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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I have been silent all day. sorta.

Today I woke up and couldnt talk. at all. Last night I thought I might be feeling a little bad, so I took some sudefed-- I HATE taking sudafed! It makes my brain feel like a ping pong ball bouncing around in an empty room. I cant sleep, but I try. There is no sleep, its just a twilight zone. And once something wakes me up I am up.
Of course the alarm woke me up at 5:45 and I got the boys up. They in turn woke up Bow. and then proceeded to play with him.
And then woke up Rayley.
I kept telling them to go and put on socks, shoes, shirts, brush their teeth. AND they woke up Princess feedme. She came in here.
I was sitting at the end of the couch. legs pulled up and kinda curled. Bow was beside me laying on the couch on the middle cushion in his boppy pillow, and Rayley was in/on my lap. BOTH boys were draped over Bow. There was at least 3 feet of couch not used. My pingpong ball brain was bouncing, all I wanted to do was go back to sleep and all four of them were playing/laughing/whining.
Finaly my MIL drove up. and I told the boys to get their bags. Brett jumped up and grabed his bag. Matt jumped up and started looking for his boots. his FREAKIN boots!

I tried to convince Rayley to go back to sleep. NOPE. I tried to convince Bow to go back to sleep. NOPE.
If I had to go to town today both of them would be sleeping and refuse to wake up!

I still couldnt talk, and this is not good for me.
But I did manage to do 100 sit ups. I am determined to get back to some in semblence of shape. SOON. I am tired of wearing one of the two pair of pants that will fit me. I think I need to pick up the pace. My goal is to be doing 200 sit ups at a time, twice a day in a few weeks. I know its possible, last year I stopped fitting in my pants and so I bought one of those ab loungers. I started working at it. I was doing 200 sit ups a day. I did this for over a month and just kept getting bigger. I quit snacking and started drinking water. I was exercising for the first time in my life. You know how they always say once you get started you look forward to it? and you start to feel good? well [i]they[/i] are full of it. I hated every minute of it. Come to find out, I was 2 months pregnant. Since I am 3 months past baby I should already be back fitting in my jeans. But laziness and age have caught up with me.

Okay, I have always been lazy, but I had a damn good metabolism.

Matts teacher called me this morning. She was gone last week when I had written a note about some homework he had. She said she would check to see if he had finished the questions he had brought home. Last week he brought home the questions, but not the story. And then wanted to ask me if I thought the answers were right. She explained that the answers came from a paper booklet that they get on Monday, read and then do in class. But since he was absent and she was gone he had to bring it home. SHe said she knew he had the book. she had seen it under his desk on the floor today.
I hope she doesnt make him look for it. He will search all over .. the ceiling.

When the boys got home I asked Matt where his book and papers were. He didnt know what I was talking about. He did have the book, and promised he would read 10 pages if I would let him go play for an hour. I told him yes. I usually dont. I usually make them do homework before they play. But I do know how hard it is when there is only an hour of daylight. And since I make them read for 30 minutes each night he could do it then.
That little brat was no more out the door than the phone rang. It was his teacher. She had made him get the book, find the questions in his desk and bring her his backpack. She then folded the packet of questions, put it in the book and told him when he asked, that he was to take it home, redo it all and bring it back. Well she walked back into her class after school and there sat his paper. Right on top of his desk.
I called him back in. He had NO clue what I was talking about and swore he didnt remember taking the paper out. he was baffled about all of it. But boy did he well up quick. I decided he would have to read the whole book, and write the glossary terms at the end.
WHen I told him he had to read and write all that he asked if he could just have a butt whoopin instead. HA! Nope, I told him. He begged. So I relented. Told him I would give him 5 licks, and then he could do the reading and writing. He offered to clean the kitchen instead. Since he is so willing to get that whoopin and clean the kitchen I decided it was best to make him read, write and then clean the kitchen. :)

Hey, he offered.

This took about 2 hours. He did finally get to go and play.
They were pretty good concidering I couldnt do more than whisper and they couldnt hear me. I think they might have guessed that since the hollering was out I would just go to plan B. as in Butt.

When it was time to bathe and get lunches made-- I had Matt bathe first, and Brett do his lunch. I hear Rayley a few minutes later screaming at Matt for getting her wet. She was throwing toys INTO the tub, he was throwing them back. Brett wanted to take cranberry sauce to school in his lunch and got mad when I said no.
I finally switched them out. I told Matt 3 times to make his lunch. Or I would whisper it until someone heard me and would holler at Matt that I was talking to him.
I told him to get in there and make his lunch. He acutally said "why cant I eat a hot lunch?" I had let them have a hot lunch today. I decided to be nice and let them have a treat. But here he was wanting it again!
cause they cost a buck twenty five?
SO, get your butt in there and make a lunch.
"But its just easier for you to write a check."
2 seconds later he was in there making his lunch. I never [s]said[/s] whispered a word.
This no voice thing might work out for me after all.

I got the phone call on the team Brett made for baseball. We start practicing at 7:30 Friday. He doesnt know but one kid on the team. I think only two of them are 3rd graders, the rest are 4th. But he was upset, cause his friend didnt make the same team.
Since I had went over this with Matt last night, and thought I expressed myself quite well, I had told him that we are there to play Baseball, Not to just play. They need to have fun, but silliness has no place on a ballfield. And I had no qualms about taking him off the field if he was gona act a fool, which is what you tend to do when your friends are right there with you.

I turned to him and said Matt what did you learn about friends and baseball last night? "If you play on the field you'll get your ass whipped."

Out of the mouths of babes. I couldnt argue with his logic and actually was so amazed at his matter of fact tone, and sincerity that I couldnt jump on him either. Plus I had Bow asleep in my lap. He was walking away as he said it and I couldnt very well holler at him. I also didnt want to get up and risk waking up Bow.

With that they went to bed.

I have Rayley alseep, them asleep and Bow is asleep.

OH and I am going to write this, mostly to make a fool of myself, cause I know if I write it I will look like an idiot and it wont happen. ( I hope)
I swear Bow is gettin an eye tooth. One on bottom. or maybe its a canine. or a feline. its a side tooth reguardless. He's been biting there for a week or more. and its swollen and whiteish.
I hope he is not teething.

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