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Friday, February 8, 2008

Ropin' Rayley and Drying animals

Well I did keep Matt home. Poor thing sounds awful. of course he was up at 6:30. That child is a MORNING person.
I really dont know how I had a morning person. I think it stems from being around my grandmother and grandfather when he was an infant. When we would be at their house they would come get him as soon as they woke up. Spoilt him rotten. I cant imagine having a day off and getting up that early on purpose. I guess since he is so lazy he gets all the sleep he needs during the day, when he is awake.

I made him practice his writing today. By the end of it his S's were looking like S's and not g's. and his C's were looking like C's and not ... I dont know what..
I swear he has a good chance at being a doctor if we can just get his handwriting up to the 'not legible' level. He was quick to point out that his L's looked good. Ummmm yea.. a lower case L is something that you should not be able to mess up.

He and Rayley mostly played all day. There were only a handful of fights. Mostly about nothing, but it was major meltdowns all the same. The time that Rayley decided to make her stuffed animal 'dead' with the ketchup was probably one of the most memorable. She was not happy when I put him in the washer. Said I would stuffercate'ed him.
I told her he was already 'stuff'ercated!
When I took him out of the dryer she put a blanket on him and toted him around for a while telling him how sorry she was and that I was a mean mommy.
I thought I was pretty nice concidering she had just added a load of sheets to my daily 3 loads of laundry!
I did have to stay on them to be quiet all day. Between BR sleeping and Bow sleeping its all I do.
I need a bird that talks so I can teach it to say "shhhhhhh dont wake up daddy" and "No its not cereal time" . Of course if I had a bird it would be something for the cat to chase while the dogs were chasing her.

I was about to gag and hog tie them by the time they got done watching Quigley down under and Rayley was running through the house while Matt tried to rope her. The best part was her mooing like a cow. Dressed as a ballerina. The rope kept getting caught on her crown.
She would get mad and tell him to do it right!

Oh and there was the time that Rayley was the hunter and had the nerf Bow and Arrow and was trying to shoot the 'duck' that was Matt running around making duck sounds.. which he is pretty good at. Unfortunatly.

For the safety of my eyes, and the fish tanks I had to make them stop both games. I dont worry about them poking their eyes out. Just mine.
I would have loved to have sent them outside, but they were supposed to be sick. And they really were. Just headcolds and that dang coughing, but I was trying to keep them from getting too hot. that is hard work. I promise.
Heck its 9:30 and 77 here in the house. I refuse to turn back on the AC in the middle of the winter, so once BR leaves I turn it off.

Matt even changed a diaper. He thinks thats fun. And I think its funny. He always puts them on backwards. I dont know why or how. But he does. They work just fine, but its hard to find the tabs when you have to change him again!

They are gone again, spending the night at their grandmothers so I can go and get my taxes done in the morning. AHHHHHH the one time of the year when my little deductions pay off.

Speaking of little deductions, Bow laughed out loud today. It was cute. He was not expecting it, when he did it, it scared him! He's been cooing for a few weeks now, and squeeking, but this was a real laugh.

I hope he ends up with a sense of humor, in this house he will need it.

When Brett got home he went in his room to change and came running out, seems the cat was in one of his drawers. She was in there asleep. Matt had changed clothes about 3 hours before and left the drawer open. Little miss OCD had seen it open and closed it, sometime after the cat had found it and added to my laundry. She sheds enough that if I collect it I can make a new cat every 3 days. I assured Brett that she hadnt been in there all week. He thought she was still missing from the day she had the swollen head. Heck I just made him feed her 2 nights ago. And last night was his night to clean out the litter box, something he has done in the last week at least 4 times. I really wonder who or what he thought was using the litter box if the cat was locked in a drawer for a week..... ???.....

Around 7:00 I got a phone call, it was the school calling. Their automated thing wanted to let me know that my son Matt was absent today and wanted to make sure I knew it. And to contact the attendance clerk to let her know that I know. Or if I dont know to let them know I dont know what they know because the machine told me so.
Now I know the clerk personally, but I aint calling her at 7 at night to tell her I have lost my 2nd grader!
Seriously, this is a great idea. But in all honestly, what good does it do me to find out at 7 pm on a friday night that my kid skipped school? This is 11 hours after the fact!
Since I was on the phone with my mother in law when they called I called her right back and told her about it. She asked if I had called the school and left a message to tell them they were the ones that lost him. I said no, someone might check the machine and try to find him, we'd wait till monday and if he wasnt back home we'd look then. I was enjoying the quiet! LOL

Plus since they had lost him once before they might belive me and I'd give the poor secretary a heart attack! I promise, this is the kid that name tags with your destination on them were invented for. He just wakes up in a new world everyday and never pays attention!

They really did loose him the year he was in kindergarten. I was at work and the secretary called, she asked if I had sent Matt to school that day, I told her yes and she said " Well we cant find him, Let me check around again. I'll call you back"
No problem, I hung up and went back to ringing up customers.
About 3 minutes later it dawned on me that my child was gone! The school had lost my child.
I called Donna right back and asked her what was going on? She said that the bus was 1/2 way home (its over an hour bus ride) and Brett realized Matt was not on the bus! (their powers of observation are a scary thing...) He started throwing a fit and made the bus driver stop the bus and she called the school. She kept telling him that maybe he didnt come to school today, or maybe he got sick. Brett was beside him self and just knew Matt was stuck at the school or someone had taken him. He knew I would have picked him up at school too if I had gotten Matt.
When she called Donna, Donna called me and they started looking. I didnt want to call my mother in law at the day care. She is the type that tends to get really hysterical, really quickly.

Finally they got ahold of Matts teacher and she said that he had went out to the bus line, but was argueing the whole time that he was supposed to go to daycare to ride home with his grandma. (Very seldom did he do this and today was not one of those days) She sent him to the bus anyway. He snuck away and got on the daycare bus. When they found a Busline teacher she told them that Matt had indeed gotten on the daycare van. They called to give me an update and in the meantime my mother in law called me, frantic because she had Matt but not Brett. And it just so happened she had worked a little late that day, usually she gets off at the same time school lets out and would be gone by then!

Once we got it all straitened out, it was funny, but Brett was NOT amused. And due to some of the argueing he did with the bus driver about his baby brother being abandoned he hasnt went a full semester with out being kicked off that bus since.. I have never found out exactly what he said, but I can just imagine....

The last time they got kicked off it was for fighting. The day I went into the Hospital to have Bow. They were fighting with each other.. What idiot sits brothers beside each other for an hour bus ride and expects them to NOT fight?

Thursday, February 7, 2008

homework and walmart

Well today was a ‘town’ day! I was able to run all my errands and still managed to get home before noon! To run and still managed to get home before noon! The good news is I made 30 dollars for 13 minutes worth of work. And got a free meal! I had to go to a dept. store and pretend to shop, and then go to a fast food restaurant and get a lunch. At least it paid for the diesel I used to drive and get groceries! All we really needed was Milk and Bread. Man, You have to have a full time job just to keep this house in milk and bread.

I go through at least 6 gallons of milk a week and 8 loaves of bread.

Today I had the baby in a sling, and I swear I talked to 100 people. Most of them stopping me and telling me that my baby was going to fall out. Or asking me what was in there. I was tempted to tell some of them it was a badger and if I didn’t keep it warm it would attack.
I opted to shop solo today. I just needed 6 things. Yes, it is possible for a woman to go in Wal-Mart and only get 6 things.

I started putting Bow down on a blanket and letting him play a few days ago. He really enjoys it. He even moves a little. But the poor turtle doesn’t like getting stuck on his back. Of course I made a mistake and picked him up today and didn’t immediately pick up the blanket. Less than 5 minutes went by before the dog was on it. And he hasn’t moved in about 6 hours. I bet you he is right there in the morning when the kids start getting ready for school.

When the kids came home I asked if they had any homework. Brett burnt off in a hurry. Matt just looked at me like I had asked him if he had seen a 4 headed goat. No, wait, he would have shown interest in a 4-headed goat.

Anyway, I asked for their backpacks and started going through them. Matt had not given his teacher the note I wrote last night. He ‘forgot’…. And he had a paper he got a 33 on 6 questions and he missed 4. All because he decided to write in arabic or greek, or mattscrible and she couldn’t read it. I told him to reanswer them all and write each answer 3 times.
Brett didn’t have homework, but he did have a note from his teacher. He was hard to keep on task today, didn’t finish his sentences. And wouldn’t do his math in class. Well since he didn’t bring home the math or the sentences I decided to print him out some math. He informed me that it was illegal for anyone but a teacher to give him schoolwork. I told him he was confused, it was illegal for anyone but a mother to take him out of the world she brought him into…
My printer broke after 100 questions were printed. I really need a new printer. This one sucks. HP all in one, incase anyone is interested. This is my 3rd one. This one lasted JUST long enough I couldnt turn it back in under the warranty.

Well the boys had a hard time staying on task. I really would like to have an invention to get their attention. Nothing cruel. Just a remote attention getter. A little zap for when they are staring off into space. Or just out of reach and smarting off. Or fighting with each other.
I got up to make their dinner and they came in there and started cleaning the kitchen. Seriously. I thought about telling them to go and finish their work. But I let them clean. I think they thought I was gona forget about the work.

After supper I told them to get back on their work. They were shocked.

Little Miss Rayley hasn’t felt good all day. I hope she isn’t getting back her headcold. I doped her up and she played quietly most of the night.

I hate to forbid the boys from playing with her; she misses them so much. But rules are rules.
Plus she was so cranky and felt so bad I think its best they didnt play with her. She tends to throw on the drama when she is under the weather. Matt is feeling just as bad. He sounds like he has the Whoopin cough.
I am gona keep him home tomorrow, try to nip it in the bud.
He was begging to go to bed by 8 so I let him, and Brett was close behind. Of course I had to check his math. There is only one problem with making up math problems for your kid. You have to check them.

The only thing I hate more than math is dissecting sentences and other English crap.
The 50 multiplication problems wasn’t that bad it was the subtraction that was a pain. In 3rd grade they get to do up to 999 minus what ever.

Well since both boys are in bed, and the Benadryl worked on Rayley I am gona enjoy the peace and scream at the idiot newscasters and pundits on TV while they discuss the presidential race.
It’s amazing how folks can make that much money and still be that stupid. Heck if that was the case I should be a millionaire!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Rusty sandwiches and Sirens

Kids are like cats. You can holler and scream, bang pots and pans,
but until you open a candy bar they will ignore you.

Last night we had the perfect opportunity to have a fire drill. Around one AM BR called, he was through for the night at work and wanted to know if there was any spaghetti left. I told him I would make him some more bread and noodles.I got it all set up and ready to cook and waited for him to come home.

When he got here I started it all and when the bread was done I put it on broil for a few minutes. He likes the inside kinda crusty. Well then I got to making some more koolaide and he started talking. I turned around to answer him and ran the dang thing over..
Oh well, watered down koolaide is better than water.. While he was laughing at me about this I started doing something else and then we smelt bread...
OH NO, I had forgotten it. I opened up the oven and it was a tad bit overbrowned. ( I don’t burn stuff, I overbrown it) I took it out and told him I was sorry, I would make another loaf.
About that time the smoke alarms went off..
These suckers are LOUD! I ran over to the one between the kitchen and living room and stared at it. Like that would make it stop. But all I can think is "turn them off BEFORE they wake the kids!" I was trying to find something to stand on so I could hit the button, but I am short, and even on a chair I cant reach the ceiling. I got the broom and started hitting at the button. I look over, BR is making his plate, like nothing is wrong.

He see's me running from smoke detector to smoke detector hitting them trying to turn them off. I don’t know if I was turning them off or not, It was just blaring. The most God Awful racket. I opened the front door. Turned on the fan. Still trying to hit the button with the broom. All the while BR is getting his plate. Then all of a sudden there is silence.I breathe a sigh of relief and head back to the kitchen with the broom.
BR is coming out of the laundry room and says "see how easy that was?"

Apparently you can turn off the breaker and they stop screeching at you like banshees.

I run and check on the kids.

They are not cowering in the corner, they are not jumping up and making sure they can open the window to get out. They aren’t even conscious. All 3 are sleeping like the little angels all moms dream about and I didn’t get.
Even Bow, lying on the couch, not 3 feet from one of the blaring sirens has moved.
Even though I was running around trying to keep the alarms silent so I didn’t have to deal with 4 cranky kids at 1:30 in the morning I am kinda upset.
I mean its not like these kids have not been involved in a house fire before. I do know that I can never rely on them to save me though!
No drinking myself into oblivion. That’s for sure!

Of course if I had opened a piece of candy I would have had all 3 beside me in 3 shakes of a lamb’s tail wanting their piece.

We had a fun morning too. I woke up at 6:20. I ran in to get the kids up.

There are some mornings that they are dressed in less than 5 minutes and sit here and argue for 25. This was not one of those mornings. and Brett got mad cause his sneakers were still wet.

I had washed them last night cause he got 3-week-old shoes full of mud. I told him last night they wouldn’t be ready for this morning and to find his boots. Well this morning we had a major melt down cause I was making him wear the boots. He was gona be embarrassed, he was gona get in trouble in PE ( I offered to write him a note.. heck I begged for notes at his age!) , He was gona look stupid.

Now I don’t understand this. He BEGGED me for these boots. Matt always gets a pair of boots for school. He wears them daily and refuses to wear sneakers. I had to buy him Chukkas for PE.Well Brett decided a few years ago he didn’t like boots and refused to wear them ever again. Then right before school clothes time he asked his dad why I wouldn’t buy him boots. BR told him that if he wanted them he could sure have them. I explained to BR, just like I had already explained to Brett, if he wants them I will buy them. BUT I will NOT buy an 80.00 pair of boots that never get worn. ( I know that’s alot of money. But Matt still has last year’s boots, he has worn them every day for over ayear and they are held together with duck tape, but he loves them. so its worth it to get a good pair, where as Brett goes through at least 3 pair of sneakers a year. If not more.)

Brett assured me he would wear them. SO I relented. I took him to buy some and he looked, and looked, and looked. 2 hours later he picked out the first pair he had tried on and wanted those. Now it’s a fight to make him wear them. He pulls the 'embarrassed card' Of course with Matt, it’s a fight to make him wear something else.
He can’t do PE in boots. Although when they are outside I don’t know why. This kid runs better in cowboy boots than most folks do in Nike's.

Anyway, I went and got his tennis shoes, told him to keep them in his bag and NOT put them in the dryer at day care. ( I can just see him and his grandmother doing this...) He could wear them for PE and then take them off cause they will still be wet. I guarantee he DIDNT take them off. and I am betting he put them on ON the way to daycare.

My MIL only had to wait for about 5 minutes for them to get out the door.
And I think they got their clothes on and teeth brushed.

Since Bow was awake we just stayed up.

OH and Rayley slept in her room all night! BR said she did get up one time while he was watching TV about 2:30 and got in his lap for about 20 minutes, then he sent her back and she went right back in there.

Of course she woke up this morning looking for Santa gifts. I tried to explain, and finally told her that if she slept in her room for a week strait I would get a little toy. I know bribery is not the answer, but I don’t give a rat’s ass.

She didn’t feel good today, and that’s bad, but a whiney brat that doesn’t feel good is even worse!
She wanted to watch a movie,
I told her to go ahead.
She wanted ME to tell her which one.I made a suggestion.
she didn’t like it.
I made another.
NOPE, that princess didn’t have on a short skirt and she herself was wearing a short skirt today.
Shrek wouldn’t do, cause you have to watch it with the boys and she didn’t have a dress to match Fionas.
Toystory 2 was a bust.
I wouldn’t let her put on jeans and boots just to watch a movie.
Barbie and the nutcracker was taboo.. Her hair is too long. And not cut in the 'cute bob she herself wears.'

we have at least 20 movies. There was a valid reason to not watch any of them.
So it was 20 questions Rayley style
its actually 3,872 questions, With out the satisfaction of ending. it goes like this.

What are eyes made of ?
Eye Jelly,
what are eyelashes made of?
Hairwhat’s hair made of?
what’s clothes made of?
What’s cotton made of?
what’s TV's made of?
plastic and gold apparently
mom, I cant lay down,
well that’s cause you are sitting UNDER me. scoot over.
I cant, there’s no room.
Must be a mirage for me, I see the other 5 feet of couch on that end.
MOM, bow kicked me in the face.
That’s cause he is nursing and you are trying to lay your head in my lap.
I'm hungry
Go eat your chicken salad sandwich
I'm thirsty
There's a cup on the table with a drink in it.
what are cups made of?
what’s plastic made of?
You cant make a cup out of vasaline
I know.
I told you so
No you didnt.
why would you put Vaseline on a cup?
to make it slippery?
Mom, I'm not comfortable
Me either. At least you can move.
What’s a tornado made out of?
wind and rain
Is the devil inside?
No, the devil is beside me.
Mom, make Bow be quiet, he's making my nerves hurt.
I am sure its payback.
Mom, what’s comfortable mean?
It means sitting by yourself on the other end of the couch.
I'm thirsty.
Go get your drink
I want some of yours.
NO, you are NOT getting caffeine.
What’s a chicken made of?
does it have guts?
yes. no. yes. sorta
can I eat the guts.
yes you can, but only in the east part of town
why did you put pickles in the tuna salad?
To make it taste good, and its chicken.
Did the eggs you cook come from that chicken?
no they came from another chicken.
just cause.
Mom, I'm hungry.
I don’t want my sandwich.
So, I don’t care.
I can’t eat it.
why not?
It’s rusty.
see; pecked to death... PECKED TO DEATH.

Luckily she fell asleep. as did Bow. both ON me. and to go pee I had to wake them up. there is only so long you can sit uncomfortable.
I promise.
I couldn’t decide which was worse. Dealing with her constant questions and general crankiness today or slowly drowning. I thought I might could just scooch her over and lay him down.
Once I woke them up it was world war three. Bow was ticked off.
Which in his little world means I have to feed him.
And Rayley was hungry, tired, and talking again.
The phone rang. It was a mystery shopping company.

They wanted to hire me. and I have 2 screaming kids in the background. She asked how old. I told her 3 years and 2 months. She said " I don’t know how you do it, I have one and that is enough." "Don’t they drive you crazy?"

I didn’t enlighten her about the other 2. Or about my mental health. I am afraid I would have lost the job.

Once the boys got home life got interesting. I asked about homework, twice.
Then I found the homework.

I just love it when they send home homework for the parents.. I get 'worksheets' to help me help them.I am sorry, I have SOOO much to do already I just hate homework. If they don’t use their time in class wisely, that’s one thing. But this stuff comes home saying "homework packet".My kids don’t even show up till nigh on 5 some nights. They do get home earlier now that they don’t ride the bus, but they will start riding again soon. They have to eat, bathe, make lunches, and feed the animals and I make them read for 30 minutes just for some quiet time. I would think that after structured learning all day they should have SOME play time. I make them start getting ready for bed at 8. So basically I am a drill sergeant from the minute they come in the door. Not to mention Rayley is so excited to see them.

I can’t wait for baseball season to start. I usually have to be back in town by 5 and we get home around 8. They change into their clothes for practice on the way to town. I don’t let them watch TV or play video games, they are outside or playing in here. Since they don’t get to play and enjoy being kids I honestly have to say that I understand why they get hyper in school and get in trouble. Unfortunately, that means I have to be the bad guy. I just can’t let bad behavior go unchecked.

Oh well. at least there were no major fights today. And other than Rayley's entertainment it was a fairly quiet day. Okay, quiet is not the right word. Uneventful. :)

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I vote "clean!"

First of all, Since I have been told by more than one person that they needed to see him, here is Bow. This was taken about a week or so ago.

"well what are we supposed to do then?"

I asked "when?"
I got the same question half a dozen times. Each time Brett would ask, something would happen that would get one of our attentions. There was the time the cat walked through so the dogs went on attack mode. There was the time Matt just walked through and decided he looked like a good place to land a paper ball.
There was the time Rayley came in with a shirt 3 sizes too small stuck on her head.
The phone rang at least twice, and then, one time it was Rayley coming to tell me that she was hungry. Not a problem. I made spagetti today before BR went to work. All I had to do was boil their noodles.

Now a few weeks ago I started a rule. If you dont like what I cook, you can eat a sandwich or go to bed hungry. And I dont make food kids wont like. I cook real meals, but nothing I wont eat, and I am a picky eater. About once a week I have a 'free night' what ever is in the cabinets, you can have. Mom is NOT cooking that night. It has to be a meal, but it can be soup, chili, those raman noodle things.. I dont care.
But every other night my kids just like to see if I will make them something special. If I cook biscuts and gravy, they want greens and cornbread. If I make hamburgers, they want hotdogs.
Its just the mean streak they have.
Its a Byerly trait.
Not to mention they are a little teched in the head, heck my kids beg to go to Golden Corral to eat broccoli. I kid you not. Rayley LOVES the 'little trees'. This might be because she is sadistic and sees this as her way of dominating the outside world. OR she might really like them. I cant decide or agree. I only like mine deep fried.

Speaking of deepfried. OMG! yesterday I had the BEST cheesecake ever. it was wrapped in a soapapia and deepfried. Now only the south would deepfry a cheesecake, but I can tell you, I am in love.
Anyway, back to my darling sweet offspring. The children I tried so hard to have, and wanted so badly. Thinking there was nothing a single person could do in this world more important than to raise a child to make the world a better place. That there was no better calling, nothing more nobel than to nurture and love a child and make them a productive and needed member of this society.
And because I love them so much, tonight I made their FAVORITE meal. They came in with all kinds of junk food. This is a drawback to a grandparent picking them up from school and driving them home I think...
Well I went in there to make their plates and of course there were rumbilings of not wanting spagetti.. One wanted Tuna fish, one wanted chicken from yesterday and one wanted cereal. They relented, but instead of making a normal plate I had one that wanted noodles only, with parmasian and meat, NO SAUCE!
One wanted just a little noodles, more meat, and only a little sauce.
and the third wanted lots of noodles, lots of sauce and NO meat. well he wanted meat, but just on the side..
Noone liked the grape koolaide and everyone wanted a soda.
I gave each one a glass of water and told them to drink that! They decided grape koolaide would suffice. Then Rayley spilt hers, so I had to make some orange koolaide. I wouldn't just let the boys pour their grape out to have orange although they asked to.
By now Bow had realized he was all alone on the couch and woke up.
Next thing I know Matt had spilt his drink and needed orange and while helping him clean up.... YEP you guessed it! Brett had an accident too.
I was REALLY tempted to spill the pitcher in the sink ( I know who would have to clean it up if I did it anywhere else) just to show them I was on to them. But I resisisted. Sometimes you just have to be the bigger man. plus there were clean dishes in the sink. I'd have had to rinse them all again. And since I had already ran the dishwasher twice today and it was still full I was not willing to do that!
Anyway, I had no more than got back in here and sat back down when Brett came in. He was full. Could he have desert now?
Needless to say he is still wanting that desert.

I did get some help today. My mom came over to visit with Bow. Once she untangled herself from the ogre princess she offered to bathe him.
WHOO-HOO! sounds great to me! I hate giving baths. I always end up wetter than the kid, and usually get pee'd on. I hate getting my sleeves wet, I hate getting my shirt wet. To me its just more laundry. (of which I got 3 loads done today! )
And then when she left, she took little miss sunshine with her! That meant Bow could get in a good nap. Its amazing how much that baby sleeps when he is siblingless. And it might explain why he has slept all night from day one. He ended up sleeping until the kids came home from school!

There was no homework tonight and neither kid got a note sent home with them. They even made their lunch with out any fuss. AND put them in their backpacks.

We are also working on getting Rayley to sleep in her bed. My children never start out their lives in their own rooms. When I found out I was pregnate with Rayley it was right at Christmas and I told the boys that unless they abandoned the couch for their beds, Santa wouldn't be coming. That was the last week of Nov. They took to it right quick! They were 4 and 5 at the time and although they have landed in our bed from time to time, its been pretty consistant.
We got Rayley out of our bed when we moved into this house for the most part. She still ends up there but starts out in here.

I do understand why Rayley has been a little harder. Its not as easy when you dont have a bunkmate.
I used the same line on her. Then realized I had screwed up. She has no concept of time. She is thinking that Christmas is coming again. Soon. She was already asking about me getting down her Christmas dress, and telling me how I was to fix her hair. I will have to change this to the Easter Bunny quickly! I doubt she will stay in there very long, but she did fall asleep in her room. Maybe this will last all night. I doubt it, but maybe. I think just her falling asleep in there is a huge step forward!

Tonight it also wasnt too hard to get the boys to sleep. One of them anyway, Matt got tired around 8 and went on to sleep. Not a word, I just know that all of a sudden Brett fiqured out he was missing, I reckon he realized he hadnt picked on anyone in a while, and went looking. When he didnt find him he came in here all beside himself. Asking if I knew where Matt was. Then he ran to the door and opened it. I cant even get these kids to go to pee by themselves once its dark outside. That child sure hasnt went outside to look at the stars! And once Brett opened the door he came back for the flashlight just to look on the porch. That started a fight between him and Rayley over who got to hold it.

I got them quiet and rounded up, sent them back to the bathroom one last time and told them to go to bed. By now everyone had forgotten about Matt again. I tucked in Rayley, kissed her and 5 babies goodnight and thought I was done. We hadnt even woken up Bow.
I got all comfy again, got caught up on what I was doing on the internet and back Brett comes. He had found Matt! he was in the bed. Heck, I had told him that before the flashlight fight. I swear they never listen. Well they do listen, just not to me. Rayley was so excited they found him she had to run around excited and go in and make sure he really was there. Do they think I would have just been okay with him missing? The state takes a very dim view on that...
Since all was well and the whole family was accounted for I tucked Rayley back in.
and back to bed he went.


and there was blissful peace.
just the sound of the fishtanks running, the dog tearing up her blanket ( have I mentioned she is a MO-RON?), the cat purring and my tappy-tap of keys.
Then in comes Brett in his most Kramer type entrance and again I hear
"well what are we supposed to do then?"

I was still confused.
I was a little agervated, my peace was broken.
Bow was awoken,
Rayley was intriqued, (did I mention I had tucked her in 3 times already?)
So I paused the TV again, turned to him and finaly asked
"what are you supposed to do WHEN?"
exasperated sigh.... "NOW"
insert look of confusion and amazement here with a little disdain thrown in for good measure (not mine, his)
"since we cant swear, spit or fart in our room"

Monday, February 4, 2008

I reckon Mondays aint all bad

Well, I thought the game was great! And I knew the Giants would pull it off. Like I said, they beat the best team already, this should have been a cakewalk. Of course since we had it paused we were a little behind. Right before the first quarter was over my MIL called, seemed my father in law had joined a football pot and they couldnt read it. So she starts telling me his numbers and asking if he won the 500.00 for that quarter since the score was 3 and 0.

Well I guess they held them. I explained it to her and yes he had won.

Well I was about 6 minutes into the 2nd quarter and she called back, wanting to know what 300.00 forward and 200.00 backward meant. I told her and off the phone we got. Then she called back to ask if he was still winning, I said I didnt know, the quarter wasnt over. She said well, say the score is 7 to 3 and he had a 7. Now I am really lost. I thought he had a 0 and a 3. She said he also has a 4. And she threw in a 6. Now remember I am blonde, but I have done a football pot or two. I was confused as hell. Come to find out he bought 2 slots. Hmmmm.. its coming together. That doesnt explain why he has 5 numbers... but we are getting close. I told her to go to his name, draw a line from his name to the number on the side, never leaving that line, then the number on the bottom. what were those numbers. she says, 7, 3, 4, 0.

alright, just pick ONE square with his name, draw that line. BOTH numbers that intersect are the ones she needs for each quarter.

but that other name was just drawing her like a moth to a flame.

I got enough out of her to decide he had won the 2nd quarter, but not the first. the 0 was pulled out of thin air.

come to find out, she was confused as to why the numbers were not in chronological order, and thought he got 2 name spots cause there was 2 teams.

I didnt even try to explain that this is an impossibility. It wasnt worth it. I'd rather try to teach an aggie to make ice. Luckily, my sister in law had seen a pot before and was able to decifer the scribilings. She called back (again before I was to the end of the 3rd) to tell me I was right, and he had won 2 quarters!

I think next year I am gona take BR's advise and let the machine get it. :) I will have a special 'football' message.

So far I had known the end score for each quarter BEFORE I got to watch it.

The rest of the game was uneventful, phonewise. till it was 35 seconds to go and the patriots had the ball back, the phone rang! I didnt say Hello, I answerd by saying "There's 35 seconds left, please dont tell me! I had the game paused!" Since it was my BIL I handed it over to BR and waited for him to get done. I just knew it was ruined. But no, it wasnt, BR explained to him that we were behind and he didn't say a word.

The kids got off to school fairly easy this morning, I didnt want to get up, but they wern't total brats.

Although Rayley, Bow and BR were all still sleepin like big ole' fat huntin dogs I stayed awake. We had to go and get hay today so I played on the computer till it was time to get going. It was kinda nice, the quiet, the peace. Well except for that dingo lookin idiot I dragged home. She kept popping her head up in the window wanting in. I wouldnt care, but she is gona mess up my screen.

That and the cat that was missing for 3 days. The swelling went down, but now she is wanting to love. nothing like catbut in your face first thing in the morning!

Rayley wanted to stay at moms today, so BR and Bow and I had a nice trip to get the hay and back. We even went by the feedstore and visited for a little while. BR bought me a present too. Its a sign that says "raisin kids is like being pecked to death by chickens" OH how right that sign is. I thought the two previous signs I had were the most fitting, one says "I only have a kitchen 'cause it came with the house" and the other says " Unless your God or George Strait, wipe your feet" Upon seeing this one BR called me at work and said "I promise you if George Strait comes to the house that SOB better wipe his boots"

I am not real sure why he would have to, since noone else does.. But the odds are slim to none of him comin' over, I reckon we wont find out.

He got one for the kids room too. "bunkhouse rules, No swearin', No spittin', No fartin' "

Upon seeing it Matt said "Thank you for that!"

Anyway, this sign is my new mantra. I want a T-shirt that says it! Although I do think its a slight exageration. I've had chickens. They are MUCH nicer than kids. Granted, both eat bugs, scratch in the dirt and make weird noises at the most aggervating times, but chickens dont poop as much.

The rest of the day has been quite uneventful, we dropped off the hay, put out the feed, and came home in time for the kids to get in.

They have been outside with their daddy all evening and right now they are grilling supper. All I had to do was bake some taters.

Oh and my other sister in law came by, she is a great photographer and took some Christmas pics of the kids. Here is one.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

A nice relaxing Sunday

10:00! I slept till TEN O CLOCK!!
I cant belive it! I even went to bed fairly early last night. Last night was kinda nice. But I will admit, it was weird with the kids gone. Once I got Bow to sleep I was almost lost. I could have done anything. I could have washed clothes, cleaned the kitchen, painted my toenails..
But instead I went over to a chat that I used to frequent and caught up with old friends. I have been on this chat since I was pregnat with Matt so I hold a lot of people over there very dear. They have always been there for me and were some of the first folks I told I was pregnate.
Of course this house, even kidless is not immune to drama. Darla the youngest of my blue heelers went out and I could hear her growling on the porch. She never growls. She will bark her fool head off at a leaf blowing in the wind, and has been known to run from a toad frog, but she never growls. So out I went with my trusty .22 and a foot long mag flashlight. I didn’t see anything, which is good since I couldn’t have shot if I had wanted to. Now I know why I have kids. SOMEONE to hold the light! Ever tried to balance a rifle and a flashlight? It aint easy.. I tried putting it under my chin, and holding up the gun, I tried holding it between my legs while holding the gun. It was useless, so I am kinda glad I didn’t find anything. I had thoughts of comeing back in and finding some duck tape. BUT its an old rifle, an antique, my very favorite gun and if I defaced a gun like that my husband would kill me. Of course it was hot outside, in the high 60’s so I had the door and windows open all night. I sure was hopeing my balancing act scared away what ever it was. As badly as I didn’t want ‘it’ coming inside, I couldn’t justify turning on the AC in Feb! (it was 76 in the house).
After the varmit debacle I just decided to ignore the noises from the great outdoors and enjoy my chat. I fell asleep here on the couch with Bow, sweating. Gosh it was hot.. But there is just something in my DNA that refuses to allow me to turn on the AC in the middle of winter. Even in Texas. My darling hubby woke me up at 6 this morning when he got in from work, covering us up. Which means one thing. He turned on the AC! Well at least I saved SOME money J . We snuggled up and went back to sleep and didn’t even move till 10. The phone woke us up and I reckon it was time.
At noon my mom brought back home the kids. The boys took off to play in the horse pasture and I finaly decided after 5 hours to call them up. Both are muddy, bloody, and still wanting to play. Sounds good to me!
Rayley wanted to go out and play too, so after telling her 4 times she would ruin her Tu-Tu if she didn’t change and being sworn to that she wouldn’t, out she went! At least she has on her Mud Boots, the satin shoes wont last long out there.

Notice Matt trying to rope them?

I have even got supper ready. BR is coming home early from work and we are getting ready for the super bowl. I plan on watching even though my precious Cowboys arent playing. I am even rooting for the giants. They beat the best team that played this year, so if they can do that they can beat an undefeated team. The Cowboys didn’t get beat all year. They just beat themselves. But alas, such is the fate of a Cowboys fan. Heck I was 10 years old before I realized Tom Landry’s name wasn’t "DAMN THAT LANDRY" as in " Damn, that Landry pulled that one off," or "DAMN that Landry, what was he thinking?" I can remember sitting with my grandfather watching the Cowboys and eating popcorn. And the tradition continues here in my house. I don’t watch anyone but the ‘boys. I even wanted Bow’s middle name to be Landry. But it just didn’t mesh with Bowdrie, much to my disapointment. Anyway, I am all set for tonight. And once I get the kids in here I am going to make them eat, bathe and settle in. I got spoilt last night to the quiet, and I might try to recreate it again tonight!
I had no more than wrote the above sentence (while nursing I might add) when I saw Brett out the living room window running towards the house and waiving his arms. I attempted to untangle myself from the computer, the baby and the legs I had tucked under me. I ran to the door, tripped over the poor old dog, and the blanket the dumb new one had dragged into the walkway heart beating and thoughts racing. I jerked open the door and hollered asking what was wrong. Brett said "Rayley got in mud!" I asked if she was bleeding, he said no, she just got in mud. Well, that’s what mud boots are for! I look out and there hiding behind my truck is my darling little princess in pink. She steps out from behind it and says "you cant whip me, I didn’t get the skirt muddy"… LOL no, but the rest of you is!

This is what I was expecting. So I was happy.

Then she said "I need a bath!" so in she came. I ran her water and BR called, said he would be home in just a little while, so I paused the TV and started the popcorn. It’s the same popper that my grandfather used for many years.
By the time Rayley got out of the tub, BR was home and of course it was dark so in came the boys. I have everything ready to watch the game, its paused at the National Anthem and now the kids are hungry.
I might get to unpause it by 8. If I’m lucky. Right now I have a load of laundry to start and 2 kids to get clean, feed and get ready for school tommorow! God Bless a DVR!