook, didnt get to meet with the order person at walmart for the prepacked school supplies I need to order for the PTA, and didnt get by the jewerly store to pick up the ring I broke the other day. And I still didnt get home till 5:45.

I picked up the kids and told them we had alot of work to do and gave them each a job. Brett was to come in and start the laundry back up. Matt was to unload. Actually I gave them a list and that is what THEY picked.

They just insisted on playing. I kept telling them that they were not going to go to bed until all the stuff I needed done got done. They didnt belive me. I have less than 20 hours before my dad gets here and although Rayley's room wasnt going to interfear with him being here I wanted it DONE. That means the living room, kitchen and 23 loads of laundry had to be done too.

I came in and sat down to nurse Bow, Brett imediatly 'forgot' something outside and Matt had never came in. They think since I am tied to this kid they can just ignore me and I will forget what I told them to do. I swear, if I said "BOYS! do what I asked you to" once, I said it a hundred times.

I kept having to put them back on task. And I kept on telling them that the more they screwed around, the longer they would be up tonight.

I got in Rayley's room and within 30 minutes had 2 of the large black bags filled. She was a PITA while I was working in there.

THrew a fit over 1/2 the crap I put in the bags. And begged me the whole time to NOT throw away her stuffed animals. Heck, I had no intetions of it. But it did get her to hang them up on the chain. She really didnt have near as much trash. 1/2 a kitchen bag full. But I got 3 black bags out of there. And its still full.

One time I was putting a little backpack in the get rid of bag.
She threw a freakin fit. It was so special to her, she couldnt live with out it. It was her first ever backpack, it said love on it, it was pink, she used it ALL the time, she went on and on.

So I told her, "rayley if you will put it up and promise I wont find it in the floor ever again I will let you keep it. "
"I promise mom.. I will put i tup and you will never see it again."

"fine, now put it up and leave."

I got busy again. And when I turned around there on the ONE part of the floor that was clean I saw the backpack. Into the bag it went.

We got about 3 loads of laundry done, and then a load of T-shirts never would dry. I kept sending the kids in to check on them. and then I went in. The lint thingy was full to the brim. Every time they put on a load I tell them:
Did you run water in there? (sometimes this sends them back in)
Did you get soap in there? (a little more often they forget this)
DId you turn ON the dryer? (8 times out of 10, this results in them running back into the laundry room)
Be sure to clean out the lint filter. (They swear they did)

I usually go and check every few loads. But I was just so busy tonight I didnt.

once I got it cleaned out it took about 9 minutes and the shirts were dry.

They started to ask when they would be done about 9. By 9:30 they started to whine. At 10 they were in full fledged crying mode. everypart of their body's hurt. They couldnt remember what they were doing, they were snapping at each other. and Rayley had fallen asleep.
11 was just about their undoing. Matt was limping around, one leg was hurting so bad he thought it would fall off. Brett kept running into things and hurting himself. They would be talking and forget what they were saying midsentence.
at 11:30 I was ready to call it a night. I made them empty out the trash cans and let them go to bed.
They were asleep within 3 minutes.

What got me was I could ask them "what did I tell you when we got home?"
"that we had to get our parts done or we wouldnt go to bed"
"and what did you do?"

yep. consequences and repercussions.

when they were putting up the same shirts for the 3rd time (I found them once on the couch, and then on their dresser) I heard Matt tell Brett "ya know, I think she might not give in. We might need to learn to do the work when she tells us to"
and Brett said "It might be easier, she doenst seem to like the strikin we do"
"yep, I reckon she aint union"

Where in the hell did a 9 and 8 year old hear about the union?

And if anyone is going to strike around here it will be me!

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