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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Well, at least I am clean.

A nice day at home in my PJ's. well at least till we had to be at ball practice at 7:30. I didnt do crap. Hunney (my grandfather) came by and got the mini monster to go and visit with them for a few hours. She was very excited. She LOVES to go places.

Once BR went to work and I got Bow to sleep I decided to take a little nap, I was getting a miagraine. ABout the time I went to sleep, the phone rang. Dear Hillary was asking me for my vote and support.

uhhhhh NO. But I am always up for a good laugh.

Right about the time I got dozed back off, I got a call to see if I was happy with my dishnetwork.
uhhhhhh NO. And I wasnt even able to laugh.

Once again, back down I lay, got Bow quiet again and BR called. He needed a phone number.

Luckily about this time the kids came home. Matt immediatly came and got Bow, made sure he was good and awake. And decided he was hungry. Off he went to find some food. Little Brat.

I decided I was gona take a shower. I told the boys to watch the baby and I would be back in a minute.
I had no more than got lathered up and Matt came in, could he use my bathroom, cause Brett was in theirs?
Sure, I guess. I wish JUST once I could take a shower with out interuption. I had planned to wear pedal pushers today and wanted to shave my legs.. guess that was out.
First thing I hear is
"did you know that Koala's only eat Eucolyptus?"
"Yes I did."
"Did I tell you we found Mole bones at school?"
"yes" Gosh this water is getting cool...
"Hannah didnt know what it was, But I knew!"
"very good, are you about done now?"
Then he started reading to me out of the readers digest. I have turned the cold water off, and its decently warm.
About this time Brett came in.
"what ya doin mom?"
"uhhhh.... taking a shower. Where is Bow"
"playin on the floor, what ya doin in here Matt?"
"what's it look like Brett? Do you think I'm sittin here cause I like to read?"
Then he sits on the side of the tub and starts to tell me about his day. I asked if he should be in there with Bow.
Nope, Bow was asleep. he fell asleep while playing.
ALl I wanted was a shower. A warm shower. This is NOT a warm shower anymore. I asked Matt if he thought he was about done.
"Naw" he says, this book is pretty good."
The water is FREEZING by now!!
I listened for a little while longer to thier stories about thier day. Eventuallly I realized they were not going to shut up, and I jusr couldn't take it any longer,
I turned it off and reached out and got the towell. I got out and went over to get ready. Matt was done, but sitting beside Brett to read the magazine. I asked if they were just gona watch me get ready.
"YEP. they had missed me at school today."

Brett came over and started looking at my hair. he told me I needed to redye my hair.
I dont die my hair.
He asked why I had those streaks.
The sun does it.
He proceeded to tell me that I should go to the beauty shop and let them put foil in my hair like that lady they saw yesterday. I told him that was too expensive. He offered to get the tin foil and do it for me.

I decided to turn on the hair dryer to keep from laughing.
And he decided to let me in on the fact that I was NOT blowdrying it like Carisa did yesterday. That was probebly why I was always complaining that I couldnt do anything with my hair.
I really HATE a mans prespective. They are always wrong. BUT I so didnt think my dear Brett would be such a crap head this early in life!
He eventually got mad and took the blow dryer. He helped me for about 2 minutes, then started to pretend to shoot matt with it. which blew the book away, and ticked off matt.
I used the flat iron and sprayed my hair. It took less than 3 minutes and I was done.
Brett said, "see thats how you do it!"
Then I had to answer every question about what I was putting on my face. But first I got the third degree on wearing contacts. "Does it hurt?" It didnt until I poked myself in the eye when you poked me in the arm to get my attention.
The the whole 5 minutes I was putting on makeup I was asked why, and if it burned, or did it come off easy?
I honestly have never been so glad to hear the baby cry in my life!

Once BR got home I fixed a little something for supper and made the boys eat. THey didnt want to. THey kept saying they wernt hungry. But I insisted.

Then we headed to baseball practice.
It went really well. Brett didnt catch a few pop fly's with his glove, but his wrist is an effective ball stop.
He hit a few good ones and slid pretty well.

Bow just smiled and laughed, and eventually went to sleep. The skeeters were awful. I am gona have to buy one of those skeeter killer things. I've heard they really work.

Matt was a bundle of energy. He ran the bases on the next field over 5 times. FAST.
He fetched every foul ball that was hit. He played, he swung on the hand rail, he bounced. He wasnt bad, I never even had to get on to him. But he was an entire bundle of energy.
When we left I told him that when he has his first practice he better NOT slow down the whole time. I better see him working his butt off. He promised he would.
He is so excited. I just wish he didnt have to wait till the 6th. Brett practices again on Tue. This time at 5:30. which is good. we didnt get home tonight till 5 after 10. and we came strait home. Matt was hungry. I told him that was too bad.
Brett asked why we couldnt stop and eat. It was 9:30, our whole town was shut down and locked up tight. Both boys were upset at this and couldnt belive we would let them starve.
THAT was why I cooked supper BEFORE we left. BUT that was hours ago.. YEP, and if we were at home they would be asleep.

Rayley was sure glad to see us. My grandfather kept asking if she wanted to go to bed, she told him NO, she wanted to go HOME!

We had to wake up Matt to get out of the truck, he came in and went strait to bed. He is still in his overalls and boots.

Bow never woke up on the transition from truck to house.

Brett had played hard and couldnt sleep with out food, so he ate 2 PB&J's. Rayley just kept falling asleep at the kitchen table.
We talked them both into going to bed and although neither one was tired they both fell asleep quickly. Rayley's movie hadnt even made it to the 'play movie' part and she was gone. Brett never got out of his baseball pants.

Maybe they will sleep late. I know I plan on it.

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