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Friday, February 8, 2008

Ropin' Rayley and Drying animals

Well I did keep Matt home. Poor thing sounds awful. of course he was up at 6:30. That child is a MORNING person.
I really dont know how I had a morning person. I think it stems from being around my grandmother and grandfather when he was an infant. When we would be at their house they would come get him as soon as they woke up. Spoilt him rotten. I cant imagine having a day off and getting up that early on purpose. I guess since he is so lazy he gets all the sleep he needs during the day, when he is awake.

I made him practice his writing today. By the end of it his S's were looking like S's and not g's. and his C's were looking like C's and not ... I dont know what..
I swear he has a good chance at being a doctor if we can just get his handwriting up to the 'not legible' level. He was quick to point out that his L's looked good. Ummmm yea.. a lower case L is something that you should not be able to mess up.

He and Rayley mostly played all day. There were only a handful of fights. Mostly about nothing, but it was major meltdowns all the same. The time that Rayley decided to make her stuffed animal 'dead' with the ketchup was probably one of the most memorable. She was not happy when I put him in the washer. Said I would stuffercate'ed him.
I told her he was already 'stuff'ercated!
When I took him out of the dryer she put a blanket on him and toted him around for a while telling him how sorry she was and that I was a mean mommy.
I thought I was pretty nice concidering she had just added a load of sheets to my daily 3 loads of laundry!
I did have to stay on them to be quiet all day. Between BR sleeping and Bow sleeping its all I do.
I need a bird that talks so I can teach it to say "shhhhhhh dont wake up daddy" and "No its not cereal time" . Of course if I had a bird it would be something for the cat to chase while the dogs were chasing her.

I was about to gag and hog tie them by the time they got done watching Quigley down under and Rayley was running through the house while Matt tried to rope her. The best part was her mooing like a cow. Dressed as a ballerina. The rope kept getting caught on her crown.
She would get mad and tell him to do it right!

Oh and there was the time that Rayley was the hunter and had the nerf Bow and Arrow and was trying to shoot the 'duck' that was Matt running around making duck sounds.. which he is pretty good at. Unfortunatly.

For the safety of my eyes, and the fish tanks I had to make them stop both games. I dont worry about them poking their eyes out. Just mine.
I would have loved to have sent them outside, but they were supposed to be sick. And they really were. Just headcolds and that dang coughing, but I was trying to keep them from getting too hot. that is hard work. I promise.
Heck its 9:30 and 77 here in the house. I refuse to turn back on the AC in the middle of the winter, so once BR leaves I turn it off.

Matt even changed a diaper. He thinks thats fun. And I think its funny. He always puts them on backwards. I dont know why or how. But he does. They work just fine, but its hard to find the tabs when you have to change him again!

They are gone again, spending the night at their grandmothers so I can go and get my taxes done in the morning. AHHHHHH the one time of the year when my little deductions pay off.

Speaking of little deductions, Bow laughed out loud today. It was cute. He was not expecting it, when he did it, it scared him! He's been cooing for a few weeks now, and squeeking, but this was a real laugh.

I hope he ends up with a sense of humor, in this house he will need it.

When Brett got home he went in his room to change and came running out, seems the cat was in one of his drawers. She was in there asleep. Matt had changed clothes about 3 hours before and left the drawer open. Little miss OCD had seen it open and closed it, sometime after the cat had found it and added to my laundry. She sheds enough that if I collect it I can make a new cat every 3 days. I assured Brett that she hadnt been in there all week. He thought she was still missing from the day she had the swollen head. Heck I just made him feed her 2 nights ago. And last night was his night to clean out the litter box, something he has done in the last week at least 4 times. I really wonder who or what he thought was using the litter box if the cat was locked in a drawer for a week..... ???.....

Around 7:00 I got a phone call, it was the school calling. Their automated thing wanted to let me know that my son Matt was absent today and wanted to make sure I knew it. And to contact the attendance clerk to let her know that I know. Or if I dont know to let them know I dont know what they know because the machine told me so.
Now I know the clerk personally, but I aint calling her at 7 at night to tell her I have lost my 2nd grader!
Seriously, this is a great idea. But in all honestly, what good does it do me to find out at 7 pm on a friday night that my kid skipped school? This is 11 hours after the fact!
Since I was on the phone with my mother in law when they called I called her right back and told her about it. She asked if I had called the school and left a message to tell them they were the ones that lost him. I said no, someone might check the machine and try to find him, we'd wait till monday and if he wasnt back home we'd look then. I was enjoying the quiet! LOL

Plus since they had lost him once before they might belive me and I'd give the poor secretary a heart attack! I promise, this is the kid that name tags with your destination on them were invented for. He just wakes up in a new world everyday and never pays attention!

They really did loose him the year he was in kindergarten. I was at work and the secretary called, she asked if I had sent Matt to school that day, I told her yes and she said " Well we cant find him, Let me check around again. I'll call you back"
No problem, I hung up and went back to ringing up customers.
About 3 minutes later it dawned on me that my child was gone! The school had lost my child.
I called Donna right back and asked her what was going on? She said that the bus was 1/2 way home (its over an hour bus ride) and Brett realized Matt was not on the bus! (their powers of observation are a scary thing...) He started throwing a fit and made the bus driver stop the bus and she called the school. She kept telling him that maybe he didnt come to school today, or maybe he got sick. Brett was beside him self and just knew Matt was stuck at the school or someone had taken him. He knew I would have picked him up at school too if I had gotten Matt.
When she called Donna, Donna called me and they started looking. I didnt want to call my mother in law at the day care. She is the type that tends to get really hysterical, really quickly.

Finally they got ahold of Matts teacher and she said that he had went out to the bus line, but was argueing the whole time that he was supposed to go to daycare to ride home with his grandma. (Very seldom did he do this and today was not one of those days) She sent him to the bus anyway. He snuck away and got on the daycare bus. When they found a Busline teacher she told them that Matt had indeed gotten on the daycare van. They called to give me an update and in the meantime my mother in law called me, frantic because she had Matt but not Brett. And it just so happened she had worked a little late that day, usually she gets off at the same time school lets out and would be gone by then!

Once we got it all straitened out, it was funny, but Brett was NOT amused. And due to some of the argueing he did with the bus driver about his baby brother being abandoned he hasnt went a full semester with out being kicked off that bus since.. I have never found out exactly what he said, but I can just imagine....

The last time they got kicked off it was for fighting. The day I went into the Hospital to have Bow. They were fighting with each other.. What idiot sits brothers beside each other for an hour bus ride and expects them to NOT fight?

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