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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Vaccums that dont suck..... Literly!

This is a blog I wrote back on AUgust 10, 2007
Thanks to someone who had read it back then and had saved it. (since it was erased from here).
I will continue to update on my upgrade process.


Okay, I have been drooling for a dyson, but alas I am broke.

This is going to be my saga on getting a real vaccum. I am desperate. I have 3 kids, 2 dogs, a cat and a husband. This makes for ALOT of junk on my floors.. Not to mention I live in SAND. No matter what I do these mo-rons track sand into my house on a daily basis..

My MIL was nice enough to buy me a vaccum when I got my house. It was a Eureka Altima Turbo Bagless Upright SpinDuster Vacuum,
This is a BRIGHT yellow vacuum. and it has this wand for dusting.. Its supposed to be static clingy and just whoosh dust right off the shelf. This does not even work.. give it to the kids as a sword.

This is NOT a good vaccum. at 79.00 I was VERY unimpressed. It would clog up at the bottom where it first gets sucked up past the brush, within just a few minutes of getting started.
There are also 2 places you have to clean constantly. I found myself cleaning them at least 3 times to vaccum my small living room. The first is the small collection cup. you cant keep this thing empty. (unless the hose is clogged, then it stays empty) the second is the air filter. This would get dog hair, plastic peices, and enough dirt to plant a potatoe patch in it with just a few minutes of running. and its really hard to clean. I dont think all of this stuff was supposed to be up in there, it was supposed to be caught in the main chamber but would go on through.

When you spend more time taking a vacuum apart and cleaning it out instead of using it you have a problem. and thats what I did. Every other day I try to vacuum, its not like we are talking about a years worth of grime here... But I would have to clean it out each time, the entire line of hose, the filters, and the canister would have to be dumped a few times.

So yesterday I traded it in. I got tired of turning it on and it blowing sand BACK on me!! I got a Dirt Devil Ultravision. (Dirt Devil Ultra Vision Turbo Bagless Upright Vacuum, M087300) it was 87.00 ITs a pretty color of Green.. I used it for the first time today. Although it has a large dirt compartment it has a VERY obvious flaw. the dirt goes right into this compartment, (good so far) but the suction is coming from th etop. There is a little screen, a foam filter and then the hepa crap filter. well, there was not 1/2 inch of dirt and hair in the cup before the screen at the top was covered with hair, therefor reducing the suction. I would have to stop, and bang on the side to make it all fall down.. Then I could start again. I at least expect a vacuum to really work the first day out of the box. This one DIDNT! I will be taking it back soon.
OH and did I tell you about the cup? well its got a lever/button that dumps from the bottom. so you get a WHOOOSH of dust into your trash can in the kitchen.. you havent already swept and mopped in there have you???
then you have to get the top off and hit the paper filter on the side of your trash can to get it cleaned out. yea... I want to hit a dust filled large plastic thing IN my kitchen against a trash can so I can choke in there too...

Next installment soon.... I am just going to keep going up the ladder till I find one that will do it right the FIRST time.

How many folks out there just accept that a vacuum isnt good and either continue to use it or worse, set it aside and never use it again?? Therefor buying a new one?

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