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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cartoons, commercials, and cookie sheets

" I want that!", "can I PLEASE have that?"

this is what you hear when your kids wake up before you and turn it on cartoons.

Very seldom do my kids watch cartoons on TV. They have to beat me to waking up, and there are so many that I refuse to let them watch. so I decided to let it ride for a little while.

Of course I also got filled in on Alvin and the Chipmunks and how funny they were.

"mom, look this is the cartoon for that movie MeMe took us too! See that one is ALvin, he is always in trouble, thats Simon, he is smart, and thats.. "
"YES I know, I used to watch them too"
"You watch cartoons while we are gone?"
"NO, when I was a kid."
"They had THIS when you were a kid?"
Luckily a commercial for a toy that just couldnt be resisted came on. they are BEGGIN for this thing. Its some sort of apparatus that you put goo into, then it makes an alien. And the really cool thing is if you cut the alien it bleeds green goo that you put in!
WOW! I think I am going to run right out and buy this for them! NOT! Can you imagine this getting sucked up into a vaccum that already doesnt work?

I am sure this is just slightly less of a marketing ploy than the mini helecoptors that fly all around the house and you can do tricks with! my MIL got them these for Bretts birthday. they have to charge for 30 minutes and fly for 5. They are the most erratic things ever. You have to have a gentle touch to make them stay strait and they dont just whiz through door ways and land with ease. the kids gave up on precision flying and now just love to slam them into walls.
But to be honest, its fun. I will admit, I have gotten pretty proficiant with them. Oh I cant make them pick up a dime with a string on it or anything, but I can torture the cat.

Well at around 11 I decided I had heard enough of the rescue rangers and took the remote. This sent an uproar through the house. They bet that I got to watch cartoons when ever I wanted when I was a kid! YEP. between 8 am and 11 am on saturday mornings. That was the ONLY time. Of course that was before cable and satilite. They asked me how I got TV then? I told them we had an antana and got 4 channels.

"OH NO< only four channels of cartoons?" uhhhh NO. only 4 channels. period.
"oh, well so I must have watched movies then, right?"
Well after I picked myself up off the floor from laughter I explained that I was Bretts age before I ever got to watch a MOVIE at home, and we used to rent them for 3 days and take them back. There was only one TV with a VCR and renting movies was a big deal. We didnt OWN movies.

They thought I was being facetious and left the room in disgust.
WHOO-HOO! I get to watch the news...

OMG, I have became my grandmother.. LOL

I have been trying to DL a antivirus/cleaner to my machine for 2 days. I keep gettin error messages and cant get one to DL. I finaly got one that was almost downloaded. I only had 21% or 2 hours left and got booted. When I dialed back up it asked me if I wanted to save it or run it, of course I said Save. then it asked if I wanted to overwrite the current file.
I said yes...
next thing I know, I am starting back at 0% with 9 hours and 37 minutes to go!
we are traveling at the speed of SMELL. 1.87KB/sec is the fastest I have went all night!

I started over, now at 53% with 4 hours and 26 minutes. Keep your fingers crossed I dont get booted again!

My dear MIL came over tonight and brought me chicken dressin, it was so good! Every once in a while she makes a huge batch and brings it over. Of course she has to make one for me and one for the rest of the family. I dont eat onions or celery. I have had 3 plates so far. But I think Matt has me beat. That child ate his weight in it. Brett opted for just eating some chicken (that he picked OUT of the dressin) and cranberry sauce.
Rayley ate most of her plate, but Matt finished it.

I had asked Brett to put up the 12 packs of soda that were on the table and somehow he dropped one. I now have a sticky kitchen, I am not sure how he managed to get it plum across the room, but its everywhere. He did wipe at it. and only managed to use 1/2 a roll of paper towells.

The kids were pretty well behaved today. I was proud of them. Other than the broken plate, the soda, and the occasional fight we had a stress free day.

Luckily it was none of the kids fault that the plate broke. I mean they were the only ones in the kitchen, but they have no idea how it flew out of the cabinet and shattered on the floor. Of course I dont have fancy dishes, this was one that my grandmother had gotten at the grocery store years ago. I hated to see it broken, but only because I loved those plates. It took me months to steal them one by one, by taking home plates of food from her house. :) They dont match anything I own. or maybe they do. its all mismatched! Actually, after she died my grandfather and his new wife gave me all the plates in the cabinets. I bet I have 27 plates, and no more than 3 of them are from the same pattern. But this way, when one gets broken, you dont get upset, you arent missing a peice of 'never made again' pottery.

Now Rayley was on a tear today. She wouldnt give the boys ANY slack. And anytime she changed clothes if they didnt fawn over her she would tell them exactly what she thought of thier fashion sense. She even tried to make them change their T shirts to match their sleep pants. And got mad when they refused.

My sister in law took Brett and Matt out and let them target shoot today. They always enjoy that. I sure didnt mind. She had bought the shells and thats the only part that makes me cringe. Boy they can go through some bullets. Anytime they get to practice their skills and I dont have to pay is great for me!
Speaking of bullets, BR was wanting to use one of their BB guns the other day. asked me where the BB's were. I told him that there was none. He got 10 kinds of pissed. Why on earth would I NOT keep bb's in the house. Uhhhhh might be 'cause last time I bought a 5 lb jug of them I found them OUTSIDE the next day. Rained in.

Same with my matches. He will come in, get a box of my matches ( do you KNOW how hard it is to find strike anywhere matches?) and out he goes. I bet there are 7 boxes in various states of decomposition surrounding his BBQ pit. I have started doling out the matches one at a time. AND cookie sheets. He asked me the other day why all my cookie sheets were rusty. Rain water does that to them. slap some tinfoil on it and you will never know! Plus I dont have to wash them. :)

I guess I better call it a night. Our baseball tryouts were rescheduled to tomorrow. Seems they had to extend sign ups by a week. I am bettin folks aint real happy about the sign up price. Not to mention the gas it will take to run kids back and forth.


kath said...

never a dull moment at your house!

maidto5 said...

LOL, and I only post the G rated and non arrestable offences! ;) LOL