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Thursday, February 28, 2008

You lost WHAT?

I had to be at the school at 8 this morning, so as soon as the boys left I started getting ready. Rayley was getting to go to daycare, she LOVES daycare. LOL And Bow was going with me.

I went first and did a fast food shop. Got paid 20 bucks plus reimbursement. Not bad for 10 minutes. :)

I got to the school and we worked on the yearbook ALL day. seriously. we quit at 3. After that I decided I needed to go to walmart. But first I went and got my hair cut. I had all 4 kids, but I just NEEDED a hair cut. I cant help it. I just NEED a good hair cut to feel good. I think I might even do my nails. I havent done them in well over a year. I have had nails since I was 15. But I just quit doing it.

anyway, the kids were fairly good while I got my hair cut. I was impressed. And so were the other ladies. Brett and Matt took turns holding Bow, or reading to Rayley and they were very polite the whole time.
As we were leaving a woman that I recognized from around town but couldnt place was standing there. She said, "hey, its the Byerly Boys!" OH NO! now strangers are recognizing them! Is there a wanted poster I didnt know about??
She asked them how their grandma was, how old BOw was, and told Rayley that she was just a beautiful young lady. She also told me that there was no denying they were Byerlys! I agree'd. :)

After the hair cut I decided that we should go on and get a bill of groceries. When we arrived I put Bow in his sling and Rayley in the cart. The boys each got a pocket. Bow never even woke up and I didnt get his diaper bag. I just threw my wallet and checkbook in the buggy and my keys in one back pocket and cell phone in the other.

I got the list and in we went. I had to pick up a few things for BR and so we went to the furthest end of the store. Since Brett had his hand in the cell phone pocket he took it out and held it. Matt did the same with my keys. Rayley held the list, and kept "reading" it. According to her, all we needed was 3 differnt kinds of cookies, a barbie, some cereal, a new barbie movie, and shoes. The jingle jingle of the keys was getting on my nerve, and the constant swinging of my cell phone by the wrist band had me convinced that it would go flying across the store at any moment.

But they were being good. I heard all about their school day, heard all about Rayleys fun at daycare. Who was mean and who wasnt. What she got away with and why she needed to go back tomorrow.
As we went to get the milk, we passed the bathroom, Matts eyes lit up and he had to go. RIght then! FINE. go, but hurry. Then Rayley had to go. I needed to also, but I couldnt take the boys in with me, couldnt leave them out with the buggy, had Bow strapped to me like a 35 pound necklace and just really wanted to get done, get in the car and go home. I sent Matt in to the boys, Rayley in to the girls and stood outside. When Matt came out Brett went in. These kids JUST went like 10 minutes before. Seriously. And I cant let BRett and Matt go at the same time. They just cant be left alone like that..

Once they were ALL done we got back to shopping. Me totin that dead weight of a sleeping baby, Brett flipping open my cell phone and pretending to take pictures because he thinks it will annoy me, Matt jingiling my keys and Rayley telling me I forgot the chocolate milk on the list. ( I dont BUY chocolate milk). There are certain things I cant do with while wearing Bow, I cant bend over and pick things up, I cant get the case of water, and I cant reach above my head. (it makes taking Rayley out of the buggy very hard.)

The boys had to work together to get the case of water in the buggy. It was pretty impressive. And Rayley felt she had to direct them. It was just laughable.

The kids gave me meal ideas, I vetoed cereal for supper and made a few enemies when I switched from koolaide jammers to hugs juice. (cheaper and the tops dont break off as easy and spill in the backpack). But they did get BBQ sandwiches for supper tonight. So they were happy.

When we got outside we started loading the 247.00 worth of NOTHING in the truck and Matt opened the doors to the truck. We got it all loaded up and I got in. I got Bow buckeled in, Rayley in her seat and her seatbelt on, turned on Monsters Inc, made sure the boys were also secure and everyone had a snack. I tried to make sure everything was where it was supposed to be so I could find it when I needed it. wallet, checkbook, found the Dr Pepper I had bought. counted the kids, made sure the few light weight items were in the front seat with us.

I asked Matt for the keys. he had NO idea what I was talking about. I told him I needed the keys to the truck. He said I had them.
UHHH NO, I dont.
well since the truck was started I DID have them.
NO, I keep a key in the ignition at all times, I tote a key fob, ignition key and door key with me. That way I can lock the truck, but if I loose them I am not screwed. There is also a few stuck UNDER the truck for good measure. But my alarm fob, keys, and a keychain that I tote were NOT here.
He is still puzzled.

I really didnt want to unload all the kids to go in and see if the MO-ROn had laid them down somewhere. I tried to remember where we were when the jingiling stoped. But I was drawing a blank. So I called walmart, got put through to customer service and asked them if someone had turned in some keys. ( I LOVE cell phones!!)
"Customer Service"

yes, did someone turn in some keys? they had a black fob, 4 keys---- ( I dont know what else they go to. 2 for the truck, the others I have no clue)--
a what?
a FOB, the alarm thingy, 4 ke---
and an orange keychain?
yes, there is one. its 4 keys, a fob and-----
the key chain says "Keys I havent lost yet?"
yes, thats them.
Well I guess you have lost them.
NO I havent. I know RIGHT where they are.
I told her I was going to send in my son to get them.
How will I know its your kid? cant you just come in?
NO, I just put a 3 year old, 3 month old, 7 year old and 9 year old in the truck.
he will be the only one that comes in in the next 2 minutes and asks for the keys.
well.... maybe I should ask my manager..
HE can IDENTIFY the keys. and they will unlock MY truck.
OH he can?
YES. he can.
Oh, well then if you really think you cant do it, you can send him in.
Thank you.

I looked at Brett and asked him if he knew were coustomer service was?
"Isnt that the place where you take all the stuff you dont want, or thats broke, or doesnt fit?"
yep. but they dont take kids.

I walk him across the driveway, ( did I mention I got the CLOSEST spot? the very first one closest to the building?? WHOO-HOO!) and in he goes.
I told him to walk out and I would come over and pick him up. So he comes back out a few minutes later and I drove over to get him.

"well mom, guess you can throw away this keychain now, cause its a lie" NO, its NOT a lie. I didnt loose them. MATT did.

Matt STILL swears he doesnt know how the keys became lost. he had them right there in his pocket.
5 minutes ago he swore he had never touched them!

we got home and got it all unloaded. They piled it RIGHT in the doorway. you couldnt even shut the door. they even put the water ON the porch in front of the threshold and you couldnt shut the screen door!
I made them tote the bags into the kitchen.
"but thats twice the work!"
Not if you do it right the first time!
I asked them to put up the groceries while I nursed Bow. I told them where to put the meat, and to make sure they shut the freezer door. They swore they had. And yes they put the ham in the fridge not the freezer.
They swore they were done. I walked by BR's chair and there sat the 18 chicken legs, 2 pounds of pork chops and 5 pound ham.
Just for that I made them look for that 3rd gallon of milk I had bought.
They never did find it. I guess I forgot to buy it.. durn.

Tomorrow Brett starts Baseball practice at 7. I still have to buy him some cleats and a bat. And I plan on finding someone and asking why its so expensive to play ball.. Our feilds look like crap! And the sponser donates enough money to buy the uniforms.

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