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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

overalls, dirt and red wagons....


Well, its summer- we have been enjoying it, even though its been pretty hot. When we were in South Texas my dad sent home an old red wagon that he found. and Bow immediatly latched onto it. Its now his 'agon' and he loves nothing more than for someone to pull him in it. Or he will just pull it himself.

Other than me working on the new association, BR working 6 days a week and the kids snake hunting everyday nothing new is really going on.

We have been doing alot more skeet shooting, the boys enjoy it so much, and BR is trying to get them used to the skeet coming from different directions. It doesnt take them long to master a new shot, I guess as a kid you are so adaptable to things. I cant do the ones with the skeet coming RIGHT at me, I am afraid I will get hit, but not the boys, they just raise the gun, pull the trigger and let the broken peices rain down on them!

I really dont have much to complain about, whine about or even tattle on the kids about, but I couldnt resist showing off these pictures.
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