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Friday, February 1, 2008

I am done for the week!

No I didnt spell that wrong, it stands for Thank GOD its only FOUR!
I had a FUN FILLED day!
This time I had set the alarm for the more appropriate time of 5:40. Just enough for 2 snoozes.
The kids did get up and dressed pretty well this morning. They do that sometimes. There was only one fight. And everyone left with all their correct clothes. I did have to tell Matt to put his boots on the right feet. He always puts them on the wrong feet (HIA strikes again!) at least he did have on a left and a right. Since he and his brother both have the same exact boots he will grab one of Brett's sometimes.
Since I had another PTA day I got up, got ready and got Rayley and Bow dressed. I even managed to squeeze into a pair of pre-pregnancy pants that weren’t low waisted. I have been wearing 2 pair of my pre-pregnancy pants for about a month now, but both were big on me before I got pregnant and both are lowrise.. These were a little tight in the waist, but I thought I could handle it. I even decided to go all out and wear my fat baby’s today. I wore them about 20 minutes while I finished getting ready and dressing the heathens, then went back to my trusty crocs. I decided the jeans were enough of an accomplishment for one day! Rayley wanted to go to Daycare where my mother in law works. This is a real treat for her so I was more than happy to drop her off there instead of deal with her at the school.
We got done what we wanted to get done and made a decent profit off the FRIDAY store today. This is a great little fundraiser. We only do it once a month so it also doesn’t get old or boring.
Since Brett had gotten in trouble in class yesterday I also wanted to speak to his teacher. I saw her standing at the end of the hall and he didn’t know I was around. I start that way and guess who comes out of the bathroom acting like a drunken college kid? YEP! Boy was he suprised to see me!! After speaking with his teacher and telling her to let me know if he acted up anymore he seemed to straiten up.
Of course as I was leaving a friends son saw me in the hall and since he had made Bulldog of the week I was congratulating him. And he told me that he and Brett hardly ever get to play at recess but Brett told him that lunch detention was fun…
Hmmmmmm, first I had heard of the lunch detention… I can’t wait to hear the story behind that and who’s to blame.
I did snag one of the lunch room teachers and was sure to let her know that anytime he steps out of line to feel free to nudge him back ;).
Then I was off to the Dr.’s office with Bow and Rayley. I knew I was in for a treat, first of all, who wants to sit with a 3-year-old and a 2-month-old in a Dr. office for 4 hours? ‘Specially when your pants are cuttin you in half. Second, I first had to fetch Rayley from her most favorite place on earth. When I got there the whole place was quiet and I realized it was nap time.. Before it dawned on me that my dear princess doesn’t take naps I had a sinking feeling about dealing with a sleepy toddler and a whiney 2 month old in pants 3 sizes too small a Dr.’s office for 5 hours. (Yes I get a little dramatic when I see my day going to hell in a handbasket..)
THEN I heard this sound. Beethoven it wasn’t.. It sounded more like a strung out rockstar pounding away on an out of tune piano. I had found my girl! While the rest of the daycare sleeps in absolute bliss, my dear child gets to write her own symphonies.
Once I had the budding musician rounded up and explained I needed her help, she came with a little fussing.
But she insisted on being carried. So I toted her and Bow back to the truck and when we got to the Dr office she was still unable to walk. I was toteing her and the baby, a diaper bag and trying to figure out how I was going to fill out the required paperwork when the door opened and there was my savior! My cousin and his wife were there too! I had instant babysitters! (You gotta love family!)
The wait wasn’t too long, maybe 45 minutes. Not bad.. I might can handle this. I started hinting to 'spoilt one' that she would be getting shots too. Of course by now Bow got hungry, so right about the time I got him to start feeding they called our names! Back we go to get all weighed and measured. She weighs in at 33 pounds. Bow at 12.10. Not bad.
And they take us strait back to a room… This is starting too look a lot like a quick Dr visit!! WHOO-HOO!
After about 30 minutes I decided to feed Bow again cause he was getting fussy, and Rayley was starting to get antsy. She couldn’t sit still and had asked me 1,000 questions already. Plus I needed to take my mind off the numbing pain of these pants that are somehow shrinking. 4 minutes later, the Dr walked in. 15 minutes and he declares them Healthy and as normal as can be expected. Now all that’s left is the shots.
Have you ever tried to keep a 3-year-old happy in a bare room for 30 minutes? Well after 45 I decided to feed Bow again. It worked the first 2 times, maybe Murphy has someone else to pick on today!!
Once Bow was fed, burped, and rediapered, and Rayley was in danger of being shoved in a cabinet, I was about to go crazy. On top of a baby that couldn’t get comfortable and go to sleep, a 3 year old that couldn’t, wouldn’t and didn’t get still or quiet and pants that were on the verge of making me loose blood supply to my legs, I needed to find a bathroom. I finally opened the door and waited on someone to walk by. I was just about to call the receptionist on my cell phone and ask her to send a search party to find me in the rat maze they call a Dr office. If nothing else I needed out of the room. I had heard Rayley’s rendition of ROCKSTAR by Nickleback about as much as I could handle for one day. Murphy had returned, and this time he brought FRIENDS!

Well the nurse showed up, and had more shots than I had ever seen. 4 for the baby and 7 for Rayley. We had missed her last dosing and she was having to get a few extra.. One in each arm and each leg. Plus a few more for fun.
Now I am not one that gets squeamish when their kids get shots. I don’t ‘feel the pain’ for them. I don’t cry. I just marvel at the fact that its illegal in some places for me to whip my children, and yet the medical community can not come up with something less torturous than multiple needles shooting burning medicines into your already tense muscles.
Now bless this nurse, she had a mighty big test coming, but when she asked me which child first, I almost died laughing. Like I am gonna let the one that can walk, talk, scream, and cry see the baby get a shot first. I really hope today is NOT her first day…
I had psyched Rayley up for this, so she sat up there like a big girl and I tried to get her attention on the other side. The nice young nurse poked in the shot and Rayley jerked away. She didn’t even shoot in the meds yet. Rayley said " you TOLD ME it would only be a pinch. that was NOT a pinch!"
I told her to go and get someone to hold Bow and I would hold down the peitite little angel on the table.
Out she went.
She came back with another nurse and the fight was on. This is a 3 foot tall child that weighs only slightly more than a 2 month old. BUT DAMN IT she can fight. Legs and arms and kicking and screaming. I had Bow in one arm, one holding down a leg, or an arm, and there were two more grown women sitting on her. There was no talking to her, she was upset, hurting and beyond consoling. We just had to hold her down and get it over with. 2 shots down and 5 to go. Next arm, This time she got mad. And mad hellcat is MUCH worse than scared Hellcat.
I promise.
We wrassled, we soothed, and we soldiered on. A nurse almost got her next shot. And I think someone almost got bit. For the other shots we went for the legs. This involoves the nurse pulling down her pants and then holding her arms and sissoring her legs between her own while the other slaps in the needle. I am thinking this child has a future in the UFC. She is slippery as a greased pig and mean as a bear with a thorn in its paw. I was still one handed so I was holding an arm. Come to find out it was the nurses. After a few near misses when she would get her hands loose, the deed was done.
I learned a few things during this fight for dominance. One, a dum dum fixes everything. Two, she holds a mean grudge. Three, NEVER let her wear cowboy boots to the Dr office again. Four, Tight jeans become MUCH tighter after 10 hours, and sitting makes it MUCH worse. Plus a full bladder will add many inches to your waist. And last but not least, next time her brothers are being mean to her I am going to tell them to pretend to give her a shot. It will put an end to them picking her.
To help her calm down and since she wanted to be held, I asked her to hold Bow’s hand while he got his shots. She leaned over and told him "Don’t belive them when they say it wont hurt Bow, they are lieing, But the sucker is good"
When the nurse was walking out she told Rayley she was sorry about the shots. Rayley just looked at her , flipped her hair and said " If you were sorry you would have stopped when I told you to."
I managed to beat my Mother in Law back to my house for her to drop off the kids. She asked if they could come over and play for a while and I said yes, but they needed to take off their nice boots and shoes. Then I looked down and low and behold, Matt had them on the wrong feet. I swear my kids teachers probebly think I don’t pay any attention to how they look in the mornings! Of course as I was walking away shaking my head I happen to look down and my inside cat has one eye swollen shut and that entire side of her face is swole up. The only things that come to mind are snake bites and spider bites that can cause that kind of swellin. Since this is an inside cat I am a little apprehensive about walking around barefoot!

Right now all 3 of the older ones are at my Mother in Laws and I am enjoying the quiet. I have taken off the offending jeans, hid them deep in my closet and put on my PJ's. They will be home soon, and the weekend will start. A weekend with 2 kids running the "up to 101 temp" with sore arms and legs, and general crankyness. Bow is already fussy and getting kinda warm… This should be a blast, I cant wait!!

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