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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Finally its Saturday, I get to sleep in, and I get to stay in my jammies!
Poor Bow felt pretty bad last night. But once he got to sleep he was out like a light. Rayley was a little harder, she would be sitting there and then all of a sudden she would grab her head and say, "oh God, I think I am having an aneurysm! Someone get me one of those brain things, my migraine is coming back!!
For those of you not familiar with Rayleyese, a "brain thing" is one of those cool pads that you stick to your child’s forehead.
After assuring her that she didn’t have an aneurysm, or a migraine, and possibly not much of a brain, I convinced her that her Tylenol would work. Just to give it a little while.
She ended up falling asleep with Brett. Matt was already gone. He had gotten mad at me about something earlier in the night, a few hours later I realized there hadn’t been a major fist fight in a few hours so I went looking for him. Come to find out he had went to sleep around 6:30. WOW! Maybe I should tick him off more often!
Anyway, back to my "sleeping" it lasted till 7. And there was Matt, asking if he could watch TV. I told him yes, he could turn on the TV. 4 minutes later he was back, asking how to spell the name of some show so he could find it on the Guide.
I think he came back a few more times, but by 7:30 I was up. He had awakened Bow. I came in here and it seems he had also awoken Brett. Rayley followed quickly thereafter and the day was started. Everyone wanted oatmeal and that was fine with me! Then they went off to play; All of a sudden Matt comes running in the room hollering about needing to know if there is gona be 6 more weeks of winter. I was confused. So he gets exasperated and just says, PLEASE turn it on headline news so I can see if he saw his shadow..
So there my rowdy, rude, and never still children sit, wanting to know if Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow. They are watching the news! LOL
They even have the nerve to shush Bow and I. Well before I can wallow in my newfound glow of peace the cease-fire ends. I am not sure who hit who; it was another blow delivered by the invisible ‘random hitter’ as I have named him/her/it. Because my kids swear none of them did it to each other.. It was the little imp aptly named ‘wasn’t me’, that moves in with families with more than one child and starts crap when its otherwise quiet and still. Just to try and get someone in trouble. He is kin to Santa and the Tooth fairy but was kicked out of the union.
The day was a typical weekend day, The door slammed at least 18 times, there were 6 fights and Rayley changed clothes 4 times. There were 2 drinks spilled on the floor, I re-fed each child twice, it was SOMEONE ELES turn to clean the litter box, (someone else is also kinned to ‘wasn’t me’, Santa and the toothfairy, but instead of doing nice things for kids, or getting them in trouble, he gets all the chores. And NEVER finishes them). Then at 9 my mom called, can she have the kids for the night?
I will admit, I really didn’t want them to go. Brett had been in trouble at school, and come to find out, so had Matt, and Rayley had whined all morning. I felt that letting them have a sleepover was a reward they didn’t deserve, (you thought I just would miss them too much… ), But I also felt guilty cause they hadn’t been over there in a while, and honestly, I needed a break before I had an aneurysm.. So I said yes. So since 10 am it’s been me dealing with a pitiful baby boy. I have literally not been able to put him down. When I do get him to sleep it’s a power nap of 5 minutes or less just so he has enough energy to open his eyes. If I do feel confidant he is asleep and try to put him down he wakes right up. Even if he sounds like a chainsaw before I try.
So even without a house full of kids I have only managed to get 3 of my 8 loads of laundry done, minimal picking up, and NO ME TIME!
Plus I am tired.
On the upside, there is no fights, no "BUT MOM" and except for the 12 dirty diapers, no messes! Since Hubby is at work, it’s MY TV, MY computer and MY supper. I get to eat what I want, where I want and when I want!
I should sit and pay some bills, make some calls. But I think I will play with the baby, get him good and tired and take a shower. One of those where you get to wash your hair AND shave your legs.. and do it BEFORE midnight! (that’s when I usually get a shower.) I am not going to push my luck and take a candle lit bubble bath. I might fall asleep and drown.

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