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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The start of baseball season. The end of Sanity.

I can honestly say that I am GLAD today is over.

I did have some good news, after spending over 38 hours trying to download programs to make my computer run right, and see if I had a virus I can report that its a carbon based error. THis in NO way helps the situation, but at least I know where the problem lays..
It took me 2 hours and 57 minutes to DL 11.7 MB Please AT&T run me some DSL! OR if they would put in that tower here on the land.. I'd go wireless!

I got the kids up this morning and Matt came out wearing his overalls. I told him that he might want to wear something less constrictive and something he could wear his chukkas with. THis pissed him off to no end. So he changed from the railroad overalls (pin stripes) to some blue jean ones and put on a button up shirt OVER the overalls and walked back out.
Like I couldnt tell.
I made him go back and change.
He wasnt happy, but did it.
I asked them to get their baseball stuff together ( again) and set it on the table, so I could find it before I had to leave today.
Within 2 minutes they were both setting in front of me. I started going down the list.
Do you BOTH have a glove?
OH! and off the go to find it.
Do you BOTH have a bat?
One goes off to find his.
I decided to wait before asking the next question, they BOTH should be in here, or I will have to repeat it.
And I also get a lecture on how Matt is NOT going to let Brett use his bat. NO way, NO how.
This reminds me that I need to buy a nice bat for Brett.. I dont go crazy on the bats. I cant even handle spending 60 bucks on one. I refuse to buy it unless its on clearence. I see these kids out there with 200.00 ones banging on the chain link fence... Its all I can do not to slap the idiot. The parent, not the kid. Kids cant help their genes..

BUT I am going to have to get him a decent bat. I just hope and pray Matt hasnt outgrown his..
oh back to the gatherin..
Both jump up. Gee whiz. They just SWORE they had EVERYTHIN on the table.. LOL
They both come out wearing a hat. I asked if they thought they should wear them to school. Brett has been wearing his lately. about 2 or 3 times a week. and amazingly enough there has been no consequences and repercussions. OF course I am worried about Matt remembering that he has a hat on his head. I fiqure it will be lost before he even gets to school. That child would loose his head if it wasnt attached to his shoulders.

So now we swear (for the second time) that we have gathered up hats, bats, gloves, everything, and so I ask about helmets.
OH yea.. Am I sure they will need those?
I promise them that YeS they will need them!

So off they go.
I also asked them to get the stuff in a bat bag, just to make it a little easier on me.

Finaly I get them all packed up. Both are wearing their hats and want to know what about cleats? I assure them they wont need cleats today, and I will have to take them to buy cleats. (YUCK!)

My mother came over this morning to bath Bow and ride to town with me. I had a few errands to run and she was going to help me corral the kids during baseball tryouts.

I was able to get a shower and do my hair with out having to come out and check on a screamin kid, stop a fight, answer the phone or fix something that is broken.

We managed to leave right on schedule. I had a few merchandising jobs I had to do, and an oil change mystery shop. For everyone else this is a GREAT deal, a free oil change and a 5.00 paycheck.. for me its pretty nice. It ends up paying 1/2 of my oil change price (cause I drive a BIG ole Truck!) and I get a 15.00 bonus. I get a higher bonus because they never can get anyone to do this job.

I also had to go and buy horse feed and pick up the kids. It looks like rain so I am keeping my fingers crossed and trying to decide if I can keep it dry. I had to resist buying a new sign for the house. Its a mock up of the sign that Gus put on the wagon they took from Lonesome Dove on their trip up north. The line "and we dont rent pigs" has always been my favorite. It kinda fits around here. I dont rent out Pork Chop, but I do allow him to do personal apperences. I always liked the argument that Call and Gus had about the sign and the embarresment it would cause when folks read it.

anyway, I took the kids to McDonalds. They were so thrilled. I got Thanked for that, and for signing them up for baseball, and for driving them around, and all kinds of stuff. Of course Brett was sucking up. He knew I was ticked at him.
WHen I picked them up from Daycare he was the first out. Sans hat.. Matt came cloppin out a few minutes later and Low and behold he had his ON! I am glad I picked up a hat on the way out the door. But unhappy that Brett had lost his.
WHen I asked what happened I got...

" It fell and when I bent over to get it, it slipped off my fingers and fell a little ways away."
In my mom interpertation I heard " I was being an idiot, I dropped it and when I bent to pick it up I chunked it and the teacher caught me"

I asked when he would get it back. He said "she said Next week, or May. Depends on how good I am."
I am bettin I dont see this hat till May. Or when Matt leaves that school in 3 years..

After eating we headed over to the ballpark, I gave them their new bat bags (the ones they have are torn, dry rotted and wont zip) Oh, did I mention I had to stop at Walmart too. While they were admiring them and putting their stuff in them I took the 150 pound of feed out of the back and put it in the front. I dont trust the skys..
Tryouts were about what I expected, but worse. I would be at one kids try out, watching him stand at the end of the line with 20 kids ahead of him, and would get a phone call from either my mom, who was sitting watching the other kid, OR a friend who was sitting watching the other one, to tell me I needed to get over there, George was gona bat, or catch, or was acting like a MO-RON! ( I will call them George from time to time. Like when I dont knwo which one is guilty, cant identify one of them, or want both to answer).
Rayley was VERY good the whole night. I was IMPRESSED! and little Bow, he just smiled and loved and flirted. I bet 20 women held him. and told me he looked just like the others.
OR like his dad. They decided there was NO way that BR could deny ANY of them. I said NOPE!, but I sure can!

In all that running I was able to see only one kid bat. and Matt did pretty well. He hit a good one. They each only got 3 tosses, so to just pick up and hit the ball with no warm up, no swings and no prior hitting for weeks I was proud. Brett hit 2. One was a line drive into all the coaches standing on the baseline.
This could be good or bad. Depends on if they want someone who can connect, or hold a grudge cause they were almost hit.
Once we left there ( A friend saw me unloading the feed from the back seat to the bed of the truck and finished it for me! ) Someone else told me I needed to buy a MINI VAN! THE nerve! I was shocked. hurt, and just downright offended..
LOL I said NOPE! This way there aint no extra seats.. I cant take NO extra kids home with me! LOL
We had to head back to walmart and another friend called. her husband is coaching in Matts league and had picked him up. They have a daughter about Rayleys age, and that will help during those long boring games. 2 more friends sons also made that team. So far Matts favorite sub, his least favorite nurse (cause she wont let him come home) and my banker are all on his team, or their kids are.
This I can handle. They all have promised to call me if I am at another field when Matt comes up to bat. One even suggested I get a bike. yea right.. Like I have the energy to ride a freakin bike all over the baseball complex. I will just waste deisel!

I havent heard what team Brett is on yet. We finaly got home after 8. they didnt get their lunches made, Didnt do any homework, and didnt even ask for more food. Matt did volunteer to hold Bow while Brett unloaded the truck and I helped. I had to put the feed back in the back seat. Its supposed to rain tonight. And I refuse to see whats under the tarp. I try to keep a tarp nice and folded. Just so i can use it in instances like this. But no, that would be to easy. They get used and tossed on the ground. Get all nasty and who knows whats livin under them!

I found out why Matt was so eager to babysit pretty quick. He fell asleep holding him on the couch. Lazy little fart.

Right now they are all asleep, I have ONE of my reports in, and I am still looking for where to report the other 2. I have about 16 companies I will work for. I cant remember who the merchandising was for and I have been through about 1/2 of them. I have to sign in and go to my jobs and see if its there. Not a big deal. Unless it takes you 2 minutes to load each page!
Since I know its gona be the last one I try (hehehehe) I am gona start at the bottom of the list and go up!

And then I am gona go to bed. its already 2 am here. I have to be up at 5:30 and start all over! I am just glad tomorrow is a PJ day! I dont go back to town till Thursday! Oh and something good did come out of searching for those jobs. I found a 20.00 Mcdonalds shop. Plus reimbursements! I love it when they get desperate!

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