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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Well crap.. I had to get dressed

Today started out as all the others, except there was no hope of going back to sleep.
The alarm started at 5:20. I really need to reset it. My mother in law picks the kids up on her way to work at 6:30 except when she has to be at work at 6:30 then she picks them up at 6. A week or so ago she had to do that and so I had set it a little early.
I have this little quirk ( I say quirk, cause quirks are cute...) that my normally loving husband DESTESTS! I set the alarm for at least 2 snoozes BEFORE I have to get up. That way I can hit snooze and pretend like I am cheating and getting a little more sleep.

Anyway, I hit snooze 4 times, having to come back and resooth Bow each time, not a big deal, once he latches on we go back to sleep. When I finaly decided it was time to get up and start the kids morning routine it was right at 6 am.
Of course Matt jumped up and Brett lagged behind, but he did get up pretty quick. They started getting ready, once again Matt dressed with out much fanfare, Brett on the other hand was a little less enthusiastic.
Till it was Matts toothbrushing time at least.
Then he came in and said that his toothbrush was dirty. I asked why. Seems Brett had used it to 'brush' one of Rayleys stuffed animals. I honestly dont even want to ask why.... I told Matt to just use Bretts and we would fix it tonight. Well Brett got VERY upset about this. didnt want his brothers germs on his toothbrush.
But I guess its okay for Matt to get pink pig germs in his...
Well after 30 minutes of morning fun both boys left. Matt sans his coat. He just couldnt find it. I have never convinced these children that their stuff is not made of helium, they actually have to look ON the floor, not the ceiling.
Anyway, out went both boys, and then Matt ran back in. Seems he had forgotten to put on boots. (HIA syndrome is a large factor in this).
As soon as the boys were out the door I walked into the kitchen, sure enough, right there on the floor, (apparently there is a coat hook there.) was Matts coat. Well I started trying to get Bow happy enough to let me go and do my hair, makeup and dress. Today is a PTA and grocery day. I have to be there by 8 am.

I got there just a few minutes late. We had a supprisingly good meeting. This is the first year to combine 3 schools in a yearbook and to say we were apprehensive is putting it mildly, but it looks like this might work. If the ladies that showed up today will stick with it for the next 4 months. Thats always a biggie when you never know who is going to go to work, who is going to get mad and who is going to get bored. Although its sad when you have 3 schools with a combination of almost a thousand students and 6 people show up. Guess everyone else had the flu.

Since Rayley wanted to go to my moms today it was just me and Bow in town. I thought it would be a good day to get groceries. Usually I try to wait till the boys are out of school. That means they can push the buggy, or get groceries, while I nurse or think. Its hard to compare prices when you have a hungry screaming baby. BUT its also hard when you have 4 kids that are all trying to agervate you in different ways.

It didnt work. He was happy for the first 45 minutes. Then couldnt understand WHY he had to stay in the seat. Nothing like a 3 month old with an attitude! I had complete strangers walking up telling me "dont worry hun, it will get better"..... WHY must people lie to you? WHY? I KNOW better. at least at this age he doesnt beg for candy, cereal or toys. He doesnt kick his brother behind your back, he doesnt try to use the buggy as an oversized matchbox car. This is the GOOD times! The one I especially liked was the lady that suggested he might be hungry, and shouldnt I take the time to feed him?

But anyway, in goes 215.00 worth of groceries. Basicly NOTHING. but it took 2 buggies to get it out. A nice young man on his break took pity on me and pushed one out. And by now Bow had tuned up like a scalded cat. THere was NO shushing him. Luckily as I was putting the groceries in a friend was coming out, she entertained him while I finnished up what I was doing. It is nice to live in a small town. I was even able to go pee while in the store, cause I saw an old neighbor who watched the cart so I didnt have to wake him. This might not seem like much to some ladies, but honestly, try pushing a 400 lb cart when you need to tinkle..

Once I get home though is the fun part. UNLOADING! Again Lady Luck was smiling on me. My Mother in law pulled up shortly after I did. So the kids had to unload it all!! WHOO HOO!!
I try to get out the smushables and the breakables before I make them start. Their idea of unloading is to take each item out of the back of the truck, one at a time and THROW it out of the truck at the other child. I usually hide during this part.
But on the upside, when Baseball season starts they shouldnt be scared of the ball. I mean, a little ole baseball dont hurt near as bad as a can of green beans!

I have even managed to get supper on the table already. So today I feel like a good mom, efficiant wife, and since I was able to come up with a few good idea's, a valued PTA mom.

Unfortunatly I have PTA again tommorow (UGH! 2 days in a row of getting dressed, and burning deisel!) and Rayley and Bow have Dr. appts for shots!


mom/marme said...

well-You did my heart good agin I LOL agin! This is agreat way to get the scoop on you an the kids everyday! I'm making a hard copy of these. One day when the kids are grown and I'm gone you'll run across this stuff an do your heart good by LOL. luv mom

Audrey said...

I love your style of writing. Connie was right when she said you parent with a sense of humor.

Audrey :)

maidto5 said...

LOL, THank you :)

Again, I'm not sure if its a sense of humor or insanity! :)

Sheena said...

OMG Chelle, your kids sound like the 16 men I have at the Firehouse. This is too funny. We actually have a book in progress called "Firehouse Days"..... I'll forward some excerpts soon. Any of your kids want to be Firefighters or Paramedics? They would fit in soooooooo well! :) BIG HUGS TO YOU! Sheena and all the guys at SFFD!

maidto5 said...

Sheena, you have always been my hero, but that puts you WAY up there! I cant wait to read your stories, please send them!!

Actually the boys have expressed wanting to be firemen or cops. Poor Brett pukes at the sight of blood, so I dont know how far he will get! Since here all we have is a Volunteer FD I have told them that would be fine, but they will still have to get a job. LOL Of course they really want to be a Marine. That way they get a gun and can wear camoflage all the time. Plus they want the sword. LOL And since Rayley told them Marines clothes dont match they think its great. Noone to make them change!