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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I need your help

I was approached to submit one of my blog posts to this website:


They said to pick one, any one. and I honestly have tried, but I am not sure.

So, will you pick your favorite? Either let me know which one and I will send it, or you can send it yourself.

whichever one made you laugh the most.

Thank you!

I needed a laugh.

I am in a VERY bad mood today.
At 4am or there abouts the alarm went off. Since I had went to bed before midnight it woke me up. After a few minutes I woke up BR. I dont know how he can sleep through this. He hit snooze, so I tried to doze back off. I didnt have to be up until 5:15.

9 minutes later, it happened again. And this time it kinda woke up Bow, he went back to sleep, and I tried. Of course, my mind started thinking, for some reason baseball is bothering me this year. I just have a feelings its going to be a crappy year.

The next time it went off BR got up. So I was blessed with the most agervating thing in the world. His box fan hitting me squarly in the face. You would think that after 16 years I wouldnt mind this slight annoyance. But I hate it. TOTALLY despise having this fan on. The noise, the cold air, and the sore throat and clogged up nose that it gives me every morning.

How do I know that the fan is to blame?

THere have been times when I didnt wake up with a stuffed up nose and a sore throat. When BR was working a job in Alabama and I was not subject to the torture of constant whirring and tornadic force winds blown into my face. The time he was driving over the road, and most recently, the 2 years that he worked nights and I slept on the couch. I was able to wake up, with no scratchy dry throat, no cold nose, and best of all, there was no sound of plastic blades being spun at 87 MPH.

But now he has went to days. So, I am back in our bed. And as much as I love my husband, I despise his fan. And the sad thing is, he cant understand why on earth anyone would not like his fan. He doesnt get that its annoying, that its what stuffs up my nose and makes my throat sore. He says I am crazy. Or maybe he just doesnt care. Maybe he thinks its cute to make me suffer. I dont know.

AND on top of that, he will not turn it off when not in use. SERIOUSLY. it almost hurts his feelings that I dont like this fan. And to be fair, its not his fault. He was raised with one in his face. Each of his siblings has to have one in their face going. and each of their spouses hates them as much as I do. Not a single one of them can sleep with out this confounded contraption sounding like a helicopter trying to take off in the night.

I can get up and turn off the fan when he gets out of bed. But thats not the point. and like when he was sleeping days and I was sleeping on the couch, if I went through the bedroom and turned it after he got up, or left, he would act exasperated at having to turn the dial and start the blades to turning. Plus, there are times when he doesnt wake me up when he gets up. So, I wake up later, having been subject to this annoyance in my sleep and the clog and sore is that much worse.

And GOD FORBID, the day when it wont start back up. Yes this has happened, more than once in our 16 years. It runs for days, or weeks, and then I just cant take the noise/wind speed/agervation any more and I turn the dial off. When he comes back in to go to bed, or just walks by and its not on, and he turns the dial, and it wont come on. It has given up the ghost. You better hope its the time of year when fans are on sale. Cause you are making a midnight run to walmart. Again, his siblings are the same way. And their mother. I love her to death, but this fan thing is the most agervating habit you can give a child.

I have tried to buy quiet fans too. NOPE, that aint gona happen. And finding a noisy, vibrating, box fan is getting harder and harder to do. Because the normal, quiet loving public is more and more demanding a fan that doesnt sound like a prop plane taking off.

Sorry, back to my morning. So, He got up. Leaving the fan going. So I got up, turned it off, since when he is out of bed it blows RIGHT in my face.

I laid back down, Bow snuggled back up to me and then the cat, who I am starting to really dislike as much as the fan, jumped up and tried to lay down beside Bow. Not a problem. I dont care who she lays beside. Rayley had a cat as a baby that laid beside her and she couldnt sleep if the cat wasnt there. Seriously. when that cat was ran over (someone left the door open and out she went- yet with this cat, I can throw her out the door and she will tear down a wall to get back in) she diddnt sleep for weeks. Anyway, Fido (yes, thats the cats name.. she fetches) was bound and determined to sleep beside Bow. Which is fine, except her fur was tickling him, and he was finding her distracting and was trying to bite her. He loves this cat. HE can body slam her, pick her up and tote her, bite her ears, it doesnt matter, she searches for him and puts herself in harms way. I have tried to stop it. I have taken her away from him, she just jumps down and goes back to him. She seeks him out.
So, her laying beside him was keeping him up, and I had about 30 minutes before I had to be up. PLUS, I really would prefer he stay asleep for a few more hours.

So I picked her up, and put her off the side of the bed. 2 seconds later she was back. Again, off the bed, a third and a fourth time. Then, I fet her jump BACK up. but she was at my feet. That was fine. No problem. I really dont mind her in the bed. at long as she stays at my feet. I mean this cat was BORN in my bed. UNDER the covers. against my leg. NOT a good way to wake up at 4am. But thats what her mom did. (another VERY GOOD CAT, but again. door got opened and I never saw her again.)

But instead I feel wet on my leg. Since she is NOT pregnant, I knew what she had done. So, I jumped up, grabbed her and threw her out the door. I am fed up. Finding that she has soiled dirty laundry is bad enough. or even clean laundry that she has found stacked up. It doesnt happen ALL the time, but its happened enough that I fed up with it. To be honest, I am fed up with all the bed wetting around here. Its CONSTNANT. and I am just tired of it. I know that kids cant help their bladders. And it heriditory. So, I get that its not their faults, but when I have to start every day by washing at least one set of sheets and blankets, it is just agervating. Or what ever Bow pees on. He can get a diaper off, and much prefers it that way. or when the diaper doesnt work and you have worse than just some liqued to clean up.... But for her to pee in my bed is the last straw.

Of course I had to get up. Had to get Bow up. who was bright eyed and bushy tailed, and stomped out here. I have woken up the boys, gotten them started on getting ready and luckily, Rayley decided to wake up too. She was asleep on the couch. I dont know when she got there, but she told me I had just missed O'Rielly and hoped that I had recorded it, since noone will teach her to use the remote.

Of course she wanted to go to daycare, and couldnt understand why she cant. So we had a drama queen moment when the boys left. Bow is proceeding to tear up the living room and the damn cat managed to get back in the house when I let the dogs out. She is currently hiding under my bed.

Oh and when BR came through after his shower to finish getting dressed, he turned on the ceiling fan here in the living room. We hadnt been in this house 2 weeks and one day while I was at work, he went and bought this ceiling fan and installed it. I have gotten better about a ceiling fan, and will occasionally turn this on one, trying to keep the AC off. But, today was NOT the day. Of course, some of my aversion to a ceiling fan might be physcological. I had one fall on my head when I was in 8th grade. Ruining a peach cobbler that I had been begging for and crashing the glass kitchen table that I was sitting at. I still have the scar on my hand from the flying glass.

Back to that damn cat.

I have had her ancesters for years. They NEVER had these behavior problems. They didnt sleep in my drawers, they didnt find clean clothes and pile up on them. They didnt sleep on top of my dryer where clothes were stacked, or in my iron pile. and they NEVER pee'd ANYWHERE except a liter box. but she has simease in her. maybe this is why?

My grandfather brought the matriarch of this cat family with him from South Texas. A small, black tortise shell, tailess cat. The ugliest thing you have ever seen. And sweet as a bowl of sugar. My first of her offspring was Ugg. that was Rayleys cat. Then we had this ones mom. Again, a wonderful cat. The most annoying thing she ever did was follow me from room to room with her babies. They were hours old and she brought them in the living room. Cause this is where I came. It took me the longest time to make her quit bringing them to me on the couch.

Anyway, Since I am in such a bad mood. I thought I would blog about something that would make me smile.

When the boys were little, I mean like a year old and two years old. Me, my grandmother, grandfather, Great Aunt Jean, BR and them, went to a mexican resturant in Hondo, Texas. It took a big table, and of course neither boy was very close to BR or I, they were sitting beside someone else.

Brett was across the table from us, Matt a little further down on my side. Everyone was talking and the kids had been given crackers. I think BRett was given chips, cause we fiqured he could handle them, But Matt was still a baby of sorts, and just given crackers. Next thing we know, the waitress screached and pointed at Matt. She didnt speak english, but she was very upset. So we all looked. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, he had his fingers in his mouth and was smiling. She kept saying "baby hurt, baby hurt" and finally she showed us, She picked up the hot sauce, they sit out a dozen of the little bowls of hot sauce to dip your chips in. And when she did, he reached up wanting it. She said "no no baby, hurt baby" and he started to cry. He started to babble to Brett.
Brett started to holler to give it back. He wanted it back.
Matt continued to holler/babble to Brett and Brett continued to say "give my brofer back his hot stuff"

See, Matt didnt talk to us. PERIOD. he talked to Brett. Till he was 3. Brett would translate. and occasionally after about 2, Matt would say a few words every once in a while, but for the most part, anything he wanted to communicate, was done THROUGH Brett.
By now the waitress was motioning to us that he was eating the sauce. She put it close to him again, and he reached out and grabbed some on a finger. Right into his mouth it went. Well all the noise had caused quite a stir and everyone was staring. I am sure they were thinking what bad parents we were. Then when he put it in his mouth and smacked his lips, noone could belive it. THe waitress just looked kind of shocked, said "he like?" and when we nodded our heads, kind of in shock too, she said "he have?" we said "why not" it was half gone anyway.
Brett just said "I told y'all so" and went back to eating and talking.

to this day Aunt Jean still cant belive he loved it so much, she had said it was too hot for her to eat. Of course it might be cause when he was a newborn, we were staying in a hotel with a mexican resturant in it. THE BEST resturant you have ever ate in, and we ate there every night. Now he wasnt eating it, but he was still nursing. and I didnt hold back on the jalapanoes, the sauce, or anyting.

ANyway, once everyone calmed down, and started smiling again. Putting away the cell phones they were calling CPS on, we started to enjoy the company and appitizers. when the food came BRett said something. AUnt Jean asked him what? She is a little hard of hearing. He said it again. I wasnt paying any attention, I was arguing iwth my grandmother about something, and finally Brett said "I WANT MY FORK-N-KNIFE", VERY loudly. Not a big deal you say? well, very very fast, I want you to say "FORkiNKNIFE" with a southern accent.

Yep, the whole place gasped, out came the cell phones ready to dial CPS again, and people just stared. Finally BR said "he wants his Fork and Knife."
"YES FORK-N-KNIFE" said BRett.

a collective sigh, a few giggles, and I was again relieved.
Maybe this is why I dont get all excited when they do something mo-ronic. Why nothing really shocks me. You just get immune to it.

This story always makes me laugh, and has been told and retold so many times that everyone with in a 150 mile radius has heard it. It was one of my grandmothers favorites before she died. And Aunt Jean just retold it to us the other day.
So, aside from the fact that I have to put my bed clothes in the dryer, and still havent decided that we wont have 'suprise stew' for dinner, I am feeling a little better.

Thank you.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hello, My name is Michelle

First of all, let me appologize for my neglect and lack of communication. I have been suffering from a terrible ailment. Not a physical ailment, but a mental one. A dependacy if you will. I am ashamed to admit that I have become an addict. I have been sucked down into the deep black hole of dependancy. Not being able to function, not caring about showers, food or any of the basic nessesities of life. Instead I have sunk into a deep unfunctional dependancy.

And in doing so, I have not blogged, I have not checked emails, I have not been to the message boards I frequant or help to moderate. I have done nothing but sat here and fed my addiction. One mouse click at a time. You see, I was challenged to a game of Gems Swap II and I took the bait. All that night I played this mind numbing game. Never making it past level 1. I played until my mouse hand was LITERLY asleep. I couldnt feel my fingers, my eyes were crossing and my husband was wondering if I had fallen prey to a romantic liason on the world wide web.

So, I drug myself to bed, where I lay dreaming of colorful baubles, that taunted me and danced around. In singles and doubles, but never getting close enough to another of their ilk to make a line of 3. In my dreams I did everything I could to make them gravitate to each other. Begging the pink hearts to gather round the other pink hearts. THe green squares to please find a match. And so on.

The next morning I woke up to get the boys to school and had to get back on the computer. I even got Bow back to sleep so I could. He didnt even fight me. And after that, there was no stopping me. I HAD to get past level 1. Finally, the vixen who had introduced me to this fun and exciting new world let loose a secret. She told me that I had to turn the back grounds of them gems white. From Black. Meaning each space had to be touched by me. OHHH, the gradure. I was now able to advance. I got to level two. Then Three. I was on FIRE!

I even got to level 4! the feelings were amazing. There is no pause button, so once the clock starts you are up against it all. I started challenging other friends. And it felt so good when someone would take the bait. I was in a phycadelic world of beautiful baubles and bringing my closest internet friends in with me. We were enjoying the heediness of a great game, lamenting when we were just one black square away from the next level.

THen THEY started to cuss me. and call me names. It was awful. I had given them this wonderful pastime, to enjoy and bask in, and in my mind I also knew that I NEEDED them to be addicted. With out them, I had noone to challenge. But, none of them are able to tear themselves away either. THey are hooked. Same as me.

As dawn came, on my second day of play, I continued. I would get so close to level 5. Only to be thwarted by one measley square. But I kept plugging along. You become a person in a trance. Having to continue.

Next thing I know, Rayley wakes up. She comes in and sets beside me. Her first words are "Mom, I'm Hungry, can I have some cereal?"
"yes baby, let me finish this round"
"okay, is it fun?"
"yes baby. and agervating. " I said as I fouriously clicked
"so you are getting rows of 3?"
"sure am"
"then what?"
"then I get to the next level and do it again"
she watched a few more minutes. enjoying having me to herself and watching the pretty jewels.
then, out of the blue I hear " So, you have to turn all the squares white?"

I had spent HOURS trying to fiqure out why I couldnt advance. HOURS. it took this kid 5 minutes.

I did eventually get up and get her some food. and I picked up a few things. Promising myself that if I did a little work, I could go right back to playing my game. and play I did.

Its not like this is my first addiction. I have been addicted to caffine since I was knee high to a grasshopper and cant get off it. I am still struggiling every day with my cigerettes. But, this is just as gripping, just as soul sucking, and gives me as much if not more of an adriniline rush, as any of the other vices I might have.

This was days ago. And then BR chose to take Saturday off. Not on purpose, but his truck needed work and they didnt get it done till that evening. So he couldnt go TO work.
He actually wanted me to leave the house. Wanted to go to town and get a bite to eat.

He asked the kids where they wanted to go.
NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, when we go to a buffet I have to wait on them hand and foot, constantly getting up and getting them something else. THEN I have to pay for the food!

At least at home I can throw it all on the table and they can sometimes get their own! But if I DO have to get it, I dont have to walk a country mile to do it.

So, I picked the mexican food joint. Matt did second that, and BR promised Brett he could get what ever he wanted at the resturant.

So, everyone dressed, I played a quick game while BR took a shower. and then we headed into town.

The kids were SO good at lunch. The waitress kept on completmenting them. And they really were good. YEs ma'am and No ma'am. and no fighting, and we laughed and honestly, we had a great time. We didnt have to get on them a single time.

One time, Rayley looked behind us and saw a print of some mexican musicians. It was a typical scene, Dusty street adobe buildings, and they were standing in the street wiht all their instruments. A lady was leaned out a window of a building and Rayley looks up adn says "Look mom, the 5 muscateers". ROFLMAO. Oh well, at least she can count..

Once we left there we went and spent some time at BR's parents. Of course, my mother in law has became adicted to the games you play on the satilite. So she was playing scrabble when we got there. We played a few word games. and visited. Then we came home and I played a few games on my own.

Today was just a lazy day. BR and the kids did go out and fix some part on the tractor. We are getting ready for planting season. The taters go in the ground on Feb 14. So we have to disk up the field they will be going in this week.

Hunney (my grandfather) called and he and I were discussing the placement of the few things we are planting. Taters, Corn, peas. NO SQUASH!! of course, nothing goes in till the taters come up, but we were discussing the rest of the field and if we needed to disk it all up, or leave some of it in pasture so we could put a heifer on it.
BR was over here steady talking. Asking me questions and gesteruing wildly. Then when I hung up, he got exasperated. So I asked why. He said that he was wondering where the corn was going to go, are we planting enough for the cows too, or just us, and shouldnt we be disking up the whole field, and that the horses and a few cows wouldnt need the other two small pastures and .... blah blah blah.

I explained that Uncle Gerald was putting my corn up near his pea patch, that only the taters would be down here, then that land would go fallow for summer grass. He said that he needs to know all this. I am not sure why. He will be working 12-15 hours a day. usually 6 days a week. The planting Uncle Gerald will do. Simply cause even if I show up with the tractor he will still do it. He just LOVES it that much. I will be helping him. Of course we will do alot of the disking. or at least most of it. and then I will end up doing most of the picking.

But When I explained that I wasnt even really privey to it all, that Uncle Gerald had picked the best places on the land for the crops I wanted, and basicly he would just tell me where and when to show up to do what ever grunt work he wanted me to do. Thats just what he does. which is fine. This man knows and has forgotten more about planting than I will ever be able to learn. But BR said I had to understand his point. He is getting his information from the 'dumbass chain'. First it goes through a senile, deaf old man, talking to another senile deaf old man, deciding stuff that niether one is listening to the other on, and is passed to a blonde, who then tells him half of it, before interjecting with a story or going off on a tangent, then following up a little while later with more tidbits. And GOD FORBID, if he doesnt have his english to blonde dictionary handy.

And I understood. Hunney and Uncle Gerald are senile, old and deaf as a post. The both of them. And they will agrue. Like the other one even listens. Its like watching 2 kids arguing over a toy. Except usually the knotheads are both on the same side. they just want to argue, and its easier to argue with someone who you think is wrong, then it is to listen to them.

As far as me and my blondeness. He should be used to it by now. I mean its been 16 years. heck, he should be used to THEM by now. and he is. But being a Byerly, he has to bitch about something. its in his blood.

I just wish that BR had time to learn all this from Uncle Gerald. Cause we are all aware that my memory SUCKS.

Oh today the boys also decided to shoot again. I had some old apples that I offered them and they couldnt wait to shoot them.

And we DID refrain from telling them the story of William Tell. THank GOD. Cause they were wondering who was gona hold the apple while the other shot...

Brett wanted to have a contest. So they did. and Matt got it first!!

Then on the LAST round, cause it was getting way too cold, Brett finally got his arrow in an apple.

They were 21 feet out. We are fixing to move them back to 10 yards, but this is pretty good.

Oh and Matts boots FINALLY came in! Matter of fact, Friday was a banner day for him. His boots came in AND he got Bulldog of the week. Of course, the goal is for each kid to get bulldog of the week at least once during the school year. and since we have been in school for around 20 weeks, it makes sense that he should get it now. Brett got it the first 6 weeks, before he screwed up too badly. But at least Matt did get it this soon. Last year Brett got it like the month school was out! she had already went through the class once, then started over, and he finally got it.

Anyway, it doesnt matter how he got it. I am still proud :)

But, all in all, I think he had a pretty good weekend. and he LOVES his boots. He is so thrilled!!

And I had to include this picture of Rayley. She just looked over at me and was cute as a spotted pup. She was up on her daddy's tractor and I took the picture while she was berating one of the boys for something or other. I didnt get a smile.

These are her new Fat Babies. She is so proud of them. And Her clothes are by barbie. Even the cap.
The second one is her hiding from Bow. She fiqured she would just blend it I reckon...

Now, if y'all will excuse me, I have a challenge I must meet. Now, dont judge. You would be adicted to. or you might be... Its on facebook. if you need an invite just shoot me an email......

LEvel 5, here I come!!