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Sunday, February 3, 2008

A nice relaxing Sunday

10:00! I slept till TEN O CLOCK!!
I cant belive it! I even went to bed fairly early last night. Last night was kinda nice. But I will admit, it was weird with the kids gone. Once I got Bow to sleep I was almost lost. I could have done anything. I could have washed clothes, cleaned the kitchen, painted my toenails..
But instead I went over to a chat that I used to frequent and caught up with old friends. I have been on this chat since I was pregnat with Matt so I hold a lot of people over there very dear. They have always been there for me and were some of the first folks I told I was pregnate.
Of course this house, even kidless is not immune to drama. Darla the youngest of my blue heelers went out and I could hear her growling on the porch. She never growls. She will bark her fool head off at a leaf blowing in the wind, and has been known to run from a toad frog, but she never growls. So out I went with my trusty .22 and a foot long mag flashlight. I didn’t see anything, which is good since I couldn’t have shot if I had wanted to. Now I know why I have kids. SOMEONE to hold the light! Ever tried to balance a rifle and a flashlight? It aint easy.. I tried putting it under my chin, and holding up the gun, I tried holding it between my legs while holding the gun. It was useless, so I am kinda glad I didn’t find anything. I had thoughts of comeing back in and finding some duck tape. BUT its an old rifle, an antique, my very favorite gun and if I defaced a gun like that my husband would kill me. Of course it was hot outside, in the high 60’s so I had the door and windows open all night. I sure was hopeing my balancing act scared away what ever it was. As badly as I didn’t want ‘it’ coming inside, I couldn’t justify turning on the AC in Feb! (it was 76 in the house).
After the varmit debacle I just decided to ignore the noises from the great outdoors and enjoy my chat. I fell asleep here on the couch with Bow, sweating. Gosh it was hot.. But there is just something in my DNA that refuses to allow me to turn on the AC in the middle of winter. Even in Texas. My darling hubby woke me up at 6 this morning when he got in from work, covering us up. Which means one thing. He turned on the AC! Well at least I saved SOME money J . We snuggled up and went back to sleep and didn’t even move till 10. The phone woke us up and I reckon it was time.
At noon my mom brought back home the kids. The boys took off to play in the horse pasture and I finaly decided after 5 hours to call them up. Both are muddy, bloody, and still wanting to play. Sounds good to me!
Rayley wanted to go out and play too, so after telling her 4 times she would ruin her Tu-Tu if she didn’t change and being sworn to that she wouldn’t, out she went! At least she has on her Mud Boots, the satin shoes wont last long out there.

Notice Matt trying to rope them?

I have even got supper ready. BR is coming home early from work and we are getting ready for the super bowl. I plan on watching even though my precious Cowboys arent playing. I am even rooting for the giants. They beat the best team that played this year, so if they can do that they can beat an undefeated team. The Cowboys didn’t get beat all year. They just beat themselves. But alas, such is the fate of a Cowboys fan. Heck I was 10 years old before I realized Tom Landry’s name wasn’t "DAMN THAT LANDRY" as in " Damn, that Landry pulled that one off," or "DAMN that Landry, what was he thinking?" I can remember sitting with my grandfather watching the Cowboys and eating popcorn. And the tradition continues here in my house. I don’t watch anyone but the ‘boys. I even wanted Bow’s middle name to be Landry. But it just didn’t mesh with Bowdrie, much to my disapointment. Anyway, I am all set for tonight. And once I get the kids in here I am going to make them eat, bathe and settle in. I got spoilt last night to the quiet, and I might try to recreate it again tonight!
I had no more than wrote the above sentence (while nursing I might add) when I saw Brett out the living room window running towards the house and waiving his arms. I attempted to untangle myself from the computer, the baby and the legs I had tucked under me. I ran to the door, tripped over the poor old dog, and the blanket the dumb new one had dragged into the walkway heart beating and thoughts racing. I jerked open the door and hollered asking what was wrong. Brett said "Rayley got in mud!" I asked if she was bleeding, he said no, she just got in mud. Well, that’s what mud boots are for! I look out and there hiding behind my truck is my darling little princess in pink. She steps out from behind it and says "you cant whip me, I didn’t get the skirt muddy"… LOL no, but the rest of you is!

This is what I was expecting. So I was happy.

Then she said "I need a bath!" so in she came. I ran her water and BR called, said he would be home in just a little while, so I paused the TV and started the popcorn. It’s the same popper that my grandfather used for many years.
By the time Rayley got out of the tub, BR was home and of course it was dark so in came the boys. I have everything ready to watch the game, its paused at the National Anthem and now the kids are hungry.
I might get to unpause it by 8. If I’m lucky. Right now I have a load of laundry to start and 2 kids to get clean, feed and get ready for school tommorow! God Bless a DVR!


Audrey said...


I loved the post. And the photos are great. Not sure I've ever seen a tutu in the mud LOL.

Audrey :)

Barbara James said...

Hi Chelle

Great blog! I think that must be one of the Wonders of Texas . . . a pink TuTu in the Mud.

I have added you to my google reader and look forward to reading more of your great posts ;D

maidto5 said...

I am not sure anyone but Rayley would wear a tutu in the mud! :) But the important part was (I know cause she has reminded me quite relentlessly) she DID have on her mud boots!

I am glad y'all are enjoying it! I promise I write it as it happens. :)