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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Mudbugs, mud, and family

There is very few things I look forward to more than a crawfish boil. I would probebly put up with my worst enemy just to get a few flats. Luckily, all that was expected of me today was to bring my kids. And belive me that was ENOUGH!

I woke up this morning and got ready, told the kids they should start getting ready, and waited on BR to wake up. He had went to work last night after we got back from ball practice. Once he got up we went and started to load our chairs and realized that we were gona need some new ones. Ours were pretty wore out from last ball season. I came in and told the kids again that it was time to get ready, again. 3 hours after I had first told them. Its not that they didnt want to go, they just didnt want to have to get dressed up. I told them they needed to dress down. We were NOT going anywhere fancy, just to see family. And they would be playing all day.

Brett pulled out some camoflage shorts and a blue wifebeater T shirt. I told him to wear some pants and to put on his mud boots. They are not your typical rubber boots, they are lace ups that can pass as regular boots. I knew there was a good chance he would be in a cow pasture today and didnt want him wearing tennis shoes. He was not happy. He came back out in a T shirt he dug out from under his bed. There were more wrinkles in it than a sharpai (or how ever you spell it) dog. I made him change again.
Matt came out dressed like he was headed to win a bull ridin championship. I told him to take off the fancy button up shirt and cowboy boots and put on his chuckas and a T shirt.
By now BOTH boys were mad as wet hens.
I then looked over at Rayley. She had on a purple long sleeved pajama shirt with a ballerina on it, a tiger striped mini skirt, white tights with hearts and flowers and her purple fat babies. I tried to talk her into jeans and a T shirt, but she needed to be a princess.
I found her a cute shirt and a blue jean skirt. and asked her to wear differnt shoes. She actually complied. MUCH better than Brett and Matt. They were still upset. I am gona have to find that child more tights and more skirts. I just hate wasting money on clothes. I honestly dont know who's kid she is. but somewhere there is a mother who doesnt own a pair of pants fighting with a kid that refuses to wear anything except wranglers and boots. I bet I dont own but one dress, and a funeral suit. And last I checked neither one fit. I did use to dress up real nice every day. skirts and heels and big Texas hair. But I had a real job. I no longer have to wear the skirts, heels or hose, I wear jeans and crocs. But I still have the hair.

Sadly, I changed clothes more than all of them. these 100 sit ups a day are NOT working. I tried on at least 4 pair of pants, NONE of them fit, and ignored every shirt I could find. None of them fit either. I am REALLY out of shape. I actually put on maternity pants and a shirt. And took them RIGHT back off. I decided on the same pants and my short sleeve button up shirt. It was so hot today. BR kept telling me to wear shorts. NOT gona happen. Before I got pregnant I wore those tiny t shirts. I miss those.

When we got to walmart we got a few things and headed off in the direction of the chairs. We passed by the womens clothes and BR told me to find something to wear or he would. Well of course I couldnt find anything. I hate wasting money on clothes. I did manage to find some capri's I thought were cute, and a T shirt. Br was still trying to find some chairs, and then we went to find one of those skeeter repell thingymabobbers. 24.00 freakin bucks. But I bought one. West Nile is nothing to sneeze at.

We arrived and Rayley was beside herself, she couldnt wait to play with her 'best friend'. The boys had brought their gloves and so they all went off to play. We were at BR's cousins house, so all 3 of them and their families were there, his aunt and Uncle and BR's brothers showed up with thier wives, plus some friends. We had a blast! We played horseshoes, darts and sat around visiting. Bow was WONDERFUL! He never cried, took great naps, and smiled at everyone. The kids all minded and I didnt even have to threaten anyone.
BR was NOT impressed when I came out in my new clothes though. Apparently capri's were not what he thought I was getting.

I think I ate 3 flats of crawfish. And threw some decent horseshoes. Heck, I even managed to hit the dart board. I only hit the wall 6 times! And noone lost an eye! :)

The kids comedeered a few crawfish and found a mud hole. It actually took them a few hours before they did it. Rayley came and asked me if she could take off her tights. I told her yes, and she ran around barefoot and muddy the rest of the night.

And they ate alot of crawfish. They can peel them pretty good. Which is best, I dont peel them for others to eat. If I am peelin them, I am eatin them!
We left around 10 and as soon as we got home BR went to work. I like to have never got the kids to go to bed. But I finally convinced them that if they didnt retire soon I was going to make them start cleaning the house.

Speaking of which, tomorrow I have to clean the house from top to bottom AND clean out my truck. I know with baseball season starting I will need extra organization. Plus, one of the kids spilled a cup of sprite on the pillow and blanket I keep in there. Add dirt off boots to that and you have a no longer green pillow or blanket. I dont know what all is in that truck. I took my old one to have it cleaned once. They told me they would drop it off at the school where I was working in 2 hours. After 4 hours I called the owner of the shop, he went to school with BR, he told me that they would have it over there quick, and didnt know what was taking so long.
BR saw him last year at the ball park and asked how much it would cost to make the truck look showroom clean, inside and out. He asked BR how long I had had it. BR told him about 4 or 5 months. He said since they were friends he would give me a discount. And NOT charge by the french fry. The guys that worked there had deemed it a French Fry grave yard. I have made them be more careful in this truck. Really. But it needs cleaning. BADLY. Its not that I dont try to take care of it, but we live out of it. You wouldnt belive the crap you need for every occasion with 4 kids. I'll let you know what I find.

We ended up using the skeeter killer. I think it works. I am gona try it next week again. This might be the best thing since sliced bread!!

Oh and BR told me to get rid of those pants. They made my butt look big. I tried to tell him it wasnt the pants. I am just gona go and get me lots of sweat suits and start wearing them. At least then people will think I am always coming home from the gym and think "poor thing, she just works out all the time".

Well, at least I am clean.

A nice day at home in my PJ's. well at least till we had to be at ball practice at 7:30. I didnt do crap. Hunney (my grandfather) came by and got the mini monster to go and visit with them for a few hours. She was very excited. She LOVES to go places.

Once BR went to work and I got Bow to sleep I decided to take a little nap, I was getting a miagraine. ABout the time I went to sleep, the phone rang. Dear Hillary was asking me for my vote and support.

uhhhhh NO. But I am always up for a good laugh.

Right about the time I got dozed back off, I got a call to see if I was happy with my dishnetwork.
uhhhhhh NO. And I wasnt even able to laugh.

Once again, back down I lay, got Bow quiet again and BR called. He needed a phone number.

Luckily about this time the kids came home. Matt immediatly came and got Bow, made sure he was good and awake. And decided he was hungry. Off he went to find some food. Little Brat.

I decided I was gona take a shower. I told the boys to watch the baby and I would be back in a minute.
I had no more than got lathered up and Matt came in, could he use my bathroom, cause Brett was in theirs?
Sure, I guess. I wish JUST once I could take a shower with out interuption. I had planned to wear pedal pushers today and wanted to shave my legs.. guess that was out.
First thing I hear is
"did you know that Koala's only eat Eucolyptus?"
"Yes I did."
"Did I tell you we found Mole bones at school?"
"yes" Gosh this water is getting cool...
"Hannah didnt know what it was, But I knew!"
"very good, are you about done now?"
Then he started reading to me out of the readers digest. I have turned the cold water off, and its decently warm.
About this time Brett came in.
"what ya doin mom?"
"uhhhh.... taking a shower. Where is Bow"
"playin on the floor, what ya doin in here Matt?"
"what's it look like Brett? Do you think I'm sittin here cause I like to read?"
Then he sits on the side of the tub and starts to tell me about his day. I asked if he should be in there with Bow.
Nope, Bow was asleep. he fell asleep while playing.
ALl I wanted was a shower. A warm shower. This is NOT a warm shower anymore. I asked Matt if he thought he was about done.
"Naw" he says, this book is pretty good."
The water is FREEZING by now!!
I listened for a little while longer to thier stories about thier day. Eventuallly I realized they were not going to shut up, and I jusr couldn't take it any longer,
I turned it off and reached out and got the towell. I got out and went over to get ready. Matt was done, but sitting beside Brett to read the magazine. I asked if they were just gona watch me get ready.
"YEP. they had missed me at school today."

Brett came over and started looking at my hair. he told me I needed to redye my hair.
I dont die my hair.
He asked why I had those streaks.
The sun does it.
He proceeded to tell me that I should go to the beauty shop and let them put foil in my hair like that lady they saw yesterday. I told him that was too expensive. He offered to get the tin foil and do it for me.

I decided to turn on the hair dryer to keep from laughing.
And he decided to let me in on the fact that I was NOT blowdrying it like Carisa did yesterday. That was probebly why I was always complaining that I couldnt do anything with my hair.
I really HATE a mans prespective. They are always wrong. BUT I so didnt think my dear Brett would be such a crap head this early in life!
He eventually got mad and took the blow dryer. He helped me for about 2 minutes, then started to pretend to shoot matt with it. which blew the book away, and ticked off matt.
I used the flat iron and sprayed my hair. It took less than 3 minutes and I was done.
Brett said, "see thats how you do it!"
Then I had to answer every question about what I was putting on my face. But first I got the third degree on wearing contacts. "Does it hurt?" It didnt until I poked myself in the eye when you poked me in the arm to get my attention.
The the whole 5 minutes I was putting on makeup I was asked why, and if it burned, or did it come off easy?
I honestly have never been so glad to hear the baby cry in my life!

Once BR got home I fixed a little something for supper and made the boys eat. THey didnt want to. THey kept saying they wernt hungry. But I insisted.

Then we headed to baseball practice.
It went really well. Brett didnt catch a few pop fly's with his glove, but his wrist is an effective ball stop.
He hit a few good ones and slid pretty well.

Bow just smiled and laughed, and eventually went to sleep. The skeeters were awful. I am gona have to buy one of those skeeter killer things. I've heard they really work.

Matt was a bundle of energy. He ran the bases on the next field over 5 times. FAST.
He fetched every foul ball that was hit. He played, he swung on the hand rail, he bounced. He wasnt bad, I never even had to get on to him. But he was an entire bundle of energy.
When we left I told him that when he has his first practice he better NOT slow down the whole time. I better see him working his butt off. He promised he would.
He is so excited. I just wish he didnt have to wait till the 6th. Brett practices again on Tue. This time at 5:30. which is good. we didnt get home tonight till 5 after 10. and we came strait home. Matt was hungry. I told him that was too bad.
Brett asked why we couldnt stop and eat. It was 9:30, our whole town was shut down and locked up tight. Both boys were upset at this and couldnt belive we would let them starve.
THAT was why I cooked supper BEFORE we left. BUT that was hours ago.. YEP, and if we were at home they would be asleep.

Rayley was sure glad to see us. My grandfather kept asking if she wanted to go to bed, she told him NO, she wanted to go HOME!

We had to wake up Matt to get out of the truck, he came in and went strait to bed. He is still in his overalls and boots.

Bow never woke up on the transition from truck to house.

Brett had played hard and couldnt sleep with out food, so he ate 2 PB&J's. Rayley just kept falling asleep at the kitchen table.
We talked them both into going to bed and although neither one was tired they both fell asleep quickly. Rayley's movie hadnt even made it to the 'play movie' part and she was gone. Brett never got out of his baseball pants.

Maybe they will sleep late. I know I plan on it.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

You lost WHAT?

I had to be at the school at 8 this morning, so as soon as the boys left I started getting ready. Rayley was getting to go to daycare, she LOVES daycare. LOL And Bow was going with me.

I went first and did a fast food shop. Got paid 20 bucks plus reimbursement. Not bad for 10 minutes. :)

I got to the school and we worked on the yearbook ALL day. seriously. we quit at 3. After that I decided I needed to go to walmart. But first I went and got my hair cut. I had all 4 kids, but I just NEEDED a hair cut. I cant help it. I just NEED a good hair cut to feel good. I think I might even do my nails. I havent done them in well over a year. I have had nails since I was 15. But I just quit doing it.

anyway, the kids were fairly good while I got my hair cut. I was impressed. And so were the other ladies. Brett and Matt took turns holding Bow, or reading to Rayley and they were very polite the whole time.
As we were leaving a woman that I recognized from around town but couldnt place was standing there. She said, "hey, its the Byerly Boys!" OH NO! now strangers are recognizing them! Is there a wanted poster I didnt know about??
She asked them how their grandma was, how old BOw was, and told Rayley that she was just a beautiful young lady. She also told me that there was no denying they were Byerlys! I agree'd. :)

After the hair cut I decided that we should go on and get a bill of groceries. When we arrived I put Bow in his sling and Rayley in the cart. The boys each got a pocket. Bow never even woke up and I didnt get his diaper bag. I just threw my wallet and checkbook in the buggy and my keys in one back pocket and cell phone in the other.

I got the list and in we went. I had to pick up a few things for BR and so we went to the furthest end of the store. Since Brett had his hand in the cell phone pocket he took it out and held it. Matt did the same with my keys. Rayley held the list, and kept "reading" it. According to her, all we needed was 3 differnt kinds of cookies, a barbie, some cereal, a new barbie movie, and shoes. The jingle jingle of the keys was getting on my nerve, and the constant swinging of my cell phone by the wrist band had me convinced that it would go flying across the store at any moment.

But they were being good. I heard all about their school day, heard all about Rayleys fun at daycare. Who was mean and who wasnt. What she got away with and why she needed to go back tomorrow.
As we went to get the milk, we passed the bathroom, Matts eyes lit up and he had to go. RIght then! FINE. go, but hurry. Then Rayley had to go. I needed to also, but I couldnt take the boys in with me, couldnt leave them out with the buggy, had Bow strapped to me like a 35 pound necklace and just really wanted to get done, get in the car and go home. I sent Matt in to the boys, Rayley in to the girls and stood outside. When Matt came out Brett went in. These kids JUST went like 10 minutes before. Seriously. And I cant let BRett and Matt go at the same time. They just cant be left alone like that..

Once they were ALL done we got back to shopping. Me totin that dead weight of a sleeping baby, Brett flipping open my cell phone and pretending to take pictures because he thinks it will annoy me, Matt jingiling my keys and Rayley telling me I forgot the chocolate milk on the list. ( I dont BUY chocolate milk). There are certain things I cant do with while wearing Bow, I cant bend over and pick things up, I cant get the case of water, and I cant reach above my head. (it makes taking Rayley out of the buggy very hard.)

The boys had to work together to get the case of water in the buggy. It was pretty impressive. And Rayley felt she had to direct them. It was just laughable.

The kids gave me meal ideas, I vetoed cereal for supper and made a few enemies when I switched from koolaide jammers to hugs juice. (cheaper and the tops dont break off as easy and spill in the backpack). But they did get BBQ sandwiches for supper tonight. So they were happy.

When we got outside we started loading the 247.00 worth of NOTHING in the truck and Matt opened the doors to the truck. We got it all loaded up and I got in. I got Bow buckeled in, Rayley in her seat and her seatbelt on, turned on Monsters Inc, made sure the boys were also secure and everyone had a snack. I tried to make sure everything was where it was supposed to be so I could find it when I needed it. wallet, checkbook, found the Dr Pepper I had bought. counted the kids, made sure the few light weight items were in the front seat with us.

I asked Matt for the keys. he had NO idea what I was talking about. I told him I needed the keys to the truck. He said I had them.
UHHH NO, I dont.
well since the truck was started I DID have them.
NO, I keep a key in the ignition at all times, I tote a key fob, ignition key and door key with me. That way I can lock the truck, but if I loose them I am not screwed. There is also a few stuck UNDER the truck for good measure. But my alarm fob, keys, and a keychain that I tote were NOT here.
He is still puzzled.

I really didnt want to unload all the kids to go in and see if the MO-ROn had laid them down somewhere. I tried to remember where we were when the jingiling stoped. But I was drawing a blank. So I called walmart, got put through to customer service and asked them if someone had turned in some keys. ( I LOVE cell phones!!)
"Customer Service"

yes, did someone turn in some keys? they had a black fob, 4 keys---- ( I dont know what else they go to. 2 for the truck, the others I have no clue)--
a what?
a FOB, the alarm thingy, 4 ke---
and an orange keychain?
yes, there is one. its 4 keys, a fob and-----
the key chain says "Keys I havent lost yet?"
yes, thats them.
Well I guess you have lost them.
NO I havent. I know RIGHT where they are.
I told her I was going to send in my son to get them.
How will I know its your kid? cant you just come in?
NO, I just put a 3 year old, 3 month old, 7 year old and 9 year old in the truck.
he will be the only one that comes in in the next 2 minutes and asks for the keys.
well.... maybe I should ask my manager..
HE can IDENTIFY the keys. and they will unlock MY truck.
OH he can?
YES. he can.
Oh, well then if you really think you cant do it, you can send him in.
Thank you.

I looked at Brett and asked him if he knew were coustomer service was?
"Isnt that the place where you take all the stuff you dont want, or thats broke, or doesnt fit?"
yep. but they dont take kids.

I walk him across the driveway, ( did I mention I got the CLOSEST spot? the very first one closest to the building?? WHOO-HOO!) and in he goes.
I told him to walk out and I would come over and pick him up. So he comes back out a few minutes later and I drove over to get him.

"well mom, guess you can throw away this keychain now, cause its a lie" NO, its NOT a lie. I didnt loose them. MATT did.

Matt STILL swears he doesnt know how the keys became lost. he had them right there in his pocket.
5 minutes ago he swore he had never touched them!

we got home and got it all unloaded. They piled it RIGHT in the doorway. you couldnt even shut the door. they even put the water ON the porch in front of the threshold and you couldnt shut the screen door!
I made them tote the bags into the kitchen.
"but thats twice the work!"
Not if you do it right the first time!
I asked them to put up the groceries while I nursed Bow. I told them where to put the meat, and to make sure they shut the freezer door. They swore they had. And yes they put the ham in the fridge not the freezer.
They swore they were done. I walked by BR's chair and there sat the 18 chicken legs, 2 pounds of pork chops and 5 pound ham.
Just for that I made them look for that 3rd gallon of milk I had bought.
They never did find it. I guess I forgot to buy it.. durn.

Tomorrow Brett starts Baseball practice at 7. I still have to buy him some cleats and a bat. And I plan on finding someone and asking why its so expensive to play ball.. Our feilds look like crap! And the sponser donates enough money to buy the uniforms.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I have been silent all day. sorta.

Today I woke up and couldnt talk. at all. Last night I thought I might be feeling a little bad, so I took some sudefed-- I HATE taking sudafed! It makes my brain feel like a ping pong ball bouncing around in an empty room. I cant sleep, but I try. There is no sleep, its just a twilight zone. And once something wakes me up I am up.
Of course the alarm woke me up at 5:45 and I got the boys up. They in turn woke up Bow. and then proceeded to play with him.
And then woke up Rayley.
I kept telling them to go and put on socks, shoes, shirts, brush their teeth. AND they woke up Princess feedme. She came in here.
I was sitting at the end of the couch. legs pulled up and kinda curled. Bow was beside me laying on the couch on the middle cushion in his boppy pillow, and Rayley was in/on my lap. BOTH boys were draped over Bow. There was at least 3 feet of couch not used. My pingpong ball brain was bouncing, all I wanted to do was go back to sleep and all four of them were playing/laughing/whining.
Finaly my MIL drove up. and I told the boys to get their bags. Brett jumped up and grabed his bag. Matt jumped up and started looking for his boots. his FREAKIN boots!

I tried to convince Rayley to go back to sleep. NOPE. I tried to convince Bow to go back to sleep. NOPE.
If I had to go to town today both of them would be sleeping and refuse to wake up!

I still couldnt talk, and this is not good for me.
But I did manage to do 100 sit ups. I am determined to get back to some in semblence of shape. SOON. I am tired of wearing one of the two pair of pants that will fit me. I think I need to pick up the pace. My goal is to be doing 200 sit ups at a time, twice a day in a few weeks. I know its possible, last year I stopped fitting in my pants and so I bought one of those ab loungers. I started working at it. I was doing 200 sit ups a day. I did this for over a month and just kept getting bigger. I quit snacking and started drinking water. I was exercising for the first time in my life. You know how they always say once you get started you look forward to it? and you start to feel good? well [i]they[/i] are full of it. I hated every minute of it. Come to find out, I was 2 months pregnant. Since I am 3 months past baby I should already be back fitting in my jeans. But laziness and age have caught up with me.

Okay, I have always been lazy, but I had a damn good metabolism.

Matts teacher called me this morning. She was gone last week when I had written a note about some homework he had. She said she would check to see if he had finished the questions he had brought home. Last week he brought home the questions, but not the story. And then wanted to ask me if I thought the answers were right. She explained that the answers came from a paper booklet that they get on Monday, read and then do in class. But since he was absent and she was gone he had to bring it home. SHe said she knew he had the book. she had seen it under his desk on the floor today.
I hope she doesnt make him look for it. He will search all over .. the ceiling.

When the boys got home I asked Matt where his book and papers were. He didnt know what I was talking about. He did have the book, and promised he would read 10 pages if I would let him go play for an hour. I told him yes. I usually dont. I usually make them do homework before they play. But I do know how hard it is when there is only an hour of daylight. And since I make them read for 30 minutes each night he could do it then.
That little brat was no more out the door than the phone rang. It was his teacher. She had made him get the book, find the questions in his desk and bring her his backpack. She then folded the packet of questions, put it in the book and told him when he asked, that he was to take it home, redo it all and bring it back. Well she walked back into her class after school and there sat his paper. Right on top of his desk.
I called him back in. He had NO clue what I was talking about and swore he didnt remember taking the paper out. he was baffled about all of it. But boy did he well up quick. I decided he would have to read the whole book, and write the glossary terms at the end.
WHen I told him he had to read and write all that he asked if he could just have a butt whoopin instead. HA! Nope, I told him. He begged. So I relented. Told him I would give him 5 licks, and then he could do the reading and writing. He offered to clean the kitchen instead. Since he is so willing to get that whoopin and clean the kitchen I decided it was best to make him read, write and then clean the kitchen. :)

Hey, he offered.

This took about 2 hours. He did finally get to go and play.
They were pretty good concidering I couldnt do more than whisper and they couldnt hear me. I think they might have guessed that since the hollering was out I would just go to plan B. as in Butt.

When it was time to bathe and get lunches made-- I had Matt bathe first, and Brett do his lunch. I hear Rayley a few minutes later screaming at Matt for getting her wet. She was throwing toys INTO the tub, he was throwing them back. Brett wanted to take cranberry sauce to school in his lunch and got mad when I said no.
I finally switched them out. I told Matt 3 times to make his lunch. Or I would whisper it until someone heard me and would holler at Matt that I was talking to him.
I told him to get in there and make his lunch. He acutally said "why cant I eat a hot lunch?" I had let them have a hot lunch today. I decided to be nice and let them have a treat. But here he was wanting it again!
cause they cost a buck twenty five?
SO, get your butt in there and make a lunch.
"But its just easier for you to write a check."
2 seconds later he was in there making his lunch. I never [s]said[/s] whispered a word.
This no voice thing might work out for me after all.

I got the phone call on the team Brett made for baseball. We start practicing at 7:30 Friday. He doesnt know but one kid on the team. I think only two of them are 3rd graders, the rest are 4th. But he was upset, cause his friend didnt make the same team.
Since I had went over this with Matt last night, and thought I expressed myself quite well, I had told him that we are there to play Baseball, Not to just play. They need to have fun, but silliness has no place on a ballfield. And I had no qualms about taking him off the field if he was gona act a fool, which is what you tend to do when your friends are right there with you.

I turned to him and said Matt what did you learn about friends and baseball last night? "If you play on the field you'll get your ass whipped."

Out of the mouths of babes. I couldnt argue with his logic and actually was so amazed at his matter of fact tone, and sincerity that I couldnt jump on him either. Plus I had Bow asleep in my lap. He was walking away as he said it and I couldnt very well holler at him. I also didnt want to get up and risk waking up Bow.

With that they went to bed.

I have Rayley alseep, them asleep and Bow is asleep.

OH and I am going to write this, mostly to make a fool of myself, cause I know if I write it I will look like an idiot and it wont happen. ( I hope)
I swear Bow is gettin an eye tooth. One on bottom. or maybe its a canine. or a feline. its a side tooth reguardless. He's been biting there for a week or more. and its swollen and whiteish.
I hope he is not teething.

The start of baseball season. The end of Sanity.

I can honestly say that I am GLAD today is over.

I did have some good news, after spending over 38 hours trying to download programs to make my computer run right, and see if I had a virus I can report that its a carbon based error. THis in NO way helps the situation, but at least I know where the problem lays..
It took me 2 hours and 57 minutes to DL 11.7 MB Please AT&T run me some DSL! OR if they would put in that tower here on the land.. I'd go wireless!

I got the kids up this morning and Matt came out wearing his overalls. I told him that he might want to wear something less constrictive and something he could wear his chukkas with. THis pissed him off to no end. So he changed from the railroad overalls (pin stripes) to some blue jean ones and put on a button up shirt OVER the overalls and walked back out.
Like I couldnt tell.
I made him go back and change.
He wasnt happy, but did it.
I asked them to get their baseball stuff together ( again) and set it on the table, so I could find it before I had to leave today.
Within 2 minutes they were both setting in front of me. I started going down the list.
Do you BOTH have a glove?
OH! and off the go to find it.
Do you BOTH have a bat?
One goes off to find his.
I decided to wait before asking the next question, they BOTH should be in here, or I will have to repeat it.
And I also get a lecture on how Matt is NOT going to let Brett use his bat. NO way, NO how.
This reminds me that I need to buy a nice bat for Brett.. I dont go crazy on the bats. I cant even handle spending 60 bucks on one. I refuse to buy it unless its on clearence. I see these kids out there with 200.00 ones banging on the chain link fence... Its all I can do not to slap the idiot. The parent, not the kid. Kids cant help their genes..

BUT I am going to have to get him a decent bat. I just hope and pray Matt hasnt outgrown his..
oh back to the gatherin..
Both jump up. Gee whiz. They just SWORE they had EVERYTHIN on the table.. LOL
They both come out wearing a hat. I asked if they thought they should wear them to school. Brett has been wearing his lately. about 2 or 3 times a week. and amazingly enough there has been no consequences and repercussions. OF course I am worried about Matt remembering that he has a hat on his head. I fiqure it will be lost before he even gets to school. That child would loose his head if it wasnt attached to his shoulders.

So now we swear (for the second time) that we have gathered up hats, bats, gloves, everything, and so I ask about helmets.
OH yea.. Am I sure they will need those?
I promise them that YeS they will need them!

So off they go.
I also asked them to get the stuff in a bat bag, just to make it a little easier on me.

Finaly I get them all packed up. Both are wearing their hats and want to know what about cleats? I assure them they wont need cleats today, and I will have to take them to buy cleats. (YUCK!)

My mother came over this morning to bath Bow and ride to town with me. I had a few errands to run and she was going to help me corral the kids during baseball tryouts.

I was able to get a shower and do my hair with out having to come out and check on a screamin kid, stop a fight, answer the phone or fix something that is broken.

We managed to leave right on schedule. I had a few merchandising jobs I had to do, and an oil change mystery shop. For everyone else this is a GREAT deal, a free oil change and a 5.00 paycheck.. for me its pretty nice. It ends up paying 1/2 of my oil change price (cause I drive a BIG ole Truck!) and I get a 15.00 bonus. I get a higher bonus because they never can get anyone to do this job.

I also had to go and buy horse feed and pick up the kids. It looks like rain so I am keeping my fingers crossed and trying to decide if I can keep it dry. I had to resist buying a new sign for the house. Its a mock up of the sign that Gus put on the wagon they took from Lonesome Dove on their trip up north. The line "and we dont rent pigs" has always been my favorite. It kinda fits around here. I dont rent out Pork Chop, but I do allow him to do personal apperences. I always liked the argument that Call and Gus had about the sign and the embarresment it would cause when folks read it.

anyway, I took the kids to McDonalds. They were so thrilled. I got Thanked for that, and for signing them up for baseball, and for driving them around, and all kinds of stuff. Of course Brett was sucking up. He knew I was ticked at him.
WHen I picked them up from Daycare he was the first out. Sans hat.. Matt came cloppin out a few minutes later and Low and behold he had his ON! I am glad I picked up a hat on the way out the door. But unhappy that Brett had lost his.
WHen I asked what happened I got...

" It fell and when I bent over to get it, it slipped off my fingers and fell a little ways away."
In my mom interpertation I heard " I was being an idiot, I dropped it and when I bent to pick it up I chunked it and the teacher caught me"

I asked when he would get it back. He said "she said Next week, or May. Depends on how good I am."
I am bettin I dont see this hat till May. Or when Matt leaves that school in 3 years..

After eating we headed over to the ballpark, I gave them their new bat bags (the ones they have are torn, dry rotted and wont zip) Oh, did I mention I had to stop at Walmart too. While they were admiring them and putting their stuff in them I took the 150 pound of feed out of the back and put it in the front. I dont trust the skys..
Tryouts were about what I expected, but worse. I would be at one kids try out, watching him stand at the end of the line with 20 kids ahead of him, and would get a phone call from either my mom, who was sitting watching the other kid, OR a friend who was sitting watching the other one, to tell me I needed to get over there, George was gona bat, or catch, or was acting like a MO-RON! ( I will call them George from time to time. Like when I dont knwo which one is guilty, cant identify one of them, or want both to answer).
Rayley was VERY good the whole night. I was IMPRESSED! and little Bow, he just smiled and loved and flirted. I bet 20 women held him. and told me he looked just like the others.
OR like his dad. They decided there was NO way that BR could deny ANY of them. I said NOPE!, but I sure can!

In all that running I was able to see only one kid bat. and Matt did pretty well. He hit a good one. They each only got 3 tosses, so to just pick up and hit the ball with no warm up, no swings and no prior hitting for weeks I was proud. Brett hit 2. One was a line drive into all the coaches standing on the baseline.
This could be good or bad. Depends on if they want someone who can connect, or hold a grudge cause they were almost hit.
Once we left there ( A friend saw me unloading the feed from the back seat to the bed of the truck and finished it for me! ) Someone else told me I needed to buy a MINI VAN! THE nerve! I was shocked. hurt, and just downright offended..
LOL I said NOPE! This way there aint no extra seats.. I cant take NO extra kids home with me! LOL
We had to head back to walmart and another friend called. her husband is coaching in Matts league and had picked him up. They have a daughter about Rayleys age, and that will help during those long boring games. 2 more friends sons also made that team. So far Matts favorite sub, his least favorite nurse (cause she wont let him come home) and my banker are all on his team, or their kids are.
This I can handle. They all have promised to call me if I am at another field when Matt comes up to bat. One even suggested I get a bike. yea right.. Like I have the energy to ride a freakin bike all over the baseball complex. I will just waste deisel!

I havent heard what team Brett is on yet. We finaly got home after 8. they didnt get their lunches made, Didnt do any homework, and didnt even ask for more food. Matt did volunteer to hold Bow while Brett unloaded the truck and I helped. I had to put the feed back in the back seat. Its supposed to rain tonight. And I refuse to see whats under the tarp. I try to keep a tarp nice and folded. Just so i can use it in instances like this. But no, that would be to easy. They get used and tossed on the ground. Get all nasty and who knows whats livin under them!

I found out why Matt was so eager to babysit pretty quick. He fell asleep holding him on the couch. Lazy little fart.

Right now they are all asleep, I have ONE of my reports in, and I am still looking for where to report the other 2. I have about 16 companies I will work for. I cant remember who the merchandising was for and I have been through about 1/2 of them. I have to sign in and go to my jobs and see if its there. Not a big deal. Unless it takes you 2 minutes to load each page!
Since I know its gona be the last one I try (hehehehe) I am gona start at the bottom of the list and go up!

And then I am gona go to bed. its already 2 am here. I have to be up at 5:30 and start all over! I am just glad tomorrow is a PJ day! I dont go back to town till Thursday! Oh and something good did come out of searching for those jobs. I found a 20.00 Mcdonalds shop. Plus reimbursements! I love it when they get desperate!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cartoons, commercials, and cookie sheets

" I want that!", "can I PLEASE have that?"

this is what you hear when your kids wake up before you and turn it on cartoons.

Very seldom do my kids watch cartoons on TV. They have to beat me to waking up, and there are so many that I refuse to let them watch. so I decided to let it ride for a little while.

Of course I also got filled in on Alvin and the Chipmunks and how funny they were.

"mom, look this is the cartoon for that movie MeMe took us too! See that one is ALvin, he is always in trouble, thats Simon, he is smart, and thats.. "
"YES I know, I used to watch them too"
"You watch cartoons while we are gone?"
"NO, when I was a kid."
"They had THIS when you were a kid?"
Luckily a commercial for a toy that just couldnt be resisted came on. they are BEGGIN for this thing. Its some sort of apparatus that you put goo into, then it makes an alien. And the really cool thing is if you cut the alien it bleeds green goo that you put in!
WOW! I think I am going to run right out and buy this for them! NOT! Can you imagine this getting sucked up into a vaccum that already doesnt work?

I am sure this is just slightly less of a marketing ploy than the mini helecoptors that fly all around the house and you can do tricks with! my MIL got them these for Bretts birthday. they have to charge for 30 minutes and fly for 5. They are the most erratic things ever. You have to have a gentle touch to make them stay strait and they dont just whiz through door ways and land with ease. the kids gave up on precision flying and now just love to slam them into walls.
But to be honest, its fun. I will admit, I have gotten pretty proficiant with them. Oh I cant make them pick up a dime with a string on it or anything, but I can torture the cat.

Well at around 11 I decided I had heard enough of the rescue rangers and took the remote. This sent an uproar through the house. They bet that I got to watch cartoons when ever I wanted when I was a kid! YEP. between 8 am and 11 am on saturday mornings. That was the ONLY time. Of course that was before cable and satilite. They asked me how I got TV then? I told them we had an antana and got 4 channels.

"OH NO< only four channels of cartoons?" uhhhh NO. only 4 channels. period.
"oh, well so I must have watched movies then, right?"
Well after I picked myself up off the floor from laughter I explained that I was Bretts age before I ever got to watch a MOVIE at home, and we used to rent them for 3 days and take them back. There was only one TV with a VCR and renting movies was a big deal. We didnt OWN movies.

They thought I was being facetious and left the room in disgust.
WHOO-HOO! I get to watch the news...

OMG, I have became my grandmother.. LOL

I have been trying to DL a antivirus/cleaner to my machine for 2 days. I keep gettin error messages and cant get one to DL. I finaly got one that was almost downloaded. I only had 21% or 2 hours left and got booted. When I dialed back up it asked me if I wanted to save it or run it, of course I said Save. then it asked if I wanted to overwrite the current file.
I said yes...
next thing I know, I am starting back at 0% with 9 hours and 37 minutes to go!
we are traveling at the speed of SMELL. 1.87KB/sec is the fastest I have went all night!

I started over, now at 53% with 4 hours and 26 minutes. Keep your fingers crossed I dont get booted again!

My dear MIL came over tonight and brought me chicken dressin, it was so good! Every once in a while she makes a huge batch and brings it over. Of course she has to make one for me and one for the rest of the family. I dont eat onions or celery. I have had 3 plates so far. But I think Matt has me beat. That child ate his weight in it. Brett opted for just eating some chicken (that he picked OUT of the dressin) and cranberry sauce.
Rayley ate most of her plate, but Matt finished it.

I had asked Brett to put up the 12 packs of soda that were on the table and somehow he dropped one. I now have a sticky kitchen, I am not sure how he managed to get it plum across the room, but its everywhere. He did wipe at it. and only managed to use 1/2 a roll of paper towells.

The kids were pretty well behaved today. I was proud of them. Other than the broken plate, the soda, and the occasional fight we had a stress free day.

Luckily it was none of the kids fault that the plate broke. I mean they were the only ones in the kitchen, but they have no idea how it flew out of the cabinet and shattered on the floor. Of course I dont have fancy dishes, this was one that my grandmother had gotten at the grocery store years ago. I hated to see it broken, but only because I loved those plates. It took me months to steal them one by one, by taking home plates of food from her house. :) They dont match anything I own. or maybe they do. its all mismatched! Actually, after she died my grandfather and his new wife gave me all the plates in the cabinets. I bet I have 27 plates, and no more than 3 of them are from the same pattern. But this way, when one gets broken, you dont get upset, you arent missing a peice of 'never made again' pottery.

Now Rayley was on a tear today. She wouldnt give the boys ANY slack. And anytime she changed clothes if they didnt fawn over her she would tell them exactly what she thought of thier fashion sense. She even tried to make them change their T shirts to match their sleep pants. And got mad when they refused.

My sister in law took Brett and Matt out and let them target shoot today. They always enjoy that. I sure didnt mind. She had bought the shells and thats the only part that makes me cringe. Boy they can go through some bullets. Anytime they get to practice their skills and I dont have to pay is great for me!
Speaking of bullets, BR was wanting to use one of their BB guns the other day. asked me where the BB's were. I told him that there was none. He got 10 kinds of pissed. Why on earth would I NOT keep bb's in the house. Uhhhhh might be 'cause last time I bought a 5 lb jug of them I found them OUTSIDE the next day. Rained in.

Same with my matches. He will come in, get a box of my matches ( do you KNOW how hard it is to find strike anywhere matches?) and out he goes. I bet there are 7 boxes in various states of decomposition surrounding his BBQ pit. I have started doling out the matches one at a time. AND cookie sheets. He asked me the other day why all my cookie sheets were rusty. Rain water does that to them. slap some tinfoil on it and you will never know! Plus I dont have to wash them. :)

I guess I better call it a night. Our baseball tryouts were rescheduled to tomorrow. Seems they had to extend sign ups by a week. I am bettin folks aint real happy about the sign up price. Not to mention the gas it will take to run kids back and forth.

Vaccums that dont suck..... Literly!

This is a blog I wrote back on AUgust 10, 2007
Thanks to someone who had read it back then and had saved it. (since it was erased from here).
I will continue to update on my upgrade process.


Okay, I have been drooling for a dyson, but alas I am broke.

This is going to be my saga on getting a real vaccum. I am desperate. I have 3 kids, 2 dogs, a cat and a husband. This makes for ALOT of junk on my floors.. Not to mention I live in SAND. No matter what I do these mo-rons track sand into my house on a daily basis..

My MIL was nice enough to buy me a vaccum when I got my house. It was a Eureka Altima Turbo Bagless Upright SpinDuster Vacuum,
This is a BRIGHT yellow vacuum. and it has this wand for dusting.. Its supposed to be static clingy and just whoosh dust right off the shelf. This does not even work.. give it to the kids as a sword.

This is NOT a good vaccum. at 79.00 I was VERY unimpressed. It would clog up at the bottom where it first gets sucked up past the brush, within just a few minutes of getting started.
There are also 2 places you have to clean constantly. I found myself cleaning them at least 3 times to vaccum my small living room. The first is the small collection cup. you cant keep this thing empty. (unless the hose is clogged, then it stays empty) the second is the air filter. This would get dog hair, plastic peices, and enough dirt to plant a potatoe patch in it with just a few minutes of running. and its really hard to clean. I dont think all of this stuff was supposed to be up in there, it was supposed to be caught in the main chamber but would go on through.

When you spend more time taking a vacuum apart and cleaning it out instead of using it you have a problem. and thats what I did. Every other day I try to vacuum, its not like we are talking about a years worth of grime here... But I would have to clean it out each time, the entire line of hose, the filters, and the canister would have to be dumped a few times.

So yesterday I traded it in. I got tired of turning it on and it blowing sand BACK on me!! I got a Dirt Devil Ultravision. (Dirt Devil Ultra Vision Turbo Bagless Upright Vacuum, M087300) it was 87.00 ITs a pretty color of Green.. I used it for the first time today. Although it has a large dirt compartment it has a VERY obvious flaw. the dirt goes right into this compartment, (good so far) but the suction is coming from th etop. There is a little screen, a foam filter and then the hepa crap filter. well, there was not 1/2 inch of dirt and hair in the cup before the screen at the top was covered with hair, therefor reducing the suction. I would have to stop, and bang on the side to make it all fall down.. Then I could start again. I at least expect a vacuum to really work the first day out of the box. This one DIDNT! I will be taking it back soon.
OH and did I tell you about the cup? well its got a lever/button that dumps from the bottom. so you get a WHOOOSH of dust into your trash can in the kitchen.. you havent already swept and mopped in there have you???
then you have to get the top off and hit the paper filter on the side of your trash can to get it cleaned out. yea... I want to hit a dust filled large plastic thing IN my kitchen against a trash can so I can choke in there too...

Next installment soon.... I am just going to keep going up the ladder till I find one that will do it right the FIRST time.

How many folks out there just accept that a vacuum isnt good and either continue to use it or worse, set it aside and never use it again?? Therefor buying a new one?